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TIMOTHY C. WILLIAMS tw9315cc@westpost.

net 614 589 2232 SUMMARY Management consulting background in commercial and public sectors with experienc e in financial services and federal government financial agencies. Experience includes: *Project Management, PMP *Risk and Issue Management *Internal Controls *Organizational Risk Assessment *Change Management *ERP Implementation *Business Strategy and Analysis *System and Software Testing *Sales and Marketing *Customer Service *Team Management *Earned Value Management *Cross Project Coordination *Human Capital Management *Talent Acquisition *Leadership Development *Reporting *Roadmap Development PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE DELOITTE CONSULTING LLP | Cleveland, Ohio 2009 - Present Consultant - Strategy and Operations, Federal Delivered multiple solutions to federal government agency clients by evaluating situations, conducting analysis, formulating strategy and planning transformatio ns with a focus on service organization operations. *Delivered strategy capabilities at agency and business unit levels and focused on the unique issues facing service businesses and infrastructure operations. As sessed client organizations in the areas of process, information technology, and change management and applied an implementation-driven approach to strategy. *Areas of service include PMP-certified project management, organizational risk and change management, operational risk and internal controls assessment and des ign, communication strategies, performance metrics evaluation and reporting. *Trusted advisor to program manager client for program evaluation and performanc e metrics ratings and reporting. Negotiated with agency business groups, on beha lf of client, to measure and assess program performance and report to executive levels of the agency. Responsible for preparing client materials for quarterly, high-profile project executive briefs. *Launched and developed a change management and communications strategy and plan to promote stakeholder awareness of the impacts of the change. Developed strate gic case for change communications material and conducted stakeholder interviews to perform and change readiness assessment and identify key risks to the initia tive. BEARINGPOINT, INCORPORATED | Cleveland, Ohio 2007 - 2009 Management Analyst - Business Analyst, Program Management, Systems Testing Provided business analysis and professional consulting recommendations to financ

ial services clients including commercial banks and hedge funds. * Coordinated project schedules and environments for a 14 million dollar impleme ntation of a global wire transfer system for a major commercial bank. Coordinate d release schedule of multiple IT applications using multiple vendors. Assisted in budget tracking, analysis and forecasting. * Supported roadmap elaboration for the successive phases of a product platform strategy for a major commercial bank. The engagement included identification of initiative dependencies, revision of cost estimates, and a recommendation for a governance structure. * Provided business analysis for a Data Warehouse project to update the infrastr ucture of the small business division of a major commercial bank. Assisted in th e creation of a roadmap and MS PowerPoint slide deck, which included future stat e analysis and recommendations around several business drivers. * Repositioned the electronic channel for a major commercial bank by conducting research to validate several hypotheses made by the client, performed a competit ive assessment of the marketplace, and made recommendations to improve the authe nticated and unauthenticated online banking, mobile banking and alerts, ATMs, an d self-service kiosks. Recommended the implementation of an updated online banki ng website to provide financial planning, alerts, information management, and bu dgeting capabilities * Conducted discovery and review sessions with client to gather system functiona lity requirements of a hedge fund portfolio risk modeling tool to write business use case documentation, business requirement documents, and process and activit y flow diagrams. * Supported a credit risk strategy to revise credit risk reporting and enhance c lient's capability to make management decisions for a major commercial bank. De veloped a prototype of the monthly credit risk reports to executive management o f the bank. PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATIONS Project Management Institute - Project Management Professional (PMP) Certified 2 010 PHILANTHROPY AND COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT Bay Boat Club | Bay Village, Ohio 2009 - Present Trustee (non-profit entity) * Manage club website to inform membership of news updates, rules and regulation s, and helpful links. * Officers and Trustees plan and support various community involvement activitie s Quarter Horse Congress | Columbus, Ohio October - November, 2005 The HorseTV Channel * Operated information booth for satellite sports channel during the 2005 Quarte r Horse Congress at the state fairgrounds * Responsible for marketing and promotion of satellite channel products and serv ices EDUCATION Bachelor of Science in Human Ecology The Ohio State University | Columbus, Ohio Major: Family Resource Management