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Blank slide Hello to everyone!

First of all, I wanted to tell you that it´s a privilege for me to be here with all of you, sharing a common passion of helping to meet the needs of a suffering world.

As you´ve already noticed, I´m Spanish. And in general, we Spaniards have three very important things in common that always accompany us wherever we go: One: We love to have fun with our friends and have time for some good laughter together. Two: We love good Mediterranean cooking, especially when there´s time to sit and enjoy it. Three: (and most important for you to know) Many of us have to read our presentations in English because we practically don´t know how to speak it. In my defense, you should know that in my personal develop plans with GAiN Spain, it is written that I have started a method to learn English as quickly as possible.

Slide of Family To start, I´d like to introduce myself. My name is Rubén Rivera. I was born in the south of Spain in Seville. I´m thirty-five years old and I have a degree in social work. My wife´s name is Loida and together we have been serving full-time with Agape for thirteen years. We have three daughters: Laura, Noemí and Nerea As you can see and imagine, in my house the women rule. We have recently moved to Barcelona after having lived the last twelve years in the north of Portugal. Later you´ll hear a little more about our ministry in Portugal.

A few months ago we decided to talk with GAiN Germany and share with them that we wanted to start GAiN in Spain. Shortly afterward, we met in Tallin with Klaus and he asked us a direct question: “Why GAiN Spain now? For what?” This great question motivated me to, among other things, decide that today would be a great opportunity to share our hearts with you to better understand our dreams from Spain.

Slide 1-GAiN Mission To respond to the questions of why? and for what? I want to start sharing our recently crafted mission as GAiN Spain: Our mission is to share the love of God in a practical way, meeting the most basic needs of people throughout the world, treating each individual with dignity and respect. Sharing love Meeting needs Offering dignity

But, we actually started to carry out this mission in Spain in 1997. (nineteen ninety seven) I want to briefly share our beginnings of bringing help to the needy.

Slide of the Children´s home

Slide 3-The Dream In November 1997 (nineteen ninety seven), five very young friends decided to draw out on a dry erase board our dream: a center for abandoned children. We drew and decided to ask God to give us a place to do it.

Slide 4-The Miracle Not even six months had passed when we were offered a property in Portugal to use to work with the children. We went to look at it and it was exactly what we had drawn out a few months before. So, we packed our bags and we moved to Portugal and we started to build the Dawn Refuge or “El Refugio del Alba.”

Slide 5-The Stories After a lot of work to prepare the property, the first children began to arrive in the year 2000 (two thousand). Dramatic stories. They were very afraid, sad, confused and now they were coming to live with us.

Slide 6-The Children But it didn´t take long for those tears to turn to laughter (lafter), hope and security.

Poor children, abandoned and abused…and we could see them fighting and overcoming. We could SEE how their lives were being transformed.

Slide 7-The Family So, this is how, little by little, we became a family of 35 (thirty-five) children that had love, education, professional support and their basic needs met.

Slide 8-The Volunteers But we didn´t do it alone. People from all over Spain and around the world came as volunteers to the home, giving their love and their energy to these children.

Slide 9-The Team God caused us to grow and mature and we give Him thanks for that. The years have passed and our dream of helping the needy continues to live on and burn in our hearts.

Slide 10-GAiN Logo Now in Spain, we want to continue with this vision and mission that moves us. For that reason, we want to be a part of GAiN. I would like to share our first small steps in just the last three months.

Slide 11-Business cards Since there was not any other way to start, we have formed a new team of full-time Agape staff that dedicate different amounts of time to their roles within GAiN. Four members of this team worked at the Dawn Refuge for twelve years. We have defined our roles.

Eduardo Souto President

Ruben Rivera Executive Director

Isabel Fernández Social Worker

Jill Patterson International Projects

Marian Bootello Design

Loida Martin Operations

Slide 12-Organization Chart We have clarified where we need to focus and who should develop each area. We are developing the area of operations, which at this point is occupying a lot of time and energy; but we are sure that it will make a difference for the future. In terms of operations, we are working in four departments: Donors, Marketing, Finances and the Office. In the future we will also have the area of Logistics. We are developing a third area of humanitarian aid, divided into local projects within Spain and international projects outside of Spain. Lastly, we are starting to develop a fourth area of mobilization and involvement of volunteers and others in general as we develop the mission.

Slide 13-Office We have rented some office space that we have started to use as a base for: The National Office of GAiN España The Base of all operations The Development of Local Projects The Planning of International Projects A small warehouse space A workplace for volunteers

Now, I would like to tell you about the projects that we have already started within Spain. These projects are very important as an example of how we are committed to the people that live in our cities and how efficient aid programs need to be created in light of their different needs.

Slide 14-Muslim Women Terrassa is a city in the Barcelona area where we have our GAiN office. At this moment, we are running an aid program for 60 women from North African backgrounds that have immigrated to Spain. Their living conditions include social isolation, a lack of education and a lack of

resources to live in dignity. With this program we are giving them not only academic support, but also support to improve their social condition. We are also working in a similar fashion with 30 adolescents in conditions of poverty and those similar to the women, giving them academic and social support. For this program we have the help of 10 volunteers. Slide 15-Humanitarian Aid for the El Puche Neighborhood in Almería Our second project is being developed in the city of Almerí a in the south of Spain. In that province is one of the poorest and most marginalized neighborhoods in all of Europe. It´s called the El Puche neighborhood and hundreds of people from different nationalities live there packed into low quality housing, in many cases without water and without electricity. These people are unemployed and many families and children within this neighborhood are going hungry. We are currently helping 1,500 (one thousand five hundred) families on an ongoing basis with the shipping and distribution of food, winter clothing and baby food. The majority of the families that we have selected have multiple small children that are suffering from this great lack of resources. In our last distribution campaign of this humanitarian aid, with the help of our volunteer teams, 15,000 (fifteen thousand) kilos of food and basic need products were given to these families. For this program we have the help of 15 volunteers.

Slide 16-“Tinc Gana” or I´m Hungry (Photo Jesús) Returning to Barcelona, I wanted to share with you another project that is very encouraging for us at the moment. This man is named Jesús. He is from Barcelona and he lives and sleeps in the street. In Barcelona there is a great number of homeless people and on many occasions they go hungry and without warm clothes. For some time we have had an active care program for these people on the street which mobilizes 50 volunteers. To these homeless who have nothing we offer food, clothes, company and help in such sad situations. Jesús has benefitted from the “Tinc Gana” program because we were able to provide him with the resources for a period of time to pay for a hostel where he sleeps; to provide him with food, clothes, and in his case, as you can see in the photograph, free dental care on the part of the dentists who have resolved the major problems he had in his mouth. Right now we are in an important phase of this project because we have planned, as GAiN Spain, to open a recovery house this year that will be open 24 hours a day: during the day it

will serve as a recovery center and at night it will be able to house 10 homeless people like Jesús. For these 10, we plan to provide continuous housing, food, professional support and unconditional love.

Slide 17-Backpack brochure As a way to mobilize volunteers and people in general within Spain, we have begun a "solidarity backpack” project. As many of you already know, this project aims to help countries in the world where there are children who do not have the possibility of having school materials. In this month of April, we have made an agreement with another organization and we will be distributing information face-to-face to 10,000 people, challenging them to participate with their resources. We thank Gain Germany for sharing this project with us and sending us this project model which has now begun in Spain. Now I would like to tell you where we are involved in projects outside of Spain. Slide 18 –Refuge Portugal—“Refugio del Alba” or Dawn Refuge At the beginning of my presentation you saw what this project is about. The Dawn Refugio is the project that we poured our lives into for so many years and we plan to continue our faithful commitment there. Children without families, homeless, abused and abandoned to whom God has given a home and love over the past 11 years. From Spain we are contributing in the following ways to our project in Portugal: 1. We are part of the leadership team for this project. 2. We have a network in Spain of 150 (one hundred fifty) families who support this project. 3. A network of companies and foundations that have given support in various ways to the project 4. A network of churches involved throughout Spain 5. Hundreds of volunteers 6. We provide professional support: a social worker, a teacher and psychologist all work together in the personal development life plan of each child.

Slide 19 Haiti – Ca-Ira Children´s Village - photo Marcos - photo water purification machine From Spain we would like to join the different phases of this project by providing and serving through… Human Resources: Marcos is a long-term Spanish volunteer who has already begun his work in Haiti Material Resources: Shipment from Spain of material resources in coordination with Gain Germany.

From May 4 (fourth) to May 10 (tenth) two people from the team Gain España team will travel to Haiti with Gain Germany. Our intention is to find ways to enhance our involvement in this project. Now, after talking with Klaus we have begun new dreams for the future… Port of Algeciras in southern Spain In this first year of existence as Gain Spain, we are taking our first steps to research and establish contacts in Algeciras, Spain. Our hope is that somewhere down the road, GAiN could have its own center for reception, warehouses, organization and distribution of humanitarian aid goods in Algeciras because it is such a strategic point on a world-wide level. Our dream is to collaborate with the dreams of GAiN International for Spain to be a strategic place in regard to the construction of this worldwide network of global aid. Gain Spain is starting to become a reality. Please pray for us and ask for God´s help so that we will be Faithful in the follow-up to the vision Strong in the fulfilment of the mission Committed in the search for the best strategies …and, more than anything, please pray that we would love one another as Jesus loves us, without conditions and always helping to meet people´s needs. To finish, I would like to thank Gain Germany, and in particular Klaus and Raphael, because they believed that we could contribute and add our piece of the puzzle from Spain. Together with all of you… We want to help the maximum number of people in great need and do it without any kind of discrimination or conditions Together with all You… We want to help build an international network of humanitarian aid Together with all of you… We want to mobilize and involve the maximum number of people while helping to build this network Thank you! _______________________________________________________