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Richard J. Schwager 40010 N. Candlewyck Ln.

, Anthem, AZ 85382 (623) 321-6004 (eFax); (623) 703-0509 (Mobile) EDUCATION AND CREDENTIALS MBA, Harvard Business School, Boston, MA; Baker Scholar (top 5% of class), GM Fe llow BIA, General Motors Institute, Flint MI PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENTS MANAGEMENT CONSULTING *Led Deloitte Consulting engagement team on supply chain optimization engagement for major Asian importer/distributor and manufacturer; reduced wholesale vehicl e inventory by 90% and reduced order-to-delivery time from 88 days to 28 days. A chieved cross-functional integration including new, common make-model tables, de aler ordering and vehicle allocation system, production forecasting, scheduling and preferencing system, and reporting across Client Sales, Distribution, Port/U pfit, Logistics, and worldwide Production activities. *As Manager in Deloitte Consulting's Process People Strategy Service Line, exper tly utilized Reengineering for Results/Process Modeling, Supply Chain Results an d Change Leadership methodologies, plus industry-based best practices from propr ietary Firm repositories. Practiced Performance Improvement at C-Level across gr oups, staffs and divisions, finally, developed status and results reporting (inc luding the "Leadership Dashboard" ). *While independently consulting, led transformation and relaunch of automotive s ervices company including contract and funding, collections, product configurati on, master schedule, finance, legal, HR and IT. Successfully transitioned from u ndercapitalized, struggling general agency to effective, rationalized sales arm of an acquiring partner via negotiations through several firm valuation models d eveloped within engagement. *Developed and implemented market and open point opportunity matrix, then operat ing and financial control infrastructure for new US-based investment firm whose mission was to invest in startup and buy-sell automotive dealer opportunities. T his resulted in recruiting/signing a successful network of six dealerships natio nwide. *Launched one such startup Dealer operation by very closely matching S,G&A to em erging revenue and cash flow, by target marketing to middle-lower income demogra phic group, and by implementing national/web auction purchasing as well as aggre ssive service-to-sales prospect turns. LARGE-SCALE REENGINEERING / PROGRAM LEADERSHIP * For General Motors Corporate Order-To-Delivery initiative, designed a custom p roject management and systems development methodology named "OTD-21", including stakeholder assessment, readiness assessments, redesign of planning and communic ations, implementation of milestones, gates and metrics, and considerable indivi dual and group coaching and counseling. Resulted in execution on time/budget on a very large scale Corporate initiative. *Again for General Motors, created common processes, data and systems to support the sales of North American vehicles worldwide, and the cross-sales of Canadian and US-produced vehicles. As a parallel initiative, designed all US/Canada comm on overseas vehicle sales platforms in a way to be readily "folded into" GM Corp orate common systems in Billing, Order Management, Logistics, Dealer Ordering, a nd Technical/Customer Service. - Overcame nearly insurmountable change readiness challenge in the incumbent GM Detroit organization who would lose over 1/3 of its jobs (but whose knowledge/su pport was vital to the project's success) and the GM Canada organization who was

absorbing 32 FTE of work with no additional headcount (similar impact to Detroi and Canada ITS groups). Redesigned GM Canada group and individual roles, due to complete transformatio of role, authority, and accountability. Additionally, emerging new process an information flows between individuals and groups drove several more iterations of organization and systems design. - Project reduced transportation/upfits by 5-10%; eliminated obsolete data cente r at cost of $3.5MM/yr., and eliminated 35% of active professional positions in export operations. *For leading Automotive CRM firm in the US, developed and launched a framework f or Firm-wide Project Assessment/Ranking and Project Management, which provided a phased and gated formal methodology to manage a portfolio of +-25 revenue expan sion initiatives, ensuring implementation on-time and within budget t n d OPERATIONS LEADERSHIP *Created brand-new call center for vehicle fleet drivers by disaggregating Drive r Service function from Client Servicing and implementing new organization desig n, processes and systems. Utilized Coopers & Lybrand BPR methodology in mapping, identifying highest cost and client satisfaction drivers, configuring, piloting and maintaining management and client buy-in. Increased productivity 20% over f irst year. *Led call center growth plan and expanded from less than 250 to more than 600 ag ents in one year; improved service levels by as much as 15 points, improved qual ity monitors 12-20%, reduced handling time by about 120 seconds per gate, and re duced attrition by about 20% *Added significant revenue opportunity by analyzing the patterns of under-utiliz ed agents, re-engineering cross-gate coverage, and applying freed-up resource to the processing of vendor claims, a batch-based task which was not critically ti me sensitive. This achieved a run rate of 200,000 claims/yr for "zero" increment al resources. *As Site Manager for GM Locomotives South African, immediately addressed critica l performance deterioration due to 24-months history of failure to remotely meet production or cost targets. Once performance was stabilized, redesigned organiz ation to better utilize individual skills and to better align with production an d sourcing problems. In 18 months, fully allocated unit costs dropped by 35%, q uality metrics improved by 140%, five months of schedule deterioration was erase d, and profitability was restored for the first time in 4 years. SUPPLIER STRATEGY/SUPPLIER NETWORK DEVELOPMENT *Led management team and staffs, and overall Supplier Network in designing and i mplementing new network-specific supplier strategies, new performance-based agre ements, and new leadership priorities focused on aggregation of volume, creation of partnership and gainsharing, then flowing benefits through to Clients. *Increased quick-lube commissions by 18%, increased bodyshop commissions by 15% while improving network usage by 8%, and concentrated vehicle repairs in 60% of original shops to gain leverage PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Hale Venture Capital Group 2009 INVESTMENT STRATEGY MANAGER 20

American Express Business Travel Network - Service Delivery Optimisation 07-present SENIOR MANAGER, STRATEGIC PLANNING Ensurety Group, Inc., Scottsdale, AZ 2005-2006

EXECUTIVE VICE-PRESIDENT AND GENERAL MANAGER Newgen Results Corporation, San Diego, CA 2004 DIRECTOR, PROJECT MANAGEMENT Automotive Equity Partners, Detroit, MI GENERAL MANAGER Deloitte Consulting, Detroit, MI MANAGER Cross Country Automotive Services, Tucson, AZ 998 CALL CENTER MANAGER PHH Vehicle Management Services, Hunt Valley, MD VICE PRESIDENT, SUPPLIER SERVICES 1992 - 1997 1999-2001 2002 - 2004


General Motors Overseas Distribution Corporation (various locations) 1979 - 1992 DIRECTOR, SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT TEAM (Detroit, MI) REGIONAL MANAGER and SITE MANAGER, EMD South African (Port Elisabeth, SA) SALES and SERVICE MANAGER, ELECTRO-MOTIVE DIV. (La Grange, IL)