Ingredients: Flour 3 cups Dry milk 3 tbsp Instant yeast 2 tsp heaped Egg 1 Caster sugar 3 tbsp (heaped) Butter 3 tbsp (melted) Luke warm water to knead

Ingredients for filling: Brown sugar ¾ cup Cinnamon powder 1 tsp (heaped) Walnuts ½ cup (crushed)

Ingredients for caramel sauce: Brown sugar ½ cup Caster sugar ¼ cup Cream 4 tbsp (heaped) Butter 2 tbsp

Method for Dough: Mix together flour, dry milk, instant yeast, egg, caster sugar, and knead with warm water into soft dough, leave to rise for 1 hour. Roll the dough into a large rectangular, brush lightly with butter, spread with brown sugar mix with cinnamon powder and crushed walnuts roll like Swiss roll cut the dough into 2 inch pieces, press lightly again leave to rise for ½ an hour brush with beaten egg yolk, bake on 200 degrees for 15 to 20 minutes pour hot sauce on top and serve immediately

drain on paper. cover and keep in warm place about 1 hour until the dough rises to double its size. cover and leave for 20 minutes until doubled in size. Place a tsp of strawberry jam on half of the rounds. knead dough for 5 minutes until smooth. 2 beaten eggs. 3 ¾ cup flour. 2 tbsp yeast. cut into rounds with 2 inches cutter. Divide into two equal portions.Jam Doughnuts Ingredients Flour 3 ¾ cup Instant yeast 2 tbsp Caster sugar 3 tbsp Eggs 2 lightly beaten Powder milk 4 tbsp Butter melted 4ounce Warm water as required Strawberries jam ½ cup Oil for deep frying Caster sugar ½ cup extra Method mix together in a bowl. 4 ounce melted butter and knead into a soft dough with warm water. place rounds on greased oven proof tray. Now deep fry doughnuts until golden brown. roll dough into 1 cm thickness. tossed in extra caster sugar. top with remaining rounds. press edges again if necessary. press edges together with fingers. DN 2 1/5 cup flour Castar sugar 5tbsp Melted butter 3 tbsp 1 egg Dry milk powder 4 tbsp ½ cup water 1tbs east ICING Butter 1 ounce Icing sugar 6 tbsp Coco poder 2 tbsp Cream 1tbs Water 1 tbsp . place the dough on a flat surface. 4 tbsp milk powder. 3 tbsp caster sugar.

brown sugar in a pan and heat gently stirring until melted keep a side Beat butter and caster sugar till light and fluffy beat in the egg yolks well fold in the sieved flour and soda along with a cooked chocolate mixture and beat until smooth beat egg whites stiff and fold in the mixture spread into the grease pan and bake in a preheat oven for 4 minutes turn on to fire wire rack and cool. Mix well till smooth pour over the warn cake and spread evenly allow to set and cut into squares .Chocolate velvet square Ingredients Plain chocolate 100 grams Butter 100 grams Flour 200 grams Soda bicarb 1 tsp Brown sugar 100 grams Egg 2 separated Caster sugar 100 grams Milk ½ cup Ingredients for iceing Butter 50 grams Icing sugar 100 grams Milk 3 tbsp Cocoa powder 2tbsp Method for squares Grease rectangular pan place chocolate milk. Method for icing Put butter and milk in a pan and heat gently until melted add in sifted icing sugar and cocoa.

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