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5041 West 4400 south

West Haven, Utah 84401
Telephone: (801) 731-7789
Cell: (801) 686-2384
Offering more than 20 years of highly successful Design Engineer experience.
Selected to lead Autolivs General Development Projects.
Served as Team Leader of Autolivs Global Cushion Team.
Productively supervised and directed as many as 50 personnel in assembly line f
ood production at All American Gourmet.
Participated in the design of 95% of all auto airbag cushions in use today.
Developed designs for Autoliv that were awarded eight patents including but not
limited to Airbag Cushion Construction, Flexible Housing For And Airbag Module,
Inflatable Cushion With Shielded Seams, Airbag Check Valve, Stress Reducer Pass
enger Cushion, Automotive Airbag Throat and Mouth Construction, Hooded Heat Shie
ld For Automotive Airbag Cushion, and Vehicle Airbag Fabric Module.
Developed Design of Experiment test.
Unique ability to conceptualize in 3-D
Selected as the subject matter expert in the development and setting up of prot
otype operations in Australia and Japan.
Designed a rapidly expanding bag for Israel to use for unloading cargo.
Failure Analysis
Adept at applying innovative failure analysis techniques to troubleshoot and re
solve design problems.
Expertise and conducting Design Failure Effects Mode Analysis (DFEMA), Product
Failure Effects Mode Analysis (PFEMA), and root cause analysis
Created and wrote Autoliv airbag standards and specifications in accordance wit
h federal standards.
Green Belt certified in 6 Sigma procedures.
Recognized for effectively interpreting and creating process maps that included
, takt times, process flow, and poke yokes, ensuring that parts were assembled c
orrectly every time.
Made significant contributions that allowed Autoliv to maintain its QS9001 cert
Proven track record of planning and organizing people and materials to achieve
the highest level of productivity with minimal waste while achieving stringent q
uality standards.
Effectively trained Autoliv engineers and drafting designers at worldwide plant
locations in the design, testing and manufacture of auto airbags.
Collaborated with suppliers in the design, quality, pricing and timing of new p
rojects. Unique ability to conceptualize in 3D and troubleshoot.
Computer Software
Proficient in the use of office related software including but not limited to W
ord, PowerPoint, Mini Tab, Excel, PDM Sherpa, and Lotus Notes .
Expertise in the use of computer aided design software including but not limite
d to Catia V.4, Catia V.5, Solid Works, Touchcad, PLM, and AutoCAD .

09/1990 03/2009 Autoliv Ogden, Utah
Development Design Engineer (07/1995 03/2009)
Developed and tested airbag cushions for in-car geometry, while providing adequ
ate occupant restraint, and meeting customer requirements and specifications.
Coordinated with the application, process, and development engineers in the des
ign and development of a robust quality cushion.
Troubleshot non-conforming products
Developed solutions to bring nonconforming products into compliance with custom
er specifications and requirements.
Trained domestic and international staff at worldwide plant locations in the de
sign, development, production and quality methods, procedures and techniques.
Coordinated with sewing Research and Development personnel to improve cushion m
anufacturing processes.
Consulted with engineering personnel at all levels in the development and desig
n of new new products and manufacturing process.
Directed engineering technicians in design and development tasks.
Designed new equipment to test and evaluate prototype products designs.
Created design packets for designers to create drawing or sketch
Reviewed supplier products and certifications
Tracked inventory of components
Collaborated with suppliers to resolve and improve processing and quality issue
Worked with hybrid, fluid fueled, and pyro inflators
Manufacturing Engineer
Designed production line layouts to reduce head counts and increase production
efficiency (LMPU).
Determined work sequences to maintain continuous and complicated work flow. Dev
eloped poke-yoke implementation procedures to ensure product was produce the sam
e every time.
Determined production run times to achieve maximum productivity with the least
amount of waste.
Implemented continuous improvement procedures.
Determined inventory minimum and capacity levels to achieve maximum production
and minimum inventory levels.
Identified stagnation, inspection, conveyance and processing problems.
Created standard work procedure instructions to reduce and suppress variances i
n production procedures.
Implemented Just In Time (JIT) inventory procedures to increase production effi
Quality Engineer
Created boundary samples for quality sampling.
Determined run at rates.
Created standards, requirement specifications, procedures, work and rework inst
ructions to bring components to quality standards.
Conducted Design Failure Effects Mode Analysis (DFEMA), Product Failure Effects
Mode Analysis (PFEMA), and root cause analysis
Performed deep dive testing of components to ensure quality standards were met.
Reviewed specification drawings.
Utilized precision measuring and testing instruments including but not limited
to micrometers, calipers, depth micrometer, Pin gages, height gages, ohmmeter,
Instron, Rockwell hardness, thread fasteners, dye penetrates, optical comparator
s, just to, etc..
Entered Production Part Acceptance Package (PPAP) into database.
Ensured products met all quality and specification requirements.
Sorted parts.
Supplier Quality Engineer
Reviewed supplier product certifications.
Inspect raw materials to ensure they met required requirements and were within
tolerances and meet all physical characteristics.
Reviewed Product Part Acceptance Package (PPAP) to ensure parts were documented
Ensured suppliers had the capacity to supply the parts.
Wrote DOEs for nonconforming parts.
Coordinated with suppliers to make changes in parts and part specifications.
Organized in-house and outside part sorts
Prepared warrants for deviations that did effect the integrity of the product.
Requested new PPAPs when required.
Logged all nonconforming parts.
Tracked component receiving dates to ensure critical production and testing dat
es were met.
Development Design Engineer Technician (08/1991 07/1995)
Reviewed supplier product certifications
Tracked inventory for Engineers
Assisted engineers with product development
Designed equipment to evaluate potential new products
Wrote test matrix for product testing
Reviewed drawings
Worked closely with sewing Research and Development technicians
Cushion volume testing
Performed cushion volume and permeability testing
Collaborated with suppliers in developing new fabrics.
Served as liaison and the cushion subject mater expert for all Engineers.
Manufacturing Associate (09/1990 08/1991)
Operated all equipment in the assembly of initiators and inflators
Trained new manufacturing associates
Inspected parts
Made recommendations information to improve quality and quantity
American Gourmet Foods; Ogden, Utah
Production Supervisor
Supervised and directed as many as 50 personnel in the cooking and packing of f
rozen food products.
Set production priorities.
Coordinated the job assignments production personnel personnel.
Coordinated all changes and production requirements with upper management and o
ther production area supervisors.
Made adjustments and changes to production assignment to avoid production bottl
enecks and delays.
Ensure all production and quality goals were met.
Autolivs Production System (APS) University
Fundamentals of Quality, JIT, 5S, Production Control, and Elimination of Waste.
Additonal Autoliv Sponsored Training
Lean Manufacturing, ISO 14001, Ergonomics, Solid works, Team Performance, 6-Si
gma, Design for 6-sigma, Quality Policy, Process Map/Interaction Diagram, TPM, D
iversity Training, ISO vs. TS Quality Management System; Geometric, Dimensioning
and Tolerancing; Code of Business, ISO/ASME, Prototype Quality Requirements, Ex
ecution and ISO 140001, Effective Writing, Constraint Management, Accountability
, Sign Language, PFMEAQ, QS 9000, DFMEA, Frontal AB Tech, Problem Solving and S
tress Management
Franklin/Covey Training
Time Management
Seven Habits of Successful People
Weber State University - Ogden, Utah
General Studies
Ogden Applied Technology College Ogden, Utah
Spanish course 2008