Olympia College Students¶ Adventurous Trip to Lost World of Tambun The Student Council of Olympia College, Penang campus

had recently organized a trip to the Lost World of Tambun - a water and theme park located in Sunway City, Ipoh. participated in the trip to relax after the examinations. The journey to the Lost World of Tambun began at 7.00 a.m and the group safely reached the Lost World of Tambun Water Theme Park at 11.00 a.m. The group headed straight to the Petting Zoo, a stunning place where they bonded and played with animals such as snakes, raccoon and even rabbits. Some of the main attractions in Tambun Petting Zoo are Ruby the Racoon, Rabbit Wonderland, Bird Paradise, Serpenterium, Tortoise Kingdom and even Rainforest Trail. The students were carried away with the amazing beauty of the snakes and the reptiles. The students also learnt more about the wild animals and also how they should play a role in protecting the endangered wild animals. At the Tiger Valley, they enjoyed watching as the tigers played. Some of the students even tried their hand at fishing with a small fishing net in a pond. The students freaked out when they entered Serpentarium ± where wild reptiles were placed in a see through glass that can give a very pleasant and shocking experience, to some. Among the reptiles that were displayed in the Serpentarium were Giant Reticulated Python, Mangrove Snakes and Giant Monitor Lizards. At the Bird Paradise, the group enjoyed the natural trees and unique man-made bird houses which houses almost 500 birds. According to the Forest Ranger, there are around 18 different species of birds such as Love Bird, Peacock, Zebra Dove, Mandarin Duck etc. The students were really excited when The Forest Ranger offered a chance for them to feed the birds. The service at the Lost World of Tambun was simply excellent. Then, the group went to the Water Theme Park, one of the major attractions of Lost World of Tambun. One of the popular spot is the Adventure River - Asia¶s longest man-made river. Also, there were tube raiders where one can slide from the top in comfortable tubes made especially for water slides. Then there was the Cliff Racer, specially made for thrill seekers to enjoy a straight slide at a top speed as well as Jungle Wave Bay, where they enjoyed a lot of water games among the students and the lecturers. The group then went to the Tambun Hot Springs and experienced the warm earthly temperature which made them to relax before they left the place. They also visited the Amusement Park where some of the students played some games and even won some tokens. The group took some pictures and left the place around 5.30pm. The trip was so exciting and the Student Council were happy to have organised the trip to Lost World of Tambun. Around 25 lecturers and students

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