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Charlotte L.

14238 N. 183rd Avenue
Surprise Arizona 85388
623-546-0741(H) 602-509-0324(C)
Work Experience
Customer Service Manager
1/22/2010-7/8/2010 Hobby Lobby, Peoria, Arizona
My duties at Hobby Lobby as Customer Service Manager were as follows: I handle
all customer concerns and questions. I managed all cashiers and register drawers
with signing on and off. I signed customers up for classes and answered any que
stions about products and assisted them with ideas by locating the product they
were looking for. I made management decisions for the store manager concerning d
iscounts and returns. I trained cashiers on the registers for back-ups and new h
Service Coordinator
9/2007-3/2009 One Step Data, Phoenix, Arizona
My duties as Service Coordinator were as follows: I scheduled all installations
for Hardware, Software and Training appointments for the New York, California a
nd Arizona offices. I provided Training Manuals and scheduled all Implementation
Meetings. I interacted with hundreds of customers on a daily basis which involv
ed solving problems and assisting them with technical difficulties. I assigned t
hem to the proper Department to get their problems solved quickly and efficientl
y. I managed 10 calendars which consisted of Hardware Techs, System Consultants,
Managers, Directors, and a Vice President. This was done on a weekly basis by j
uggling numerous appointments that must be met each day. I ran a Router Meeting
every day to go over every open Sales Order. I determined what needed to be done
and scheduled each appointment appropriately. I sent out a Re-cap to the Vice P
resident of Operations and the Director of Technical Services to keep them abrea
st of the current Sales Orders Report. I performed many tasks at the same time w
hich included; speaking on the phone, instant messaging, emailing, and schedulin
g appointments. I had over 500 communications a week. While completing these tas
ks, I verified each customers training account to make sure they had enough mone
y to cover their appointments. If they did not, I sent them to the Sales Departm
ent. My job required that I be very detailed oriented, handle stress well, and h
ave the ability to calm customers in a crisis situation. I entered weekly Stats
for the Director of Technical Services and provided additional administrative su
pport as needed in the Department. Each Friday I attended a System Consultant Me
eting to discuss any issues with our customers.
Director of Activities and Coordinator of Special Events
5/2006-6/2007 Pueblo El Mirage RV & Golf Resort, El Mirage, Arizona
I managed the Activity Office with one assistant. My duties included: schedulin
g all activities for a 2000+ residential RV Park, hiring and researching all ent
ertainment and entertainers. I arranged for payment on each of these venues. I s
cheduled all classes, seminars, including food and beverage. I was in charge of
marketing the Banquet Hall for weddings, parties, seminars, classes, etc. Resear
ched new and existing things to do at the park and implemented them. Attended an
d ran many meetings as well as a weekly information meeting for all the resident
s. I handled and solved all problems in the park and reported to the Manager of
the park. I collected information, typed, edited and published a monthly news le
tter. I operated all office equipment which included: copier, duplicator, fax ma
chine, calculator, laminator, sound system including, T.V., DVD, Video, set up f
or entertainers with lights and sound, including outside T.V. System. Coordinate
d and ran a 200+ vendor show once a month. I interviewed and took monitory payme
nts, set up room and dealt with any problems. Coordinated and hired all advertis
ing for the park and ran ads in the monthly news letter which paid for the print
ing of the newsletter.
Secretary to Department Manager of Customer Service
3/1994-6/1995 Revlon, Phoenix, Arizona
Duties included: scheduling all meetings, screening phone calls, typed all corr
espondence including monthly financial statements, made all travel arrangements,
attended plant meetings including taking minutes. I maintained all personnel re
cords/all other filing systems in the department. I distributed payroll checks e
ach Friday, Relieved receptionist during lunch and covered for her while absent/
vacation. Operated all office equipment and took visitors on tours of the plant
manufacturing facility.
Secretary to Plant Manager
7/1993-6/1994 TRW Air Bag Plant, Mesa, Arizona
Duties included: scheduling all meetings, luncheons and seminars, making all tr
avel arrangements and doing expense reports. Prepared yearly/monthly budgets for
the Plant, as well as financial reports. Attended meetings for the Plant Manage
r and distributed minutes to 5 Managers Monthly. Prepared monthly presentations
for the Manager/given to the President of TRW. Was in charge of cleaning crew at
the Plant and made sure inside and outside areas were always clean. Redecorated
entire management wing of the plant: re-painting walls, new plants, new carpet,
new wall art, furniture, equipment and telephone systems were all updated. Sche
duled meetings with designers and chose the best one to do the job. I operated a
ll office equipment and took visitors on tours of the plant.
Administrative Assistant/Financial Analysts for the Operations Director
2/1987-6/1993 ARC Professional Services Group, Rockville, Maryland
Duties included: responsible for all correspondence, documents, proposals and f
orms, administrative typing, graphics, travel arrangements, expense reports, ord
ering all supplies, scheduling meetings, opening and distributing mail, greeting
visitors and answering all telephone calls. I also did special projects (presen
tation material) for the Vice President of the Marine Corps Operations Center. I
was the System Administrator for the Classified IBM PC, Macintosh and AST compu
ter, where I did all of my word/data/graphic processing. I ran a monthly backup
during which I would assign new passwords, report failures, and checked the clas
sified computer to make sure it had not been tampered with. My other duties were
, training other secretaries on the computer, software and assisting with printe
r problems.
Executive Secretary for the Vice President of Consulting
2/1986-9/1987 Sontag, Annis and Associates (SA&A) Rockville, Maryland
Duties included: typing all correspondence, documents, administrative typing, t
ravel arrangements, expense reports, agendas, arranging meetings, mail, screenin
g visitors and all telephone calls, hosted several internal presentations, and a
ny other duties required by the Vice President.
Executive Secretary for the Manager of Systems Development
2/1985-12/1986 Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae), Washington DC
, District of Columbia
Duties included: typing all correspondence, documents, administrative typing, t
ravel, agendas, expense reports, setting up meetings, time tickets, handling all
department confidential matters, setting up and maintaining employee records, m
ail, screening visitors and telephone calls, office supplies and any other dutie
s specified by the Manager.
Corporate Secretary to the President, Vice President, & Corporate Secretary/Trea
6/1985-11/1985 The Corporation for Applied Systems (TCASY), Rockville, Maryland
Duties included: typing all correspondence, including composing a great deal of
it myself for the Presidents signature; typing and quality control of all propo
sals generated by the
Corporation; special assignments for the President; screening visitors an teleph
one calls. Personnel: set up new employee records, verified new employee stateme
nts, I tracked additions/deletions to the Corporation. Travel: was responsible f
or all Corporate and Mid-Atlantic travel arrangements. Scheduled all facility/ma
intenance and repair, handled all mail, internal and external and express mail,
and hosted several local seminars.
Secretary/Accounting Clerk
3/1983-9/1985 Pioneer Washington Electronics, Rockville, Maryland
Duties included: CODs, billing credits, posting of daily cash, new customer acc
ounts, trained new personnel on the procedures for data entry on the VAX and Spe
rry UNIVAC Computer systems. Specifically on CODs, matched payments from custome
rs with invoices on the Sperry System cleared the invoices, totaled them and sen
t to cash for deposit. At months end, submitted a list of unpaid COD accounts to
credit for billing. On credits, matched invoice on the Sperry system with credi
t slip, cleared invoice and filed. Posted daily cash on the Sperry system, appli
ed proper discounts, scanned accounts for accuracy and totaled for daily cash.
Clerk Typist/Receptionist
6/1982-11/1983 Litton Mellonics, Camarillo, California
Duties included: clerical typing support for the Project Manager and his staff
members. All tables, charts, reports, memoranda, and documents requiring the use
of statistical terms, technical words and correct syllabification and punctuati
on. Prepared and updated routine operating reports, schedules, charts and record
s. Logged and distributed various reports and documents to proper individuals. A
nswered telephones and screened visitors.
Co-Op, Medical Receptionist in Medical Department
1/1980-6/1982 IBM, Gaithersburg, Maryland
Duties included: answering telephones, scheduling doctor and nurses' appointmen
ts, filling, and assisting the department secretary with typing/correspondence a
nd medical reports.
1988-1989 Business Administration, Germantown, Maryland
Business Courses/Psychology-received A's in all courses
Security Clearance: SECRET
Microsoft Office, Outlook, Microsoft Publisher, Nevo, Power Point, Goldmine, Exc
el/Lotus, Uptrends, Word Perfect, Crystal Viewer, Graphic Artists, Microsoft Wor
d, proficient in Internet Operations and all Office Machines. Well versed on Tel
ephone and Customer Service.