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Level 1 Covers Lessons 1-20
ASL 1 / ASL 101 (First Semester) [First Year Fall Semester] [Public School K-12: Point five (.5) credits] [University: Four (4) Semester-Credit-Hours or Six (6) Quarter-Credit-Hours] [Continuing Education: Six (6) CEUs] [Course Contact Hours: 45 to 60]

William Vicars Ed.D.

ASL University Workbook: Level 1
Lessons 1-20
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ASL University Workbook

Lesson 1
Vocabulary: AGAIN-[repeat] DEAF HEARING-[speak, say] WHAT (huh?) LEARN LIKE MEET-[meet-you] NAME-[called] NICE-[clean] PLEASE MEAN-(meaning)-[what is the meaning of, purpose] SIGN-[sign language, signing] STUDENT (learn) TEACHER [teach, agent]-[-er][professor, educate] THANK-YOU [good] UNDERSTAND WHERE WHO WHY Pronominalization and Indexing: [it, he, me, she, him, her, this, you] Indexing/plural sweep: [them, they, those, us, we, you-all, that] YES/NO Story 1 HI I [spell your first and last name]. NICE-MEET-YOU. I HEARING. I SIGN SLOW. I STUDENT [spell the name of your school]. I LEARN SIGN. TEACHER NAME [spell the name of your teacher]. HE/SHE DEAF [or hearing]. HE/SHE TEACH GOOD. I UNDERSTAND HE/SHE. I LIKE HE/SHE.

Practice Sheet: 1.A 1. "WHO YOU?" (Who are you?) 2. "DEAF YOU?" (Are you Deaf?) 3. "STUDENT YOU?" ("Are you an ASL student?)" 4. "YOUR TEACHER NAME 'HUH'?" (What is your Teacher's name?) 5. "YOU UNDERSTAND HE/SHE?" (Do you understand him/her?) 6. "HOW YOU SIGN P-L-E-A-S-E?" (How do you sign "please?") 7. "AGAIN YOUR NAME?" (What is your name again?) 8. "S/HE STUDENT?" [point at teacher] (Is she or he a student?) 9. "THIS YOUR?" [point at any object] (Is this yours?) 10. "WHERE ____" [spell the name of a person in the room]

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Discussion Notes 1: Definition of ASL - ASL is not: Signed English, Pidgin (contact signing), Cued Speech, or the Rochester Method - Approaches to learning fingerspelling and numbers - The relationship between ASL and the Deaf Community - The existence of other signed languages - Brief history of ASL - The existence of Deaf Culture - The need for practice and suggested methods - agent sign

Practice Sheet: 1.B 1. "NICE me-MEET-you" (It is nice to meet you.) 2. "HEARING YOU?" (Are you a hearing person?) 3. "ASL TEACHER YOU?" (Are you a teacher?) 4. "WHERE YOU LEARN SIGN?" (Where are you learning sign?) 5. "WHY YOU LEARN SIGN?" (Why are you learning sign?) 6. "HOW YOU SIGN T-H-A-N-K-S?" (How do you sign "thanks?") 7. "S/HE STUDENT?" [point at other student] (Is she or he a student?) 8. "THEY LEARN SIGN?" (Are they learning sign language?) 9. "WHO OUR TEACHER?" (Who is our teacher?) 10. "WHERE ____" [spell the name of the teacher or of a student]

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SOMETHING] SISTER [girl. "WHERE YOU LIVE?" (Where do you live?) 9. her. same. its. "CHILDREN YOU?" (Do you have children?) 4. "THIS HIS?" [point at any object] (Is this his?) 10.A 1. ONLY.' NAME YOU?" (What is your name?) 2. marry. their. male. "HOW-MANY SISTER YOU?" (How many sisters do you have?) 5. his.) 6. "HOW YOU SIGN "W-E"?" [spell "we"] (How do you sign "we?") Page 5 . female] SLOW SPELL-[fingerspell] WORK Possession: [have. lady] BOY-[male. "'HEY. wife. man] Practice Sheet: 2. "WHERE YOU WORK?" (Where do you work?) Lesson 2 Vocabulary 2: BROTHER-[boy. married. "YOU MARRIED?" (Are you married?) 3. address] MARRIAGE-[husband.ASL University Workbook Lifeprint. own. your. someone. our. my. yours] GIRL-[woman. right] CHILD-[short. man. JUST. "YOUR MOM NAME 'HUH'?" (What is your mom's name. mine. spouse] MOM [grandma] SINGLE-[alone. "YOUR DAD DEAF?" (Is your dad deaf?) 7. children] DAD-[parents] [grandpa] DIVORCE HEY HOW HOW-MANY-[MANY] LIVE-[life. something.

"YOU DIVORCED?" (Are you divorced?) 3. The "yes/no" non-manual marker Affirmation/Negation 2. Head-shake 10. Indexing 4. The "wh" non-manual marker 3. "SPELL YOUR DAD NAME SLOW."YOUR BROTHER/SISTER SINGLE?" (Is your brother / sister single?) 5. Information getting behavior 11. Directionality 8. "THIS YOUR?" [point at any object] (Is this yours?) 10. Head-nod (replace "be" verb) (affirmation) 9.Discussion 2: 1. Pluralization 5. "YOUR NAME B-O-B?" (Is your name Bob?) 2. Person or "agent" affix 12. Be able to recognize each letter of the fingerspelled alphabet 7." (Spell your dad's name slowly.B 1. Possession 6. "You-MEET MY BROTHER?" (Have you met met my brother?) 7. "HOW YOU SIGN T-H-E-Y?" (How do you sign "they?") Page 6 . "WHERE YOU LIVE?" (Where do you live?) 8.) 6. "WHERE YOU WORK?" (Where do you work?) 9. "HOW-MANY BROTHER YOU?" (How many brothers do you have?) 4. Numbers 1-10 Discuss: The difference between "MANY" and "HOW-MANY?" Practice Sheet: 2.

S-A-R-A-H. then touch the tip of the ring finger of the left hand.] TWO BOY [Touch the tip of the index finger of the left "four" hand with the pad of the right index finger of the right "one" hand.] S-A-R-A-H Story 2.] GIRL.B HELLO I KELSEY VICARS HEARING I MOTHER FATHER DEAF FATHER NAME BILL MOTHER BELINDA HAVE TWO BROTHER ONE SISTER [Hold up your left hand in a "four" handshape.] BROTHER.] SISTER. DEAF.] DEAF [nod. DEAF I WIFE B-E-L-I-N-D-A.] BROTHER.] K-E-L-S-E-Y [Touch the tip of the ring finger. and touch the pinkie finger again. DIVORCED. Sweep the tip of the right index finger along the tips of the first three fingers of the left hand. palm back. then. L-O-G-A-N. ] HEARING [Touch the tip of the pinkie finger of the left "four" hand with the pad of the right index finger of the right "one" hand. SINGLE Page 7 . [Touch the tip of the middle finger and then the pinkie] [Touch the tip of the index finger of the left "four" hand with the pad of the right index finger of the right "one" hand.] Story 2.] L-O-G-A-N (normally you'd indicate the age here. FRED. middle finger.] B-E-N [Touch the tip of the pinkie finger. keep it there. keep it there. but we'll learn that in a later lesson) [Touch the tip of the left. 2 CHILDREN [Touch the tip of the middle finger of the left "four" hand with the pad of the right index finger of the right "one" hand.] [Touch the tip of the index finger of the left "four" hand with the pad of the right index finger of the right "one" hand. ZERO CHILDREN [Touch the tip of the pinkie finger of the left "four" hand with the pad of the right index finger of the right "one" hand. SINGLE [Touch the tip of the ring finger of the left "four" hand with the pad of the right index finger of the right "one" hand. MARRIED.ASL University Workbook Lifeprint.A HELLO I B-I-L-L V-I-C-A-R-S [first and last name]. palm facing back. HEARING. arm held at a comfortable angle. SHE DEAF FOUR CHILDREN [Left hand hold up a "four" handshape. arm held at a comfortable angle.

ought-to] SCHOOL-[academic] SO-SO-[maybe. go-there. "YOUR HOUSE SMALL?" (Is your house small?) 6. "FROM WHERE YOU?" (Where are you from?) 3. cluster] FAVORITE-[prefer] FINE/[COOL. inquire. think-about. should. have-to. go-to. wonder] RAISED-[grow-up] [Negation: not.A 1. restroom] BIG/[SMALL] COME/[GO]-[come on. whole] ASK-[ask-to. don't. "YOU THINK I SIGN GOOD?" (Do you think I sign well?) 10. reversal of orientation] Practice sheet: 3. best] BATHROOM-[toilet. "FAMILY DEAF?" (Is anyone in your family deaf?) 5. "YOUR HOUSE. team. "HOW YOU SIGN "A-L-L"?" (How do you sign "all?") Page 8 . "WHO YOU?" (Who are you?) 2. group. "YOU LIKE YOUR WORK?" (Do you like your job?) 9. mind. attend] FAMILY-[class. request] BAD/GOOD-[better.Lesson 3 VOCABULARY 3: ALL-[#ALL. "CITY YOU LIVE?" (What city do you live in?) 4. sort-of] THINK-[brain. swell] FROM HERE HOUSE/CITY LIKE MORE NEED-[must. "WHERE YOU WORK?" (Where do you work?) 8. HOW MANY BATHROOM?" (How many bathrooms do you have in your house?) 7. category.

"HOW YOU SIGN "F-I-N-E"?" (How do you sign "fine?") Page 9 . HER HOUSE BIG. WHY? TEACHER THEY BAD. THAT SCHOOL NEED MORE GOOD TEACHER. "YOU GO SCHOOL??" (Are you attending school?) 8. SMITH. "YOU LIKE LEARN SIGN?" (Do you like learning how to sign?) 4. ONE NICE TEACHER. Facial Expressions Sign Parameters Initialization Signing Space Numbers 11-20 Story: 3 MY FAMILY ALL LIKE GO GRANDMA HOUSE. SHE LIVE CITY Discussion 3: Establishing tense Dealing with "ing. I THINK SO-SO. SHE GOOD.B 1. "YOU THINK I SIGN BAD?" (Do you think I sign poorly?) 10. Practice Sheet 3. "YOUR HOUSE BIG?" (Is your house big?) 5.ASL University Workbook Lifeprint. "YOU LIVE HERE?" (Do you live here?) 3. THINK HOUSE SWELL. MY DAD GROW-UP THERE. "YOU WANT MORE CHILDREN?" (Do you want more children?) 7. BATHROOM HAVE THREE. and ed" Grammar and ASL syntax. s. M-R-S. DAD PREFER-(favorite) SHE-(index on left). "NAME YOU?" (What is your name?) 2. "YOU NEED BATHROOM?" (Do you need to go to the bathroom?) 9. "HOW-MANY CHILDREN YOU?" (How many children do you have?) 6. RIVERDALE SCHOOL DAD DON'T-LIKE. NAME RIVERDALE.

room] BRUSH-TEETH CRY EXCUSE-[lay-off/pardon/release/] FEEL FRIEND-[good-friend. "YOU LIKE ALL STUDENTS HERE?" (Do you like all of the students here?) 9. regret] STOP WANT-[don't-want. "MY NAME________. if] LOVE SAD SORRY-[apologize.A 1. dive. jump.Lesson 4 Vocabulary 4: ANGRY AUNT UNCLE BABY [son. walk-to. injury] IDEA-[SUPPOSE. "YOU LIKE GO WORK?" (Do you like going to work?) 8. "YOU LIKE BIG CITY?" (Do you like big cities?) 4. scooter. "YOU LIKE SHE?" [point at a student] (Do you like her?) 7. desire] WASH CL:V-[stand. "YOU FROM HERE?" (Are you from here?) 3. tossand-turn. "YOU WANT STOP LEARN SIGN?" (Do you want to stop learning sign language?) 6. "YOU THINK THIS CITY NICE?" (Do you think this city is nice?) 10. "YOU MARRIED?" (Are you married?) 5. WHO YOU?" (My name is __________Who are you?) 2. get up] Practice Sheet: 4. skate board. girlfriend] HAPPY HELP HURT [pain. boy-friend. lay down. "HOW YOU SIGN "ASK-TO"?" (How do you sign "ASK-TO?") Page 10 . daughter] BEDROOM-[box.

Practice Sheet: 4. "NICE-TO-MEET YOU. "WHERE YOU LIVE?" (Where do you live?) 3. SHE SAD. ANGRY. "YOU LIKE [HE/SHE] TEACHER?" (Do you like the teacher?) 6. MY IDEA. AUNT SHE-[index on the right] LOVE HIM[index on the left].com MY AUNT UNCLE DIVORCE. "WHAT CITY YOU WORK?" (What city do you work in?) 8. " (It's nice to meet you. I HAPPY HELP-her. SHE NEED FORGIVE HIM. GO BEDROOM CL:V-"lay down-toss and turn" CRY.ASL University Workbook Lifeprint. "HOW SPELL YOUR NAME?" (How do you spell your name?) 9.) 2. HURT-(over heart). "YOU LIKE SMALL CITY?" (Do you like small cities?) 4. "YOU LIKE COME HERE?" (Do you like coming here?) 7. she-ASK-me meHELP-her FEEL BETTER.B 1. CRY. "YOU WANT MEET MY MOM?" (Do you want to meet my mother?) 10. SHE good-FRIEND SHE. STOP FEEL SORRY. not-WANT DIVORCE. "YOU SINGLE?" (Are you single?) 5."HOW YOU SIGN "H-E-A-R-I-N-G"?" (How do you sign "hearing?") Discussion 4: Non-manual Cues "NMM" (general) Iconicity of Signs Incorporation of Intensity Numbers 20-30 Classifiers (defining) Classifier: V Story 4 Page 11 .

accompany. fall-behind. CAN YOU UNDERSTAND ME? [Can you understand me?] 2. YOU WALK-TO CHURCH? [Do you walk to church?] 4. chase. race. go-with. may. WHAT YOUR FAVORITE MOVIE? [What is your favorite movie?] 8. together. party) PUT-[put-on. NAME YOUR FAVORITE CAR (WhQ) [What is your favorite car?] 3. YOU WANT GO STORE? [Do you want to go to the store?] 10. subordinate] 1. YOUR GRANDMA GIVE YOU WRISTWATCH? [Did your grandmother give you a watch?] 6. inside. outside] INTERNET MOVIE PLAY-(TOYS. catchup.A Discussion 5: Eye Gaze Noun-Verb Pairs Directional Verbs Numbers 31-99 Vocabulary 5 CAN-[able. move] SIT-[chair. go-steady. YOUR FAVORITE INTERNET S-I-TE WHAT? [What is your favorite Internet site?] 7. compete. YOU HAVE FAVORITE CHAIR? [Do you have a favorite chair?] 9. behind. possible] CAR/[DRIVE] CHURCH COMPUTER DOCTOR/[nurse] EMAIL GIVE-[hand to] HOME IN/[OUT]-[enter. within. follow. YOUR MOM NURSE? [Is your mom a nurse?] 5. anxious] STAND STAY STORE VIDEO WALK-TO-[walk] WATCH WITH-[in-front-of. YOU LIKE SIGN WITH DEAF? [Do you like signing with a Deaf person?] Page 12 .Lesson 5 Practice sheet: 5. put-away.

GIVE-[to him]. (Note: Sign this story with the facial expressions and body language of a jealous sibling). HE [negative "not"]-FEEL-GOOD.ASL University Workbook Lifeprint. STAY HOME. YOU NEED GO DOCTOR? [Do you need to go to a doctor?] 5. YOU LIKE PLAY OUTSIDE? [Do you like to play outside?] 8. Practice Sheet 5. YOU HAVE EMAIL YOUR HOME? [Do you have e-mail access at home?] 6.B 1. YOU FEEL ANXIOUS? [Are you feeling anxious?] 9. HE WANT WATCH MOVIE. MOM DRIVE-TO VIDEO STORE. INTERNET. WHERE YOUR HOME? [Where is your home?] 7. YOUR FAVORITE STORE WHAT? [What is your favorite store?] 10. YOU DRIVE HERE FROM HOME? [Did you drive here from home?] 3. COMPUTER SIT-[long time] PLAY-[long time]. EMAIL HIS FRIEND. I THINK HE SHOULD GO DOCTOR HE-[point to brother].com Story 5 MY BROTHER NOT GO SCHOOL. YOU LIKE SIGN WITH FRIEND? [Do you like signing with a friend?] Page 13 . HOW-MANY COMPUTER YOU HAVE? [How many computers do you have?] 4. CAN YOU DRIVE? [Can you drive?] 2.

CAN YOU SPELL HIS/HER NAME? [Can you spell his (or her) name?]" 2. YOU WANT GO OUTSIDE? [Do you want to go outside?] 7. YOU THINK CHILDREN SHOULD PUT-(away) THEIR TOYS? [Do you think children should put away their toys?] 8. YOU LIKE DRIVE? [Do you like driving?] 3. YOU WANT GO HOME? [Do you want to go home?] 6. YOU LIVE WITH YOUR MOMDAD? [Do you live with your parents?] Page 14 . YOU LIKE GO MOVIES? [Do you like going to the movies?] 7.Practice Sheet: 5.C 1. YOU LIKE EMAIL? [Do you like using email?] 5. YOU DRIVE-TO CHURCH? [Do you drive to church?] 4. YOU LIKE PLAY C-H-E-S-S? [Do you like to play chess?] 8. YOU THINK TEACHER NEED STAND? [Do you think teachers should stand] 9. YOUR DAD GIVE-YOU COMPUTER? [Did your dad give you a computer?] 5. YOU DRIVE SLOW? [Do you drive slowly?] 3. CAN YOU F-I-X COMPUTER? [Can you fix computers?] 2. ALL YOUR FRIEND HAVE COMPUTER? [Do all your friends have a computer?] 4. YOU WALK-TO SCHOOL? [Do you walk to school?] 10. ALL YOUR FRIEND SIGN? [Do all of your friends sign?] Practice Sheet: 5.D 1. YOU LIKE STAY HOME WATCH VIDEO? [Do you like to stay home and watch a video?] 9. YOU HAVE INTERNET INDEX-(point off to the side) HOME? [Do you have Internet access at home?] 6. YOU HAVE MANY VIDEO INDEX(point off to side) HOME? [Do you have many videos at home?] 10.

everyday] WAIT-[wait-a-minute] WHEN WHITE-[white-person] YEAR-[annually.ASL University Workbook Lifeprint. long-ago] RED TOMORROW-[daily. YOU THINK ORANGE FAVORITE GOOD? [Do you think oranges taste good?] Page 15 . dictionary] PAST-[before. BLACK WHITE TV. today] OLD ORANGE PAPER-[page. YOU HAVE? [Do you have a black and white TV?] 3. numerical incorporation] YELLOW Practice Sheet 6. OLD YOU? [How old are you?] 10. far in the future] GREEN LONG-[how-long] NOW-[ Lesson 6 Discussion 6: Dealing with time Time Line O'Clock Adjective-Noun Sequence Numbers 101-999 Vocabulary 6 BLACK BLUE BROWN COLOR DRAW-[art] FINISH FUTURE-[later. next-year. look-up. WHAT? [What is your favorite color?] 2. last-year. YOU THINK FUTURE YOU TEACH ASL? [Do you think that someday you will teach ASL?] 8. YOU LIKE COLOR BROWN? [Do you like the color brown?] 4. YOU DIVORCE PAST? [Have you ever been divorced?] 6. YOUR CHAIR GREEN? [Is your chair green?] 9. will. someday. YOU FINISH WATCH MOVIE "__________?" [Have you seen the movie (spell a popular movie)] 7. previously. current. YOUR FAVORITE COLOR.A 1. YOU DRAW GOOD? [Do you draw well?] 5.

YOU LIKE RED CAR? [Do you like red cars?] 7. NOW-YEAR MANY COLOR. YOU GO DOCTOR. YOU LIVE BIG CITY PAST? [Have you ever lived in a big city?] 6.Story 6 YEAR-PAST MY HOUSE ROOM ROOM WHITE A-L-L.) say-NO-(to-son-"sternly")-(Role play brother bodyshift face slightly left. Ask-to-father)-ORANGE? (Role play father bodyshift facing slightly right. MY BEDROOM BLUE. 6. YOU SIT-(anxious)? [Do you get anxious when you wait a long time at the doctors office?] 9. MOM-DAD THEIR(singular) BED-ROOM WHITE. DAD (say)-NO-(to-him-"sternly"). TOMORROW YOU GO SCHOOL? [Are you going to school tomorrow?] 8. HOW-LONG YOU LIVE INDEX(there) [How long have you lived there?] 3. WAIT-(long). WHAT COLOR YOUR PAPER? [What color is your paper?] 5. MY SISTER BEDROOM YELLOW. CITY YOU LIVE? [In what city do you live?] 2. BATHROOM YELLOW."think about it for a moment" "reluctantly".B Practice sheet 1. Askto-father)-BROWN? (Role play father bodyshift facing slightly right. FAMILY ROOM GREEN. WHEN YOU MOVE-(to here)? [When did you move here?] 10. YOU WANT GO HOME NOW? [Do you want to go home now?] 4.) say-O-Kto-son. (Role play brother bodyshift face slightly left. BROTHER WANT BEDROOM BLACK. HOW-MANY YEAR YOU LIVE HERE? [How many years have you lived here?] Page 16 . OUR CAR RED.

bologna) HUNGRY-[wish] MILK PIZZA POPCORN SPOON-[soup} -[soup} WATER WHAT-KIND-[type. YOU FAVORITE-[prefer]. YOU LIKE COOKIES WITH MILK? [Do you like cookies and milk?] 5.A 1. WHAT YOUR FAVORITE FOOD? [What is your favorite food?] 7. In this story you "manipulate" a cookie and a cup. WHAT-KIND CANDY YOU LIKE? [What type of candy do you like?] 3. YOU FULL? [Are you full?] 10. style] SELF Practice Sheet: 7. WHAT-KIND CEREAL YOU LIKE? [What type of cereal do you like?] 4. YOU HAVE FORK YOU? [Do you have a fork?] 9. YOU LIKE EAT GREEN APPLE? [Do you like to eat green apples?] 2. HOW-MANY CUP WATER YOU DRINK EVERYDAY? [How many cups of water do you drink daily?] 6. Vocabulary 7 APPLE CANDY CEREAL CHEESE COOKIE CUP-[glass] DRINK EAT [food] EGG FORK FULL HAMBURGER HOTDOG-(sausage. YOU LIKE GREEN EGG AND H-AM? [Do you like green eggs and ham?] 8.ASL University Workbook Lifeprint.000-999.999 ABCOS15 Dominant Hand Note: "CL:" is a way of indicating a special sign known as a "classifier." Note: "ICL" means "instrument classifier." Instrument classifiers are sometimes used to show the manipulation of an object. HAMBURGER [body-shift-"or"] HOTDOG? [Do you prefer hamburgers or hotdogs?] Page 17 .com Lesson 7 Discussion 7 Attention Getting Methods Numbers 1.

CANDY. WANT EAT. NOW NOW I FEEL CAN EAT PIZZA CL:bent-LL(Use bent "L" hands to show the size of a medium to large pizza) ALL MYSELF. HOTDOG. MY FAVORITE FOOD? COOKIES.Story 7 HUNGRY ME." Practice Sheet: 7. EAT WILL ME! POPCORN. YOU FAVORITE-(prefer) APPLE [bodyshift-"or"] ORANGES? [Do you prefer apples or oranges?] 8. SUPPOSE YOU EAT 3 HAMBURGER. WHAT-KIND PIZZA YOU LIKE? [What type of pizza do you like?] 3. DRINK. MILK ICL-"Dip cookie into a cup of milk. take a bite. YOUR SISTER LIKE EGG [Does your sister like eggs?] 9. EAT. WHAT-KIND SOUP YOU LIKE? [What kind of soup do you like?] 5. WHAT-KIND COOKIE YOU LIKE? [What kind of cookies do you like?] 7. EAT. WILL FULL ME. YOU DON'T-LIKE CANDY? [Don't you like candy?] Page 18 .B 1. HUNGRY YOU ? [Are you hungry?] 2. YOU LIKE EAT RED APPLE? [Do you like to eat red apples?] 6. YOU LIKE EAT POPCORN? [Do you like to eat popcorn at the movies?] 4. TOMORROW I GO MOVIE. SUPPOSE YOU GO MOVIE. WILL FULL YOU? [If you eat three hamburgers will you be full?] 10.

YOUR HOUSE. Thomas Hopkins-(define) Vocabulary 8 BACKPACK BASKET BATTERY-[electric] BELT CHANGE-[adapt. DOCTOR L-A-B COAT. CLOTHES DIRTY. BASKET WHO PUT-(in)++. COLOR? [What color is your belt?] 5. YOUR HEARING-AID. SHOULD PUT WHERE? [Where should we put dirty clothes?] 8. YOU LIKE WASHING-MACHINE CLOTHES? [Do you like doing laundry?] Page 19 . WHEN YOU CHANGE? [When do you change clothes?] 6.000 and up Classifier: H Gallaudet University-(define) Gallaudet. SOIL] GLASSES-[Gallaudet] HEARING-AID-[put on hearing aid] WASHING-MACHINE ON/[OFF] PANTS PICK-UP SHIRT-[blouse] SHOES SOCKS UNDERWEAR WHICH ZIP CLOTHES Practice Sheet: 8. COLOR? [What color is a doctor’s lab coat?] 7. convert. WHO THIS ROOM HAVE GLASSES? [Who in this room has glasses?] 9.000.ASL University Workbook Lifeprint. WHAT-KIND? [What kind of hearing-aid battery do you use?] 4. CLOTHES DIRTY. COINS] COAT-[jacket] DIRTY-[dirt. BATTERY. YOUR BELT. WHO HAVE HEARING-AID? [Who has a hearing aid?] 10. CLOTHES.A 1. WHO? [Who picks up dirty clothes at your house?] 3. BACKPACK HAVE YOU? [Do you have a backpack?] Lesson 8 Discussion 8 Demonstrated Pronouns Numbers 1.

do you wear pants or do you wear a dress?] 2. YOU WANT GO GALLAUDET FUTURE-(someday)? [Do you want to go to Gallaudet University someday?] Page 20 . SOCKS. PANTS [bodyshift-"or"] CLOTHES(dress) WHICH YOU? [If you go to church. I-HELP-HER. SPELL "PANTS" [Spell the word "pants. pizza or a hamburger?] 9. (Crain your neck.Practice Sheet 8. SCHOOL FINISH. YOUR SOCKS. WHICH YOU FAVORITE-(prefer) PIZZA [bodyshift-"or"] HAMBURGER [Which would you rather have. WASHINGMACHINE I (shift your body to face slightly to the right. COLOR? [What color are your socks?] 7. and try to look innocent. YOUR SHIRT. SUPPOSE YOU GO CHURCH. Take-off-HEARING-AID. look for mom. smile with wide eyes. check both directions while keeping the right hand in an "x" handshape then change your handshape into the "PUT" sign and quickly put the hearing aid into the washer and close the lid. HOW-MANY SHOES YOU HAVE? [How many pairs of shoes do you have?] 6. TIME YOUR MOM PICK-UP YOU? [What time does your mom pick you up after school?] 4. PANTS. YOUR BACKPACK HAVE ZIP? [Does your backpack have a zipper?] 10. UNDERWEAR "throwinto washer. 1. WHAT COLOR? [What color is your shirt?] 5." MOM FIND. YOU THINK CHILDREN SHOULD CHANGE UNDERWEAR DAILY? [Do you think children should change their underwear everyday?] 8.B Story 8 MY MOM WASHING-MACHINE EVERYDAY. MAD! SHE. open lid of washing machine" (face forward again) CLOTHES DIRTY (shift your body slightly to the left-act out putting dirty clothes into the washer). Clasp your hands." MY HEARING AID? I DON'T-LIKE."] 3. SHIRT.

GARBAGE. ambulanceMICROWAVE] REFRIGERATOR SEPARATE-[apart] SHOWER SINK STOVE TABLE-[desk] TOOTHPASTE WINDOW-[open-window. YOUR BATHROOM HAVE TUB AND SHOWER? Does your bathroom have both a tub and a shower? 4. COLOR? What color is your couch? 6. BRIGHT. WHO "throw out-(mime)" Who takes out the garbage in your house? 9. taking a bath or taking a shower? 3. WHICH? Which do you prefer. YOUR COUCH. E-L-E-C-T-RI-C WHICH? Is your clothes dryer gas or electric? 10. COLOR THAT TABLE? What color is that table? Page 21 . SHOWER TOGETHER. TUB. YOUR DRYER. YOU PREFER BATH. close door. SEPARATE. G-A-S.ASL University Workbook Lifeprint. "park")++ HOW-MANY CAN? Do you have a garage? (if so) How many cars will it fit? 7. emergency vehicle.” “THERE” Vocabulary 9 BASEMENT BATHTUB COUCH DOOR-[open. LIGHT-A-MATCH. WHICH? Are your bathtub and your shower combined or are they separate? 5. open door. lights-off. YOUR HOUSE. close-window] Practice Sheet Lesson 9 Discussion 9: Code Switching Contact Sign Language Bilingual-Bicultural approach [NUMERICAL INCORPORATION] Review and Clarify: “SAY. CAR HAVE? HOW-MANY DOORS? Do you have a car? (if so) How many doors? 8.A 1. lights-on. GARAGE HAVE? CL:3-(vehicle. YOU LIVE BASEMENT APT? Do you live in a basement apartment? 2. headlights. SHOWER. closet] DRESSER DRYER-[dry] GARAGE GARBAGE KITCHEN LIGHT-[lamp.

TABLE. HE BEFORE LIVE BASEMENT A-P-T. BATHROOM SMALL. PUT DRESSER. WHAT-KIND TOOTHPASTE YOU? What kind of toothpaste do you use? 7. WINDOW SMALL. BEDROOM MEDIUM. SINK WINDOW-(sign "window" further out and above the sink") WASH-DISH CAN LOOK-(out window) CHILDREN PLAYING WASHDISH. MICROWAVE. HOUSE SMALL. TOOTHPASTE. (Trace the outline of a small window with the tips of your index fingers. NOW HOUSE HIMSELF. COLOR? What color is your sink? 8. YOUR PARENTS SEPARATE? Are your parents separated? Page 22 . YOU BEFORE AMBULANCE YOU? Have you ever been in an ambulance? 5.B 1. not-HAVE SHOWER. YOUR PANTS.Story 9 YESTERDAY me-HELP-him BROTHER MOVE. TV. BATH-T-UB ONLY.) Practice Sheet 9. LIVE-ROOM HAVE COUCH. "HANG-UP-(mime or "x" hand on left index finger)" WHICH? Do you keep your pants in a dresser or do you hang them up? 9. WHAT-KIND YOU? What kind of toothpaste do you use? 2. WHY DEAF PREFER KITCHEN? Why do deaf people tend to gather in the kitchen? 6. GARAGE ZERO(none). MICROWAVE ALL IN KITCHEN. KNOW TOOTHPASTE BRUSHTEETH. YOU PREFER STOVE. YOUR SINK. REFRIGERATOR WASH-MACHINE. DRY DRY-(dryer). WHICH? Would you rather cook using a stove or a microwave? 3. STOVE. DRESSER HAVE. YOUR BATHROOM HAVE WINDOW? Is there a window in your bathroom? 10. YOUR REFRIGERATOR CL:BB-"side-by-side-double-doors?" Is your refrigerator the kind that has the freezer on the side? 4.

bookstore] BUG CAT-[kitten] COW DOG DOWN-[downstairs. WHERE FROM. that-one] PET READ SAME-[me-same-as-you. What do dogs like to chase? 6. NAME SOMETHING DOG CHASE. SOME CAT LIKE WATER? Do some cats like water? [Note: Some like swim in it. DEPRESSED] FISH GET-[BECOME.A 1.] 10. aware. close book. takeit-easy] TELL TIME-[o'clock] TRUE-[sure. me-too. Lesson 10 Discussion 10: Cardinal Numbers Ordinal Numbers Loan Signs-(define) Lexicalized Fingerspelling: #BUSY #DO #IF #JOB #VEG #WHAT Vocabulary 10 BIRD BOOK-[open book. YOU KNOW TEACHER WIFE/HUSBAND NAME? Do you know the teacher's wife's/husband's-(choose appropriate) name? 8. LOOK-LIKE. familiar. WHAT-KIND BOOK YOU LIKE READ? What type of books do you enjoy reading? 3. evaporate. similar. HOW GET? How and/or where do we get milk? [Answer: the store or a cow] 5. know-that. HAVE PET YOU? (if so) NAME? Do you have a pet? What is its name? 9.ASL University Workbook Lifeprint. CAT LIKE EAT BIRD? Do cats like to eat birds? 2. YOU WANT HORSE YOU? Do you want a horse? Page 23 . real] UP-[upstairs] Practice sheet 10. acquire] HORSE KNOW-[don't know. really. ALSO] SOME TAKE-[take up. adopt. YOU PAST TAKE A-S-L CLASS YOU? Have you ever taken an ASL class? 7. MILK. CALM-DOWN. All like to drink it. FISH LIKE EAT BUG? Do fish like to eat bugs? 4.

WHICH YOU PREFER. COOK CLASS. BUG. BIRD LIKE EAT FISH? Do birds like to eat fish? [Some do-pelicans for example. YOU LOOK-LIKE YOUR DAD? Do you look like your father? 2. YOU THINK COW GOOD PET? Do you think a cow would make a good pet? 10. TELL-(to-me) HOW YOU FEEL. READ O-R TV WATCH-(casual)? Which would you rather do. PETS HAVE 4 ME.] 6. DOG. Practice sheet 10. 9. FISH. BIRD. ONE ANIMAL I DON'T-LIKE. read or watch TV? 3. I WANT HORSE. MY UNCLE HAVE MANY HORSE. Tell me how you feel. HIMSELF V-E-T.B 1. DAD TOLD ME CAN GET HORSE I OLD 18. YOUR BEDROOM UPSTAIRS? Is your bedroom upstairs? 8. TIME YOU GO ASL CLASS? (wh-q) What time to you go to your ASL class? 5. I LIKE TAKE CLASS CLASS LEARN LEARN KNOW ANIMAL. CAT. I LIKE READ ANIMAL BOOK. HORSE LIKE EAT FISH? Do horses like to eat fish? 7. I ADULT WANT SAME-AS-HIM. YOUR FAVORITE BOOK NAME? What is your favorite book? Page 24 . MANY COW. YOU PAST TAKE? Have you ever taken a cooking class? 4.Story 10 I LIKE ANIMAL.

Page 25 . BUT CAN'T? Have you ever wanted to tell a guy/girl how you felt but couldn't? 7.ASL University Workbook Lifeprint. named. YOU BEFORE WANT TELL-tohe/she MAN/WOMAN HOW FEEL. TELL-to-me ABOUT YOUR TEACHER Tell me about your teacher. quote. ANY YOUR FAMILY DEAF? Is anyone in your family deaf? 5. TAKE-UP ASL FOR-FOR ? Why are you taking ASL? 10.A Lesson 11 Discussion 11 Sentence types Telecommunication Devices for the Deaf (TTY) Vocabulary 11 ABOUT-[title. YOU GO CLASS ON TIME ALWAYS? Do you always go to class on time? 3. #BACK HOME YOU? Are you going back home after class? 6. Name a book that you think is wonderful. 2. YOU HAVE DOG AND CAT YOU? Do you have a cat and a dog? 4. locale/area/thereabouts] ALWAYS AND ANY BACK-[#BACK] BUT-[different] CALL-[phone. talk-with] THING Practice Sheet: 11. CAN PHONE YOU? Are you able to use the phone? 8. tty-call] CAN'T FOR-[what for] GREAT-[wonderful] LITTLE-[little-bit] MAKE NEVER NEW OH-I-SEE OR PEOPLE SOMETIMES TALK-[chat-with. approximately. yell. NAME BOOK YOU THINK WONDERFUL. WHY CAN'T YOU UNDERSTAND HE/SHE TEACHER? Why can't you understand the teacher? 9. CLASS FINISH. concerning.

SOMETIMES PEOPLE CALL-TO-ME CHAT. (bodyshift front) READ. ANYTHING. YOU LIKE CHAT-WITH DEAF? Do you like to chat with deaf people? 9. I THINK.B 1. I TYPE. YOU PREFER PIZZA OR HAMBURGER? Would you rather have pizza or a hamburger? 6. FATHER he-SEE-me. CAN'T STOP ME. YOU NEVER EAT CANDY YOU? You never eat candy!? 4. READ. NEW CAR HAVE YOU? Do you have a new car? 5. WHAT-KIND PEOPLE YOU LIKE? What type of people do you like? 10. (bodyshift left)-READ. I NEVER. TYPE. YOU LIKE MEET PEOPLE NEW YOU? Do you like to meet new people? 7.Story 11 I LIKE READ. Practice sheet 11. YOUR BEDROOM DIRTY LITTLEBIT? Is your bedroom a little bit dirty? 2. SOUP. YOU KNOW HOW MAKE? Do you know how to make soup? 3. WATCH TV. YOU SOMETIME FEEL ANXIOUS? (if so) WHEN? Do you feel anxious sometimes? When? 8. ALWAYS READ. LEARN NEW THING YOU LIKE? Do you like to learn new things? Page 26 . MAKE HIM ANGRY. FOR FOR HE MAD? I CAN BOOK AND TTY. (bodyshift left)-READ.

HABIT ANY YOU? (if so) WHAT(huh)? What. EVERY-FRIDAY YOU EAT FISH? Do you eat fish every Friday? 6. HOW-MANY MONTH EQUAL 1 YEAR? How-many months are in a year? Page 27 . ALLMORNING] NIGHT-[ALL-NIGHT. level] EVERYDAY FRIDAY HABIT HOUR MINUTE MONDAY MONTH-[monthly. HOW-MANY MINUTE EQUAL 1 HOUR? How-many minutes are in an hour? 9. if any. TODAY YOU FINISH BRUSH-TEETH YOU? Did you brush your teeth today? 3. YEAR The concept of: "annually" Name Signs Time (non-manual inflections) Incorporation of Time Habitual-time Vocabulary 12 AFTERNOON-[every afternoon] DAY-[ALL-DAY. TODAY] EQUAL-[fair. EVERY-NIGHT. evening] SATURDAY SECOND SUNDAY THURSDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY WEEK-[WEEK-NEXT] WEEKEND YESTERDAY Practice sheet 12. HOW-MANY DAY EQUAL 1 MONTH? How-many days are in a month? 10. YOU SHOWER EVERYDAY? Do you shower everyday? 5.ASL University Workbook Lifeprint. YOU THINK LIFE FAIR ALL PEOPLE? Do you think life is fair for all people? 4. habits do you have? 7. HOW-MANY HOUR EQUAL 1 DAY? How-many hours are in a day? 8.A 1. AFTERNOON WORK YOU? Do you work in the afternoon? 2. rent. MONTH-NEXT] MORNING-[ Lesson 12 Discussion 12 Review: TOMORROW.

WHICH DAY SCHOOL YOU? Which days are you in school? 7. EVERYDAY NOON. HOW-MANY TIME YOU EAT? How-many times did you eat yesterday? 10. Story 12. YOU LIKE MONDAY? Do you like Mondays? 2. everyAFTERNOON SCHOOL FINISH I PLAY FRIEND.B Story 12. WANT ACCOMPANY-me? I'm going to a party Saturday night. 1 WEEK HAVE HOW-MANY DAYS? How many days are in a week? 6. MOVIE. WEDNESDAY. WHICH DAY PEOPLE GO CHURCH? On which day do people go to church? 8. THURSDAY I WASHCLOTHES. FRIEND B-O-B WE-TWO EAT 1/2 HOUR. 1 MINUTE HAVE HOW-MANY S-EC? How many seconds are in a minute? 5. I GO PARTY. SATURDAY NIGHT. 1.a SUNDAY I GO CHURCH. PAST WEEKEND YOU GO MOVIE? Did you go to the movies last weekend? 9.Practice sheet 12. NEXT-WEEK YOU COME SCHOOL? Are you coming to school next week? Page 28 .b EVERY-MORNING MONDAY BLANK(through) FRIDAY TIME-8 I GO SCHOOL. Do you want to go with me? 4. GOOD WHY? Why are Tuesday nights a good time to go to the movies? 3. YESTERDAY. FRIDAY I GO MOVIE. MONDAY I GO AUNT HOUSE. GO TUESDAY NIGHT. Every-NIGHT BED TIME-9:30. TUESDAY I GO FOOD STORE. HOUSE I CLEAN-UP. SATURDAY I WATCH TV.

A 1. HIGH-SCHOOL. YOUR DAD COLLEGE? Did your dad go to college? 4. quiz] WRITE WRONG-[mistake. WANT BECOME INTERPRETER YOU? Do you want to be an interpreter? 6. problem] HARD-OF-HEARING HIGH-SCHOOL INTERPRETER LIST PUT-DOWN RESEARCH RESIDENTIAL-SCHOOL-[deaf school. difficult. perimeter] TEST-[exam. institute. black+board. institution] SQUARE-[sign. YOUR TV CLOSE-CAPTIONED? Is your television close-captioned? 3. DEAF(bodyshift-"or") HEARING YOU? Are you deaf or hearing? 7. WHY DEAF COLLEGE STUDENT NEED PUT-DOWN+AGENT? Why do deaf college students need note-takers? Page 29 . YOU THINK THIS CLASS HARD? Do you think this class is hard? 10. YOU LIKE READ RESEARCH ARTICLE? Do you like to read research articles? 2. WHEN GRADUATE YOU? When did you graduate high school? 9. "Are you attending Gallaudet?") 5. accident] Practice sheet 13. YOU THINK HARD-OF-HEARING SHOULD MARRY DEAF O-R HEARING? Do you think hard-of-hearing people should marry Deaf people or hearing people? Lesson 13 Discussion 13: Topic: Public School Review: PAPER Interpreters Close Captioning Vocabulary 13 ARTICLE-[column] CLOSE-CAPTIONED COLLEGE-[university] EASY-[ALMOST] FALSE FLASH-LIGHTS GRADUATE HARD-[tough.ASL University Workbook Lifeprint. campus. YOU GALLAUDET YOU? Did you go to Gallaudet? (Or.

YOU THINK HE/SHE TEACHER SHOULD WRITE MORE? Do you think the teacher should write on the board more often? 7. HIGH-SCHOOL EASY. PAST TEST THIS CLASS YOU MANY WRONG YOU? How many did you miss on the last test you took in this class? 8. BUT HARD. 1. CLOSE-CAPTIONED VIDEO-TAPE. SQUARE-(white-board). NOW COLLEGE CS-U-N. YOU LIKE WATCH? Do you like to watch close-captioned videotapes? 2. YOU LIKE WRITE? Do you like to write research papers? 4. I LIKE COLLEGE. MUST WATCH-(intense). NOW MUST READ ARTICLE. GRADUATE 1984. YOU LIKE TRUE FALSE TEST? Do you like TRUE/FALSE tests? 3. INTERPRETER LIST. RESEARCH PAPER. YOU THINK THIS CLASS EASY? Do you think this class is easy? 10. DEAF-SCHOOL YOU? Did you attend a residential school for the deaf? Page 30 . WRITE RESEARCH PAPER. INTERPRETER. WHY? TEST HARD. YOU HAVE? Do you have a list of interpreters? 6. TEACHER SQUARE-(white board) WRITE-(on the white board) MUST PUT-DOWN.B Story 13 I DEAF-SCHOOL O-G-D-E-N U-T-A-H. COLLEGE. WHY TEACHER FLASH-LIGHTS? Why does the teacher flash the lights? 5.Practice sheet 13. WHEN GRADUATE YOU? When will you (or did you) graduate from college? 9.

will you get sick? 8. TIME YOU WAKE UP? What time do you wake up during summer vacation? 5. summer or winter? 2. holiday] WAKE-UP WARM WEATHER-[wind.ASL University Workbook Lesson 14 Discussion 14 Regularity Duration Top-down literacy approach Vocabulary 14 AUTUMN COLD-[REFRIGERATOR] COOL FREEZE GO-TO-BED HOT MOON RAIN SICK SNOW SPRING-[grow. COOL. SUMMER VACATION. CL:1-"GO OUT" PLAY+. YOU LIKE MAKE SNOW+MAN? Do you like building snowmen? 9. SUPPOSE RAIN. WHICH YOU LIKE BETTER. bush] SUMMER SUN SUNRISE-[sleep-in] USE-[wear] VACATION-[off work. WINTER HERE SNOW? Does it snow here in the winter? 6. YOU LIKE COLD WEATHER? Do you like cold weather? 3. WIND-(light). WILL SICK YOU? If you play in the rain. WINTER? Which do you like better. breeze] WINTER Practice sheet 14. YOU THINK TONIGHT WILL FREEZE? Do you think it will freeze tonight? 7.A 1. WORK YOU? SICK VACATION HOW-MANY DAY CAN YOU? If you work. YOU LIKE CL:1-"go for a stroll"? Do you like going for a stroll in a cool autumn breeze? 4. AUTUMN. YOU LIKE? Do you like warm cookies and milk? Page 31 . how many days of sickleave do you get? 10. PLANT. SUMMER (bodyshift-or). WARM COOKIE AND MILK.

MY FAVORITE TIME YEAR SUMMER. (position middle)DIFFERENT. I ENJOY WALK WIND. NIGHT MOON. WINTER COLD. FALL COOL. RAIN FINE. SUMMER VACATION I GO-TO-BED MIDNIGHT SLEEPSUNRISE.b I LIKE HOT WEATHER.Story 14. (position slightly right)DIFFERENT. YOUR REFRIGERATOR FULL? Is your refrigerator full? 10. I DON'T-LIKE COLD. YOUR FAVORITE TIME YEAR WHAT? What is your favorite time of year? 8. (position slightly left)DIFFERENT-. YOU LIKE ? Do you like cold pizza? Page 32 . DON'T LIKE SNOW. BUT CAN'T.a I FROM UTAH. Story 14. YOU LIKE SLEEP-IN? Do you like to sleep in? 2. THERE SUMMER HOT. FEEL SICK YOU? Do you feel sick? 9. YOU USE DEODORANT-(mime rubbing deodorant under your arm) YOU? Do you use deodorant? 7. I LIKE LOOK-AT-(for a long time). YESTERDAY TIME YOU WAKE-UP? What time did you wake up yesterday? 3. YOU LIKE HOT WEATHER YOU? Do you like hot weather? 4. COLD PIZZA. Practice sheet 14. SPRING WARM. WAKE-UP TIME-9:00. SUPPOSE SICK. WINTER I WANT SLEEP-SUNRISE. SUMMER VACATION.B 1. MUST SCHOOL. TIME YOU GO-TO-BED? What time do you go to bed during summer vacation? 5. SIT SUN WARM. YOU THINK GOTO-BED HELP WILL? Do you think bed rest is helpful when a person is sick? 6.

what relationship would the new wife be to you? 9. news] PROGRAM SCIENTIST SECRETARY SELF-[think-self. YOUR BOSS NAME? What is your boss's name? 5. YOU KNOW YOUR NEIGHBOR NAME? Do you know your neighbor's name? Page 33 . PAST-(long-ago) YOURSELF LITTLE-GIRL/BOY WANT BECOME FIREMAN YOU? When you were a little girl/boy did you want to be a fireman? 8. themselves. major] NEIGHBOR-[NEXT-TO] PICTURE-[photographer] POLICE-[cop. myself. YOU LIKE COOK? Do you like to cook? Lesson 15 Discussion 15 Review and discuss: TALK-WITH [INTERVIEW] Classifier: 1 Name Signs “SELF” Vocabulary 15 AIDE BABYSITTER BOSS COOK FARM FIREMAN-[firefighter] IN-LAW LIBRARY-[library+er] MAIN-[profession. sheriff. MARRY NEW WOMAN. who-is.A 1. SUPPOSE YOUR DAD DIVORCE. DETECTIVE] PRESIDENT-[superintendent] PRINTER-[newspaper. YOUR FAMILY ANY LIBRARY+AGENT? Is anyone in your family a librarian? 10. your-own] STEPFATHER STEPMOTHER WAITER/WAITRESS-[serve. YOUR TEACHER HAVE AIDE? Does you teacher have an aide? 3. SHE YOUR WHAT? If your dad were divorced and remarried. YOUR GRANDPA FARMER? Is your grandpa a farmer? (or) Was your grandpa a farmer? 7. publish.ASL University Workbook Lifeprint. his-own. YOUR MAJOR WHAT? What are you majoring in? 2. YOU USE BABYSITTER? Do you use a babysitter? 4. himself. yourself. servant] Practice sheet 15.

HOW-MUCH SHOULD T-I-P? How much should you tip a waitress? 6. PICTURE YOUR FAMILY HAVE YOU? Do you have a picture of your family? 2. 1. NEWSPAPER. POLICE he/she-HELP-you BEFORE? Have you ever been helped by a police officer? Page 34 . HOW-MANY BROTHER-IN-LAW YOU HAVE? How-many brothers-in-law do you have? 5.B Story 15 [To be posted later—or write your own and submit it. WHO PRESIDENT U-S? Who is president of the United States? 3. YOU WISH YOURSELF HAVE SECRETARY Do you wish you had your own secretary? 9. YOU LIKE READ? Do you like to read the newspaper? 7. WAITRESS. STEPFATHER. HOW SIGN S-C-I-E-N-T-I-S-T? What is the sign for "scientist?" 10. WHICH COMPUTER PROGRAM YOU USE? Which computer program (or programs) do you use? 8. MEANING ? What is a "stepfather?" 4.Practice sheet 15.

PAST Temporal Adverbs Plurals-(general) Vocabulary 16 1/2-HOUR AFTER APPOINTMENT BEFORE BEST BETTER DO-["do-do"] END FEW-[several] FIRST LAST LATE-[not-yet. SUPPOSE TEACHER NOT COME. LATER] MIDDLE-[center] MIDNIGHT MOST NEXT-[after. YOU HAVE SEVERAL? Do you have several pair of shoes? Lesson 16 Discussion 16: Review: ALWAYS. SUMMER. let's-see] SOON Practice sheet 16. summer.ASL University Workbook Lifeprint. (bodyshift-"or") MAN? Who do you think makes a better teacher. COLOR? What was the color of your first car? 10. WHO LAST CHILD YOUR FAMILY? Who was the last child in your family? Page 35 . YOU HAVE? Do you have a doctor's appointment? 5. WHICH YOU LIKE BEST. SHOES.A 1. PAST WEEKEND DO-DO? What did you do last weekend? 8. or fall? 6. SCHOOL FINISH AFTER-(FROM THEN ON) DO-DO YOU? What did you do after school yesterday? 4. SPRING. CAR. a woman or a man? 7. spring. watch. before. YESTERDAY. CLASS BEFORE WHERE YOU? Where were you before class? 3. from then on] NOT-YET-[late] OFTEN-[frequently] RECENT SEE-[look-at. DOCTOR APPOINTMENT. WHO YOU THINK BETTER TEACHER. WOMAN. YOUR FIRST. FALL? Which do you like best. WAIT 1/2-HOUR WILL YOU? Would you wait a half-hour if the teacher doesn't come? 2.

CLASS YOU NEXT? What class do you have next? 7. PAST SATURDAY YOU GO-TOBED. WHO COOK MOST YOUR FAMILY? Who does most of the cooking in your family? 6. MIDNIGHT BEFORE. YOU SEE-(her)? Your mom was just here.B 1. YOU KNOW WHERE DEAF CENTER? Do you know where the center for the deaf is? 4. WHICH? Did you go to bed before or after midnight last Saturday? 5. YOUR LAST CLASS WHAT? What is your last class today? 2. YOUR MOM RECENTLY HERE. YOU GRADUATE SOON YOU? Will you be graduating soon? 10. LATE CLASS ALWAYS YOU? Are you always late to class? 3. LIBRARY. did you see her? Page 36 .Practice sheet 16. YOU GO OFTEN? Do you go to the library often? 9. TODAY. AFTER. YOU NOT-YET CHANGE HEARING AID BATTERY YOU? Haven't you changed your hearing-aid battery yet? 8.

EAT FINISH. YOU SALT A-LOT? Do you like a lot of salt on your french fries? 7. FRENCH-TOAST. YOUR FRENCH-FRIES. YESTERDAY DINNER EAT WHAT? What did you have for dinner yesterday? 6. or beer? 3. do you put your dishes in the sink? 5. WATER. HOW MAKE? How do you make french toast? 8. GRAPES. WHICH WANT DRINK. YOU EAT OFTEN? Do you often eat grapes? Lesson 17 Discussion 17 : Mainstreaming Vocabulary 17 A-LOT-[much] BANANA BEER BREAKFAST CUP DINNER DISH-[plate] FRENCH-FRIES FRENCH-TOAST GRAPES KETCHUP LUNCH MAYONNAISE MUSTARD PANCAKE PEPPER PICKLE POP-[soda] SALAD SALT SINK SOAP SOUP Story 17 Practice Sheet 17. NOW-MORNING EAT WHAT? What did you have for breakfast? 4. YOUR HAMBURGER LIKE M-A-YO YOU? Do you like mayonnaise on your hamburger? Page 37 . YOU LIKE BANANA? Do you like bananas? 2. POP.A 1. YOUR EGG LIKE KETCHUP YOU? Do you like ketchup on your eggs? 10. milk. pop. DISH. MILK. CUP. water.ASL University Workbook Lifeprint. BEER? Which do you want to drink. PUT SINK YOU? When you are done eating.

YOU LIKE BANANA YOUR CEREAL? Do you like bananas in your cereal? Page 38 . YOUR HOTDOG WANT MUSTARD YOU? Do you want mustard on your hotdog? 2. YOU BEFORE MOVIE EAT PICKLE? Have you ever eaten a pickle at the movies? 5. NAME? What brand of soap do you use? 9. YOUR S-I-N-K HUH COLOR? What color is your sink? 8. YOU THINK SALT BAD FOR YOU? Do you think salt is bad for you? 7. WHAT-KIND SOUP YOU LIKE? What kind of soup do you like? 10.B 1. TOMORROW LUNCH YOU WANT SOUP AND SALAD? Would you like soup and salad for lunch tomorrow? 6.Practice Sheet 17. YOU LIKE PEPPER YOUR SOUP? Do you like pepper in your soup? 4. SOAP YOU USE. TOMORROW BREAKFAST YOU WANT PANCAKE AND HOTDOG(sausage)? Would you like pancakes and sausage for breakfast tomorrow? 3.

YOU ENJOY THIS CLASS? Do you enjoy this class? 9. TIME YOU LEAVE? What time are you leaving to go to the party tonight? 6. examine] SUBWAY TICKET-[give-ticket] TRAIN TRAVEL-[trip] TRUCK Story 18 Practice sheet 18. construction] CL:3-[park-car. YOU BOAT BEFORE? Have you been on a boat before? 3. pick-up] FLY/AIRPLANE GET-ON/IN HELICOPTER LEAVE-[depart] LEAVE-[leave-behind.A 1. YOU THINK FIND NEW ADDRESS EASY? Do you think finding new addresses is easy? 7. row of cars. WISH HAVE (your)-SELF HELICOPTER? Do you wish you had your helicopter? own Page 39 .ASL University Workbook Lifeprint. ride-bike] BOAT BUILD-[building. YOU WANT BUILD (your)-SELF HOUSE? Do you want to build your own house? 4. YOU AIRPLANE BEFORE? Have you ever been on an airplane before? 8. garage] ENJOY-[appreciate] FIND-[discover. TONIGHT GO-TO PARTY. YOU HAVE BICYCLE? Do you have a bike? 2. YOU RIDE-ON BEFORE? Have you ever ridden a horse before? 10. HORSE. abandon] LOST-[lose] MOTORCYCLE PRACTICE-[training] RIDE-ON/IN ROCKET SEARCH-[look for. CAR CL:3/CL:3-("crash") HOWMANY TIME YOU? How many times have you been in a car wreck? Lesson 18 Discussion 18 Manually Coded English Classifier: A Classifier: 3 Vocabulary 18 BICYCLE-[bike. accident.

Practice sheet 18. last-YEAR HOW-MANY TICKET YOU? How many tickets did you get last year? 8. HOW YOU SIGN "R-O-C-K-E-T"? How do you sign "rocket?" 5. WHY YOU PRACTICE SIGN? Why do you practice signing? 3. YOU PREFER CAR (bodyshift-"or") TRUCK. YOU SEARCH-FOR WORK? Are you looking for work? 6.B 1. Do you prefer cars or trucks? Page 40 . YOU HAVE MOTORCYCLE? Do you have a motorcycle? 2. YOU BEFORE LOSE YOUR ASL BOOK? Have you ever lost your ASL book? 10. TRAVEL-(around) TRAIN. YOUR CITY HAVE SUBWAY? Is there a subway in your city? 7. YOU LIKE? Do you like to travel by train? 9. TIME YOU LEAVE THIS CLASS? What time will you leave this class? 4.

com Lesson 19 Discussion 19: Pidgin Signed English? (Contact Signing) Vocabulary 19 AFRAID-[scared] BORED BRAVE CHAT EMBARRASSED FRIENDLY-[pleasant. YOU LIKE CHAT PHONE? Do you like to chat on the phone? 5. You might reply. YOU ENJOY DO-DO WHAT-(huh) ? What do you enjoy doing? 7. "FOR-FOR YOU MAD?" and you are not mad? I recommend that you respond. "(not)-HAVE BOY-FRIEND. amazed] TIRED-[exhausted] Practice sheet 19. Or suppose you don't have a boyfriend. (or girlfriend) and your signing partner asks you if your boyfriend (or girlfriend) gets jealous easy. WHEN YOU FEEL FRUSTRATED? When do you feel frustrated? 9.ASL University Workbook Lifeprint. "NOT MAD ME (while shaking the head negatively). RECENT YOU INSULT ANY-ONE? Have you recently insulted anyone? Note: Suppose your partner asks you. PURPOSE] NERVOUS PROUD SILLY STUCK-UP SURPRISE-[WAKE-UP. cheerful] FRUSTRATED HAPPY INSULT INTERESTING JEALOUS LONELY MAD-[angry] MEAN-[cruel. WHAT AFRAID YOU? What scares you? 2. YOU THINK FIREMEN BRAVE? Do you think firemen are brave? 4. YOU THINK SCHOOL BORING? Do you think school is boring? 3. WHEN YOU FEEL HAPPY? When do you feel happy? Story 19 10. YOU THINK MOST DOG FRIENDLY. MEAN. EMBARRASS EASY YOU? Do you embarrass easily? 6." Page 41 .A 1. WHICH? Do you think most dogs are friendly or are they mean? 8.

Page 42 .

com Practice sheet 19. BEFORE TEST YOU FEEL NERVOUS YOU? Do you get nervous before a test? 5. would you be tired? 10. SUPPOSE WALK 4-HOUR. FOR-FOR-(why) YOU MAD? Why are you mad? 3. PEOPLE DEAF CITY-(community) PROUD THEMSELVES DEAF-("cheek puffed out")? Are members of the Deaf community proud to be Deaf? 6. Name a book that you think is interesting. FUTURE-(will) TIRED YOU? Suppose you walk for four hours. Page 43 . YOU SOMETIMES FEEL LONELY? Do you sometimes feel lonely? 2.B 1. YOU THINK HE/SHE TEACHER SILLY? Do you think the teacher is silly? 7. YOUR BOY/GIRLFRIEND HE/SHE(rt) JEALOUS EASY? Is your boyfriend (or girlfriend) the jealous type? 4. YOU THINK CAT STUCK-UP? Do you think cats are stuck up? 8. NAME BOOK YOU THINK INTERESTING.ASL University Workbook Lifeprint. YOU LIKE SURPRISE TEST? Do you like surprise tests? 9.

courageous. 4. YOUR MOM HAVE BLUE EYES? Does your mom have blue eyes? 6. ordinary] PRETTY-[beautiful. natural. YOU LOOK-LIKE YOUR DAD? Do you look like your dad? 7. YOUR BROTHER HAIR. good looking] REGULAR-[ordinary. short-sleeve] SHORT-HAIR SKINNY STRAIGHT-HAIR STRONG-[WELL. HAIR. YOUR SISTER FAT? Is your sister fat? 8. appearance. YOUR ASL BOOK CL:C-[thick]? Is your ASL book thick? 3. LONG-HAIR. SHORT-HAIR. long hair or short hair? Page 44 . YOU BEFORE BUZZ-CUT? Have you ever had a buzz-cut hairstyle? 2. YOU LIKE FOOL PEOPLE? Do you like to fool people? 9. righteous] SHORT-[short-stature. looks] FAT-[obese] FOOL HAIR-[types] LONG-HAIR NORMAL-[of-course. short-duration. brave. COLOR? What color is your brother's hair? 10. NAME SOMEONE CURLY-HAIR Name someone who has curly hair.Lesson 20 Discussion 20: Incorporation of Size and Shape (also see discussion 43) Classifier: C Classifier: G Classifier: R Vocabulary 20: BUZZ-CUT CL:C-[thick] CURLEY-HAIR CUTE-[sugar] EYES FACE-[LOOK-LIKE. recover] TALL THICK-[CL:C] THIN-[CL:G] UGLY WEAK-[vulnerable] Story 20 Practice sheet 20. WHICH YOU THINK PRETTIER? Which do you think is prettier. WHO YOU THINK CUTE? Who do you think is cute? 5. handsome.A 1.

YOUR GRANDPA SKINNY? Is your grandpa skinny? 4. HOW MANY GIRL THIS CLASS STRAIGHT-HAIR? How many girls in this class have straight hair? Practice sheet 20.ASL University Workbook Lifeprint. or do you eat a normal amount? 2. MOST FARMER STRONG? Are most farmers strong? 7. YOU EAT A-LOT. OLD PEOPLE WEAK? Are old people weak? 5. thick or think crust pizza? 10. HOW TALL YOU? How tall are you? 8. WHICH? Which do you prefer. YOUR DAD EYES BLUE? Does your dad have blue eyes? 9. YOUR DAD SHORT? Is your dad short? 3. THICK-(crust). YOU THINK MY SHOES UGLY? Do you think my shoes are ugly? Page 45 . YOU FAVORITE-(prefer) PIZZA THIN-(crust).B 1. REGULAR. WHICH? Do you eat a lot.

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