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9G For and against essay

I can write a for and against essay. 1 SPEAKING Work in pairs. Say whether you agree or disagree with each of these statements. Give reasons. 1 Worries about money are a cause of unhappiness. 2 Rich people are not always happy. 3 Love and friendship produce more happiness than money.

3 Read the essay. Identify these elements and underline the phrases used to introduce them. See page 00 exercise 00. Second paragraph: • First ‘argument for’ with supporting statement • Second ‘argument for’ with example • Concluding sentence Third paragraph: • First ‘argument against’ with supporting statement and example • Second ‘argument against’ with supporting statement 4 Read the Learn this! box and the conclusion of the essay. What is the writer’s opinion? Do you agree with him/her? Why / why not?
LEARN THIS! Essay conclusion 1 You can begin the conclusion with: To sum up / In summary, I would say that … 2 You should give your opinion. This could be a balanced view, or you may agree with the statement in the title, or you may disagree with it.

Artwork: If space, an image that illustrates one of the ideas in the sentences, e.g. people on luxury yacht, smiling happy poor children.
2 Read the Matura tip and the introduction to the essay. Which two of the techniques (a–c) does the writer use?
Matura writing tip In the introduction to the essay, you should show that you understand the title of the essay, and what the essay needs to cover. You can do one or more of these things: a make a general statement which relates to the topic and/or gives some background information. b rephrase the statement to show that you understand the main issue c give a brief introduction to both sides of the argument.

> Vocabulary Builder 9.4: Linking words p. 00 5 You are going to write an essay called: The best things in life are free. Brainstorm arguments for and arguments against. Write two lists. 6 Choose the best two or three arguments from each list in exercise 5, and think of supporting statements and/or examples for each. 7 Read the Matura tip again and plan the introduction. 8 Read the Learn this! box again. Decide what your opinion is and plan the conclusion. 9 Write the essay (150–200 words) following this plan. Use the phrases you identified in exercise 3, the phrases in the Vocabulary builder 9.5, and those in exercise 2 on page XX 5 to help you. Paragraph 1 Introduce the topic. Show that you understand the title of the essay, and what the essay needs to cover. Paragraph 2 Points in favour, with supporting statements and/or examples Paragraph 3 Points against, with supporting statements and/or examples Paragraph 4 Conclusion. Sum up your own opinion.

Money can buy happiness. Discuss. In most parts of the developed world, people are richer today than they were fifty years ago. But has money made them happier? This is the question we need to answer. It is hard to deny that money is necessary in today’s world. It is very difficult to be happy if you do not have enough money for things like food and clothing. It is also true that even people who are not very poor, but are not rich either, are often worried about money. For instance, they may be concerned that they can’t afford a holiday. It seems clear then that extra money would remove these worries. On the other hand, money is not the most important thing in most people’s lives. They regard friends and family as more important. For example, if you are feeling miserable about a friendship that has ended, money cannot help you. What is more, if money really could buy happiness, the rich would be the happiest people in the world. Judging by the stories about them in magazines and on TV, they do not seem to be. To sum up, I would say that money can improve the lives of people who do not have enough cash to live comfortably. However, money alone is not enough to bring happiness; you also need love and friendship.

On the minus side. -.introducing a general opinion it has been suggested that it's obvious that it's clear that it could be argued that / it is argued that some people claim/think/believe that it seems that there is no doubt that undoubtedly / indisputably / undeniably / unquestionably .introducing a reason because (of) due to owing to *on account of as Since .introducing a contrasting idea but *whereas while nevertheless nonetheless though although even though despite in spite of yet then again contrary to (that) .advantages and disadvantages the pros and cons the pluses and minuses positive and negative aspects . Another thing.the last argument in a paragraph Finally. All things considered. .the second.introducing a similar idea Likewise. A final point is that . The result is that consequently so *therefore *thus . Last but not least. which is why . *Moreover. *To start with.introducing the conclusion (in the last paragraph) To conclude. Furthermore. / As a consequence.starting the opposing paragraph On the other hand. third etc. . *In the first place. A second point is that Another point is that Also. as well too .introducing an example for example for instance an/another (good) example is such as like . In addition (to this). I . *While that may be true. On balance.introducing a result in order to so that so as to As a result. *Having said that. *Having considered all these arguments.stating personal opinion to my mind I (firmly) believe that I feel that I think that *it is my belief/opinion that it seems to me that in my opinion/view the way I see it as far as I'm concerned personally. However. -. To sum up. Overall.introducing arguments -.introducing an explanation namely in other words that is to put it another way .the first argument in a paragraph First of all. *In sum. argument Secondly. Firstly. What is more. In conclusion.