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B-School Resume Writing Tips 2009
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B-School Resume Tips B-School Resume Tips . : Resume Presentation Overview Importance of B-School Resume General Guidelines Resume Components – – – – – Personal information Education Employment experience Community Service and/or Entrepreneurial Experience Other possible sections Final Check © 2009.

achievement and current status Community Service Brief .MBAchase. B-School Resume Tips .com : Resume Importance of B-School Resume Resume provides B-School committee a quick overview about you! What B-School Committee will remember from your resume: Educational background Professional Experience.involvement. career progression and accomplishments Entrepreneurship Experiences . title and achievements © 2009.involvement.

© 2009. Print your resume with a laser or high quality ink-jet printer. Person with <2 years experience should list Educational details first. Your resume should be easy to read and eye-catching (without bring flashy). Try not to use same action word/phrase over and over. MBAchase. Use action phrases to highlight any action or any achievement. You want to create impact with each bullet in the resume. Person with 2+ years of experience should list Professional Experience first. Read general guideline from the B-School website to ensure that you tweak your generic resume to be in-line with specific B-school : Resume General Guideline Length: It is best to limit B-school resume to one B-School Resume Tips . Font: Avoid fonts smaller than 10 point and larger than 12 point. Paper: Use 8 1/2” x 11” 20 lb paper. Be as concise as possible in stating information in each section of your resume.

com : Resume Resume Components . Consider including your URL address of your home page. Above info can be center or left aligned. address. Phone: (91).Lakhan@mbachase. New B-School Resume Tips . if you have one. Avoid using a nickname to identify yourself.943 078 8118 © 2009.Personal Information Put your name. and email address prominently at the top of your resume. phone numbers. India Pin Code 123456 Email: Ram.MBAchase. Email is a must but phone number is optional in case you do not feel comfortable. MBAchase. Name should be biggest item on the page. Prefer writing cell number rather than home number to ensure that you pick up the phone if somebody trying you reach you from the Admission Committee. A typical Example: Ram Lakhan 1805 Lalkila

0 New Delhi. A typical example: XYZ University B Tech in Electrical Engineering GPA: 8. just put overall GPA.8/10. include information such as university B-School Resume Tips . and so forth.5/10.Education Beginning with the highest level of educational achievement. minors. date of program completion. Always state the grade point scale your school is using.0 Major GPA: 9. MBAchase. grade point average. Do not put list of classes that you took.MBAchase. India May 2005 © 2009. degrees earned. Include your major GPA if it is really good. : Resume Resume Components . major.

India May 2007-August 2009 Achieved a sales target of over USD 10 million by selling solutions in 2008 © 2009.MBAchase. : Resume Resume Components . Be creative with this section of your resume by describing and emphasizing your experiences in the most relevant way possible. Choose style . A typical Example: Company Name Senior Electrical Engineer • Bangalore. include: Name of company. Use action phrases to highlight the duties you have performed along with achievements – You should always try to quantify your outcomes.We recommend reverse chronological order.Professional Experience Include positions you have held which are B-School Resume Tips . For each work experience. Location. These might be both paid and volunteer positions. Dates employed and job title.

(May 2005 . if any in 1-2 sentences.current) © 2009. USA .Community Services Put NGO : Resume Resume Components .com B-School Resume Tips . URL and the extent of your involvement in 1-2 sentences. MBAchase.MBAchase. Mention achievement(s). Mention duration of your engagement. Helped in 10 rehabilitation camps in building 40 houses. A typical Example: COMMUNITY WORK / CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES • Leading ”Organization name or activity’ operations in Santa Clara.NGO working for senior citizens rehabilitation.

otherwise. Mention your involvement. Worked as COO of the company and got 60 partners in India. MBAchase. then it should come under your professional Experience.Entrepreneurial Experience If you have done full time ‘start-up’.MBAchase. A typical Example: Entrepreneurial Experience • Founded XYZ with 2 co-founders for apartment listing in metro cities in India. Raised $1M funding for this venture. Currently 10 people employed in this venture making $200K revenue each year.current) © 2009. achievement and current status of the venture. Mention duration of your engagement. if done part time. (May 2005 . list your entrepreneurial experience in this : Resume Resume Components .com B-School Resume Tips .

Extra courses / vocational training / specialized training A typical Example: Professional Development • • Completed CFA Level 1 and 2 Taken 2 financial courses from XYZ University © 2009.MBAchase.Other possible sections You can also consider adding one or more of following sections as applicable: . MBAchase.Licenses .Publications or patents held or pending .Certifications .com B-School Resume Tips .com : Resume Resume Components .

com : Resume Final Check Does your resume pass the 2 second glance test – Are you consistent in your format? – Do you have too much/not enough white space? – Does it look symmetrical? – Did you spell check? Important! – Are you utilizing action verbs? – Have you proofread? Make sure you do NOT include the following on your resume: – Personal information such as B-School Resume Tips . date of birth. MBAchase. race. marital status. passport related info. religion.MBAchase. gender. etc – References (References should be given if asked) – First person pronouns – Your picture © 2009. age. : Resume Thank You © B-School Resume Tips .