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Centennial, Colorado Cell: 720-270-9189 Home: 303-773-3929 Email Address: PROFESSIONAL PROFILE SPECIAL

ASSETS LOAN WORKOUT SENIOR COMMERCIAL BANKER Proven highly experienced account executive for commercial loans, real estate lo ans, private banking loans, OREO, Special Assets, and Loan Workout problem loans. A combination of ex perience (24 years) and education related to commercial/business loans, lending laws, foreclosures, underwriting, credit analysis, factoring, leasing, commercial litigation, bankru ptcy law, and cash flow analyses. Responsible for developing, managing and completing successful loan workout acti ons and strategies on problem loans so as to minimize loan losses on a wide variety of Commercial, Rea l Estate, and Private Banking loans. PROFESSIONAL HISTORY Steele Street Bank & Trust, Denver, CO Vice President and Senior Lender, Special Assets / OREO and Lending (7/05 - 10/ 09) Colorado State Bank & Trust, Denver, CO (BOK Financial) Vice President, Special Assets / OREO and Lending (01/92 - 05/05) First National Bank, Denver, CO (Successful Turnaround of a Financially "Troubled" Commercial Bank) Vice President/Chief Lending Officer, Special Assets / OREO (5/85 - 12/91) Am Bank, Englewood, CO Senior Vice President/Chief Lending Officer, Commercial, RE, Consumer Banking ( 12/81 - 5/85) First Interstate Bank, Denver, CO (Western Bancorp) Assistant Vice President, Commercial / Corporate Banking / Auditing (1976 -12/8 1) QUALIFICATIONS Successful track record to underwrite, collect, recover, rehabilitate, and resol ve commercial loan problems and other problem assets controlled, foreclosed, owned, or liquidated b y several financial institutions. Ability to work with borrowers and lenders to effectively develop, manage, and i mplement, creative loan workouts for commercial, real estate, asset-based lending, factori ng and borrowing relationships. Effective participation in loan "watch list" preparation, review and develop spe

cific action plans. Responsible for collection and litigation involving large, complex problem loans and OREO properties. Secure collateral, equity, and assets of the debtors to preserve the loan princi pal, collect interest, and prevent loan losses. Manage asset and collateral foreclosure, mediations, co mplex civil and criminal litigation. Scott Radcliffe Resume QUALIFICATIONS - cont'd Responsible for managing the goals of maximizing recovery of the workout problem loans while minimizing the expense and risk exposure. Over 24 years of "hands on" experience in dealing directly with problem borrowers, receivers, attorneys, auditors, regulators and other 3rd parties. Managing included developing and installing creative loan workout plans, valuing the loan collateral, reviewing and preparing loan documents, engaging legal counsel to assist in collections, c ivil and criminal litigation, foreclosing upon non-real estate loan collateral, as well as real estate loan co llateral. Responsibilities include marketing, maintenance, and management of OREO properti es, preparing reports for executive management, collateral site inspections, collection routines, and developing successful strategies involving complex litigation. Review of lender liability issues related to the workout loans and special asset s in order to avoid litigation and minimize legal costs and expenses associated with problem loan collection. EDUCATION University of Illinois, Champaign, IL: B.S. degree - Finance, with a Specialty i n Money and Banking Continuing Education: University of Denver, University of Colorado, and Jones Re al Estate College PROFESSIONAL CONTINUING EDUCATION Analyzing Business and Personal Tax Returns Trust Accounts and Closings Intermediate Financial Statement Analysis Laws of Agency Real Estate Law Commercial RE Sales Real Estate Practice Commercial RE Underwriting Colorado Law and Contracts Commercial Agency & Ethics Uniform Standards of Appraisal Practice & Ethics Compensation Contracts SAFE Mortgage Loan Advanced Law and Contracts BANKER TRAINING Anti Money Laundering Bank Secrecy Act Commercial Compliance Review Community Re investment Act Customer Identification Program Colorado Mortgage Lending Fair Lending Overview Gramm-Leach-Bliley Privacy Act HMDA Reg. C Office of Foreign Assets Control Truth in Lending Act Reg. Z Red Flags Identity Theft Security of Customer Information Robberies

AFFILIATIONS AND ORGANIZATIONS Risk Management Association, Current Board Member Turnaround Management Association Denver Chamber of Commerce Ambassador Junior Achievement Volunteers of America Denver Metro Commercial Association of Realtors References upon request