Impact Of Compensation On Organizational Growth Abstract

Human Resource Management is the organizational function that deals with issues related with people such as compensation hiring, performance management, organizational development ,safety,benefits,employee motivation, communication, administration training and performance. We will study one of its variable compensation and its dimensions. We will find out impact of compensation on organization (Telenor). We will collect data, make questionnaire and conduct interview from the manager and employees of Telenor. Further we will discuss the impact of salary,working conditions effect the Telenor. The research will help us to understand the compensation procedure of Telenor under certain limitations.

Telenor started off in 1855 as a state-operated monopoly, named Telegrafverket as a provider of telegraph services. The first ideas for a telegraph were launched within the Royal Norwegian Navy in 1848, but by 1852 the plans were public and the Parliament of Norway decided on a plan for constructing the telegraph throughout the country. Televerket began by building from Christiania (now Oslo) to Sweden (Norway was at that time in a union with Sweden) as well as between Christiania and Drammen. By 1857 the telegraph had reached Bergen (west coast) via Sørlandet (south coast) and by 1871 it had reached Kirkenes (north coast). Cable connections were opened to Denmark in 1867 and to Great Britain in 1869. The telegraph was most important for the merchant marine who now could use the electric telegraph to instantly communicate between different locations, and get a whole new advantage within logistics.
Telenor headquarters in Fornebu, Norway.

more than 250 franchises and some 150. Currently.this may be attributed to their aggressive marketing and advertising campaign. an international provider of high quality voice. It's also the fastest growing cellular network of Pakistan . The company continues to contribute to Pakistan's economy. with the recent launch of its nationwide EDGE-enabled network.History in Pakistan: Telenor Pakistan is a wholly owned subsidiary that started operations on the 15th of March 2005 and holds one of six mobile licences in Pakistan. thus providing a means to livelihood to thousands. The current CEO of Telenor Pakistan is Christian Albech. and carried out a campaign for the welfare of flood victims in Balochistan. Telenor holds the second largest GSM and the largest GPRS and EDGE coverage in Pakistan which competes with Ufone.Telenor Pakistan is the country's single largest European investor.000 plus indirect jobs and has a network of 29 sales & service centers.000. It has created 2. It acquired a GSM license in 2004 and began commercial operations on March 15. For 2009 it is estimated that Telenor Pakistan contributed Rs20 billion in various Telenor Pakistan is 100% owned by the Telenor Group. content and communication services in 14 markets across Europe and Asia. data. . It has achieved the third largest retailer network in Pakistan within the 2 years span of its operations and has started operations in northern areas of Pakistan and in Azad Kashmir (AK). Telenor had reached its breakeven in the first quarter of 2007.000 retailers. Telenor Group is among the largest mobile operators in the world with over 179 million mobile subscriptions and a workforce of approximately 40. Telenor proactively participated in the earthquake disaster relief.500 direct and 25. with investments in excess of US$2 billion. 2005.

000 retailers. Faisalabad. aims to create dignified opportunities for persons with disabilities. Today: Telenor Pakistan has grown to become a leading mobile communications services provider of the country. In 2009 it launched 'easypaisa' to become Pakistan's first telecom operator to partner with a bank to offer mobile financial services across Pakistan. The purpose is to become the most disabledfriendly organization in Pakistan in terms of employment. and implementing occupational health & safety practices that comply with international standards. Corporate Responsibility: Telenor Pakistan's flagship corporate responsibility program. These include mainstreaming energy efficiency and alternate energy solutions.Offering mobile financial services: Telenor Pakistan acquired 51% of Tameer Microfinance Bank in November 2008. service. Multan. For 2009 it is estimated that Telenor Pakistan contributed Rs20 billion in various forms of direct and indirect taxes to the economy of Pakistan. . more than 250 franchises and some 150. Internet service provider: Telenor Pakistan provides wide EDGE connectivity across the country. with regional offices in Karachi. and Hyderabad. Environmentally conscious: Telenor Pakistan has taken and continues to implement a number of environmentally-friendly initiatives. Lahore. Contributing to Pakistan's economy: The company continues to contribute to Pakistan's economy. It has one of the largest data networks (GPRS) in Pakistan providing Internet services to customers. Khuddar Pakistan. It has created 2. thus providing a means to livelihood to thousands.500 direct and 25. and community support.000 plus indirect jobs and has a network of 29 sales & service centers.Telenor Pakistan's corporate headquarters are in Islamabad.

. Because we never forget we're trying to make customers' lives easier. Inspiring people to find new ways. Everything we produce should be easy to understand and use. The key to achieving this vision is a mindset where every one of us works together: Making it easy to buy and use our services. We exist to help our customers get the full benefit of communications services in their daily lives. Our corporate responsibility mindset ensures that our vision and values nurture social concern and help us create shared value. Keep Promises: Everything we set out to do should work. Our Vision: Our vision is simple: We're here to help. Be Inspiring: We are creative. Everything we produce should look good. Be Respectful: We acknowledge and respect local cultures. We strive to bring energy to the things we do. not over promising. or if it doesn't.Vision & Value: Our vision crystallizes our customer focus as the cornerstone of everything we do. We don't complicate things. we're here to help. We believe in four core values: Make it Easy: We're practical. We believe loyalty has to be earned. We're about delivery. We do not impose one formula worldwide. actions not words. We are passionate about our business and customers. Delivering on our promises. modern and fresh. Our values describe what behaviors are necessary to realize that vision. We want to be a part of local communities wherever we operate. Being respectful of differences.

Organizational growth is dependent on compensation. (Michael A. and profit sharing plans are incentives designed to encourage employees to produce results beyond normal expectation. Variables: Compensation is an independent variable Organizational growth is dependent variable. "Growth in an organization is mostly determined by it the kind of compensation and benefits given at workplace”Agbato (1980) Dimensions: Dimensions of compensation are  Salary  Incentives  Working conditions  Benefits Problem statement: A study of compensation and its effect in Telenor telecommunication growth. retirement. . etc.What is compensation? Compensation is what employees receive in exchange for their contribution to the organization. commissions. recreational. medical. Compensation forms such as bonuses. Research question: What are the impacts of compensation on organizational growth? Hypothesis: Ho compensation has not effect on organizational growth. H1 Compensation has an effect on organizational growth. McDaniel 2007) Benefits such as insurance.

.Research Methodology: Methods of collecting Data: There are two methods to collect data. There are 2 ways to collect primary data. Data observed or collected directly from first-hand experience. We will conduct interviews with managers and prepare questionnaire to Telenor employees. Published data and the data collected in the past or other parties is called secondary data.  Primary Data Method.  Secondary Data Method. We conduct our research project on the basis of primary data. 1) OBSERVATION a) b) Natural setting Field experiment 2) COMMUNICATION a) b) c) Personal interview Telephone Interview Self-administered Questionnaire We collect primary data through Self-Administered Questionnaire. Sources of Data: We will design the list of telenor franchises in Faisalabad and then we will visit main office and all sub offices.

“Collection of data from a whole population rather than just a sample”.g.04 = ±4) The sample should be a representation of the general population. . W=weight. Where as census means. Cir(t)=Census estimate.96 for 95% confidence level) p = percentage picking a choice.. region r. Our reseach will be based on census sampling.Then we distribute our Self-Administered Questionnaire. eirs(0)=sample employment at Census time. We have visited all the Faisalabad Telenor frenchises.Sample Size: The methodology used to sample from a larger population will depend on the type of analysis being performed. expressed as decimal (e. expressed as decimal (. eirs(t)=sample employment at time t. 1. The employment estimates are weighted on the basis of the latest Census of Employment. but will include simple random sampling. . “A process used in statistical analysis in which a predetermined number of observations will be taken from a larger population”. systematic sampling and observational sampling.5 used for sample size needed) c = confidence interval. according to the following formula: where. s=size range. Eir(t)=employment estimate for industry i.and have found that round about 57 permanent employees performing their services. at time t. Z 2* (p) * (1-p) ss = ---------------------c2 Where: Z = Z value (e.g.

2) 704B. FAISALABAD. GROUND FLOOR. 1) ARCADE 2. PEOPLES COLONY #2.and after the permission of managers we distribute the questionnaire to all the employees. the evaluators have to regroup and decide what to do with the data they have. If the data do not fit the assumptions of the methods they had planned to use. SUSAN ROAD. . business intelligence. additional data collection may be necessary. and then analyzed to form some sort of finding or conclusion. text analytics. FAISALABAD. This form of analysis is just one of the many steps that must be completed when conducting a research experiment.and their addresses are given below. but if some observations are untrustworthy or missing altogether. Data from various sources is gathered. We met all the managers of that frenchises and conduct interviews. There are lot of method for data analysis given below.\2 A different form of data analysis may be advisable. 4) SHOP # 3 &4. BUSINESS CENTER. Ghulamabad. JKB. 1 SHEIKHPURA ROAD. MADINA TOWN. Data Analysis Method: The process of evaluating data using analytical and logical reasoning to examine each component of the data provided.and get our primary dat. NEAR AGHA KHAN LABS. reviewed. Narwala Road near bara Qabristan. 3) SAHIL BUILDING.Location: We have visited 5 Main Frenchises of Telenor telecommunication. whether many observed values are small and a few are large and whether the data are complete. Faisalabad. FAISALABAD. There are a variety of specific data analysis method. JAIL ROAD. some of which include data mining. SATAYANA ROAD. 5) P-17 Rab Nawaz chowk. After the data are collected. and data visualizations. BATALA COLONY ROAD. evaluators need to see whether their expectations regarding data characteristics and quality have been met. Choice among possible analyses should be based partly on the nature of the data--for example.

Bivariate Analysis Bivariate analysis is the simultaneous analysis of two variables. . taking into account the possible influence of a third variable on the original bivariate relationship. The average is calculated by adding up two or more scores and dividing the total by the number of scores. So the average of the number set is 6. (1990) Staffing recruitment and selection. C (1998). the mean is the mathematical average of a set of numbers. Multivariate analysis is the simultaneous analysis of three or more variables. A principle of human Management in public Personnel management. The average is calculated in the following manner: 2 + 4 + 6 + 9 + 12 = 33 / 5 = 6. B. It is frequently done to refine a bivariate analysis. 6. C. London: Macmillan Press LTD. Managing Human Resource Exercise. Consider the following number set: 2. It is usually undertaken to see if one variable is related to another variable. Multivariate analysis is also used to test the joint effects of two or more variables upon a dependent variable Mean analysis: In statistics. 4. 9. 12. References: Alan. Campbell. New Haven: Yale University press. M.6. Audry.6. (1989).

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