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Career Summary Manufacturing Supply Chain professional whose background includes obtaining a M asters of Science Degree in Operations Management

and over Twenty (20) years of positive results and achievements in purchasing and material management. Detaile d experience in MRPII planning, material control, cycle counting and Kan-Ban sys tems with three international corporations. Have led Lean Manufacturing programs that include implementation of Kan-Ban Loops, B2B Systems, dedicated "supermark et" storage areas and "point-of-use" delivery programs. Career Achievements Purchasing and Inventory Manager North Georgia Brick Co., Inc., Cumming, Ga 2004-Present 200 Associates Distributor of Brick and Sundry components for the Commercial and Residential co nstruction market. Management of materials group which includes purchasing, rece iving, inventory, shipping and inventory control. Projects implemented included purchasing department reorganization and level one material control systems that identified material/customer order links for improved accuracy and service. * Developed procedures for purchasing and materials that included Level 1 materi al planning, demand-pull systems and inventory accuracy. * Reduction of inventory dollars of over $2.0M. * Reduction of headcount while improving order process flow, inventory turns and on-time delivery for the last 6 years. * Lead Change Agent responsible for moving from" Just in Case" procurement strat egy to "Just in Time" Lean Inventory strategies. Materials and Logistics Manager Rheem Manufacturing Company, Montgomery, AL. 2003-2004 700 Associates High volume manufacturer of water heaters for the commercial and residential mar kets. Management of materials group which included purchasing, receiving, stockr ooms and shipping. Materials Manager Alliance Compressors, Natchitoches, LA. 2000-2003 800 Associates High volume leading manufacturer of air conditioning scroll compressors for the residential A/C market. Management of material group consisting of 55 associates with 14 direct reports during a time of plant start-up and 24/7 operation. Cre ated the strategic direction of finished goods / component production scheduling , material planning, inventory control, shipping, logistics and customer service . Projects implemented resulted in annual savings of over $1.0M in inventory and 98% - 100% on-time delivery. * Created a progressive materials program involving Kan-Ban, JIT systems that he lped control the flow and accuracy of over $21M in finished goods and raw materi al. This resulted in a 20% decrease in overall inventory during production and s ales growth with the overall inventory reduction during a 3-year period of over $6.0M. * Developed a strategic inventory program controlled by Kan-Ban and dedicated "s upermarket" locations for top customer models which resulted in 100% on-time del ivery within a seasonal sales environment for 24 straight months. * Led a team within materials group to develop a detailed WIP inventory tracking process to identify root causes for inventory swings which resulted in a 30% de crease of on-hand material ($2.5M) over a 2 year period. * Improved on-time delivery and inventory control by establishing an off-site lo gistics map that included storage locations and daily "milk-run" deliveries. Thi s program controlled inventory that surged from $8.0M to $23.0M. * Improved inventory turns 10-15% each year for the past 3 years. Achieved plant

wide inventory turns in the 25-30 range for 2002-2003. * Responsible for the establishment of 5-year Sales and Operations Plan for capa city planning and financial budget plans. * In charge of annual physical inventory which had inventory shrink reduction fr om $1.0M to $50T over a 3 year period. * Created material dashboard that quickly communicated key measurements to all a reas of customer service and material control. This tool created a springboard t o hit or exceed all monthly material targets and helped support ISO9002 certific ation. Materials Manager Kysor/Warren Industries, Conyers, GA. 1996-2000 600 Associates Custom manufacturer of refrigerated display cases for the grocery store industry . Material group consisted of 50 associates, 8 direct reports. Direct supervisio n of the Purchasing, Material Control and Production Scheduling areas along with Corporate Purchasing Council representative. In charge of all Lean Manufacturing activities within the Conyers facility. Sele cted as Lean Champion for two years and studied under John Shook and developed " Value Stream Mapping" in fabrication, assembly and storage area that resulted in : * RIP inventory reduction of 35% ($2.2M), * 40% reduction in storage space. * Reallocation of twenty-five (25) associates. * Created multiple Lean inventory programs including Kan-Ban Cards, visual min-m ax storage locations and electronic replenishment "triggers" to control inventor y. These activities resulted in the elimination of weekly MRP releases and reduc ed inventory by $0.8M in 1 year. * Led supplier selection process which created a reduction of 60% for the top 5 commodities while achieving cost reductions in each category. This program contr ibuted $1.23M in annual cost savings and reduced inventory by 40% ($1.8M). Lithonia Lighting, Conyers,GA. 1984-1996 1,200 Associates Associate Product Manager - Fluorescent Marketing (1995-1996) * Led marketing team responsible for Customer Service, design application suppor t and new product introduction. Manager of Purchasing and Material Control (1991-1994) * Created program to establish dedicated milk-run for local supplier base which reduced freight cost and overall RIP inventory by 40% ($2.2M). * Implemented first Kan-Ban programs at the Conyers plant on high and low dollar commodities. Manager of Inventory Control and Material Handling (1986-1990) Supervisor of Inventory Control (1984-1995) * Managed first effective MRP II system for Conyers Plant 1981 - 1984 Graduate School Atlanta, GA. Zep Manufacturing Company, Atlanta,GA. 1978 - 1981 Sales Representative - Charlotte, NC. Customer Service Representative - Atlanta Regional Office Education B.B.A. Bachelors in Business Administration - Management 1978 * University of Georgia M.S.M. Masters of Science - Operations Management 1984

* Georgia State University Professional Associations * APICS * Member of Conyers / Rockdale Boys & Girls Club Board of Directors