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EMAIL ADDRESS: R_DELACRUZ@SBCGLOBAL.NET DESIRED POSITION: ANNOUNCEMENT 198 - MID SYSTEMS ACCOUNTANT/ANALYST DESIRED SALARY: $80,000.00 PER ANNUM (NEGOTIABLE) WORK EXPERIENCE: A. Defense Finance and Accounting Service SAN DIEGO: January 1997 - 31 March 2008 BILLING ACCOUNTANT SUPERVISOR: JOSEPH LEWIS TELEPHONE: (858) 616-5657) Annual Salary: $73,236.00 Reason for leaving. Retired due to DFAS closing under the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) on 31 March 2008 1. I worked in the SPACE WARFARE SYSTEMS CENTER CHARLESTON/SAN DIEGO Navy Workin g Capital Fund (NWCF) (formerly DBOF). Duties include but not limited to the f ollowing: a. Instrumental in converting the Financial Accounting System to Defense Industr ial Financial Management System (DIFMS) for SPAWARSYSTEM CHARLESTON. Ensured th at all Billing and Fixed Assets General Ledger Accounts were in balance with the Subsidiary Ledgers prior to conversion to DIFMS. b. Instrumental in converting SPAWARSYSTEM SAN DIEGO Financial system from D IFMS to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Worked with SPAWAR SAN DIEGO in rec onciling Billings and Fixed Assets General Ledger Accounts were in balance with the Subsidiary Ledgers prior to conversion to ERP. c. Overseeing and troubleshooting problems in the billing section: 1. Reviewing trends in Accounts Receivable, Reumbursable Billing, Foreign Milita ry Sales and Interfund billing. 2. Identifying systemic problems, trouble-shooting and initiating corrective act ion on the more difficult billing problems. d. Auditing, analyzing and reconciling all general ledger accounts within the billing function. 1. Reviewing and reconciling the Work-In-Process GLA 1411, all accounts recei vable accounts (1300 series) and all revenue accounts (3000) to the subsidiary l edgers and prepare journal vouchers for STAR REJECTS, Plant Property, Materials In Transit and inventories in time to meet due dates for DONIBIS Financial State ments. 2. Identifying and initiating corrective action necessary to resolve STARS RE JECTS for STARS HCM AND STARS/FL to ensure that the Fund Administrators and the Authorizing Accounting Activity enter Funding Documents in STARS and obligate fu nds in order for the Billing Activity to collect billed charges against those Do cuments. 3. Preparing exhibits and reports by the 20th of the month and at year-end by the 25th of the month. 4. Providing copies of financial and accounting reports and exhibits to custo mers for review at least 5 days prior to due dates.

e. Reconciling all Reimbursable Orders, both STARS HCM/STARS/FL, Non-DOD and Private Party Funding Documents. Responsible for ensuring that expenditures are within the Funds Authorized Amounts, and that all bills have been liquidated in accordance with the Billing History. Provided Status of Funds Reports to custo mers to ensure that they have accurate information on what has been expended and registered to Treasury, funds available balances and Document closeouts upon fi nal billing. f. Responsible for correcting rejected STARS transactions due to Insufficient funds by obtaining additional funds from the Funds Administrators/grantor in or der for these transactions to clear. g. Providing adequate customer service, products and services of good quality rarely needing assistance from the supervisor. h. Maintaining effective working relationships with co-workers by participati ng as a team member and sharing ideas on the job and in organizational group mee tings. i. Clearing the Unallocated/Unmatched Disbursements (UMDs) (DIFMS 7310-322) R eport j. Clearing the Unliquidated Bills Report (DIFMS 7310-865) Report k. Preparing Monthly Receivables Data (MRD) and Monthly Accounting Management Indicators (AMI) Report. l. Preparing Quarterly and Year-End Financial Statements, including Exhibits for inclusion in the Quarterly and Year-End Financial Statements. Noted accomplishments: 1. I exhibited exceptional skills in conveying ideas, status and problems, always contributing the extra effort in building good working relationships with our customers. I go the extra mile to make sure that the customers' needs are satisfied and promote the professional DFAS image as well. 3. I worked very well with others, inspiring a positive "can do" attitude. I wi llingly volunteered for all projects that's necessary in providing prompt and ac curate accounting reports to thousands of Department of Defense (DoD), Non- DoD, Private Parties and Foreign Government. 4. I have been training other accountants and accounting technicians in providi ng accountants' professional support of the Billing, Account Receivables and Int erfund Billing functions and am responsible for generating general Journal Vouch ers for entry to the General Ledger, reconciliation of all general ledger accoun ts and preparation of monthly, quarterly, and annual financial exhibits. I have met all reporting deadlines with accurate information. 6. Received Exceptional Level 5 Performance appraisal throughout Civil Service c areer which includes the following: a. Received Level 5 - Exceptional Performance Rating for 30 June 2007 and receiv ed $1,200 Performance Bonus Award. b: Received Level 5 Exceptional Performance Rating for 30 June 2006 and received $500.00 Performance Bonus Award. c. Received Level 5 Exceptional Performance Rating for 30 June 2005 and received $250.00 Performance Award Bonus. d. Received an Outstanding Performance for the rating period 6/30/03 through 6/3 0/2004. e. Individual Cash Award : Jan 6, 2005, Aug 23, 2004, March 22, 2004 and April 1 9, 2004. On the Spot Cash Award: August 25, 2003,August 11, 2003 Nov 22, 2001 f or Outstanding Contributions to the Defense Finance and Accounting Service for t

he period 9/30/1998 to 9/30/2000. I was recognized for my significant role in m eeting the Secretary of Defense (OSD) mandate of a 75% reduction in problem disb ursements inventories. Because of my cooperation and focused partnership, DFASSAN DIEGO successfully met the OSD mandated by achieving a reduction of $464 mil lion or 75%. f. On the Spot-Cash Award January 15, 2001. For Outstanding contributions to t he Defense Finance Accounting Service for the period 10/1/1999 to 9/30/2000. D uring this period conducted successful reconciliation of 24 General Ledger Acco unts associated with Billing and Fixed Assets.

B. NAVAL AIR STATION MIRAMAR: DECEMBER 1990 to JANUARY 1997. MANAGEMENT ANA LYST (GS-343-11) Annual Salary: $60,580.00 Duties and accomplishments 1. Conducted/assisted in conducting a wide variety of operational, financial and compliance audits. Developed working papers in accordance with the "Standar ds for Audit of Governmental organizational Programs, Activities and Functions. All audit work performed were documented with organized work papers. All eleme nts of the work papers were completed, indexed, tabbed and contained copies of h ighlighted directives used during the conduct of the audit. 2. Developed audit reports in accordance with the Standards for Audit Reporti ng Guidelines with excellent findings and recommendations to correct findings fo und during the audit. Audit findings and recommendations were clear and concise and provided a fair evaluation of operations as it pertained to the adequacy of internal controls and a succinct summation of deficiencies noted. 3. Worked in the Budget Division of the Comptroller Department. Served as a Bud get Analyst for a period of five months. I was responsible for preparing the C PPRS Report, allocation of departmental budgets and Management to Payroll (MTP). This task was complicated by the realignment of NAS Miramar to Marine Corps Ai r Station Miramar in FY 98. I assisted the Budget Officer in the management of stations and BRAC funds as well C: NAVAL ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING CENTER SAN DIEGO: AUDITOR (GS-511-11) JUNE 1990 - DECEMBER 1990 Annual Salary: $55,780.00

1. Served as Command Evaluation Officer from 15 June 1990 through 10 December 1 990. As Command Evaluation Officer, I was responsible for providing the Comma nding Officer with a continuing independent assessment of operations, an insight into the efficiency of the command's performance of it's mission and functions and to detect the potential for or existence of fraud, waste and illegal practic es or mismanagement. Operational audits/reviews/assessments were conducted in t he operational/functional areas the Commanding Officer directed and crossed org anizational lines within the command. In addition, I was responsible for ensur ing that all required audits by higher authorities were conducted in a timely fa shion. 2. I conducted audit liaison for GAO, DoDIG, NAVYIG and Navy Audit Service audit s conducted in the the command, including ensuring that required visit requests were obtained prior to the actual visit. Participated in entry/exit briefs for all audits conducted on site. I coordinated command's responses to all external audit findings and recommendations, providing interim responses to recommendatio

ns that could not be implemented due to other factors the command has no control of, such as other commands/or higher echelon commands. 3. Actively participated in the Command's Equal Employment Opportunity Program e vents such as the Asian Pacific, Black History, Hispanic and many other events.

D: NAVAL ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS ENGINEERING CENTER SAN DIEGO: AUDITOR (GS-511-11) 1. Served as Auditor (GS-511-11) from 20 December 1986 through June 1990. Serve d as Management Analyst (GS-343-11 July 1995 through June 1996. I was responsibl e for conducting financial, performance and compliance reviews of all operationa l functions throughout the command, ie., Contract Acquisition and CONTRACT ADMIN ISTRATION Audits, Program MANAGEMENT REVIEWS. Ensured that expenditures were wi thin the Funds Authorized. Audited two major contracts awarded and administered by NAVALEX to ensure that all delivery orders against the contracts were in acco rdance with the Statement Of Work and that all invoices against those contracts were proper for payment and were in fact paid. I identified over 10 million dol lars of unexpended and unobligated funds that would have been made available for obligation and expenditure had those delivery orders were reviewed during the c ontract period and prior to Final Review by the Defense Contracting Administrati on Agency (DCAA). 2. Audited Budgeting and Financial Accounting, Small Purchase and Blanket Purcha se Agreement Reviews, Material Management Audits, PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGEMENT REV IEWS, ADP Audits, Telephone Usage, Government Vehicle Usage and many Program Res ults reviews. I was responsible for the planning and conducting of all reviews, focusing on the adequacy and effectiveness of internal controls, compliance wit h applicable directives, economy and efficiency of resource utilization. 3. I demonstrated the ability and tact in dealing independently and resourcefull y with senior management in presenting ideas clearly, reconciling differences an d working out satisfactory solutions to complex problems discovered during audit s. Conducted regular follow-up audits on all audit reports ensuring that due dat es were met.

F: FLEET ACCOUNTING AND DISBURSING CENTER PACIFIC SAN DIEGO: INTERNAL REVIEW O FFICER, SPECIAL PLANNER, ASST DIVISION OFFICER: OCTOBER 1983 TO MAY 1985. Annua l Salary: $58,900.00 SUPERVISOR: LCDR. TIMOTHTY GREEN 1. Served as Internal Review Officer, Special Planner and Assistant Division Off icer. Conducted internal review and audit of all functional areas in the comman d. Singlehandedly managed and coordinated the Command's Internal Control Progra m. Conducted audit and review of the the following areas: - Annual review of bill paying procedures, payments to commercial vendors and th e voucher examination function. - Semi-annual reviews of the Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs)


Annual Procurement and Supply Function Review. Integrated Disbursing Activity (IDA) Review. Review of Outstanding Travel Advances (ROTA) Review of Prompt Payment Act

G. VARIOUS NAVAL COMMANDS: March 1965 - October 1983 H. H: EDUCATION 1. NATIONAL UNIVERSITY 2. UNIVERSITY OF THE PHIL 3. DALTON HIGH SCHOOL I: 10/84 10/87 7/60 10/64 6/57`6/60 B.S. ACCOUNTING B. S. EDUCATION High School Graduate.


Graduated 5th out of 106 students at Naval Supply Corps School Basic Supply Qual ification School, Athens, Georgia Graduated as Class Valedictorian, Dalton High School, Solano, Nueva Vizcaya, Phi lippines 1960 Entrance Scholar - University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippi nes 1960-1961 Joaquin Pleno Scholar - Univ. of the Philippines School Year 1962-1964 JAYCEE OUTSTANDING MILITARY OF THE YEAR - JUNE 1978 CLASS HONORMAN - Disbursing Clerk "A" School, Newport Rhode Island OUTSTANDING RECRUIT - Recruit Training Command, San Diego, Ca. 1965

Courses taken: EXCEL BASIC AND ADVANCED MICROSOFT WORD POWER POINT PROGRAM MANAGEMENT COURSE (30 DAYS) Basic Contracting Course (30 DAYS) PREPARATION STATEMENT OF WORK Contract Audit 20 AUDITING CLASSES Defense Industrial Financial Management Class (DIFMS formerly Defense Business Operating Fund(DBOF) Type 60 words per minute