Glee Bath Spa Constitution 1) Glee Bath Spa is a society which aims to provide a platform to sing and dance;

similar as shown on the television series of the same name. 2) It aims to perform in venues; performing cabarets and musical concerts. 3) Membership of G.B.S is open to all students at Bath Spa and to is expected for them to audition or interview to demonstrate their skill and talent. 4) The membership fee is £5 to cover sheet music, hiring of equipment and costumes. Any future expenditure will be fundraised. 5) The following administrative roles are as follows: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Music Director and Choreographer. 6) Weekly meetings will be held on a friday

secretary.night. G. treasurer… Special guests may be invited to join without expected to pay membership fee during meetings OR performance gigs.B. Enthusiasm in either is required however we do not discriminate talent and will accommodate members who are enthusiast because of the television show. administrative team do not require talent in singing and dancing if their skills suit best administrating. show choir members will require members to be able to at least sing OR dance OR play an instrument. market researcher. The very first G.B. 7pm (location to be confirmed) The Audition Process G. All participants will sing.S meeting will be an audition.S. They can be invited to accompany performers during performances. Students at Bath Spa may sit in for ONE meeting before committing themselves as members.S. dance or make an .B.

B. Be wary .5 minutes (a few verses and ending in a chorus perhaps) For duets. (N.5 minutes for solos. they may wish to sing an a cappella song and not all of the singers are expected to feature a solo but can serve as harmony. it is extended to 2 minutes (each singer must have equal opportunity to shine) For group singers. The following criteria for auditionees are as follows: . . Keep under 1.SINGERS can sing a song of their choice or own composition. They can form a band and accompany dancers or singers but keep under 2 minutes. The maximum is still 2 minutes.INSTRUMENTALISTS can audition their solo piece of their choice under 1.5 minutes. musicians or singers but keep under 2 minutes.DANCERS can audition to a track of their choice.) .introductory speech in front of each other. They can audition with other dancers. Those who wish to perform a solo must sing a cappella and under 1. The reason for specific time limitations is to speed the audition process along.

Rap artists are allowed to audition. But please keep to it as it will strengthen your audition if it is both great and short. Remember it must be under 1. The reason why we ask for performances done a cappella is to demonstrate their strength in their voice. . instead we can arrange another event to audition. We only allow singers to accompany themselves with a piano or guitar to demonstrate their composition talent. keep it short.5 minutes. . .Penalty will not result to those who fall out of criteria. it is only a guideline. DANCE .Pick songs which are: in your range.Finally if you do not wish to SING.A piano will be available for auditionees who wish to accompany themselves in their own compositions. . .that we cannot audition rock bands or big bands as they will take a long time to set up. your preferred music genre and something that means something to you.

The structure for each meeting will vary.or PLAY AN INSTRUMENT you can make a speech introducing yourself and your reason why you wish to join. At the end of each meeting. But every week will have a theme. Meeting Agenda Every meeting is 2 hours long unless specified otherwise. All members are expected to be able to perform somehow to show they are capable of performing without nerves. themes help to convey lessons and members may use song to convey world issues. a theme will be assigned and members would return to the next meeting with a song in mind. . the music director will vary. 1) THEME The theme will base the structure of the week and like the television show.

DUETS/ BOYS VS GIRLS.GENRE THEME are musical genres which the members will have to identify a song belonging to that musical genre. R&B… . acceptance. we'll work on a group song learning harmonies and choreography. rock.There are a few examples of THEMES: . like the TV show at least once a month we'll have the glee club competing each other for a fun showdown. . Each singer will be given the lyrics to the song and one vocal exercise would have each singer singing a line or two.TRIBUTE THEME only allows members to only select songs from the tribute artist or musical of the week. musical.. loss. Les Miserables to Lady Gaga… .. home. . 2) GROUP REHEARSAL Every week. Disney.ALLEGORICAL THEME allows ambiguity for members to pick songs which have a personal connection with the theme.

Often the dancers and singers would be separated. . Then before the meeting is over we'll gather to perform what we've learned so far.

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