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True/False Indicate whether the sentence or statement is true or false. 1.

The first step in organizing data into a database is to define the fields. ANSWER: T 2. A primary key in one table cannot be used as a foreign key in a different table. ANSWER: F 3. Only one user can retrieve and analyze data that was entered into a database by others. ANSWER: F 4. Access can guide you through the creation of a database using the AutoForm Wizard. ANSWER: F 5. Most of the screen components in the Database window are different from those in other Windows programs. ANSWER: F 6. You can open any Access object by using the Open button in the Database window. ANSWER: T 7. You can move the mouse pointer over the data on the screen and click one of the field values to position the insertion point in a datasheet. ANSWER: T 8. The width of boxes in a form differ in order to accommodate the different sizes of the displayed field values. ANSWER: T 9. When designing a database, the first thing you should do is to identify the fields that will be required. ANSWER: T 10Redundant fields waste storage space and can result in inconsistent data within the . database.

ANSWER: T 19If you wish to define a query that performs a calculation. . ANSWER: T 14A primary key is allowed to have a null value. . ANSWER: F 15Primary keys are defined by selecting the field or fields that comprise the key and . ANSWER: T 20Selected records can be divided into groups based on values in a specified field by using . using less memory. the Group By operator. can optimize your database's performance and its storage space by selecting the correct field size for each field. ANSWER: F 13Access processes smaller data sizes faster than larger ones. .ANSWER: T 11A field name must be unique within a database. ANSWER: T 17The final step in the creation of a table is to save the table structure to disk. . clicking the Primary Key button on the Datasheet toolbar. . ANSWER: F 12The maximum size of a Text data type is 64 characters. . toolbar. ANSWER: F 16You can specify a name for a table after you click the Save button on the Table Design . so you . field to the query. ANSWER: T 18The Format property of a field can be changed to alter the way the field is displayed. you must add a calculated .

. Access data in either program. changes may be made to the . ANSWER: T 25A mail merge document must be a new Word document. . Word replaces the merge . ANSWER: F 24When you merge the main document with the data source. ANSWER: F 22To embed an object. fields with the appropriate information from the data source. . . ANSWER: F Figure 1–10 23The pie chart in Figure 1-10 is an example of a linked object in a destination file. ANSWER: F 26When you merge Access data with a Word document. chose the Paste link option in the Paste Special dialog box. ANSWER: F .ANSWER: T 21The file where you want to insert the object is called the source file.

Figure 2–12 27The paragraph labeled 1 in Figure 2-12 will become a slide title if the Word outline is . such as the options available on the toolbars. ANSWER: F 32A bulleted list is a list of paragraphs with a special character to the left of each . converted to a PowerPoint presentation. box. as features specific to PowerPoint. slide presentation. ANSWER: F 29You can use PowerPoint to prepare the individual slides for a presentation. ANSWER: T 31A bulleted list is a list of paragraphs that are numbered consecutively within a main text . as well . ANSWER: F 28First-level heads in a Word outline will be converted to first-level text in a PowerPoint . must use Word to prepare the speaker notes. but you . ANSWER: F 30The PowerPoint window contains features common to all Windows programs.

ANSWER: T 40A lightning bolt appears near the component of a slide with which the Style Checker . and then select . ANSWER: T 38To subordinate an item means to decrease the outline level. finds a problem or inconsistency. depending on your . paragraph. ANSWER: F 37The AutoContent Wizard may create slides that you do not think are necessary. ANSWER: F 41PowerPoint allows you to print slides in color or in grayscale. click . and then select the desired template. ANSWER: F 34To start a new presentation from a design template. printer. New. ANSWER: T 36The Spell Checker is a feature that automatically colors green any word not found in the . the desired template. ANSWER: T 35It is important to make sure that your text is appropriate for your purpose and your . of your presentation.. PowerPoint dictionary. ANSWER: F 39PowerPoint allows you to change the Style Checker options to meet the specific needs . . audience. ANSWER: T . . click File on the main menu. ANSWER: T 33To start a blank presentation. click File on the main menu. click Blank.

activate it by . . . a preview of . including the title slide. Drawing toolbar. . clicking anywhere in that pane. ANSWER: F 49To insert a shape into a slide using AutoShapes. Layout to display the Slide Layout dialog box. ANSWER: T 43When you select a template from the Apply Design Template dialog box. ANSWER: T 46To make sure the Slide Pane is the active pane in the PowerPoint window. ANSWER: T 44A Slide Master contains the objects that appear on all the slides. click the Shapes list arrow on the . . . is known as object activation.42You can click the Common Tasks button on the Formatting toolbar. ANSWER: F 45A Title Master contains the objects that appear on the title slide. ANSWER: T 47You can move a graphic by simply dragging it to a new location. the template appears in the preview window on the dialog box. ANSWER: T 48A clip-art object "swivels" when it first appears on the screen during a slide show. and then click Slide . ANSWER: F 50You should always run PowerPoint's Spell Checker before printing a slide show. this . ANSWER: T Multiple Choice Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

. d. table generator. c. enter field values for each record. enter field values for each record. b. it displays a dialog box that provides two options to create a new . retrieve c. identify the individual fields. d. group fields in a table. foreign key. identify individual fields. b. of a built-in a.51A database is a convenient way to ____ related data. table is a(n) a. Blank Database d. c. a. b. identify individual fields. enter field values for each record. report generator. invalid definition. d. query language. All of the above ANSWER: D 52The three basic steps to creating a database. group fields in a table. a. Design a Database ANSWER: C . c. Unknown Database b. ANSWER: B 55When Access starts. a. enter field values for each record. maintain d. database. identify the individual fields. enter b. inquisitor. and the other is the ____ option. in order. group fields in a table. relational database. primary key. ANSWER: B 53A field that is defined in a table and that is also defined as a primary key in a different . are: . New Database c. ANSWER: D 54Access allows you to ask questions and obtain information about your data through use . one option invokes the Database Wizard. group fields in a table.

c. traits. c. redundancy. a. b. group d. None of the above ANSWER: B 61The characteristics of a field. fields d. foreign b. you can click the . Cancel button. and type. d. networking. such as name. to see more of the available data. queries c. a. d. database ANSWER: D 59Storing the same data field in multiple tables is called data . c. . tables b. . . composite c. interdependence. are called the field . Close button on the Access window. Close button on the Access window. a. Maximize button on the Query window. c. ANSWER: D 60A primary key that consists of more than one field is called a ____ key. ANSWER: A 58You should carefully design your ____ to meet the needs of those who will use it. d. click the a. reliance. b. Close button on the Database window. Help button. you may be unable to see all of the fields on your display. b. Maximize button on the Database window. .56To exit Access. ANSWER: C 57When you run a saved query. values. navigation buttons. b. properties. size. a. a.

required and is a number field. a redundant field. d. Hyperlink. not required and is a number field. b. there is data on the clipboard. c. b. c. ANSWER: C Figure 2–9 63Figure 2-9 shows that the OrderNum field is currently . Picture. a. the next row available for a new record. ANSWER: C . qualities. OLE Object. required and is a text field. c. ANSWER: C 64In Datasheet view. d. the record has a null value. d. a. ANSWER: A 62You can include a graphic file in an Access database by defining a field of type . b. a. not required and is a text field. a star symbol in the row selector area indicates . Memo.d.

d. a. ANSWER: B 67You can use a common field to create relationships between tables by performing a(n) . a. based on the criteria you establish in the field list. d. primary key. ANSWER: D 68A record added to a foreign key field in a related table that does not have a matching . stored in a query table. saved as part of the query structure. a. record in the primary table is a(n) ____ record. b.65To change the way your data is displayed in a field. ANSWER: D . parent ANSWER: C 69A field that is selected to sort data in a query results table is called the . you can change the field's . common field. b. a. unique b. c. connection. c. current record indicator. description. hyperlink. Edit value. the datasheet contents are . temporary. orphaned d. nonunique c. a. b. b. join. d. sort key. c. d. ANSWER: B 66When a query is run. sort table. Format property. c. integration.

comparison d. adjacent ANSWER: C 72A selection condition that dictates that the value in the specified field must precisely . secondary d.Figure 3–11 70The query results shown in Figure 3-11 appear to be sorted in ____ sequence on the . CustomerName field a. ascending ANSWER: D 71When multiple sort keys are selected. random b. equal value ANSWER: B . nonunique b. match the condition is known as a(n) ____ match. alternate c. the first field selected is the primary sort key and . exact c. descending c. the others are called ____ sort keys. primary key d. a. specific b. a.

a. neither the source nor the destination file. ____ operator. a. Database window. you can update the . ANSWER: C 78Which of the following can be a data source? . dynamic ANSWER: C 76To paste an object from the Clipboard to a destination file. the source file only. d.73Once a query has been closed. information in a. a. Display c. Paste c. result b. the destination file only. Reformat b. you can modify it by clicking the ____ button in the . Alternate ANSWER: A 75When you define a query that performs a calculation. a. And d. Copy d. Or b. a. you must add a ____ field. Cut ANSWER: A 77When an object is linked from the source to the destination file. either the source or the destination file. c. Design d. b. Paste Special b. a Word document . choose ____ from the Edit . Cancel ANSWER: C 74Selection criteria that are placed in different rows in the query design grid indicate an . control c. . menu. calculated d. Exclusion c.

standard c. a. Either A or B ANSWER: D 80The main document special instructions that tell Word where to print the variable . Mail merges. information are called a. an Access database c. the merge will always use the original query . a. c.b. d. instructions to retrieve the data. form letters. Link b. . ANSWER: A 81If you clear the ____ check box. table b. data sources. one-way d. an Excel spreadsheet d. you can select any ____ . View SQL ANSWER: B 82When you merge Access data with a Word document. you are creating a(n) ____ link. query c. merge fields. embedded ANSWER: C . two-way b. report d. All of the above ANSWER: D 79When specifying Access as the data source for a mail merge. a. Link to Query c. Query d. b. defined in the database as the actual data source.

View Merged Data d. b. mail merge. merge field. . your computer. a. Windows 98 programs? . choose the ____ button. merge helper. Drives b. d. merge result. ANSWER: B 84To view a merged document from the main document.Figure 2–5 83The item labeled 1 in Figure 2-5 is an example of a . Storage Devices ANSWER: C 86Which of the following is a PowerPoint window element that is NOT common to other . click the ____ list arrow to display the list of disk drives on . Mail Merge c. c. a. Look in d. Floppy Disk c. First Record ANSWER: C 85In the Open dialog box. a. Print Preview b.

Graphics b. ANSWER: B 89A placeholder is a region of a slide reserved for inserting . c. placeholder . slide item b. View toolbar title bar menu bar window sizing buttons ANSWER: A 87The ____ toolbar contains five buttons that allow you to change the way you view a . undo a command. such as a graphic. b. object animation. border. b. formats. d. . Slide 2 onto the screen. this is an example of a(n) a. text. slide transition. View d. slide presentation. a. phaseout. execute a command. or background. c. Either A or B ANSWER: D 90You can use the Help pointer to click any object or option on the screen to . d. graphics. Display c. b. a.a. text box. a. ANSWER: C 91A(n) ____ is an element of a slide. slide navigation. d. b. d. field d. see how the object or option works. object c. see a description of the object. a. c. Outlining ANSWER: C 88Slide 2 is displayed by splitting Slide 1 horizontally and scrolling the top and bottom of . c.

you click the Draw list arrow on the ____ toolbar. Outlining b. Enlarge it. design template b. Style 1 d. Drag it. a. . cartoons c. d. . scanned photographs b. Title Master d. a. graphics created using another Windows program d. Standard d. ____ style in Word into PowerPoint slide titles. Heading 1 b. Heading 2 c. a. Drawing ANSWER: D 97In the Microsoft Clip Gallery dialog box. Header ANSWER: A 93A ____ contains the objects that appear on the title slide. a. . a. title template c. clip art is found in the ____ list box. a. . Formatting c. All of the above ANSWER: D 96To align text boxes.ANSWER: B 92When you import a Word outline. Delete it. b. ANSWER: B 95PowerPoint enables you to include ____ in your presentation. ClipArt . Click on it. c. Slide Master ANSWER: C 94What do you do to a resize handle in order to change the size of an object? . PowerPoint converts all text formatted using the .

press the ____ key to make the rotation occur in 15-degree . which AutoShapes category is shown? . Categories ANSWER: D Figure 2–19 98In Figure 2-19. a. menu bar . Alt d. Tab ANSWER: A 10When you right-click anywhere on the PowerPoint screen. Shift b. Block arrows ANSWER: C 99When rotating text boxes. Graphics c. dialog box c. Ctrl c. menu b.b. a. 0. Lines b. a ____ opens. Figures d. a. increments. Basic shapes d. Connectors c.

toolbar ANSWER: A .d.