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5020 Tallwood Drive

Raleigh, North Carolina 27613

(919) 676-8835
Objective: To secure challenging employment in Facility Maintenance in
which my comprehensive mechanical and supervisory skills will enhance org
anizational operations and promote opportunities for career growth and advan
Summary of Nature of Background & Scope of Experience:
Qualifications: More than twenty years of progressive experience
in the
performance and direction of diversified structural assembly and maint
enance functions.
Background highlighted by experience, training, and/or
achievement in the following areas:
Maintenance Extensive experience installing, maintaining, and repairing
machinery, plumbing, physical, and structure electrical
wiring/fixtures of commercial and industrial establishments
in accordance with specifications of blueprints, manuals, and
building codes. Includes background in:
- Planning and directing installation proceduresa
- Inspecting equipment and systems to diagnose
And isolate causes of malfunctiona
- Dismantling machinery to make repairsa
- Maintain water chemistry in the facilities piping systems.
- Installing and maintaining pumps, air handlers, boilers, chillers, exh
aust fans, air compressors, cooling towers,
backflow preventers, vacuum pumps, lab equipment.
Pipefitting Considerable background in laying out, fabricating,
assembling, installing and maintaining piping systems,
fixtures, and equipment for steam, hot water, heating cooling, hydraulic,
lubricating, sprinkling, and industrial processing system.
Welding Experience in utilizing Mig and Tig technologies to weld
stainless steel and aluminum parts according to diagrams.

5020 Tallwood Drive
Raleigh, NC 276l3
(919) 676-8835 Page 2

Supervision Diversified background in directing and coordinating operations

and personnel. Includes emphasis in:
Studying schedules and estimating worker-hour requirements
for timely project completiona
Administering recruitment and hiring procedures, as well
as procurement of required equipmenta
Maintaining records and documentation proceduresa
Monitoring operation to ensure compliance with performance,
quality, health, safety and related standard

Achievements: Background highlighted by the following:

Over 20 years as a pipefitter, plumber, welder with 5 years
apprenticeship training.
Installation of piping and instrumentation system in chemical
plants, oil refineries, and pharmaceutical plants.
Coordinated with engineering staff in the design and debugging
of prototype equipment.
Participated in pilot plant and production line development and maintenanc
Installation, operation and monitoring of remediation systems, and system

5020 Tallwood Drive
Raleigh, NC 276l3
(919) 676-8835 Page 3

June 06 to present Stiefel Research a GSK Co.
Senior Facility Maintenance Tec
11/00 to Jan. 2006 Johnson Controls, Inc./Lilly Pharmaceutical
Boiler room operator/facility maintenance
11/98 to 2000 Biemann and Rowell Mechanical Contractor
6/96 to 11/98 Diversified Mechanical and Southern Piping Forman, Mechani
cal Contractors
1988 to 5/96 Hunt-Schwalje, Inc. New Brunswick, NJ
Industrial Contractor a" Foreman
1975 to 1988 Nicholas-Schwalje, Inc., Metuchen, NJ
Industrial Contractor a" Foreman
1973 to 1975 PSE&G Edison, NJ
Heavy Equipment Operator
1969 to 1973 Borough Hardware, Metuchen, NJ
Store Clerk/Driver
Education Pipefitter Apprentice Training
Metuchen High School, Metuchen, NJ
Graduation Date: June l970