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Converting Kindle Books: a painful process that works for reading Kindle books without a Kindle
Update: This tutorial is largely superseded by the much nicer and easier ‘Kindle For PC’ method: see it here. UPDATE 2: included Preston Lee’s online PID generator. D got a big fat tax refund, so she recently bought one of those new-fangled Amazon Kindle thingies for purchasing and reading books in an electronic form. (She loves it.) I like to read books in an electronic form on my iPhone, but find that it’s pretty hard to come by them legally; there are many different sellers and formats, some of which have certain books but not others. Sometimes they have the book, but not in a format I can do anything with. It’s generally easier just to illegally download them from torrent sites. Amazon has tons and tons of books available for Kindle, and have chosen the standard MobiPocket format as the one their reader uses, meaning it is theoretically trivial to purchase them and convert them to something else. Except that they won’t sell them to you unless you have already purchased a $400ish Kindle on which to read them. Meaning you don’t need to convert them… In any case, now that our household has a Kindle, it frees me up to purchase books from Amazon in Kindle format without actually having a Kindle myself. I then just remove the DRM that Amazon puts in the files (to keep people from converting them, natch), and then convert them to HTML or txt to read in on iPhone. Want to know how to do the same thing? Howto:

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Step 1) Find someone with a Kindle. Step 2) On their Kindle, go to the Settings menu, and type ‘411’ on the keypad. This will bring up a little information dialog with a bunch of things in it, of which you only need the Serial. It is a 16-character string of letters and numbers. Write it down. Step 3) Ask the Kindle’s owner to buy a book for you. Give them some money so you don’t look like a mooch. Once you’ve given them the money, ask them to log in to their Amazon account and navigate to their ‘Kindle Downloads‘ page from your computer. When they complain, mention that you’ve already given them money. The Kindle Downloads page will list all the books they’ve purchased, and yours should be right at the top. Click ‘Download to computer’ and you’ll get a file named ‘Title-of-Book.azw’ Step 4) Download, which is a small suite of Python scripts that some kind soul wrote and then distributed through links that expire all the time and can be kind of a pain to track down. I’ve hosted them from my site so that they won’t expire. This .zip file contains,, and (These scripts require that you install Python on your system, which is something outside the scope of this howto. I’m on linux, but there’s a Python for Windows called “ActiveState Python.” Google will help.)

The author lives in Vancouver, Washington, USA with his girlfriend and a menagerie of cats, rats, fish, birds, guinea pigs and robots. Among other inanities, he strives to use investigative techniques to work young starlet breasts into every aspect of rational discourse — focusing on the discourse, thus making it not perverted. Also, has recently begun a career as “Internet hairstylist.” He can be contacted via email and Jabber IM at ‘’. He likes to be contacted. (All press inquiries, however, ought be directed towards the author’s agent, Alistair Hoel, via email to

After unzipping the archive, open up a terminal window and pass the Kindle’s serial # (which you previously wrote down) to Something like this:


Where all those Xs are replaced with the Kindle serial number. It will return something that looks like this:
Mobipocked PID for Kindle serial# XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is Z1QFCDQ*74

Winner* of Sean Gleeson’s Researcher of the Century Award. *: I’ve technically only earned 5/6ths of the award, but maintain that I deserve the whole thing.

Make note of that last 10-character gibberish. The easiest way to get your PID (or secret code used to unlock the Kindle book) is to use Preston Lee’s online Kindle PID generator. Simply follow the instructions there. Now that you’ve got your PID, we’ll need to remove the DRM from any books purchased for that Kindle. Step 5) Now it’s time to remove the DRM. Do this:
python Title-of-Book.azw Z1QFCDQ*74

Show ta gge d e nt rie s
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where my 10-character gibberish string is replaced with the one you made note of in the last step. This will take about a minute, and when it finishes you’ll see:
Decrypting. Please wait... done

Now you will have a decrypted MobiPocket-formatted ebook that you can read in any MobiPocket reader. If, however, you want to convert it to HTML to read on any device you wish, you’ll want to install MobiPerl. (This, of course, will require you to install Perl. MobiPerl’s website will walk you through that.) 6) With MobiPerl installed, do this:

This will create a directory named ‘unpacked’ that will contain Title-of-Book.html Things that can go wrong: Amazon seems to compress longer books in a slightly different manner than shorter books. If your resulting .mobi file and/or .html file are oddly gibberishy (for example, if the first line starts in the middle of a sentence, and clearly not the beginning of the book), let’s go back to step 5. Step 5b) These ‘huffdic-compressed’ books require a slightly different script to remove the DRM. Do this:
python Title-of-Book.azw Z1QFCDQ*74

Note the ‘2’ in ‘’ in this one and remember to replace my gibberish PID with yours. 6b) The ‘huffdic-compressed’ files also require a different script to convert them to HTML. Do this:
python Title-of-Book.html

This script will output the .html file in the directory from which you are running it. All in all, this is as much of a pain as it looks, but the selection and availability of books on Amazon makes it worthwhile to me. They have far more books than The Pirate Bay does, and I feel better paying for them Good luck. Update: several readers have alerted me that there’s a much newer version of mobiDeDRM available. You can download it here. Defined tags for this entry: amazon, geeky, hacking, howto, iPhone, kindle
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2008-08-02 21:25

James said:
have you figured out how to do Topaz files yet? -James #1 (Reply)

2008-08-08 23:52

zac said:
Step 3) Ask the Kindle’s owner to buy a book for you so uhh, jer, can i give you $20 to buy and convert: for me? #2 (Reply)

2008-08-13 12:49

Brian said:
This is great! I’m sure it could be easily automated so that anyone could do it. As soon as everything got installed, it would just be a matter of creating a gui that keeps track of IDs and runs the python and perl scripts and then the process should be rather painless. #3 (Reply)

2008-08-13 22:23

Ale said:
Excellent article,thank you #4 (Reply)

2008-08-21 00:12

I wrote a one-line shell script to convert all my . but hated the DRM. In my case. I’ve now backed up five novels on my laptop and feel much happier about future purchases. The file when I downloaded to my computer was a . so wanted to convert a book.azw1 extension.azw. Thanks for info. you don’t actually have to go to the "411" screen: the serial number is printed underneath the battery cover on the back of the device. thanks for posting the instructions. #10 (Reply) . #6 (Reply) 2008-09-16 06:09 Diane Gordon said: Yes. So then. what a pain! I’d like to be able to look at the occasional kindle document without having the friend with a Kindle.tpz. It’s actually not painful at all if you’re in my situation: I’m a happy Kindle owner who owns many Kindle books. Nothing worked.2008-08-21 00:12 farouk said: thats brilliant :) #5 (Reply) 2008-09-15 11:42 Ms Deb said: Thank you. I tried copying the one from my Kindle. and then stuck copied from the card to my PC.azws en masse and now I’m protected from the future. Woot! Oh. cuz I don’t have one! I have read that one can change the files to pdfs somewhere. I renamed to just . but it had a . by the way. #7 (Reply) 2009-02-02 13:27 Christopher Armstrong said: This is fantastic. but I want to make sure my DRMed books don’t become unreadable in 5 years when Amazon shuts down the Kindle product line (or whatever). Then. I’m just going to wait to pick up a used Kindle after they’re not so new. Susan #9 (Reply) 2009-03-12 13:49 Elaine said: Thank you! I had been reluctantly sucked into due to the ease of buying and reading books on the Kindle purchased by my husband. :-) #8 (Reply) 2009-03-11 16:46 Susan said: I got as far as the actual conversion and getting invalid file format. I instructed the Kindle to move the books to a card. I have a Kindle. Any other ideas please? Thanks. That was remarkably easy to understand. I am viewing with Calibre on my Ubuntu system to verify that the books were correctly converted.

I read on my Kindle. #13 (Reply) 2009-10-22 04:15 Jchan said: Would you mind sharing your automator script with me? #13.1 (Reply) 2009-04-11 16:57 KC said: Thanks so much for this. and then MobiDeDRM. I have no problem paying for my content. I have this set up on my Mac. #10. and appreciate the how-to.prc books (that’s the same as . It would be much better to modify & combine the scripts into a single script that will first try MobiDeDRM2.1 (Reply) 2009-04-21 06:09 .org said: Sounds like your python isn’t installed correctly? #11.2009-04-23 19:47 Joshua said: This is the EXACT same situation I am in.azw for non-kindle owners). I get an "Access Denied" reply! #11 (Reply) 2009-06-03 12:02 jer@nyquil. I also have it import the script into my ebook management app (Calibre) in it’s non-DRM’d glory. but I really hate having to pay for it more than once. #12 (Reply) 2009-04-20 07:14 Anonymous Coward said: This is a rather long process. All this happens automatically when I download the book. with a folder action defined for .1 (Reply) 2009-03-23 02:46 Robert said: Help! When I try tu run the script. and now I don’t feel as worried about the future of my digital books. but I like having copies on other devices like my phone or my laptop.

(I may not be able to afford it right now. I’m hoping to use the instructions above to bust the DRM before using kindlefix to put back the format. it won’t work without them. I have done due diligence and am still stumped #16 (Reply) 2009-05-07 14:59 Lucas said: Marge. I have a US Kindle and will buy a UK Kindle when it comes … and I cannot see Amazon converting my purchases of unifying the accounts.) I’d been on the fence on the issue before—I figured it was more like a rental service than an actual store. What am I doing wrong? I don’t expect you to teach me the language but I would appreciate a clue. I have downloaded ActivePython and I have downloaded and upzipped your scripts. DRM-free MobiPocket file that I could back up for the indefinite which allows conversion of Mobi books to AZW. I’d be happy to fork over cash to the publishers if I get a nice. I installed it" Z1QFCDQ*74 Be sure to use quotes. So.azw" "C:\books\Title-ofBook. In other words. the utility of all DRM’d media approaches zero. I may actually get a Kindle and start buying books for it if I can strip the DRM and get a nice format out of it.blogspot. All DRM’d media is a dead end.html #14 (Reply) 2009-04-24 07:45 grendelkhan said: Holy crap. paraphrasing Mark Pilgrim: In the long run. I just did this and maybe I can offer this. as long as you reference them when running the script. since. You can have your scripts and books in any folder you want. I have tried the documentation but can’t seem too find the problem. #15 (Reply) 2009-05-04 09:29 Marge said: I am a beginner. I have added the path to the original path with the set path= command. This may be useful for Kindle owners who will want to move their books to non US Kindles in due course. http://igorsk. I have placed the scripts in the Python26 folder and in the LIB folder in that folder but I keep getting a syntax error as though it has not found the path. but if I could.2009-04-21 06:09 Andrew said: It’s worth noting that Igor also released kindlefix. and then went to a command prompt and ran it as such: python "C:\scripts\MobiDeDRM\mobidedrm. .py" "C:\Books\Title-of-Book.

org said: .2 (Reply) 2009-05-05 10:38 mike said: I’m running windows xp and was able to complete the first part of obtaining the kindle PID but when I try to run the mobidedrm part I get an error message saying (No such file or directory: ‘python’).py and XXXXXXX.. Can any body help? #16. Then type as described python kindlepid. After I finally got the path problems straightened out. I have been having the same problem.3 (Reply) 2009-06-14 10:20 Ken G said: Z1QFCDQ*74. It worked!!! #16.1. I copied the 4 python scripts to both the python 26 directory and the lib folder withing the python 26 directory and no matter what I type in the command line. and thanks for this walkthrough. Good luck. Then open windows cmd prompt. Anyone have any clue? #16. I keep getting the same error message: "no such file or directory". I can’t seem to figure out the correct path. get your key and use the mobiderm as described above python mobidedrm.1. Thanks so much for your suggestion regarding the quotation marks. The same thing happens when using mobidedrm2. This can be done from the cmd prompt—but remeber to enter cd to created folder Example in cmd prompt C:\users\tomscomputer\cd #16. good stuff! #16.1 (Reply) 2009-05-08 11:46 Marge said: Ypu are kind and wonderful – in case anyhone asks. got an "access is denied" message.1. Unfortunately. I think.want. Put the kindlepid.azw Title-of-Book. that you were Title-of-Book. I did as you suggested and ….1 (Reply) 2009-06-14 12:33 Ken G said: Lucas. as long as you reference them when running the and the book you want to convert in the same desktop folder. Any suggestions? #17 (Reply) 2009-05-07 15:14 jer@nyquil.2 (Reply) 2009-07-12 16:37 Al said: what I recommend is to create a folder on the desktop. I ran it using mobidederm & mobidedrm2 with the same results.

jer@nyquil. This used to work flawlessly for me.1 (Reply) 2009-05-25 04:07 Campan said: Thank you a lot for this guide! I’ll try to follow it. Since then I can’t get this to work. Just put everything in same directory and ran scripts from command prompt. but when I try to mobidedrm. had that problem until I realized that kindlepid. I got the PID using the first step.2 (Reply) 2009-09-13 08:44 Sameen said: I am getting the same error. Maybe the PID is said: I’m unfamiliar with python on windows. I get: Error: no key found. Do you think something has changed in the drm protection since the new kindle dx? Is the process always the same? #18 (Reply) 2009-05-26 18:08 Arjan said: I have the same problem both in Ubuntu and on Windows. Everything works flawlessly. Now we just need to work on . #19. so enter your serial # with letters in caps.tpz and life will be good. so you might take a look at it… http://nyquil. It was a path But I had to get a new iphone because my other one had a bad display.1 (Reply) 2009-05-16 10:36 mike said: Thanks.html#c3114 #17.1 (Reply) 2009-07-07 14:14 Nobody said: said: What kind of file is the book? Amazon has a few new file formats that the script doesn’t work but it seems like probably a path problem. is CASE SENSITIVE. Any suggestions? Thanks! #19 (Reply) 2009-06-03 11:56 jer@nyquil. Today someone posted a comment on this post about how they got it working on windows. I tried entering my serial number in . Maybe yours is one of those? #19.

And if they are just trying to protect the copyright integrity of their products… dream on. cross-referencing and quotes on my purchased. I finally got the script to produce a .org said: Have you tried it on other . Maybe one day Amazon will heed the requests of would-be loyal customers from the international community. really. but if I want to BUY an Amazon eBook I’m totally out of luck. but they are still making record profits. but when I use the PID generated by kindlepid. Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong? Thanks. Anyway. However. while everything seems to be working within python. If Amazon didn’t use this draconian DRM system they could easily topple any competitor and make them millions upon millions in world-wide sales. I firmly believe that if you make a quality product that people like and want to support. than they will buy it.3 (Reply) 2009-05-27 07:32 Awesome Possum said: Great advice and tips. However. but again I thank you for the article. You can’t. There will always be somebody willing to break it. rent eBooks from the library. i’ve lost the search functionality available on full mobipocket reader.1 (Reply) 2009-11-30 03:18 Ri said: I’m also entering my S/N in all caps. thank you SO much for this article. I hope i can now make research. I’m unable to read the . they’ve been bitching about peer-to-peer sites for years. I’ve been buying mobipocket books for couple of years. Sheesh. expensive books again… .azw files? I’m not really sure what the problem would be… #21. Instead they chose to run a closed-system. #20 (Reply) 2009-06-02 17:30 kat said: After much trial and error and help from your comments. Since then I can’t get this to work. I can buy a Sony Reader and use it here in Canada (buy through their library. It is now 2009 and Kindle service is still only available in America. However.2. and people willing to download it. I’d have no problem buying through them if I could read the book on any device I wanted. Any other ideas? #19. maybe the PID is incorrect" My S/N begins with B002A1. I don’t live in America nor do I know anybody with a Kindle. #21 (Reply) 2009-06-03 12:00 jer@nyquil. Look at the music industry. Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong or what the problem is? file with Mobireader — it says the file is corrupted. I tried entering my serial number in lower case and all caps and neither PID works. download free eBooks. etc). Sad. I’ve gotten a little I get errors saying "Error: no key found.1 (Reply) 2009-06-06 00:29 Peter said: Thanks for excellent and clear how-to other one had a bad file. My ebook reader has limited search functionality and after switching to mac.

I don’t mind paying for the books.purchased. When you write python mobidedrm… did you put that in the command prompt? I put it there and it said "python" is not recognized as an internal or external command.azw files but not with azw1 books. now I can read on my Sony! #26 (Reply) 2009-06-27 17:58 Brad Rice said: . #23. and it worked perfectly. #25 (Reply) 2009-06-26 07:23 Sue said: Wow this is brilliant.prc file too. Anyone got any idea how to remove the stupid drm from the prc file? as far as I know this guide is for azw file. I’ve seen those scripts floating around for a while.1 (Reply) 2009-06-21 04:57 BOB said: Thanks for clear good advice. Any ideas? #24 (Reply) 2009-06-22 17:55 Chris Snyder said: Thanks for the writeup. just named differently. Works great with . expensive books again… Thank you! P #22 (Reply) 2009-06-12 20:03 kid said: since I don’t have a kindle I get the file from my ipod which is in the form . They are the same type of file. but had no idea how to put everything together. I think the author was intentionally vague for some reason. I have just tested with a cheap DRM mobi book.-) Too bad the DRM war seems to have escalated with the azw1 format. but it is annoying when the mobi prc books are a lot cheaper than the epub and adobe de books I can use on my Sony reader. #23 (Reply) 2009-07-10 18:43 Ana said: It will work just the same on a . .prc.

azw1 TEST. Thanks! -Charles #29 (Reply) 2009-07-12 09:39 None said: I’m getting a year when I try to run the scripts after getting my mobi key. saying that it is a ‘software problem’.py: line 3: letters: command not found ./ xxxXXXX*XX MobiDeDrm line 1: import: command not found .py TEST./kindlepid. .py: line 5: `def crc32(s):’ I’m on mac os x. Any thoughts? #27 (Reply) 2009-07-05 21:46 Charles Ng said: I have a quick question for you guys about Kindle DX./kindlepid.exe I get errors. Copyright© 2008 The Dark Reverser Error: invalid file format Anyone now why? #30 (Reply) .Brad Rice said: When I try to run kindlepid.02. Another quickie is that is there a complete list of ‘cheat codes’ of Kindle DX like the alt-411 in Settings? Thanks! #28 (Reply) 2009-07-12 01:04 Charles Ng said: I recently bought a Kindle book for my Kindle line 5: syntax error near unexpected token `(’ . it prompts: Unexpected Error Anyone has any similar problems and solutions to it? I called the tech support and he just asked me to ship that back./kindlepid. Is it possible to open up the built-in web-browsers without turning on the Whispernet? I am not located in the States but would like to use the Web browser to read some HTML files. \Python26\python. I open that up after transferring it thru USB.

py files linked in this post). you can run mobidedrm on the kindle files. Just have to figure out which is which – if you open the files in emacs you can see. #31. you need to get the later version of the PID generator (search google for azw-0. you must hold down the ALT key while typing 411 or 611. so you can just grep BOOKMOBI *mddata to figure out what files are what. at least on the Kindle DX. you still need the mobidedrm. download them to your iphone/itouch on the free kindle reader. Where do i put in 411. Rather than downloading them from amazon. There’s a bunch of files in that MobileSync/Backup/foo directory. To generate the PID. you need to get your PID in a different fashion. use the iphone’s UID. and convert them to HTML/PDF if you’re more interested in reading them on a different reader. but that zipfile only contains the PID generator. That alphanumeric is your iPhone’s UID. you can get them from your iphone backup. but the serial# is apparently printed on the back of the unit. First. or how else do I find the serial number? Thx btw! #31 (Reply) 2009-09-04 14:11 jer@nyquil. said: I’ve not used the kindle (Reply) 2009-09-17 10:06 Chris Patti said: I found out from another site that.2009-07-19 18:05 John Boal said: I have a Kindle DX. You can find this in iTunes when the phone is hooked up. I’m not interested in spending a bunch of money on stuff that I’ll have to repurchase in four years or whatever. #32 (Reply) . For me.2. or by looking in ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup – the folder with the really long alphanumeric name. but each mobi book is in its own mddata file. and the newer kindlepid program will generate your PID correctly.2 (Reply) 2009-07-20 08:33 That Guy said: A few comments: If you use the Kindle Reader for the iPhone. the name’s early in the file field. it’s mainly because I want to make sure i’ll be able to convert these files to a more portable format in the future. Once you’ve gotten that. this will allow you to buy books from the Kindle store. Any way you slice it. and each relevant binary file includes the string BOOKMOBI.

org said: Hey.1 (Reply) 2009-07-23 06:28 derek said: How do you download from Amazon to azw format….. or does one need to use the new one just for iPhone and old one for non-iPhone? Have you run across any books via iPhone that cannot be decrypted? I’ve been hearing from folks that a number of newer Amazon Kindle books are in a different format. I guess. #32.01. the rest were uncompressed. since there’s not exactly any custom hardware built in to the iPhone for decryption. thanks for this info. Future kindles could have some kind of TPM modules built" XXXXXXX*XX MobiDeDrm v0. I have not run into any non-decryptable iPhone-Kindle BOOK-TITLE.1 (Reply) 2009-08-12 04:45 This Other Guy said: Sorry for the long delay. and thus always send it decryptable files? #32. I’ll edit the post to include a link to the new PID generator. and most of those are free (I’ve been waiting too see how the DRM plays out before I go hogwild). I ran the second script and got this: python mobidedrm. I’ve been out of the country.. which only works until someone figures out how they’re encrypting it in the new form. although I only have about ten.2009-07-20 10:10 jer@nyquil.1.2 (Reply) 2009-07-22 18:21 AggieJAG said: I installed ActiveState on Vista and ran the first script. but that would still leave older kindles using the older decrypt routines.1. One suspects that this won’t change for at least the iPhone books. and as long as you’ve actually purchased the book (and therefore know the decrypt key for it). there’s not a lot they can do short of changing their algorithms.azw BOOK-TITLE.. The new PID generator detects which kind of key you’re generating (since the iPhone and Kindle UUIDs are of different length). I suspect that they got lazy with their iPhone app and have it only support the one format. Is the new generator backwards compatible. Copyright© 2008 The Dark Reverser Error: Invalid PID checksum Any clues? Thanks! #33 (Reply) 2009-10-22 15:03 ken said: . One of my books used the HUFFDIC compression.all mine come in as tpz #32. which provided my PID.

I made an easy. GUI.4a which can be found at: http://www. Thank you. Ken http://www.1 (Reply) 2009-09-16 07:57 revx said: People have been very helpful with feedback. The current version is 0.’ I have tried all the suggestions on this thread and was hoping you had another suggestion.) #34. but if you have one that does you can always drop it in instead. Per request I’ll also be releasing a platform independent jar soon. Nothing fancy. batch-capable wrapper for the python scripts.4b.1 (Reply) 2009-09-16 12:33 John Boal said: . but when I enter the command I get a message that says: err no 13 permission denied: ‘name-of-book. but it’s got its uses. Next time I need to convert a Kindle book I’ll give it a go.1 (Reply) 2009-07-30 19:47 revx said: Just thought I’d drop a line to those here’s a version that has most of the major bugs squashed.mediafire.mediafire. The program has come quites a ways and works a lot better now (where as in some circumstances it wouldn’t work at all).ken said: I am at the same (Reply) 2009-09-16 09:39 jer@nyquil.4a.mediafire. (It doesn’t happen much these #34. This PID generator that this uses doesn’t support the iPhone/ This version has an exe wrapper and is pretty windows specific but if anyone wants it for a *nix platform I can put out a platform independent jar. #34 (Reply) 2009-08-29 12:38 revx said: Since I noticed my comment got approved here I thought I’d post an said: Awesome.

the files are all still up and active on mediafire.3.3 (Reply) 2009-09-30 13:01 revx said: revx. So it must be something other than an incorrect serial number?? Can anyone help me with that? Very much appreciated! Thanks!! Dan #34.3 (Reply) 2009-09-20 15:29 Doesn'tMatter said: invalid serial number? DRM functionality won’t work.mediafire.5.John Boal said: 404.2." I’m sure I put my serial number in after I put my Kindles serial number in and hit enter I get a response of "Cannot generated PIN. in both a Windows exe wrapped version and a platform independent jar.3. Thanks a million! #34. I’m putting out a much improved version.2 (Reply) 2009-11-20 08:10 Rusty Shackleford said: This was awesome! Installed Python and ran your little gadget and "presto" all is good with the world. Windows: http://www.3. I did it several times and cross referenced with the the serial number on the kindle itself.2 (Reply) 2009-09-18 10:21 revx said: Odd that you’re getting a deadlink. dead link… #34. After a few weeks of of eBookUtility.5-win.1 (Reply) 2009-11-16 06:16 Dan said: In revx’s eBookUtility0. great job! worked on mac with iphone kindle thanks! #34.2. I’m releasing version Platform Independent: http://www.2.

1 (Reply) 2009-08-01 13:45 Jaia said: Help! I am running Windows Vista.1 (Reply) 2009-09-28 05:16 Dave said: A file to run on linux would be awesome.6) putting the kindlepid. I tested it on my linux and OSX machines.Ok. I found a mobidedrm005 around somewhere. I have typed every combination of command I can think of (with "". this was probably the easiest thing I’ve ever done. in the python folder. Way easier than the other way. in its own folder.2.4.2. Thank you! Question: Let’s say.3. so I would imagine it would work on a Sony reader just B101XXXXXXXXX. worked file on the desktop. but it gives me a "pid checksum error" This is with files from a Kindle1 and a KindleDX.5 to 2. the usual exe wrapped jar for windows and a platform independent jar. in time.2. etc…) And nothing works!! No matter what I try I get a Syntax Error! I haven’t been this frustrated since the first time I tried to use Excel back in 1990’ish. I have tried everything (all versions of Python from 2.5.5 (Reply) 2009-10-06 12:04 revx said: Dave. exact paths c:\python23\kindlepid. Can someone help me????? #35 (Reply) 2009-08-13 20:52 Mike said: Anyone figure out what to do with TPZ files? With mobidedrm and mobidedrm2 I get "invalid file format".4 (Reply) 2009-10-06 12:07 revx said: Once the DRM is stripped off you can pretty much convert it to any format you need to. just installed this along with Python and Revx. I get a Sony reader…would these files that I have released from their DRM prison that I purchased from Azon be readable on the Sony reader now? #34. the latest version was released in two flavors. #34. #34.2. #34. without"". #36 (Reply) 2009-08-25 14:44 Brenda said: . I have used the Python Command Line window and the gui window.

let alone it having a Kindle app :) Now it would indeed be much easier if I just wanted to read it on iPhone.Totally does not work! We need pictures apparently… #37 (Reply) 2009-08-25 22:11 Anon said: As long as you don’t mind paying and you just want to read them on the iPhone.tpz unbreakable so far? #39 (Reply) 2009-10-07 21:01 Janell said: My K books are in . Anyone have instructions on how to open these? Thanks! said: Yes. thanks. But.html?ie=UTF8&docId=1000301301 #38 (Reply) 2009-08-26 17:18 jer@nyquil. Is there any fix for this? Is . and the software hasn’t been able to process it.1 (Reply) 2009-09-03 04:13 Jeremy said: Worked like a that would be easier. #40 (Reply) 2009-09-04 12:56 Alfred said: What do you do on a Mac? #41 (Reply) .1 (Reply) 2009-08-26 16:14 Andrew said: A recent purchase of mine came in .tpz format. if you check the date of posting.tpz #38. I wrote this up practically before there was even an App Store. wouldn’t this be easier: http://www.

but with every book I’ve tried. basically the script looks at the beginning of the serial provided and based off that immediately decides which type of serial was provided. All of my purchases have been since the beginning of Sept. Thanks for any help. it’s merely a matter of adding about 3 . Seeing as this script was a written before the DX was released. #42. Any ideas what went wrong? I would love it if I could get this to work.2 (Reply) 2009-10-02 08:59 Karen said: Everything worked until I went to open the new DRM free files and one said it was corrupt and the other showed 3 I’m getting an "unrecognized serial number" error. I have a DX. #44 (Reply) 2009-10-26 06:53 revx said: A quick google will turn up your answer. using the "2" drm script. but other than that it’s the same. #43 (Reply) 2009-10-10 13:38 dOOBY said: Is there a problem with DX serial numbers and kindlepid.1 (Reply) 2009-09-25 04:01 IndyBart said: I have the same issue. anyone have experience on this error? is there a workaround? Thx all! #42 (Reply) 2009-09-17 10:02 Chris Patti said: Rejoice! :) This just means that your book is DRM said: You’ll need to install python for Mac. #42. it doesn’t recognize the DX serial prefix. but still locked up MobiReader.1 (Reply) 2009-09-10 12:57 John Boal said: i am getting the error "invalid encryption type 0" on a couple of books i purchased that are in azw format. You can simply rename its extension to . and read it with any Mobipocket compatible reader. all the other books seemed to work fine.2009-09-04 14:09 jer@nyquil. and I’m sure the serial number is right.

Has anyone created a script for the . #44.lines of code and it will properly generate PID’s from DX serials. i am a novice and had never heard of python before. Also.1) above and using quotes. not alphas. I have tried every combination of digit 0 and letter O possible with the same result.1 (Reply) 2009-10-27 06:59 Riman said: Thanks for this detailed guide. i get all the way to having a terminal but cannot get anything except sytax errors #46 (Reply) 2009-10-24 04:01 Alan said: After taking more time to go through the threads.1 (Reply) 2009-10-12 15:57 Riptide said: I’m attempting to find a way to convert a protected prc file (purchased at the key to using Windows is in Lucas’ (#16.1 (Reply) . Unfortunately I can’t get past the first step of obtaining a PID. Am I missing something? #47 (Reply) 2009-11-13 15:26 Anonymous said: The command line is kindlepid serialnumber Where the serial number has no spaces. yes. Hope that helps #47. the mobidedrm2.tpz files yet? How about for reading on Stanza or converting from . into something that can be used on my kindle… if someone has some insight that would be nice… riptide at tiomat dot com Thanks! #45 (Reply) 2009-10-23 15:18 Alan said: got python for vista and the mobi scripts.azw to other formats other than .py works for me but not the other. all alphas must be capitalized and 0 are #46. but I always get an unrecognized serial number message. cannot for the life of me figure out how to run them. I have entered the Serial number exactly as it shows on the back of the Kindle and from 411.

try this: #48. Instead. seems to work just fine on OS X for me with no further modification required. but I do have an iphone 3GS. #49 (Reply) 2009-11-04 10:51 Project said: Hi. . I would like to read my Kindle purchases on a desktop ereader which has a feature which the Kindles lack. but search around a bit. you’ll find the option. I don’t own a Kindle.2 (Reply) 2009-10-30 06:20 Ian said: Thanks for this #48 (Reply) 2009-10-29 09:38 Mike said: If your only desire is to read Kindle purchases on your computer. #48.2009-10-29 07:04 Brad said: Jer@Nyquil. I’m neither trying to steal books nor distribute them to anyone else. I’ve just tried the scripts.1 (Reply) 2009-10-30 12:38 revx said: @Brad You can download your ebook purchases to your computer from the Amazon website. thanks to the wonderful windows utility. Thanks for all your work on this issue. You’ll also need to get a different version of the kindle pid script which will generate a PID from your iphone’s information. but my Kindle serial is not recognized. I found the iphone backup folder in Windows but cannot identify the Kindle book among all the files. then you needn’t bother with de-drm anymore. Kindles don’t have AutoScroll. it’s slightly hidden. A search for BOOKMOBI in the folder comes up empty. I’ve noticed that some of the formatting seems to be FUBAR in places with some titles – headings that shouldn’t be headings for example. Can you help me find the Kindle file? Do I then need to convert it or alter it in some fashion before attemptimg to remove the DRM? THANK YOU for your help. I just like using the AutoScroll feature for speed reading.

have generates a PID from it but I’m not having any luck with any of the PRC files it gives me. Public Domain or free Ebooks work fine.1 (Reply) 2009-12-11 14:07 jer@nyquil. Any ideas or help would be apprecuated Rhanks in advance :-) #51. and are DRM’d. :) #51 (Reply) 2009-11-13 06:58 Aaron said: Yes.1. his serial numbers are not (yet) supported). To find the SID. Has anyone found out what the "PID" is for the Kindle PC view the source of https://www. I’m definitely going to watch this site and see what comes up. I wonder how hard it will be to apply this process to the PC. #51. and said: I did figure out how to find the SID for the Kindle Desktop Reader. I can read the Amazon files on the PC (XP).1 (Reply) .com/gp/digital/fiona/manage?ie=UTF8&ref_=kcp_pc_myk and search for ‘sid’.Cloud it be that since it’s a brand new International Kindle. but I found some free Ebooks at Amazon. but not on my PPC (Pocket PC – IPaqq H5100). it’ll look like this: input name=\"sid\" type=\"hidden\" value=\"xxx-xxxxxxx-xxxxxxx\" #51. though. Have Python installed.1. The number start with B003 Thanks in advance for any help #50 (Reply) 2009-11-10 10:10 Tom said: Wow… now that Kindle has released a PC version of the reader. Downloaded Kindle e-books are stored in My Documents\My Kindle Content as loose PRC files. can get PC PID. Without a PID. but this doesn’t work with the scripts.1 (Reply) 2009-12-06 05:24 Ralph said: I am also interested in fixing the Kindle for PC thing. I don’t have a Kindle. I can’t decrypt those files.1. am using a PPC with MobiPocket Reader. Would like to be able to back them up.

got the serial and PID but keep getting an "invalid format" error regardless of which DRM script I run. As you can see the string with numbers and dashes from the website is nothing like that.1. And also wrong. #51. Also. The one that you have linked in the article doesn’t check for the B001. This will then generate the PID for your The SID I got was xxx-xxxxxxx-xxxxxxx but B004 prefix but it also does not generate a valid PID.2009-12-14 08:34 GishDish said: Jer. #51. B002. thanks for the tip: input name=\"sid\" type=\"hidden\" value=\"xxx-xxxxxxx-xxxxxxx\" I was able to get the SID from there but it seems it’s in format that won’t work with will still generate PID but a different XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX where the Xs are the serial number.blogspot. I talk about for the latest available version of kindlepid.1 (Reply) 2009-11-20 14:16 Bradley said: Also very interested in seeing if this will work on Kindle for PC. the original or 2. Any suggestions? #51. I’m tempted to purchase a Kindle to own my files (I just use the iPhone app now) but I’d rather not. B101.1.1. B004.html Some genius has done it. You can try to remove the dashes and your older version of kindlepid.2 (Reply) 2009-11-24 09:59 Jeff said: I’ve tried this on the PC expects string that is 16 characters long and starts with B001.1 (Reply) 2009-12-23 08:33 jer@nyquil.1. #51. B101. #51.1. I wonder if anyone tried to contact skochinsky@mail. as I own an actual said: http://i-u2665-cabbages.3 (Reply) 2009-11-24 10:26 Jeff said: The PID is generated for the Kindle by running the first script the the serial number found via the 411 command or it’s found on the back: python kindlepid.4 (Reply) 2009-11-15 17:13 Dan said: In your "Converting Kindle Books" article you say In step 4 it says: . directly on this issues? Regards. and fabulously. and file contains like this: mobidedrm. if you can click on kindlepid.Python for Windows called “ActiveState file and it opens for a fraction of a seconds and then disappears. As the good man said ".1 (Reply) 2010-01-06 21:27 Kimberly said: I have my gotten the latest version of the mobidedrm. " Well. I click on the kindlepid. (These scripts require that you install Python on your you are using the windows interface and you’re not in a terminal window. #52. #53 (Reply) 2009-11-25 04:32 Dan said: .) After unzipping the archive.” Google will help. open up a terminal window and pass the Kindle’s serial # (which you previously wrote down) to consider that your homework before you try the decryption process :) #52.. Really. Can someone help with this please? Thank you so much.. I tried this over and over again to input te kindle serial number but and it did the same thing… it comes on for maybe 1/2 second than is gone! Do you know what I’m doing wrong? Thanks so much! #52 (Reply) 2009-11-24 10:24 Chris Patti said: You need to run the script on the command step 4 it says: "Step 4) Download Open up a command prompt.This .py abc123 where abc123 is the pid.1. kindlepid. I get permission denied. navigate to where the script lives and run it that up a terminal window…".py.. this process requires that you be familiar with running scripts from the command line. but very time i go to run it.1 (Reply) 2009-11-24 10:21 Anonymous said: Dan. so if you aren’t.

if you’re not comfortable using the command line (Terminal. Would seem as if the PID is just not available. #55 (Reply) 2009-12-13 18:47 Josh Yates said: Well…I can’t seem to get anything to work.’: [Errno 2] No such file or directory " I have the kindlepid. I use Terminal to do all of the above things and I’m told that the path is incorrect and then I get an error telling me that I have invalid syntax. if doc on my mac. I dont understand what i’m doing wrong. very on a Mac) and running Python scripts. you’ll need to get there first before you can accomplish the steps detailed in this article. I am not really good at the command prompts. I am a windows user and not sure how I would write this in in that format. I saw a brief mention of it in the can’t open file ‘kindlepid.1 (Reply) 2009-12-14 10:37 Adriana said: I’m new at this so I was wondering if anyone could tell me why i’m getting this error message "/System/Library/Frameworks/Python. Can’t get the PID. #54 (Reply) 2009-12-08 12:49 andrew said: Hi I purchase a kindle for PC book from amazon. Has anybody figured out how the DRM can be removed from the book so it can be read on the Sony ebook.framework/Versions/2. Please Help! #58 (Reply) 2009-12-14 11:27 Anonymous said: How are you trying to run the script? .I am not sure of all of this but can this work to remove DRM for the Kindle books someone else has purchaed and wants o lend to me to read on my Kindle. #57 (Reply) 2009-12-14 08:44 Chris Patti said: It works just dandy on a Mac.I do not own a kindle. can you help.6 with the launcher. #56 (Reply) 2009-12-14 05:49 jonah said: Have you any ideas on how to get this done on a Mac? Thanks. I have Python 2. Python comes bundled with MacOS X (You are running MacOS X aren’t you? :) Really folks.5/Resources/Python.

Thanks #58. what version of OSX are you running? If you’re unsure what do you get when you run: uname -a #58.1 (Reply) 2009-12-14 19:49 Adriana said: I’ve looked at my sisters computer.1. and when you try to input the command "python kindlepid. I’m following the steps at the top of the page xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx File "". #58. but i still get the error message. >>> python kindlepid.1 (Reply) 2009-12-14 14:20 Chris Patti said: What happens if you just type: python and then hit return? Following XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" into the terminal it can’t find the file "kindlepid. I myself am not familiar with #58.1 (Reply) 2009-12-14 14:14 Adriana said: sorry i figured it out but now i’m getting this message. line 1 python kindlepid. and the file structure is not something i’m used too.1 (Reply) 2009-12-14 13:44 Adriana said: If you mean what am i typing in the terminal it’s exactly what you just typed in.Try: python" and thus returns the error that was stated earlier in the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ^ . The problem as I see it is that my sister has the 4 files that were downloaded (starting with kindlepid. what is displayed if you type: which python from the command prompt? on her desktop. So if you can tell us how to find the file where we need to load the files I’m sure we can over come this problem.

"credits" or "license" for more information. think things through. but it requires careful.2. "copyright".py xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx File "".py xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ^ SyntaxError: invalid syntax >>> Please Help! #58. I filled in the x’s just to post it on here.2. and try to sort out the little mis-steps you might make before posting here. When i type python and hit enter i get this message [GCC 4.1. .1.0.1.>>> python kindlepid. The command line is an awesome tool. patient steps in order to make it work! #58. Read the article carefully – use your brain. but didn’t see any reference to how to jailbreak kindle ebooks on my MacBook… I also thoroughly dislike the risk of buying Kindle books and not being able to back them or OR read them on another device other than my and then follow the instructions in the article. Which leaves me w/ my original problem the error message as follows: >>> python kindlepid.1 (Reply) 2009-12-16 11:28 Adriana said: I did put the kindle serial number. line 1 python kindlepid. #60 (Reply) 2009-12-15 12:29 Chris Patti said: Happyfoot: Read the preceeding comments I left for xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx File "". >>> From what i understand that means python is running correctly.1.8.1 (Reply) 2009-12-14 14:43 Adriana said: I’m running Mac OSX 10. Run Terminal. line 1 python kindlepid. Is that correct? Thanks #59 (Reply) 2009-12-15 10:58 Happyfoot said: I am running the latest update of Snow Leapard osx… and have read this entire thread.5. build 5465)] on darwin Type "help".py xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ^ SyntaxError: invalid syntax Please Help! #58.1 (Apple Inc.2 (Reply) 2009-12-15 12:27 Chris Patti said: Hi again Adriana – you’re super close! Just substitute your Kindle’s serial number for all the xxxxx’s and you’re in business! You have to read the instructions really carefully.

Thanks for your help! .py i get this: >>> file kindlepid.It’s worth the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx kindlepid.1 (Reply) 2009-12-17 19:03 Adriana said: I did type in the serial number for my kindle.1 (Reply) 2009-12-18 16:55 Adriana said: When i type python hit enter and then on the next line i type file kindlepid. I just substituted the serial for x’s b/c i didn’t want to post it xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ^ SyntaxError: invalid syntax Please Help! w/o typeing python i get this: macintosh:~ Adri$ file kindlepid. line 1 python’ (No such file or directory) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: cannot open `xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’ (No such file or directory) macintosh:~ Adri$ These are the first few lines of the file: import xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx File "". really! #60.crc32(s. >>> python xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ^ SyntaxError: invalid syntax If i open the terminal and type file cannot open `kindlepid. binascii letters = "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNPQRSTUVWXYZ123456789" def crc32(s): return (~binascii.1.-1))&0xFFFFFFFF Sorry if this is a little long but I wanted to give u the info you need to help me. can you view the file and tell me what’s on line 1 please? Thanks.1 (Reply) 2009-12-18 11:25 Chris Patti said: What happens if you type: file kindlepid. -Chris xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx File "".py kindlepid. Which leaves me with my initial problem the error’ (No such file or directory) macintosh:~ Adri$ If i type it with my serial i get this: macintosh:~ Adri$ file kindlepid. line 1 file cannot open `kindlepid.

the script can’t correctly process the all numeric PID for "Kindle for PC. #63 (Reply) . you said the 4 files were on your desktop. ~/).0.0 at the end). Apparently.g." Can one of you script gurus fix that? Thanks! #62 (Reply) 2010-01-10 13:08 slferris said: I’m able to remove the DRM from a Kindle book following your instructions. but so far with no luck.1. However. #61 (Reply) 2009-12-23 11:52 Tina Miller said: I have used the advice and scripts to try tranforming a book purchased for "Kindle for PC" in order to read it on Sony.1 (Reply) 2009-12-23 21:08 Tommy said: Adriana.1. Open the terminal back up and change to your Desktop: macintosh:~ Adri$ cd ~/Desktop It should now show as: macintosh:Desktop Adri$ Now.6. I’ve purchased ne book and if I can cnvert that for Sony eBook. I would appreciate it. You are trying to run from terminal at the root of your home folder (e.#60.1.8 There are no such sub-directories on my iMac below /opt/local/lib (with or without 5. Is there some other directory where I should copy Palm and MobiPerl? Relating to perl that I can find on my computer are the directory /Library/Perl and some perl executables in /usr/bin such as perl and perl5. Should I do something with any of these? I’m also wondering if I should be doing something with the "Makefile" I received with MobiPerl. run the scripts as you have been trying to do. but if you can share any insight on this matter. Originally.8. I’m also working with MobiPerl v.0.1 (Reply) 2009-12-20 15:13 Brightwing said: I really need to know how to get the PID for Kindle on PC. Hope this helps… #60. specifically those covering the Mac. I’m using Mac OS X 10.0.2 which came with Perl 5.0 installed. I know it’s a lot to ask. I have tried to contact support from the MobiPerl developers.10. The instruction that doesn’t work for me is: sudo cp Palm MobiPerl /opt/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5. It should find the script now.1. I followed your link to MobiPerl. I have need to convert the book from .html.43. then I’ll buy more. but the instructions there don’t work for to .1.

#66. but i am no programmer and there are two loops which return the same "unrecognized serial number" error. I am using the windows platform and have run it several times and get syntax errors in both instances. I’ve entered the serial like.prestonlee.prestonlee. Should be much easier for some people than messing with the python command-line script… http://kindletools. you’ve edited the script to accept your "B003" serial. you’re entering the serial correctly. #65 (Reply) 2010-02-03 10:33 Preston Lee said: Everyone: "This new web-based tool":http://kindletools.1 (Reply) 2010-02-25 07:18 Michael Walker said: What happened to the old way that brought up the kindle for pc thing?? #67 (Reply) . The serial number starts with B005 and the PrestonLee program does not work on it. I have the Kindle 2 and in both programs it comes up with an invalid serial #.1 (Reply) 2010-01-25 17:35 DG said: I have used the method listed here as well as the ebook effectively replaces the need for the kindlepid script. what might be the problem? Thanks. and I do know how to urn via dos which is where i ran python from. – joe #64. 20 times on the theory that perhaps i was getting it wrong but after all that i am pretty darn certain i am not. and the script fails with "unrecognized serial number" on the second validation loop.2010-01-17 21:52 Joe McPlumber said: I inserted the extra lines to have my series "B003" number recognized.3) and I am trying to find the PID. Assitance #66 (Reply) 2010-04-01 12:12 Marc said: I have recently purchased an International Kindle DX (version 2. Help? #64 (Reply) 2010-01-25 19:54 Joe McPlumber said: Maybe i should put it another way… Assuming you have a Kindle 2. Any ideas how I could establish what the PID is. My script is failing on the second loop.

[localhost:~/MobiDeDRM] rbarnes% I am completely stumped.1 (Reply) 2010-02-28 14:45 Bob Barnes said: I’ve tried many times to use this method. All that happens when I try to run the mobidedrm. Here’s the command and the response: [localhost:~/MobiDeDRM] rbarnes% python mobidedrm.wordpress. People on Macs or Linux still need to do it this old fashioned way.azw tb. 1 question script in terminal is a "No match" error message. where exactly should I be placing the 3 extra files in python. #68. I used both methods you gave and both PID’s match. and it always fails on my system. Either will allow you to decrypt without mucking about on the command line. I think the PID is right. Yes I have uninstalled and reinstalled it and made sure the files are where theya re suppose to be.2 (Reply) 2010-03-11 14:26 ebook drm said: you can try kindle PDF to convert it to PDF. #68.2010-02-27 17:36 jer@nyquil. I also renamed the azw file to tb. and was able to do everything up to step 5. Can you help me? #68 (Reply) 2010-02-28 23:04 DG said: I have my PID code and have tried through python to remove the DRM and it keeps spitting nasty crud at said: This way is actually the old A6XHCIW*5Q python: No match. but I’m not sure. #67. I’ve got a Mac running Snow Leopard. I think it means it can’t find one of the files. it is easy #69 (Reply) .com/ and get the Calibre plug-in (if you use Calibre) or the Applescript. there is really no instructions on what folder these should be under. I also did a cd command to change to the MobiDeDRM folder. The Kindle for PC way is still the best method for those that can use it. I have trie dmoving them around and it just seem to like me very well. I put the MobiDeDRM folder with the scripts in my homefolder and also moved the azw file there.1 (Reply) 2010-03-18 09:23 Paul Durrant said: Go to http://apprenticealf.azw so it would be easier to type.

this way worked for me. then later on you add your master card or whatever and use it as default payment method. #70 (Reply) 2010-04-11 07:07 jaffar said: I dunno what to say. but i suggest you ask someone who lives in US to create an account+ add payment method[us-based]. So I registered a fake USA address to download book 4… which hopes this could help.. the account is my brother’s who lives in US… I heard from some friend that you can use vouchers to pay for electronic books in non-supported countries [of course you have to add valid us-based mail address] http://cute-nemo. but the kindle book 4 was only for USA.. The problem is that kindle book 6 of this particular series was available to Australian users. BUT.2010-03-27 09:19 readHead said: Do you have a link for this software. I assume to be safe I should convert it to a ePub format and save it on my computer? How do I do that? The process above is just for PCs? I also have a MAC. #70.1 (Reply) 2010-03-11 19:07 MelDiva said: I have an iPhone and I have the new Kindle for iPhone app (now available for Australians) and I just downloaded a couple of books. #69. but the book was downloaded to my iPhone. searches for Kindle PDF are a little vague. I live in Saudi Arabia . and thats probably why I got an email from amazon today saying if I had recently moved country to supply them a copy of my passport Now I am worried they will take my book away (don’t care about imprisonment for falsifying information). Obviously my credit card is not registered in USA. Thanks.1 (Reply) Comments to this entry via RSS ADD COMMENT Name Email Homepage In reply to [ Top level ] Comment BBCode format allowed Textile-formatting allowed E-Mail addresses will not be displayed and will only be used for E-Mail notifications .

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