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3402 MeadowLark

Spring, Texas 77388

Hm: 832-314-9459
Mareo Amos
Objective Seeking position to fully utilize and challenge my Computer Informatio
n Specialist skills, business experience, and creative energy in a fast-paced, d
ynamic environment.
Professional Summary


Over 9 years of progressive experience as an Information Technology professional

Possess current U.S. Government Secret Security Clearance
Customer service oriented with strong interpersonal and communication skills.
Software Experience: MS Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7, MS Exchange Server 2
003, MS Active Directory 2003, MS Office 2000/2003/2007/2010, (FADS) Forecast, A
ssessment, Deploying and Scheduling tool.
Hardware Experience: Servers, PCs, routers, switches, hubs, printers, Faxes, sca
nners, digital senders, VoIP phones.
2008-2009 (Chevron / CompuCom) Houston, Texas
Migration Technician / Integrated Global Support (IGS) Desktop Support
a Performed a role in the phase 3 of a third generation Chevron project named GI
L3 (Global information link 3) to connect 30,000+ Vista Enterprise laptops/deskt
ops in a new IT infrastructure. The strategic initiative defines Chevronas overa
ll information management strategy, global hardware, software architecture, and
operated hardware.
a Using (FADS) Forecast, Assessment, Deploying and Scheduling tool to direct mem
bers in a timely manner for pre-deployment with users to collect information for
data migration.
a Ensure all review checklist has been completed for each machine (Staged and M
igrated) installed customer requested software, whether that is MS Office, VMwar
e, etca
a Attend daily meetings to discuss various strategies and special instructions
for deployment of different groups. (Deepwater, Global Supply & Trading, Wheatst
one, Global Upstream, Aviation and etc.)
a Local administrator of Windows deployment services server to creating/add/capt
ure boot images with latest versions and hot fixes. Initiate PXE boot to allow n
etwork booting for image of machines.
a Provided desktop support with users via email, office communicator, net meetin
g, or remote desktop to fix issues in a timely fashion manner to reduce downtime
a Trained new migration technicians on Gil3, PXE booting, staging, migrating an
d going through the Deployment Checklist.
2007 - 2008 Personal Consultant Baumholder, Germany
IT Specialist
a Deployed to Germany as a spouse with my wife who is Active in the U.S. Army.
a Repaired, Installed and Scanned Computer operating systems for my Clients.
a Installed, Repaired printers and Faxes.
a Saved, Removed and cleaned multiple user profiles.
a Removed viruses and malicious codes from operating systems.
a Repaired hard drives, motherboards, monitors, laptop keyboards, Laptop screens
, memory, and power supplies on MS Windows NT/2000/XP operating systems.
2005a"2007 U.S. Army
Baghdad, Iraq
IT Technician
a Provided Network / Technical Support to over 2000 Users.
a Experienced Installation of computer laptops / desktop, printers, faxes, VOIP
phones, Digital scanners, and projectors
a Knowledge of Applications, Desktop, Network Essentials, Active Directory and M
icrosoft OS including Windows XP, 2000, Office 2003 / 2007, HP PC's and printer
a Troubleshoot software/hardware issues on laptops / desktops.
a Provided Email Support a" End User and Executive Support
a Maintained accountability of over 1000 systems turned in for imaging Base line
d and applying the image for templates with GHOST 7.0.
a Scanned over 1000 information systems for vulnerabilities using STAT 6.0 or Re
tina Scanner, corrected vulnerabilities, and submitted reports to senior managem
a Provided technical support to Administration of 3 distinct networks to ensure
continuity of operations.
a Submitting new support tickets into ticketing system and provide status update
s to existing tickets.
a Update support tickets with relevant information, forward support tickets to p
roper personnel and close completed support tickets as work is performed.
2005a"2005 U.S Army Fort Hood, TX
Information Assurance Technician
a Troubleshoot both hardware and software.
a Experience installing, troubleshooting and/or maintaining software and
hardware installations, upgrades and related activities.
a Install Computer parts, hard drives, memory cards, CD ROMs, and NIC cards. Pro
vides help desk support to internal associates, both onsite and remote, for res
olution of software and connectivity issues.
a Create new user accounts, set up passwords, and grant access.
a Provided technical assistance coordinated and schedule computer repairs with c
a Imaged over 2000 computer systems, applying the image for templates with Ghost
a Migrated over 200 information systems to Active Directory a" adding / removin
Users and setting up access, permissions, and groups.
a Completes assigned work, logs, tracks, updates progress through call problem l
ogging and tracking system
a Maintained assigned equipment, valued at over $1,000,000.00, in a high state o
f operational readiness.
2004a"2005 U.S. Army Camp Red Cloud, Korea
Senior Software Analyst
a Supervised the configuration, Installation and management of all automation
and Integrated System Control communication shelters.
a Working on and Configuring Cisco routers, switches and hubs.
a Repair malfunctioning software and hardware at clientas location.
a Replace defective hardware for end-clients by coordinating for warranty items
a Verified Cat5 Cable connections with Fluke Network CAT5e/CAT6 cable tester.
a Created/installed network Cat5 cables.
a Executed system administrative duties and local area network management functi
ons for 25 hosts and 300 users.
a Sustained computer related equipment valued in excess of $1,000,000.
2000a"2004 U.S. Army Ft Leonard Wood, Missouri
Information System Analyst
a Installed, operated and performed maintenance on MS Windows NT/2000/XP
Operating System.
a Performed diagnostics, security analysis, troubleshooting and repairs for hard
drives, motherboards, NIC Cards, monitors, and power sources.
a Upgraded and replaced memory, CD-ROMs and software for MS Windows NT/2000/XP a
nd MS Office 2000/2003.
a Configured 800 computer systems before adding them to the network and setup pr
ofiles and new email account.
a Transferred data from users profile after system crashed or new systems were a
dded to the network.
a Imaged and installed over 500 computers within the organization using Ghost so
ftware and Baseline DOD Computers.
a Submitting new support tickets into ticketing system and provide status update
s to existing tickets.
a Update support tickets with relevant information, forward support tickets to p
roper personnel and close completed support tickets as work is performed.
Education 2008-2010 University Of Phoenix Online Degree Program
a AAIT/ N-011B Information Computer Networking Degree
a Smith System Advanced on Road Defensive Drivers Course Certifica
2000-2007 U.S. Army
a Structured Cabling Technician Certificate.
a Advanced Fiber Optics Testing and Maintenance Certificate.
a STAT Scanner 6.0 Virtual Training Course.
a Army Retina Scanner Virtual Training Course.
a Graduated Leadership Development Course.
a Information Assurance Security Officer Certificate.
a Online Army Webmaster Training Course.