Jane Clancy Debenport
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When the book John Roberts of Henrico and Halifax Counties, VA was published in 1997, I presented a preponderance of evidence case in which I concluded that John Roberts’ wife was Jane (Janne) Fourqurean, daughter of Jean Fourqurean and Janne Dupré. Since that date, I have been in correspondence with descendants of the Fourqurean family. They presented arguments that supported the idea that Jane Roberts was actually the daughter of Moses Livereau, her mother’s second husband. This article is a presentation of the new ideas that have culminated in my agreement with their position. One note: when quoting material, I have spelled the names as written in the records. Otherwise, I have used the spelling that is usually used by descendants. Much of the material has to do with interpretation of dates that are scarce in early Virginia records. Some things we do know. Jean (John) Fourqurean was first married to Elizabeth (perhaps Duero). He was remarried by 1 May 1708 when he claimed land for the importation of five persons: “Upon the petition of John Forqueran, these are to certifie (sic) that there is due unto him 250 acres for the importation of five persons, to wit: John Forqueson – Elizabeth his first wife; Jeanne, his 2nd wife; with James Duero and Olimp Duero, his, the said John Forqueran’s father and mother-in-law.” Henrico Co., VA Court Orders (1707– 1709), p 34. In Turff and Twigg, Vol. 1, The French Lands, p. 135), Priscilla Harriss Cabell presents her case that Jeanne who was Fourqurean’s second wife was the daughter of John Dupré. [Further research by Frank Fourqurean into the Will of Jean Dupré suggests strongly that rather than being his daughter, “our” Janne was actually the 2nd wife of John/Jean Dupré. A timeline attached at the end of this article explains the course of events. In this case, we do not know the maiden name of the Jane who married 1) John Forqueran, 2)Moises Livereau, and (3 John/Jean Dupré. It is possible that James and Olimp Duero were her parents. It is also possible that they were the parents of Fourqurean’s first wife Elizabeth.] According to the Henrico County Minute Book (1719 – 1724) on page 28, John Fourqurean was dead by 6 June 1720 when “Jane Forquoran” presented his will to the court of Henrico County. Shortly thereafter, Jane Livero presented the accounts of John Forcuron’s estate in Henrico Court: “Jane Livero presents accounts of estate of John Fauqueran.” Henrico County, VA Court Orders (1719 – 1724), page 336. Therefore, Jane remarried between 6 June 1720 and the date of the second entry which was 4 May 1724. The marriage was short, for on the same date, (4 May 1724) Jane presented the

) There is another source of records in early Virginia that has been invaluable. (The HUGUENOT. wife of Francis Delphish – this was to go to Peter Fourqurean (Dupré’ step-son) after Mary’s death. One record that speaks to the problem of the maiden name of Jane. daughter of Moyse Forquerant and of Susane his wife. Brock.will of her second husband. Jane Livereau’s mother was the [second wife of] of Jean Dupré. also one Negro called Obos to Moses Furkerin after my wives deceas. In the discussion of this matter in my book. The only way that John and Jane Roberts could have come into the Moses Livereau patent without any indication of purchase was as a direct inheritance. I did not take into account that while Moses Livereau supposedly had no living children of his own. the church of the Huguenot refugees at Mannikintown. He left each of his wife’s [Janne (unknown) Fourqurean-Livereau-DuPré] children a slave. Moses Livereau. Two of these were the sons of Jane (Unknown) Fourqurean and her first husband. In 1736. houses and landes. John. VA. These sons (Moses and Peter) have been traced by several Fourqurean family members. and is referred to in both church and tax records as Janne Dupré.” I had thought that this Janne Levrant was the wife of Moses Livereau. “The 15th March. This fact strongly supports the idea that Moses was Jane’s father. This material has been translated and reprinted in Brock’s Huguenot Emigration to Virginia.” The will is dated 13 November 1734. Jane must have been Livereau’s own daughter. he left 100 hundred acres of land to his daughter Mary Delphish. he did have four living step-sons. That patent was later sold by John and Jane Roberts. It was presented at the Henrico Court on 6th of January 1734 (5?). However. (Henrico County. for godmother Janne Dupre. a negro woman. and “the whole personal estate with Negros. I used this reprint for most of my research. I also give a negro boy called James to Peter Furkerin. . This was the acreage of the Moses Livereau patent. page 461. had for godfather Pierre Forqueran. wife of John Roberts. When Dupré made his will. Jane Dupray paid taxes for Moses Ferqueron on 170 acres as well as fees for “her son Peter Forqueron. The other two (John and Peter) were the children of Livereau’s wife Ury LeGrand. 132. No. for godmother Elizabet Haneri and Janne levrant.” He left to “my dearly beloved wife Jane Dupray” a lifetime estate in the plantation. “I also give Jane Leuro one Negro called Sambo.” Both this and the entry above were made by Jean Chastain.” She also paid tax on 117 acres in her own name. It contained 117 acres of land. was born Janne Forquerant. not a child of John Fourqurean. 29. 1737. I spent many hours analyzing the “Register” of King William Parish. 1735-6. widow of Peter LeGrand. Therein lies the problem: could the Jane who married John Roberts have been a child of this second marriage? Continuing what we know: Moses Livereau was granted a patent of French land that bordered on the Fourqurean patent. had for godfather Jean Robert. reads: “the 24th of 7ber. was born Jean Forqueran.) Surely his step-sons would have shared the Livereau patent had Livereau produced no direct heirs. pg. They were not found in possession of the Livereau patent. I now recognize that Livereau’s wife (Jane) had been remarried to Jean Dupré by that time. son of Moyse Forqueran and of Susane his wife. 1725 – 1737. Chattles. Deeds and Wills. was baptized by Mr.

This is the same land on which Jane Roberts’ mother had paid taxes in 1736. I am greatly indebted to Elaine Baxter of Houston. This must have occurred soon after the baptism. was born Jean Roberd. Becoming of age would also have allowed her to marry. The young men of the parish “came of age” and were listed on the list of tithables when they became sixteen. TX . Jane was barely of an age to serve as godmother to her niece. Janne Dupré was her mother.” Moyse and Pierre were Jane’s half-brothers. When John and Jane prepared to leave Dale Parish of Chesterfield co VA (formerly Henrico County) in 1760. 498. TX who encouraged me to re-examine the records and re-interpret them in the light of the information that she sent me on her Forqurean (sic) family and Moses Livereau. Her mother and Livereau could have been married at any time after Fourqurean’s death in late 1719 or early 1720. I truly think that with her help. These two entries were the only ones in the King William parish Register that included John Roberts – although he had appeared on one tithe list when he became 16. had for godfather Moyse and Pierre Forqueran. Jane Clancy Debenport 3906 Loop Drive Temple. it is described as “one tract or parcel of land containing one hundred and seventeen acres … now in the parish of King William and county of Chesterfield but formerly in the county of Henrico and granted by patent to Moses Liveraro bearing date the thirty-first day of October one thousand seven hundred and sixteen…” It continues to describe the land which lay next to the patent granted to John Fourqurean. She could have been born early in 1721. I believe it came to Jane Roberts from her father Moses Livereau. they sold land described as having been “part of the first 5000 acres of land surveyed for the French refuges (sic).” (Chesterfield County Deed Book 4. for godmother. p. John Roberts’ name is written above the regular line as if it had been left out or was added to the record. I suggest that he and Jane were planning to marry in the near future. the daughter of her halfbrother Moses Fourqurand. we have discovered the father of Jane. Perhaps the recorder did not know John as well as he did the Fourqureans.) Also. who became the wife of John Roberts of Henrico and Halifax counties. The film is in the original handwriting and in French.The fact that the mother Jane was no longer referred to as “Janne Livereau” leads me to believe that the “Janne Levrant” of the baptism above was the girl who soon thereafter became the wife of John Roberts. VA. Janne Dupre. his wife. son of Jean Roberd and Janne. for on “The 23rd 8ber 1738. On the film. She was probably just sixteen. Jane could have reached that age by 1737. This belief was strengthened when I received a copy of the microfilm of the original Register of King William Parish from the Huntington Library.

for godmother. Nanni Presented the Will of Jean Dupra. Janne Dupre. Godfather. 2 witnesses. wife of Jean Dupree” Presents account of estate of John Fourqurean Presents will of Moses Livero Wing Wm Tithe List King Wm Tithe List – took oath as Warden King Wm Tithe List – 4 Tithables King Wm Tithe List – 3 Tithables King Wm Tithe List – with Pierre Forqueran. Tobe. Henrico co VA King Wm Tithe List – 4 Tithables King Wm Tithe List – 4 Tithables Baptism of Jean Forqueran.TIME LINE FOR LIFE OF JANNE (UNKNOWN) FOURQUREAN-LIVEREAU-DUPRE YEAR 1710 1710 6 June DAY LAST NAME Fourquran Forquoran FIRST NAME John Jane PLACE – INFO On King William’s Parish Tithe List Henrico co VA Wills Addenda. English translation was sworn to by Daniel Guerrant. Wills 1749-1774. Will presented 1720 1721 1724 1724 1726 1727 1731 1732 1733 1734 1724 1735 1736 1 Aug 21 Feb 4 May 4 May 3 July 23 Sept Forquran Dupre Livero Livero Dupre Dupre Dupre Dupre Dupre Jane Mary Jane Jane Jean Jean Jean Jean Jean Jane (Jane?) Janne Janne 6 Jan Dupre Dupre Dupre 15 Mar Dupre 1736 1737 1737 1738 1744 1768 1768 Dupre Dupre Forqueran Dupre Tevis Dupre. (See Will of Jean Dupre). Anthony Trabue to appraise. King Wm Tithe List – 2 Tithables King Wm Tithe List King Wm Tithe List King Wm Tithe List King Wm Tithe List Chestrefield co VA Inventory. his wife. Mrs. Duprey The Widow The Widow Moises (son of Jane) The Widow Janne Dupre Jane Jane June 30 May 1 July . Bartholomew Dupree and John Legrand. security. p 28 “Jane Forquoran presented the will of JOHN FORQUERAN which was proved by Bartholomew Dupree and Abraham Salle. Peter Chastain. p 81 Chesterfield co VA. son of Moyse Forqueran and of Susane. Pierre Forqueran.” Presents Inventory of John Forqurean Baptism of Jean Gilmer – “Mary.

(Henrico county. 1734 I being in perfict memory and understanding do in the first place will and bequesie my soul and body to God that gave it and do despose of my worldly goods as followeth. Chattles. This being my last will and testament I will and bequesie to my daughter Mary Delpish. 1725 – 1737. wife of Francis Delpish one hundred acres of land joining Sollagers line lying between four crner Trees and the creek for bounds to her during life and after her decease to Peter Forquain his heirs forever I likewise will bequesie the rest of the land with the plantation to my dearly beloved wife Jane Dupray during life and after her deceas to my well beloved brother and his heirs forever Lewis Dupray. also one Negro called Obos to Moses Furkerin after my wives deceas and my moveable estate after my wifes deceas to be equally divided as ye Negros. Fore At a court held for Henrico county the sixth day of January 1734. Deeds and Wills. I also give Jane Leuro one Negro called Sambo. This being my last will and testament I sign and Seal it in the prescence of us . 244 WILL OF JEAN DUPRA November ye 13. Jane Dupre presented this will upon oath and being proved by the oaths of Daniel Fore and John Fore two of the witnesses thereto it was there upon admitted to record. . houses and landes to be my wives during life and after her deceas Negro Toby I give to my Brother Lewis Dupray. Page. Jean Dupra (seal) Testes: Richard Manning Daniel D. page 461) . The whole personal estate with Negros. Fore John I. . I also give a negro boy called James to Peter Furkerin.1768 4 Nov Duprey Jane Inventory returned. I likewise will and bequesie to my wife a negro woman during life and after her deceas to my daughter Mary Delpish with her child she now goes with rest of her increase to belong to my wife from this time to be at her own desposal.

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