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Examples of essays

Mrs Frikha Raja

Hi every one, you can’t imagine how empty my days are without teaching you. It was a lovely year with you all . All my best wishes for success. Here are some of the useful material you may need for the revision and don’t hesitate to send me any writing or language exercises to correct. Cheers!! Send the material to your friends , please!! 1/

Space tourism

* ADVANTAGES: - It’s the only chance to discover another world. - To discover an outer space and satisfy one’s curiosity. - For relaxation, entertainment, pleasure. - Discover new things, become more and more open -minded and experienced. - It can be worthy doing a suborbital flight as it can be a rich source of information. - Space Tourism will be widespread in the future. * DISADVANTAGES: - Very expensive tours - It’s useless to spend a lot of money just to prove that someone can be the first one to discover the Space - It’s shameful to spend exorbitant prices on space flights while thousands of children die every day because of hunger and illness. - I am afraid of visiting other planets - It’s a waste of time and money 2/ Education for all • What are the causes of illiteracy and how to limit it? Solutions to overcome the problem. -To donate money, free books, -to provide nutritious meals for pupils at school -To build schools -Sensitize parents to the necessity of education. -The role of humanitarian organizations (unicef , Unesco , WFP)

Causes Poverty Hunger Distant schools Illiterate parents

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The importance of education:

Children will be more concentrated. .Flexibility: you can learn whenever and wherever you like.No bustling /not bullied by other pupils . .Make friends. .Students are willing t o devote much time to their courses. -Setting in front of the PC for a long time can be harmful to your eyes. .School uniform. Virtual learning Advantages. 4.Learners lack verbal and physical communication. 5.No teacher to control the students .) .Being home educated.Time and place constraints.Taking private lessons. .Children aren’t old enough to manage time commitment..Students will be more self-reliant . . To provide a greener future to our children.Students undergo many kinds of pressure from frightening teachers .Verbal and physical communication.Schoolbags. . .Students study whenever they want.Kids will not miss the unique opportunity to mix with others . .Teachers are using many ways of punishment . .no chance to overcome psychological problems (bullying – fright. . Ameliorate the economy of the country. To have better.More confidence / more commitment Disadvantages . .The pupil becomes responsible and self uniform /no school journeys ..Little verbal or physical communication –. . . Decrease the dependence on foreign workers. . 3.Being bullied by others. 3/ Virtual learning Traditional learning Advantages.Bustling. Liberate the country from the problem of illiteracy. -No physical action –no eyes contact.. literate generations … • Write an ad to incite people to help poor. 2.1. . Disadvantages . illiterate children in the world.Don’t have to study for long hours. .

Disadvantages of lifelong learning: The older we get the harder we learn and the less enthusiastic we become. It makes the learner’s experience highly valued.organized.Side effects of some inventions on our eyes. Lifelong learning is a tool to gain self-autonomy and be socially privileged.Technology as a blessing . Write an article to a Newspaper in which you give both negative and positive effects of this phenomenon on our life. Technology is considered as a controversial issue. chemical weapons . Some people hold discouraging attitudes towards adult learners. bombs.Technology used by some people for immoral goals such as cloning . This new venture helps fight against illiteracy and facilitates social integration. Ongoing learning enables us to renew our human knowledge and cope with new technologies. Lifelong learning is a programme of education aiming at educating the adult people. It may be at the expense of other interests.May destroy the relationship between our family members . ________________________________________________________ .Makes us live more comfortably thanks to different types of inventions . . It is very important because it pursues knowledge from cradle to grave.Helps in progress and development .Technology as a curse .4/ Lifelong learning Advantages of lifelong learning: Lifelong learning prepares the learners for the whole life because it is an opportunity for them to update their knowledge. Enabling all the members of society to have a share in the development of their country. It may become useless if it is not well .Facilitates communication with other people (using the internet to chat) . ears.Addiction of many children to different technological gadgets and as a result they neglect their studies .Facilitates research of information with those inventions such as the internet .Helps to gain time -Helps to treat diseases .Mechanization of our society .Using technology to invent weapons.

.g...... recognition..Corporation fails to satisfy their professional needs * Goals behind opting out . money ...Conclusion Do the maximum with business women in order to keep them in their positions by offering more compensation. ..Flexibility and adaptability ... competent managers..............Advantages of Play station .. Corporation fails to satisfy their professional needs) * Goals (to gain more freedom..Reinforce patience .enhance laziness ..... Why do women choose to opt out? * Reasons behind opting out: . having their own business) * Solution for the Corporation (provides them with more flexibility... * Solution to keep women in their positions .... identify women with high potential and give them big positions) ........ women have a big role in society......Disadvantages of Play station ......... Plan ... some women choose to opt out and start their own business. Give your opinion about this with different forms of violence . award their contributions and give them key positions in the company.Provide them with more flexibility .. * Writing Nowadays....Means of entertainment ...lose contact with real life .Having their own business...Identify potential...........Interactive ...Develop cognitive skills ...To gain more freedom.....lead to addiction ......Learn how to deal with complex situation ..Body Why do women choose to opt out? * Reasons (E.....neglect studies ..get into bad habits ...Introduction Speak in General about women nowadays and their role in society . nevertheless.........

..........Solution To retain highly educated people in their home countries.Marriage purpose .....Better job opportunities . ₋ Have fun and makes a person more comfortable.... .......Political persecution........ ...... the government should provide incentives for them (more money.. ₋To be addicted to this technological device................. ₋Can destroy family bounds.. ₋Watch video clips...The Brain Drain Why do people emigrate? . advantages and disadvantages of the MP4: * The benefits of this invention: ₋ listen to music......... ₋ Neglecting one’s studies studies..Earn more money and ameliorate one’s living conditions ...Health problems ... better job opportunities) Reverse brain drain: immigrate to developed countries then come back to one’s home country * Reasons Because their country needs their skills so.......... * Consequences Economic recovery.. they bring their expertise..... _________________________________________________________________ ............Better circumstances for scientific researches and inventions .. key positions. talents and hopes so that their country profit from them......... Key positions for them . * The disadvantages of this invention: ₋ Causing harm to the eyes (to watch video clips) and ears (listen to loud music).......Pursue one’s high education / studies.. ₋ No concentration.. ₋ Play many games.The brain drain is a controversial issue: Is it a loss or a gain? Give your opinion about this issue.... ...

............Avoid the risky habit of smoking *Negative effects : Lung cancer / Heart disease / Respiratory illnesses / Stroke / Waste of money * How to quit ......To smell and taste better ..The cough goes a way .......................................... get your self busy *Benefits of quitting ..countries ....Have a better health for the smoker and his family ...Cut the risk of health problems ..Save money ........................Must have the desire to give up smoking.....The breath smells better .. the confidence and the determination to quit this bad habit ........ Being self –confident Being frank and sincere Be better than others in every situation Be always lovely and loving Be always truthful and honest Honest Courageous Cool Prudent Accepting loss and gain Avoid violence by tolerance ..... Examples of attitudes: Loving people and being prudent Taking care of friendship Being brave and fearless Loving one’s country Respecting all people and not being jealous.................When you feel tense or like to smoke.....Remind yourself of the negative effects of smoking ....The most important values people should respect Solidarity is a noble reaction which strengthens relationships between people in different ..Peace is better than war so try to be a peaceful man . .

........................ Staff management Write an article about bad / poor staff management.......... -don’t respect them -don’t care about them as people -threaten to fire them Employees’ feelings ....... -fail to keep them interested............ but psychologically absent -Threaten to strike Consequent effects on the company...Disappointed... *boring..... *polluted air and water...... and its implications on the company....... underperformance............ drawbacks *traffic jam.. *a clean air and a better quality of water because there is less pollution....... problems which may exist between managers and employees... *a sense of community between the inhabitants: they have a more socially vibrant life.Lesson 6 URBAN EXODUS Country life Advantages *a higher rate of life expectancy: people in the countryside live longer because they are healthier. *noisy.... -don’ trust them... ....... *easy transport *better job and study opportunities.Demotivated to work ............ *fewer amenities... .. drawbacks *fewer means of entertainment. *crowded *dangerous with higher rates of crime...... *the bad quality of streets... *more accidents.... *fewer means of transport.. Managers’ attitudes -don’t encourage their employees. *a clean environment and an ecologically healthy atmosphere.... The city / town life Advantages *interesting life with more means of entertainment..........Physically present. low productivity. . Crisis..

. not as machines and should treat them in the same way. . The qualifications you ask for are closely related to those I have. For using the computer. Dear Sir. In replay to your advertisement in the “Time” newspaper for an English teacher. The lettre / the body. (Signature) . Signature.. Choose an advertised job and write a letter to apply for it. Job ads you have just completed your university studies.The employer should punish the worker if he underperforms and should reward and encourage him if he is competent. For the social qualifications. H. mention your qualifications. . I have also replaced a teacher for 6 months. consider the company as his own and care about its future. B. I would like to be considered for the position. The opening (Dear sir/madam’/ receiver’s name). C. and have worked in a translation office for 2 years. The closing (yours faithfully / sincerely / truly) G. I hope that you will consider my application favorably and I am waiting for your answer as soon as possible Yours faithful. The sender’s address. D. .2) How should employers and employees behave towards each others? .The employer should consider his workers as human beings. London. E. Date. personal and physical qualities. Name and address of the receiver.Both the boss and the worker should communicate with each others and there should exist a dialogue between them. I have a doctorate in English with a certificate in translation from English to French. I am a man with great abilities to communicate specially with kids who were the main thesis in my doctorate.There should exist a mutual respect among them.The employee should work seriously. 21 Nobel Street. experience and special achievements in that domain. F. The sender’s name in block letters. I have a diploma in using all the windows and of course I am excellent at using the net. Talk about the reasons for your writing. Formal layout: A. Revolution Street Zarat 6026 Middle East virtual school.


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