What’s the feeling you get when the unexpected happens, but it’s a good thing?

It’s like coming home after a hard awful day at work to find dinner already cooked for you, or a warm bath made. Or what about waking up in the morning and having a warm cup of coffee brought to you, or even better yet, breakfast in bed? Those things are really nice aren’t they… But what about the ones that aren’t?

“Ow, Fuck!” Emily screamed as she ran along the pavement home. She had just nicked a fence with her knee, it wasn’t that it hurt, but it had torn a huge hole in her dress, right up the leg. As if things weren’t already bad enough. Rain was pouring all around her, and she had to walk home. Her cute little flats with ribbon laced through them felt more like soggy water shoes, made of tissue paper, her stockings were soaked, her dress was positively a mess, and lets not even talk about her hair. And it’s cold outside to make maters worse. Emily never really gets those nice unexpected things. Her life kind of sucks, but that’s sort of typical of any teenagers life, isn’t it? School had let out about 25 minutes ago this fine fall afternoon in the small town of Kirkham, Illinois, located about 35 miles south of Chicago. The day had started beautifully, a wonderful sun rise at around 6:53am, afternoon high of about 70 was expected, partly cloudy with isolated showers. “Isolated showers my fucking ass...” Emily said to herself as she was walking along, soggy and frigidly cold. The pavement was mucky and she still had over a mile yet to get home. And it wasn’t like any one was going to stop and offer her a lift. The town isn’t small enough that everybody knows everybody, and to make maters worse, anybody that DOES know her, probably doesn’t like her… Yes, Emily is the girl with the puffy, frizzy hair, coke bottle glasses that wears all black most of the time, hasn’t got much skill at make up and really isn’t all that fashionable. The really terrible part about all that though is, she really does have a lovely body. Her legs are slender but flow smoothly into her rear which pours like cream into her waist, which rolls into her hips at the tempo of a gentle poem. Her tummy is solid but hardly packed and her breasts are large and firm, shoulders not to boney but slender enough that

if she showed them off sometimes, she’d likely get some attention, with beautiful, almost naturally radiant skin to compliment the entire ensemble. Her neck is slender and builds under her jaw line finely. Her facial structures are exotic and with the right amount of lipstick and eye liner, she would likely argue with some of the super models of near by Chicago for their spot on the run way. There is definitely some hidden European some where in her family line. But Emily doesn’t see any of that sadly. She doesn’t see any of it at all. Her 17 year old mind cannot comprehend the fantastic beauty she has, because it’s buried under so much awful feelings, confusion and teenage angst. Things like, your mother calling you 15 minutes AFTER the bus has left school to tell you that she’s not coming to pick you up and you have to walk. Things like, a thunderstorm popping up out of freaking no where, on this aforementioned walk home. But these are things every one must deal with, so why is Emily so bad off? Well she thinks about other things to, she has a lot on her mind. She was, once upon a time, very tomboyish. She had grown up with more guy friends than girlfriends and rather than play dress up, she’d rather go play in the mud. Well that was ten years ago, now she has things to worry about like dignity and self image. She worries about them all right…Just, not enough to overcome the depression of her life, and do something about it. But all that’s going to change…A lot sooner, and in a very…very unexpected, and surprisingly pleasant way…

============================================================= One thing we can always look forward to, is the next day. Tomorrow is always there, baring any catastrophic happening, it’ll always come and never will cease, some people look forward to it, Some, do not. People like Emily. The sounding of the buzzer in the hallways of Kirkham highschool signaled the beginning of another long and arduous day. Decked out in her plain and artistically dull flats, Emily marches along as the unparalleled unpopular girl. Usually accompanied by at the very best, a skirt which looks more or less like she’d woken up and wrapped a sheet around her waistline and called it a skirt. At worst she’ll wear unfitting jeans that were likely passed to her by her mom and were loose to boot. She’ll sometimes wear a dress, but she only has like one, so that’s unusual. Most times she’ll have a shirt on, that also doesn’t fit, and it’s just a regular, non-form fitting tee-shirt. Ick..

These things, and other things usually always added compliment to her horribly uncomplimentable frizzy hair and lack of make up and style. She’s an awfully pretty girl if you recall, so this kind of get-up sets her up for the worst kind of verbal assaults from the other girls. To make maters worse, she hasn’t had a boyfriend that anybody can readily recognize as such, ever, in the history, of her life at this school, which has been relatively sense first grade. If popularity was a totem pole, she’d really be at the bottom. That’s okay though, She makes straight A’s, that’s got to count for something right?

“Yes, hah, dumb bitch…” Emily privately rejoiced in secrete whisper to herself as she sat in the second row of desks, The English Teacher, Mr. Cuttingham, was handing back tests, she made an A, and the person next to her, made an F, this person next to her is immediately adjacent to something of a oxymoronic opposite to herself, yet still manages to maintain a sense of powerful gravity in Emily’s life, while simultaneously being one of her greatest sources of strife. Yes, it’s quite confusing. Tina Blazer… The most popular girl in school. Everybody would agree she is also the prettiest and most successful, but that’s only because she ‘dresses like a slut’ as Emily would put it. Her measurements are quite impressive though, At around 5’6” she’s got more curves than a corvette and all the right portions in all the right places. Her skin is blemishless and tanned, her tummy is tight and thanks to ‘coming out of the womb as a cheerleader’ as Emily would also put it, she’s quite the athlete. She has an astounding reputation for being the biggest slut in school among circles that dislike her preppy, superiority complex. But really she isn’t all that bad, as we will come to find. But what’s all this about gravity and strife for our pour Emily again? Oh yes. I had mentioned that, to put it lightly, Tina’s smoking hot body and her unparalleled popularity, ironically puts her at the top of Emily’s idolization list. Plus she’s had a crush on her sense the 5th grade. Yes, this is it. This the problem in Emily’s life that she’s literally been questioning sense her lovely body began to blossom into womanhood. She is totally and completely, unquestionably lesbian.

This is why she sits close to her in all the classes they have together, which is startlingly, 5. English, Math, Biology, Home Economics and gym. How terribly sad for Emily. But she gave up on actually talking to Tina years ago, further more, beyond that, After Tina Publicly defaced and verbally maimed a gay couple in the hallway last year, publicly outing herself as a hater of all homosexuals and there-in, Emily has taken up hating her idolized Tina. So she picks at the girls shortcomings at every chance she gets. Privately of course. But she doesn’t ever voice these opinions, Emily isn’t that good at voicing her own opinions, In fact, in her speech and debate class last year, she managed to throw up, not only on the podium, but her teacher as well, thanks to the enormous and terrifying stage fright she got the moment she stood in front of the class. Go Emily…sigh ==============================================================

“I’m sorry sweetie, I wont be able to come and pick you up today from school.” “But mom, the busses just left, are you kidding me?! Have you *looked* outside, the freakin clouds look like Hurricane Johny’s little brother…” “I’m sorry hon, a new story just came up and I’ve got to finish this editing before 8 tonight, I wont even be coming home till after that, I was going to call you and ask you if you could cook something for you and your little sister to, but I got so wrapped up in my work, I forgot to do even that.” “Uhg…Grr, Fine.” “I love you hon, I’ll be home as soon as I can. Oh and, Lacey has dance practice today, but I arranged for her to be picked up from school and dropped off at home after its over.” “…I love you to mom..” sigh. Click. And just like that, Rain soaked, torn dress was guaranteed. Not only that, but her nipples were acting on a mind of their own thanks to the cold and her normally flowing and nonform fitting dress was looking more like it had a latex base. Emily, despite the sexiness of her own body, really despises letting any one see it. So the fact that its clinging to her every curve was very mortifying for poor Emily.

And so as she walked along the sidewalk, she lugged her backpack over her shoulder, hoping it was water proof enough not to ruin her home work and books. Slosh soggy squash, icky groady nasty…uhg..Long, soaked walk home, with nothing better to think about than her own horrible situation, and to make maters worse, her left thigh is completely exposed. “god damnit.” Emily proclaimed at the hastle of it all. Things were looking down for her, until….the unexpected happened. Suddenly, out from the ally way she was about to pass, stumbled a partly bruised and very dirty Tina Blazer, Wearing her cute little miniskirt, which was soaked and partly clouded up with alleyway grunge. A baby-tee-shirt that was actually torn down one side from her neckline, exposing a majority of her left breast, though it was still in its bra. The girl looked like she’d been mugged, which to be frank, isn’t far from the truth. Emily just froze and stared, unsure of how to react, in that split second, more developments rumbled forward. Out after Tina came her boyfriend, instantly Emily was filled with a sort of rage she wouldn’t be able to explain herself for, in a million years. “You nasty freak, I can’t believe you had every one fooled, well guess what, I’m gonna tell every body you freak.” Tina’s, obviously ex-, boyfriend announced as he slapped her, which put Tina on the ground in a not-so-friendly way. At that point Emily just snapped. She always did have a thing about Men and how they sometimes abuse women, That’s sorta who her dad was, and she pretty much hates him and every guy for it. And so, a few years of Karate and kick boxing classes come out and Emily quickly Puts this Bulky jock AND his friend, running away with their tails between their legs. Needless to say, they’re gonna be feeling it for a few days, if not a week. After the jackasses are taken care of, She turns around to face Tina, who hasn’t got a clue who this person is, this is painted very vividly on her face. “Are you alright?” Emily speaks first, offering her hand to Tina, who takes it, the two of them stand upright and move about half a block up to an awning overhanging the entrance to some old abandoned ex-furniture store.

“I will be I guess.” Tina announced, still trying to put her finger on who this remarkable girl in front of her is. The confusion is kind of apparent, but not overly so, most of its overshadowed by an astounding sense of shock and slight hopelessness. As if she is aware of her impending doom and has a sort of Deer in headlights feeling about it. “Wasn’t that your boyfriend Tina? I mean, I knew Steve was a jackass, but for fucks sake, why would you date some one like that.” Tina just sighed “Well I really loved him, Heh…” She confessed rather quickly to her heroine. “Guess that’s over, why’d he call you a freak?” “Don’t worry about it...” Tina replied quickly, and rather defensively. “Geez fine…” Emily retorted somewhat offended. “Sorry, I just…I’m…I’m really..” Tina began to cry, as the realization slowly sank in. Within moments Emily found herself not only touching, but almost passionately hugging Tina, Not because Emily wanted to, but because Tina just flat out plowed into her and started crying, mumbling something about it all being over. The moment was incredibly tender and very warm hearted. It was something Emily did not think she’d find herself doing, ever. Here she was, with the girl of her dreams in her arms, looking to her for solace and comfort, and Emily was all to happy to Oblige, But wait, isn’t this the stuck up whore-bitch that you hate so much? How can this be happening. Sigh Well, a few words and another few blocks of walking, and Emily had talked Tina into coming over so she could clean up. Call some one for a ride home, or what ever. The discussion on the way home went something along the lines of Tina explaining that Steve had been her ride home, and when he put the moves on her, she refused, but he pressed the issue and found something about Tina that he apparently didn’t like, Tina’s hands became shaky and tears followed quickly after, so Emily didn’t even dare asking what it was. How ever, by the time they reached Emily’s house, which was actually a small third floor apartment. Along with your basic introductions, Emily had Tina feeling like she was her best friend in the whole world. Tina had professed having not really noticed Emily in their time together in school save one or two times, she only barely recognized her and really the two had never spoken, Not really surprising considering they exist on opposite ends of the popularity spectrum, something Emily remarked on, and Tina

begrudgingly agreed with her on. Tina also promised Emily they would have to hang out more now. It’s remarkable how quickly these things can change. Something very strange was also going on, Emily picked up on it very subtly, but she wasn’t sure. Maybe she was losing her mind? But she could swear on the bible she was occasionally noticing Tina checking her out. Not just that, but her body language was turning from frightened and cold to flirty and warm. Emily’s entire opinion of Tina had changed in little more than 30 minutes. Emily unlocked the door, deposited her shoes in the washer and led Tina to her room. “Uhm, I have some clothes you can wear” Emily told Tina. “If you wanna go take a shower, it’s up the hall there, second door…I’ll uhm, just bring you the clothes, ok?” Tina agreed and as she walked into the bathroom, Emily found her mind wonder to the shape of Tina’s rear, from there she escaped into a few naughty images, all of which were fictional. It occurred to her that she’d never seen Tina even partially naked. They had Gym at the end of the day and as she recalled it, Tina always wore her gym clothes under her normal clothes on days they had Gym, so she never changed. Wow, actually, she’s never even seen Tina go further into the girl’s locker room than the lockers themselves. And then it was only for a few seconds From there, Emily, as she undressed, began to wonder what exactly it was that was so bad about her, what had Steve found? Meh, it’s none of your business Emily. Just be happy you get to talk to her, right? Within a few minutes Emily was wearing a pair of sweat pants and, you guess it, just a plain grey tee-shirt. Her hair was still a bit mucky, but she’d shower after Tina did, without a doubt, she had to take a towel, and such to Tina though. But her mind was still sank into wonderment about what Tina looked like under all that make up and sexy attire that she usually wore. She couldn’t help it when she barged into the bathroom without knocking. What she found was, simply Tina naked in the shower, behind a translucent shower curtain, there was a scream, an ‘oops’ to immediately follow, Tina was hot alright, in fact both girls were similarly beautiful and curvy, just, Tina was better at showing it off than Emily. Point being, Emily didn’t sneak any peeks at anything more than the assumed, save for finding out, Emily’s breasts are in fact, much bigger than Tina’s, Tina didn’t seem to be anything out of the ordinary, but she did turn away rather quickly. So who knows.

“Sorry! Ack!” Emily covered her eyes “I have a towel and some clothes” She exclaimed. Tina giggled after her shocked scream and asked Emily to set them on the counter next to the sink, which she did. Though there was an invisible amount of terror in her face, you couldn’t see it thanks to her having turned away. “wow nice ass.” Emily thought to herself as she was exiting the bathroom with Tina’s torn up dirty clothes, She tossed them into the washer along with the rest of her clothes and started it up. Time passed, about an hour, both girls had time to shower and dry off, as luck would have it, the squal like freak storm managed to knock the phone lines in this section of the city out and Tina’s cell phone is in Steve’s truck, so she’s stranded at least until Emily’s mom can come home. “You know your kind of cute.” Tina proclaimed with a flirty tone to her voice. Emily kind of gasped and let her jaw hang open at what she heard Tina say. She really couldn’t believe it, she looked over at her. The two of them had found their way to the couch in Emily’s small, modest, but comfortable living room, complete with TV, which was on displaying the weather. Tina apparently was bored of that and figured she’d strike up a conversation. “uhm…” And now it was Emily’s turn to feel like a deer in headlights. “Thanks I guess…where did that come from? Are you gay or something?” In private, one on one, Emily usually had no problem speaking her mind, Especially in her own home, but she usually only did it with her younger, annoying sister. Popping off to her was really easy, perhaps if not for that, she wouldn’t have replied so crassly. Emily immediately regretted saying it. “hehe, well, I’m bi I guess. Sorry if I offended you, you just seemed …” Tina replied in her normal, cheery attitude. She did have a really cheery, friendly attitude, most of the time at least, Not to mention flirty. “Oh …” I seemed what? Emily immediately thought.. Emily replied, still sort of gasping internally for air.

“Heh…” Tina got quiet and looked away. “Well I uh…No, you didn’t offend me.” Emily couldn’t believe this conversation was going on. The awkwardness was astounding, but mostly not because she didn’t want for it, but because she didn’t expect it. “Good, cause I could have sworn that’s what the word on you was, and I was afraid I’d gone and done something else to ruin my rep at school more…” Tina said.. “The word?” Emily replied. “Yeah, you know, that you’re gay..” “Oh…Yeah I guess so…and uhm, I think hanging out with me is going to ruin your rep enough, I guess you could always lie and say you didn’t have a choice.” Emily concluded with a sad tone and face. “Nah, I’d never do that, you’re awesome…and I think it’s neat that you’re a lesbian and proud of it like that. I’m totally in the closet.” Emily’s thought process went something like ‘yeah right, I’m really proud, do you *see* any rainbows on me? Nope, didn’t think so…now shut up, uhg…’ But of course, she didn’t say that.. “Thanks…” Awkwardness continued. Between Tina trying to be nice, and Emily just playing along with it, the conversation found several retarded dead ends, with astounding quickness. Thankfully one topic came up they could discuss, and that was Movies, which they settled on the idea of watching one. Though rather quickly, they found themselves in a comfortable mode of discussion. “I really love this movie, Kiera Knightly is sooo hot.” Emily said, as she snatched Pirate of the Caribbean off the shelf, And to be frank, that’s the first time She’s ever verbally said anything of the sort, Despite Tina being in very bad form about assuming rumors about Emily, the rumors were true, and Emily was just as in the closet about it as Tina was. The two instantly formed a connection in those moments “Yeah, she’s super sexy, Johny depp isn’t bad either.”

The sarcasm in her words was apparent and both girls giggled about it. Neither had ever been in a situation currently, so the feelings of awkwardness were beginning to become mutual, while at the same time, they began to smooth out into something…more gentle, something more comforting. About an hour into the movie, and long after the storms outside had taken away all but the final bastions of sun light, Emily found a warmth next to her. What else could it be, but Tina. At first, she didn’t react, Tina had just slowly, and quietly snuck her way into laying against Emily there on the couch, The embrace was warm and sweet, her head nestled gently against Emily’s shoulder with both her hands around Emily’s waist. In reality it was astoundingly adorable, though it made Emily’s shut-in like attitude sound all manor of panic alarms. Still, she some how found the courage to keep from protesting. “mmm your comfy” Tina announced lightly, about ten minutes after sneaking her way into this simple cuddle of a situation. Emily would’ve probably choked on soda if she had been drinking any. “Heh, uh, thanks, you are…soft…and..” She wasn’t sure what to say, the words just kind of came through the jumble of thoughts “good…and…I like this..i guess.” Emily was nervous, Tina could tell. It’s somewhat awkward really. Tina’s the one in the closet, but seems to have more backbone than Emily, But really, she’s used to her emotions, Emily frankly isn’t. “Well good, because now we have to cuddle.” Tina explained as she pulled herself into Emily’s lap, draped her hands over Emily’s shoulders and leaned her against the arm of the couch, half laying down. Emily’s head on the pillow of the Arm of the couch with Tina’s head resting lightly against her chest. Both facing the TV. With some reluctance, Emily put her arms around Tina and hugged her close and slowly the cuddle turned to spooning and another 30 minutes of movie managed to get by. The progression was slow, But honestly if it had moved at anything but a snails pace, We might had a re-run of the speech class incident. Pour Emily just isn’t used to these kinds of things. “I really appreciate what you did for me today Emily, I had never paid you the time of day before today, it’s really amazing we’ve gone sense 1st grade, going to the same school all these years and haven’t really spoken at all.” Emily would’ve probably been more content if Tina had just kept her mouth shut, she

really didn’t care about any of that, she was more into the movie. The annoyance was only barely present on her face though, because before she could offer any protest. “and I really like you…A lot…” Tina confessed. And just like that, some inner passionate desire was ignited in Emily she couldn’t explain nor justify, Though later on, she’d probably attribute it to the crush she used to have on Tina, It never truly went away, and all this awkwardness was likely coming from that crush trying to resurface. Emily was in a state of shock, her focus on the movie was completely destroyed and as Tina rolled over to face her, their eyes fell on one another and she simply stared. Tina of course stared back and the silence that fell in after was defining. Really, despite the gun fights and hollering going on, on the TV before them, the only thing either of them could focus on was the here and the right now and each other. If not for the intensity of the moment, there is something ‘else’ Emily might have noticed about Tina in that moment as well. For Tina’s sake how ever, she was just as enthralled and didn’t notice it either. Something to the shape and feeling of a long solid object was smashed against Emily’s thigh through Tina’s shorts, which had been provided to her by the heat of the moment…. “Um…” Emily was blushing, They both were really. Tina hadn’t ever been in this situation before, and now they were in each others arms sharing a moment of intimacy that neither had ever really been exposed to, Of course Tina had over a dozen boyfriends in her life, nothing had ever brought her sense of sensation this high before. Nothing had ever, done…anything quite like this, for her, before. When their lips met, it was like pouring liquid fire over soft sensitive skin. Racing up and down both their bodies goose bumps and shivers danced along the surface of their skin. Emily’s lips were soft, despite her never using chap stick and Tina’s were equally soft, and tasted delightfully like strawberries, Emily’s favorite fruit. Emily felt herself squeezing Tina’s slender and delicately sexy frame in her arms all the tighter, and likewise she felt the hold Tina had on her strengthen further, within seconds the heat resonating from them jumped ten degree’s and their eyes closed, As if they had begun to melt into one another, hands caressed over backs slowly and softly, as gentle sighs escaped here and there. Passion arose into a new and unexplored height. By the time it was over, both girls were feeling weak and hot. Completely excited and bewildered, Emily backed away first, though gently. Her hands relaxed and Tina followed her lead. Emily licked her lips and giggled nervously. “I like strawberries.” Emily managed to say.. “Your blushing..” Tina retorted playfully, though it was a soft kind of play.

Then all hell broke loose “What in the hell is that!?” Emily screamed in alarm as she shot up off the couch and eye balled the lump of firmness stretching across Tina’s thigh under the tight short shorts. Thanks to the tightness of the shorts, theres really no way you could question it for being anything other than what it very plainly is, almost 7 inches in length with every feature accustomed, it was in fact, a rock hard penis stretching under those shorts across her left thigh, thick and throbbing. Tina’s eyes went wide and she screamed. Instantly the moment was ruined and destroyed, Tina curled up, crushing her legs against her chest, arms around her shins, tears instantly exploded and cascaded down her face “what the fuck do you think it is Emily, god damnit, did ya have to freak out so badly, jesus fuck, wait, let me guess, you think I’m a freak to?” Emily stared in awe and bewilderment for a second time today. She’d gotten a good enough look at it, sure enough, Well as good as you could get through a pair of soft cotton, thin fabric short shorts. Tina’s hands tremble violently as tears race down her face, signing her cheeks in sadness and remorse. Emily tilted her head and immediately following the panic came curiosity and tenderness. All the anger Emily had for Tina had been replaced by that passionate feeling, the crush which had just blossomed into so much more came rushing back and Emily sat back down onto the couch next to Tina, gently touching Tina’s shoulder and offered a smile, warm and gentle. Then held her arms out. “Let me hug you.” Emily asked, Tina went into her arms willingly; Apparently the Empathetic bond formed between the girls had been so powerful that it overcame a roadblock such as this. It was an injection of love, very potent, and formed very fast. By that time, the, ah, hard on, had sank back down, passion gone for now, replaced by fear, allowed for it to deflate, once again in Emily’s lap, all seemed normal again. Tina curled up tightly, her hands and arms wrapped tightly around Emily’s lap where she simply cried for several long minutes, Emily happily received the embrace, and out of some freak blowing of emotion and courage, took on the brunt of Tina’s sadness head on, in almost Matyristic function, she provided the shoulder for Tina to cry on. Lovingly so. “It’s a penis, I was born with..uhm..both.” Tina educated in whisper to Emily.

This excited and confused Emily, On one front the idea that you could have both was something she’d never considered, it was met with failure to understand and fathom, but clearly it was possible, or Emily is putting up a very very convincing act. On the other side, it turned Emily on both emotional and physically in the wildest way. But she wouldn’t mention any of that. “That’s pretty cool.. I don’t see what the big deal is.” Emily concluded lightly “I mean, boys have them, sure I guess its irregular for girls to but, clearly it happens…I kinda like it.” Emily continued. Breathing renewed comfort and courage into Tina, Tina leaned back away from Emily’s now tear soaked shoulder and looked into her eyes, her cheeks red with the fury of sadness and eyes bloodshot with pain and fear. “You really think that?” Tina asked, reluctantly. “uhm, I said it didn’t I?” Emily retorted back, part play in her voice, Part ‘duh’ … This provoked another rush of emotion in Tina, which she expressed by crying, thanking and yet again, Kissing Emily. This kiss was shorter, But seemed to express just as much powerful passion as the last had. “You know you’re the first girl I’ve ever kissed.” Tina confessed reluctantly. Meanwhile, Emily was beginning to realize the subtle fact that she was wrong about Tina, theres no way tina could be as big of a slut as she thought, if she’s like this? How could she? At the very least, the boys heart’s she’s smashed in the past would’ve likely spread rumors about it. Then it occurred to her, that maybe that’s why she crushed their hearts? They were getting to close and sex was becoming a possibility. So Tina broke it off, wow that’s really sad Emily though to herself, and yet another empathetic bond was subtly formed. “Yeah…” Emily said Absentmindedly, clearly lost in the depths of thought. This provoked an awkward enough of a moment to launch Emily back into ‘reality’ as it were. “Oh! I mean, you are to…Uhm, I mean, the first girl, I’ve ever kissed, that was my first kiss actually.”

Tina blushed harshly at that idea. “Really? So, You’re a lesbian and you’ve never kissed a girl?” Emily shrugged and nodded “Yah, I’ve never done anything with any body, I mean, I hehe, don’t really even know what I’m doing here, I just kinda go as I feel it. Heh, Uhm…sorry?” Emily admitted with reluctance and apology. “There’s nothing to be sorry about hon, I think it’s beautiful, it makes me feel really good that I was able to be your first, And I mean, how amazing, it was my first to that’s…not something that happens every day…” Tina explained, with a sense of love in her voice. This provoked some emotion out of Emily, and a little tear escaped her eye, it was really of happiness, in truth, this was an amazing moment, that she’d probably never forget. Along with that sense of overwhelming happiness came a powerful sense of courage. “You wanna do it again?” Emily asked boldly. Tina’s reply was simple and passionate, she simply leaned forward and began kissing Emily again, The kiss was deep, Their lips seemed to just connect like soft pillows, Chest to chest, the girls mingled together with heat and desire, their heads tilted slightly, and eyes shut firmly. Emily’s hands were under Tina’s arms, smoothly circling her back in soft rubbing motions, Tina’s arms had slithered over Tina’s neck, hands in her hair, caressing the frizzy mess as if it were her favorite plush toy. Passionate sighs escaped inbetween seconds long breaks as the kiss would break and reform every few seconds. Tina elected to take it a step further and gently, slowly push her tongue through Emily’s lips, Emily was shocked by this as first, but slowly they continued to follow one another’s lead and in seconds, mouths were open and the kisses became even deeper. It was as if both of them had set one another on fire, Emily was feeling things she’d never quite felt in her life. For the first time, Sexual arousal was beginning to fill her and excite her. She had no idea what to with this heat, this unexplainable desire to touch and be touched. But thankfully Tina provided some soft lead for them. Frankly said, the movie had ended long ago, and what begain as an awkwardly silent way to pass time, ended in a passionate and heated make out session. Tina had been the first to slide her hands under Emily’s shirt, But it only took a few seconds for Emily to pull her shirt off completely. Her breasts were firm and soft, unblemished, Tina’s delicate silky fingers caressed and adoringly praised with gentle touches and squeezes the soft pillow like breasts on her new friend’s chest, More experience in this department, Yet never with girls, she was making a remarkably sound lead for them. Emily followed suit, though she didn’t yet go under Tina’s shirt, she did squeeze and touch. Mostly Tina’s rear and hips, her hands strayed from there to gently caress and squeeze Tina’s breasts, through the light sweatshirt, which were about half the size of Emily’s, and only once.

Tina’s butt was firm and athletic, Something about it simply drove Emily wild, Just touching it excited her, squeezing it and petting it made her feel a sort of, driving feeling, once she started it was hard to stop. The passion and sense of Lust had been building exponentially, It was amazing. The storm that raged outside only saw to fuel the moment further, every flash of lightning was like a tiny little charge of excitement passed between the two. Eventually Tina began grinding her hips against Emily’s, Along with that Throbbing hard on, through those shorts. Something about those gestures only drove Emily even crazier. It was insane and brilliant. Beautiful, like a piece of art that simply moves you beyond words or description. Then the front door slung open, wind blustered across the room and papers and anything else light enough to be tossed around by storming winds flew around the room. Emily’s sister came home. Oh….God “SIS IM HO-“ Gasp Little Lacey announced, the girl is 12 and is almost the opposite to her sister, extremely independent, very outspoken, popular in school and has an amazing sense of style. She stopped dead in her tracks when she walked in to the scene before her. Her sister topless with a beautiful girl in her lap, locked in a tongue twisting passionate make out session from heaven. The door was wide open, Emily turned to glance that way, Tina had the foresight to snatch Emily’s shirt for her to cover her chest with, She was used to Her being the one needing to cover her own chest, How ironic. “Close the door, god damn it.” Emily said, her moment ruined for ever, Tina stood up and away from Emily, Feeling embarrassed and lost. Emily had a similar experience as she scrambled to put her shirt on. “Uhm, what…were you guys doing?” Emily’s noisy little sister demanded to know. Before Tina could quickly exert some lame excuse, Emily just came out and said it. “Kissing, Fuck off, and DON’T tell mom.” She said, she walked over to her and narrowed her eyes “If you do, I’ll KILL Jeffery. Now go do your home work, or ELSE.” She balled her hand into a fist. The sound of Jeffery being threatened was enough to make her little sister squeal, she couldn’t bare to lose her pet ferret, little rodent that Emily hated with a passion.

“not Jeffery! Uhg, I don’t care if you guys are kissing or what ever…jeez I wont tell mom, fine, But I’m hungry and mommy said you were gonna cook something” Emily immediately sighed and relaxed her defensive position. Tina stood in the background awkwardly, Though rather, she was actually sitting, Standing at that particular moment would be just embarrassing, at least, for her. At least, More embarrassing and ‘revealing’ than she already was. “fuck I forgot, I’ll make you a grill cheese okay? Go uhm, do your home work or something.” Tina giggled gently. “Mom said I could watch Cartoons when I got home, why do you suddenly want the TV, Gosh, you ALWAYS stay in your room all day long and NOW you want the TV.” Emily rolled her eyes “FINE, Watch cartoons… Tina, can you wait in my room while I cook miss prissy bitch here a Freakin Grill cheese” Tina giggled and nodded “Sure.” She said as she meticulously stood up and with her hands, pressed to her lap, she moved quickly out of sight. That provoked a careless giggle from Emily as she passed by. Thinking to herself how cute that was…She made her way to the kitchen. Over the next 20 minutes it occurred to her why she didn’t want Tina in her room in the first place, it was messy and there was evidence of her lust for women all over it. She had subtly decorated her room with pop-culture female icons, such as Britney spears and Angelina Jolie, Carefully disguising them to her *very* Christian mother, as icons of hero’s *rather* than sex objects, but that’s a discussion for a later time, Emily simply wrinkled her nose and sighed. With the grill cheese dinner cooked and served, Emily hastily escaped back to her room, the excitement on her face was apparent as she walked into the room, but it was immediately destroyed when she found Tina reading her diary. “oh…” Emily said in shock and horror…Honestly there was a lot written in there, Tina found herself in the main stage of her internal discussion more than Emily would’ve ever admitted. “wow, I guess you really hated me, didn’t you.” Tina whispered, She looked some what heart broken, but at the same time, based on what she was reading, she knew better. Emily simply sighed and slumped a bit

“yeah I used to, I mean, I guess I just let my feelings for you turn negative, sense I’d… like I knew I’d never be with you.” Tina giggled a little bit. Emily perked at the giggle “What’s so funny” Emily asked. “well I mean, I read a lot, and I’m sorry for invading your privacy, but it was open on your bed when I came in, and when I started reading I couldn’t stop. It’s just, I understand…I am a real bitch sometimes, I admit that. And I’m sorry you had to feel the brunt end of it like this, If I had known how much you liked me, I probably would’ve talked to you at least, but I never knew, besides, you seem to have me know” Tina winked Emily sighed. “I do remember now, clearly, that you were the first girl I was ever really attracted to though, I remember feeling super jealous of how hot you are in the girls locker room the few times I ever went in there, seeing you naked in the showers, I’m such a peeping tom, but really sometimes that’s the only reason I went in, was so I could peek at you, I can’t believe I never connected your face to the rest of you, I guess I’m vain like that.” Emily laughed “Yeah you can be pretty vain sometimes, you pervert…I guess it helps that when I do wear clothes they don’t really show what I look like though, so how could you.” Emily walked in and slouched on the bed next to Tina. Tina sighed “Why do you do that any ways? I peeked at your closet, you have such a beautiful body Emily, you could really dazzle and amaze people.” “I don’t wanna dazzle and amazing people Tina…I don’t care, this place isn’t very friendly to gay people and every gay person at school lesbian, or gay I mean, who is out, gets picked on and made fun of, I’m not interested in boys so I don’t want them to be interested in me.” Emily opened up just like that, it was a heart felt confession that she’d kept bottled up inside herself for years and years and years. Tina bit her lip nervously. “Well I’m interested in you…” she whispered, and looked over at her.

Emily met her gaze and then leaned over and kissed her softly. “I’m interested in you to…” Emily said back softly. And then their hands just sort of, Like magnets, moved to one another, fingers interlocking they squeezed softly and Emily sighed in a subtle sort of passion. “I can’t believe how alive I feel. It’s like I just met you today, but I’ve known you my whole life without even knowing it. It’s silly to say it, but I really want to be with you Emily, I think we should go to school tomorrow and be totally Lesbian and proud of it….I’ve never felt so passionately, and right about anything.” While intensely flattered and excited by those words, Emily was still potently reluctant and terrified. “Are you crazy, they’ll crucify us, screw that.” Emily retorted bluntly and almost heartlessly. Tina looked away and trembled lightly, as if she’d just been slapped in the face. But before she could reply, Emily continued quickly… “I mean, I think it would be great, if we were together, I feel it to.” She gently touched her own chest, then Tina’s, Right near their hearts “It feels so powerful, Like love, but, I don’t know. I just don’t think we should advertise it. It’s not really any of their business” Tina argued “But your so amazing, I want every one to know how amazing you are. I have so many friends, that actually Know what I am and accept me, people that are close to me. Sure I’m sure Steve will tell every one in the school that I have a penis, but who cares, he’s just the kind of guy to do that, but that’s half of what being popular is about you know, it’s about loving yourself and being comfortable with it. I’ve gone my whole life like this, and yes, there are days when I feel utterly horrible about who I am, days like today, when pieces of shit like Steven take advantage of me, but for the most part, I’m pretty open. And you make me feel like something that was missing in my life is here. And I want to share it.” Tina pressed a hard argument, but it was to intense for Emily, she let go of Tina’s hand and stood up, She licked her lips and bit her tongue nervously, crossing her arms over her chest, she moved to the window, which was being pounded by rain still. “I’m just…not sure..” Emily said, with realistic sense in mind. Tina was moving kind of fast, actually the whole thing was moving amazingly fast. How could she be sure? Who is she to say that kind of thing. Emily looked away from Tina.

Before Emily could continue, Tina snuck up behind her and tugged her close, Pressing her Chest against the Emily’s back, hugging her from behind, kissing her neck. “I know its fast, but it’s how I feel right now…Don’t you believe in love at first sight Emily?” Does she? =========================================================== Time passed yet again, the girls continued to debate the accuracy of their own feelings in so many words, But they simply ended up kissing and holding each other again in Emily’s bed. Eventually the phones came back and Tina called her house, but rather than ask to come home, she asked that she stay with her new friend and spend the night, It was Friday night, so her mother had no problem with it. Both had a light dinner, Tina was introduced as Emily’s new friend from school which made her mother happy, considering Emily has no friends, she’s concerned for Emily’s ‘healthy well being’ … as it were. She’s already seeing a therapist regularly, but Emily doesn’t get anything out of those sessions. Most because she doesn’t put anything in them. She has guarded with amazing and meticulous precision the fact that she is gay from her mother, simply because of nonchalant mentions by her mother on the topic of homosexuality, in short, her mom doesn’t seem very fond of the idea either. Plus she’s rabidly Christian, every Sunday she halls all three of them to the church up the road. It’s a regular practice that drives Emily insane. She hates it. Eventually bed time would come, they stayed up late, just talking, Covering backgrounds, working out finer details, getting to know each other. Honestly both girls felt an intense and powerful attraction for one another, as we have discovered. Simply being in the same room with one another makes them both smile. Occasionally tickles would burst from Tina, and Emily would simply wrestle back. They played and enjoyed each others company immensely. Tina would hole up on the couch for the night, complete with big fluffy blanket, and of course Emily would be in her room. Tina had other idea’s though, She wasn’t going out without a fight, and being the kind of powerful touchy feely person she is, she had to have her Emily with her while she slept. Emily hadn’t thought anything of it and simply went to sleep, In all honesty it was a lot for the girl to process, she isn’t used to being this buddy-buddy with her own emotions, she did lay awake for an hour or two thinking about it, but it took that long for Emily’s mother to go to bed, so Tina laid in the living room, pretending to be asleep, until the final light switched off.

Adorned in simply a pair of undies, which by the way, belonged to Emily, and a long teeshirt, she stood up and ran for Emily’s door. She didn’t bother knocking, she simply came in and crawled into bed with her. Emily didn’t wake up until well after Tina was laying next to her. Tina hadn’t counted on Emily being naked when she got in bed with her, But she realized the truth of it quickly after getting there. Emily grumbled and squeeked a bit. “shh, it’s me Tina.” Tina comforted Emily, when Emily began to freak. Tina giggled Emily Blinked “Uh hi.” She said in groggy fashion. Aw, fuck I’m naked, Emily thought immediately. Really, what had she been thinking? Now Tina is going to get the wrong impression, of COURSE She is going to sneak in here at the first moment she gets, truly the girls had been attached at the hip all afternoon, why would that change when they went to bed? “Hehe, you’re kind of bare, do you always sleep like this” Tina said softly. Meanwhile Tina’s hands began to wonder. First over Emily’s breasts, across her tummy, softly down to her thighs. She was a very erotic person without meaning to be, But to be frank, she’s just excited. Overly so actually. Blushing furiously, Emily responded with a slight studder. “n-no…I mean, uh, yes!..” she explained nervously. The girl was clearly unsure of what was happening. There was a powerful sense of bewilderment overcoming her, followed immediately by Goosebumps. Tina took the liberty of open expression and decided to boldly remove her clothing as well, underwear first, then shirt, she cuddled up nakedly along side Tina and smiled Vividly, while kissing her chin, then lips, softly, and repeatedly. “There, now we’re both naked. So it’s okay.” Emily studdered and stammered through her words “s-so we are.” She managed, completely caught off guard by all this. She was stiff as a board and totally reluctant to do anything. She found trouble in simply breathing, in fact. “Why are you so nervous hon.” Tina asked polightly, But before Emily could respond, she simply scooped at Emily’s head and neck with her arms, curling around them, and began kissing her passionately. It was hot, and very form melting. Within seconds Emily

found herself kissing back, sighing away the rigidity of her nervousness, as Tina’s passion bled into Emily, igniting passion in the nervous girl, passion of her own. They shared passion. Within seconds both of them were writhing and wriggling. Tina atop Emily, Subtle moans escaped here and there as the heat began to pick up. For a long while, they fondled and caressed each other. Emily’s hands moved south, Enjoying their soft caressed of Tina’s delightful rear, This time bare it was, only seemed to excite Emily’s tender sense of lust even more than before. Their breasts smashed together, Tina’s saw fit to sensually roll her finger tips through Emily’s hair and across her sides, in an almost gently tickle like motion, each tiny touch sent electric shock like spasms of pleasure through Emily’s body. All the while, both girls sexual arousal skyrocketed. Tina’s rock hard member smashed against Emily’s thigh and it wasn’t long before attention was directed towards it, Though it took awhile of this passionate kissing before Emily finally broke free, and with giggles in her voice. “Can I see it?” It was hard to play dumb at this point, But it still kind of put Tina on the spot, she giggled nervously and smiled sweetly before she leaned back and sat up. Emily sat up as well, the blanket fell away from Tina’s body, Both of the girls were glistened lightly in sweat and the chill of the air caused their nipples to stiffen gently. Emily reached over and flipped on the light next to her bed, it was a soft gently illumination upon the heavenly shape, that is Tina. Firm, Shapely thighs coupled to hips that were smooth and supple. Nestled above her shaven and beautiful pussy was a rock hard, ridged cock, sticking straight up, cutely out of her pubic area right above her clit, two complete sexual organs. Emily stared with glee, beyond that was an almost six-pack like tummy, also firm and delicious looking, hanging over were her small, yet form fitting breasts, which sat inside the frame of her slender silky arms and shoulders. Tina is exotically beautiful Opposite to her, Emily was not quite spread eagle as Tina is, Though you could still see the fullness of her pussy lips peeking out in between her upper thighs, Legs curled up just slightly, Perfect and also hairless, Emily’s legs devoid of hair or blemish just as Tina’s are. Her abs soft and yet still flowing. Her breasts much larger, and her hips more more expressed than Tina’s. She was just as beautiful in her own right. Both girls had bodies that just seemed to flow up and down like silk. Emily gulped gently, and Tina blushed as she was inspected, she in turn inspected Emily while she was focused. “It’s so amazing” Emily said, not wanting to make to much of a spectacle out of her new ‘girlfriend’. She

reached forward and tugged Tina into her arms, curling her legs around her. Tina in turn curled her legs around Emily and then girls smashed together, Their breasts softly blended and crushed against one another as their tummies met. Tina’s stiff member pressed against Emily’s Pubic area and the girls hugged tightly, emily’s arms around Tina’s waist as Tina’s hands draped over Emily’s shoulders. “I’m glad you like it so much, I think you’re the only person that does.” Tina confessed, with a sort of sadness. “That’s silly, surely your parents know and accept you?” “Yeah I guess. I don’t really wanna talk about it, Okay? I just want to be here, with you.” Emily nodded. “My mom isn’t very open minded either” Emily reached back and snagged the blanket and pulled it up around them both, leaning back against the head board of her bed in Tina’s arms, The girls began to kiss again. The kiss was just as passionate as the last and within a few seconds, Tina was rolling her hips and smashing herself lustfully against Emily, Emily responded with rolling hips of her own. Before long the girls were simply grinding and panting heavily. Sweat poured from them in a rigourous and Intense manor. Emily paused. Tina, lightly gasping in passion, asked.. “what is it.” Emily responded, equally Exasperated. “are we having sex…” “No…” Tina explained back very gently. The pause interrupted the flow, and within seconds the girls began to calm down again. “Do you want to.” Emily asked nervously, but heatedly. “Yes..” Tina replied back to her without hesitance. “I’m a virgin” Emily confessed. “So am I” Tina Responded with reluctance. “Gently. Ok?” Emily begged with love in her voice. “Always.” Tina responded with passion and love as well.

Gently, Emily leaned back and spread her legs, Emily scooted her butt back a little bit and fondled somewhat blindly for Emily’s pussy. Slowly she curled her legs around Emily, Closing the gap between them as she guided her Throbbing hard member toward Emily’s very soaked pussy. Both girls panting with exciting nervousness, first contact was like a bolt of lightning. The head of Tina’s cock pressed against Emily’s pussy lips and gently pushed through, Tina bit her lip and Emily leaned back, turning her head gently to the side as she expected intense amounts of pain to follow shortly. Which they did, Make no mistake as soon as Tina clumsily pushed her cock into Emily, there was a gentle yelp, Tina’s first reaction was to pull it out, but Emily wouldn’t let her, she was curled tightly around her. The position was awkward, but some how comfortable. “Does it hurt” Tina asked empathetically. Her cock throbbing inside Emily. Emily whimpered a soft reply “Yes, but I still love it.” She explained, her throat tight with pain, but her entire body loose with pleasure. It was an exotic experience. Slowly Tina began moving in and out of her, The gestures were small movements, Not really fucking, but just simple rocking. Tina began to pant as the pleasure of it soared through her body like electricity through water. Emily slowly overcame the searing pain and embraced the delicious pleasure of it. Soon Emily’s arms were around Tina’s neck, and Tina was grasping Emily’s shoulders, her arms curled up around Emily’s sides, hands up along her back, Thrusting into her. Tina was moaning, though softly. Neither of them wanted to be caught in this situation. The blanket slowly fell away from Tina’s back, Exposing her glistening back and the crack of her butt as it pushed awkwardly against the bed surface to thrust her thick and throbbing mass into Emily’s delicate and tight, soaked pussy. Both girls panted in intense exasperation, Emily even moaned out on one occasion. But suddenly, Tina stopped, Panting and breathing hard, Emily, bewildered and worried, questioned. “What’s wrong Tina?” “I just came.” Tina said, panting, her eyes closed, the glow was apparent as it surged all over her body, She was locked up for a moment, Her voice was strained, as she gently began to come back down from the intense high. “you came?” Emily wasn’t familiar with the term at all. Though Tina had only been partly honest when she said she’d never been sexual with any one before. She had gone down on far to many guys to be ignorant to the term. “Yes I had an orgasm” Tina explained, still panting, her voice soft, low, Pleasure potent and vividly present in her voice. “How come I didn’t come?” Emily asked, still excited and feeling a sense of very plain and painfully obvious lack of fulfillment.

“You didn’t?” Tina asked, feeling guilty immediately. Emily simply sighed and shook her head “Is it over?” Emily asked, nervous and worried. Tina giggled and laughed “No dear, it’s not over until we agree it is. If you havn’t come yet, then I guess I’ll have to try harder” Tina replied lovingly. “Oh my gosh” Emily whispered. “What is it?” Tina asked with concern “I can feel your penis getting soft inside me” Emily had a look on her face that was akin to bug eyes. It was a startling realization, a very funny feeling. It tickled, but at the same time, felt awkward. Tina gently pulled back and a rush of cum oozed out of her pussy across the bed sheets, Tina was used to that mess, she was very keen on masturbating. She thought nothing of it having seen it dozens of times before. Emily how ever, had never seen any sort of thing like it in her life, she panicked. “Oh my god, what is that stuff” she said looking down in glance, only to see the display. “shh, it’s cum, it’s, uhm” she felt awkward and embarised having to explain it, but frankly, she remember how stupid she felt when the first boy she went down on had explained it to her. He wasn’t very nice about it. This was long before Tina had explored any sort of masturbation techniques of her own of course. “It sorta shoots out of me, when I come.” She said it gently, as gently as she could. “So it filled your, uhm, pussy up, and now its coming out.” The sillyness of the conversation go to both girls, which provoked giggles in them both. “Hehe okay, I guess that’s okay. I’ll just change the sheets later” Emily whispered Tina snatched a portion of the sheets and stuffed it between them, on the little puddle of goo, then moved back over it to sit between Emily’s legs. “Uhm so..” Emily whispered awkwardly. “I could lick your pussy” Tina suggested…

“Lick my…wha? Are you sure?” The idea at first, seemed very nasty and unsettling to her. “yeah I saw it in a porn film one time, that’s how uh…normal lesbian girls have sex.” She whispered. “a porn film? Oh..” it took Emily’s innocent mind a second to pick up on the vocabulary. “okay I guess if you want to.” She said reluctantly. “I’ve never done it before, I Know it seems kinda gross, but it’s really hot, trust me.” Tina explained in hopes of comforting Emily. Emily giggled and then rolled her eyes “I guess, Uhm, what about the cum stuff?” Tina smirked “I’ll lick that stuff up to.” Emily wanted to gag, but she pushed it back, she really had no idea about any of this stuff, this was her first time ever, Tina seemed to be in control, in reality she really is. She seemed to be comfortable with the idea, so practically that meant it was okay, really after literal seconds, Emily became comfortable with what she was suggesting. And so Emily scooted out, and Tina moved away, she piled pillows against the Back board of her bed and laid down, bending her knees and spreading her legs, Tina laid on the bed in front of her, and curled her arms around Emily’s thighs. Emily’s pussy had spared no moments and was still almost painfully wet. The girl was thirsty for sex, even if she wasn’t totally aware of it. She was on fire, and Tina noticed that the moment she got near. The odor was amazing, Intense, Downright intoxicating. Tina closed her eyes and kissed Emily’s bare pussy lips, Licking at them softly. The strokes were short first, mostly intermittent, inbetween soft kissed upon the pussy lips. Emily’s reaction to this was astounding. She shuddered at first, then curled her fingers around clumps of the bedsheet. “Tina” Her voice trembled. “IT feels so good…” she mumbled between soft gasps. Tina could taste herself in the folds of Emily’s pussy, it was the first time she’d ever tasted her own come, and surprisingly the flavor didn’t bother her as much as she had originally feared. She was really getting into it, before long, her mouth was crushed against Emily’s soaked pussy, Fingers had crept gently beyond her lips, and were busy inside the velvety folds of Emily’s pussy, curling and working the inside like a glove. Tina had not ever done anything like this before, but she was going with what she felt was right.

Well it must be right, By this point Emily was writhing in bed, Her body was wreching and Curling in on itself, her muscles were tensing up and her breasts were shaking and shimmying, bouncing on her chest. She pushed her head back against the pillows and had to fight to keep from screaming. Through clenched teeth she Spasmed words like ‘more’, and ‘harder’. Unable to contain her powerful orgasm, her neck tightened and her voice loosed a loud squeal as Tina’s tongue licked and thrashed Emily’s Rock hard clit while her fingers diligent worked the girls tender insides with delicate and precise movements. A flood of juices rushed past her lips into Tina’s Mouth, Tina found herself suprized but not unwelcoming. She licked and sopped her tongue at the juices as readily as she could. When she came up, her lips and cheeks were glistening with Emily’s come. She giggled softly, Emily panted heavily and sighed long wide. The orgasm, the FIRST orgasm of her life, having come hard and powerfully. “That was so amazing” Emily said. Tina leaned down and began kissing Emily. The girls embraced, the unique flavor on Tina’s lips and tongue was intoxicating and arousing to Emily, she licked and sucked at her own juices fevered, and despite the orgasm she just had, she was feeling hot again within moments. Likely for the best, as soon as Tina laid back down on top of her, the hard-on Tina had smashed against Emily’s thigh. “Tina…” Emily whispered lightly “Do you want me to…suck..on your…uhm” Tina had an exact idea of what Emily was asking. Tina simply giggled. “only if you want to love.” She whispered adoringly. In fact, she wouldn’t ever ask Emily to do that, simply because it was always so expected of her to do it to men. “I’m not sure Tina…I’m really curious, and I mean, you just did it..for me, kinda…I feel bad. I’m like…Penis, you know, I’m a lesbian, I shouldn’t want penis in my mouth, But yours is…different” Emily explained gently Tina smiled “it’s okay hon, really….It’s because it’s a GIRLS penis. It doesn’t make you any less gay, you’re still a lesbian, no frets.” She kissed Emily softly on the lips, Emily sight and smiled and the two switched places. Glistening with sweat, the girls still hot, went on for another round. Tina laid back where Emily had been, against the pillows, and spread her legs. Emily Got down on her chest, curling her legs together as she laid before Tina, Her face inches from the throbbing member she looked at it carefully.

it was at that point, she was reminded that Tina also had a pussy, Which she stared at lustfully. More-so than she had expected, The images of watching Tina’s face burry itself between her legs came to mind, and something about it turned her on immensely. “you’ve got it easy you know, all you have to do is lick my woowoo, I’ve got to figure out how I’m gonna do this now.” Emily joked Tina laughed “When I masturbate, I usually just stick a toy in there and then just play with my penis.” Her silky voice illustrated so amazingly the nature of masturbation, as she, in soft gesture, demonstrated. “I’ve never masturbated before.” Emily whispered, as she gently touched Tina’s penis. Softly caressing the thick shaft in her hand, it throbbed against her soft fingertips. “it’s so…hot..” she whispered. Then pushed it back and followed Tina’s example earlier, as she smashed Tina’s cock against her pubic area, she began softly licking and kissing Tina’s pussy. Her vagina was as hot as Emily’s, and just as wet. She curled her fingers at the entrance, between Tina’s pussy lips, and then gently pushed them inside as carefully as she could manage. Tina Moaned very very softly. Soon Tina was squirming, Her cock head was oozing pre-cum and her hips were rolling. Emily Decided to trade off, switching from licking and sucking on Tina’s pussy lips and clit, to her cock. Gracefully she licked around the head of it, Almost as if it were natural, like she’d done it ten times before. She softly sucked it into her mouth, Though not all of it. It all wouldn’t fit. The seven inch long, thick cock wouldn’t fit half into Emily’s inexperienced mouth, though with time, she’ll like be deep throating it. Carefully Emily Sucked on Tina’s cock, sliding it in and out of her mouth, It was the first oral sex, Tina had ever received in her life, and frankly she was enjoying herself. Both hands on her breasts, caressing and squeezing, her whole body wiggled and writhed in pleasure as she softly yelped and spasmed. Emily’s fingers stayed inside Tina’s pussy the whole time, clinging and curling at the clenching velvety insides. Before long Tina was moaning some muffled words into a pillow before her cock explosively loosed a load of thick, hot cum into Emily’s mouth. Emily was shocked and unprepared at first, backing away the majority of the cum had ended up in her mouth, but some on her face, she pulled her fingers out of Tina’s pussy, which had clenched and flooded with juices just like Emily’s had. She sat back and licked at her lips, yapping her mouth open and closed at the strange and bizarre taste in her mouth. Tina, lost in heaven under the power of another mind blowing orgasm, could only weakly giggle as Emily got her first taste of cum. Emily giggled to, Really aware of how silly she

must look, Unaware of the come on her face, she leaned back down and kissed Tina, Tina broke the kiss and licked the cum off Emily’s face. “You had some come on your cheeks” Tina said with a soft giggle. Emily blinked “oh..” she replied dully, Not sure how to respond. Was thanks really appropriate? She wasn’t sure, so she didn’t say anything. Quietly the moments began to wind down as sex left the air and was replaced by adornment and overwhelming affection. The girls didn’t really talk after that, they just laid in each others arms and continued to kiss and caress one another. The blanket was summoned back up over them and before long, they fell asleep in one another’s arms.

In fact, unexpected things do not always have to be bad, and in fact, they can sometimes lead to a happily ever after. The End.

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