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LT-32WX84 /K
CD-ROM No.SML200404





V1 1 2 3
V2 4 5 6
V3 7 8 9

V4 100+ 0 TV











SAFETY Type The components identified by the symbol and shading are No indication : Ceramic capacitor critical for safety. Withstand voltage No indication : DC50[V] NOTE Due improvement in performance. some part numbers show Others : DC withstand voltage [V] in the circuit diagram may not agree with those indicated in AC indicated : AC withstand voltage [V] the part list. If the above precaution is not respected. a fuse or any parts will be broken.LT-32WX84/K STANDARD CIRCUIT DIAGRAM NOTE ON USING CIRCUIT DIAGRAMS 1.INDICATION OF PARTS SYMBOL [EXAMPLE] In the PW board : R1209 R209 : Receptacle (7)Ground symbol 4. Therefore. Therefore.NOTE FOR REPAIRING SERVICE Rated allowable power This model's power circuit is partly different in the GND. No. etc. Capacitance value 1 or higher : [pF] Since the circuit diagram is a standard one. for example. TAN : Tantalum capacitor (1)Input signal : Colour bar signal (3)Coils (2)Setting positions of No unit : [µH] each knob/button and Others : As specified variable resistor : Original setting position (4)Power Supply when shipped (3)Internal resistance of tester : DC 20k /V : B1 : B2 (12V) (4)Oscilloscope sweeping time :H 20µs / div : 9V : 5V :V 5ms / div Respective voltage values are indicated : Othters Sweeping time is specified (5)Test point (5)Voltage values : All DC voltage values : Test point : Only test point display Since the voltage values of signal circuit vary to some extent according to adjustments. if the above MFR : Metal film resistor caution is not respected. the chassis is pulled out.SPECIFIED VOLTAGE AND WAVEFORM VALUES TF : Thin film capacitor The voltage and waveform values have been measured under the BP : Bipolar electrolytic capacitor following conditions. use them as reference values. For continued safety replace safety ciritical MM : Metalized mylar capacitor components only with manufactures recommended parts. The No indication : 1/16 [W] difference of the GND is shown by the LIVE : ( ) side GND and the Others : As specified ISOLATED(NEUTRAL) : ( ) side GND.) the LIVE side GND (2)Capacitors and ISOLATED(NEUTRAL) side GND at the same time. an electric shock may be caused. the circuit and circuit constants may be subject to change for improvement less than 1 : [µF] without any notice. care must be Type taken for the following points. PP : Polypropylene capacitor MPP : Metalized polypropylene capacitor MF : Metalized film capacitor 2. (6)Connecting method : Connector : Wrapping or soldering 3.YA090 2-1 .INDICATIONS ON THE CIRCUIT DIAGRAM (1)Resistors : LIVE side ground Resistance value : ISOLATED(NEUTRAL) side ground No unit :[ ] : EARTH ground K : [k ] : DIGITAL ground M : [M ] 5. make sure that the power cord is surely removed from MPR : Metal plate resistor the receptacle when. Electrolytic Capacitors When ordering parts. with a measuring apparatus ( oscilloscope. UNFR : Uninflammable resistor (2)Do not short between the LIVE side GND and ISOLATED(NEUTRAL) FR : Fusible resistor side GND or never measure with a measuring apparatus measure Composition resistor 1/2 [W] is specified as 1/2S or Comp. No indication : Carbon resistor (1)Do not touch the LIVE side GND or the LIVE side GND and the OMR : Oxide metal film resistor ISOLATED(NEUTRAL) side GND simultaneously. please use the numbers that appear 47/50[Example]: Capacitance value [µF]/withstand voltage[V] in the Parts List.

..... 2-25 VIDEO PWB PATTERN ................................. 2-29 REGULATOR PWB PATTERN ....... RECEIVER P................... 2-33 FRONT SENSOR PWB PATTERN ........................... 2-11 POWER PWB CIRCUIT DIAGRAM ..................................... 2-23 PATTERN DIAGRAMS ...................................................W.................................................. BOARD LCA90182-01B (SSB-0J086A) VIDEO P...............................W................ 2-25 RECEIVER PWB PATTERN ............................................................. 2-34 VOLTAGE CHART ..........................................................................2-2 BLOCK DIAGRAM ....................... 2-36 USING P.......................W.....................................W..... BOARD LCA90150-07D (SSB-9191A) FRONT SENSOR P.........CONTENTS SEMICONDUCTOR SHAPES ................................................................................................................ 2-35 WAVEFORMS ...................................................................................................... 2-27 POWER PWB PATTERN ................................. BOARD LCA90149-07F (SSB-9091A) REGULATOR P................W..............................................2-5 RECEIVER PWB CIRCUIT DIAGRAM ..................................W................................................... BOARD LCA90154-03D (SSB-0L386A) SEMICONDUCTOR SHAPES TRANSISTOR BOTTOM VIEW FRONT VIEW TOP VIEW CHIP TR C E C B B C E E C B E C B B E (G) (D) (S) E C B IC BOTTOM VIEW FRONT VIEW TOP VIEW 1 N OUT E IN 1 N IN E OUT 1 N CHIP IC TOP VIEW N 1 N N 1 N N 2-2 No............... 2-19 FRONT SENSOR PWB CIRCUIT DIAGRAM ..........................................................W...............................................................................2-3 CIRCUIT DIAGRAMS .......................................................YA090 ................................................................................................................ 2-34 FRONT CONTROL PWB PATTERN .................................................................................................................................................................. 2-15 REGULATOR PWB CIRCUIT DIAGRAM ... BOARD LCA90152-03C (SSB-1086A) POWER P....... 2-5 VIDEO PWB CIRCUIT DIAGRAM .............................................................................................................. BOARD PWB ASS'Y name PWB ASS'Y No......................................................................................... BOARD LCA90155-03B (SSB-0L286A) FRONT CONTROL P..................................................................................... 2-21 FRONT CONTROL PWB CIRCUIT DIAGRAM ................................................................................................................................


1 /16 3K OPEN R1102 220 QRN143J-0R0X R1155 R1152 3.YA090 .7 /50 1M N N C1146 C1142 C1143 1 /50 0.7 /50 C1159 C1155 C1101 C1103 C1104 /16 PS PS PS C1154 .7 /50 R1144 R1145 220 220 C1144 5600p C1145 R1147 .1 /25 OPEN MODE2_2 MODE1_1 R1150 OPEN OPEN GND SDA SCL 62K BIL SO ST C1168 IC1102 NRSA63F-623X 0.0047 CXA2134Q-X C1148 R1116 OPEN 10 /50 R1109 R1110 R1149 R1115 OPEN R1114 OPEN R1113 OPEN C1147 6.0047 100 /16 C1110 0.047 R1126 N .1 /16 C1109 NCB11CK-225X C1166 MTS DECODE NCF31CZ-104X 4.3K 10/50 3.022 R1106 OPEN R1117 OPEN R1108 OPEN C1165 C1150 R1107 33k 0.YA090 2-5 2-6 No.CIRCUIT DIAGRAMS RECEIVER PWB CIRCUIT DIAGRAM (1/3) SHEET1 ! R1131 10K Q1103 Q1102 2SC3928A/QR/-X TU1101 2SA1530A/QR/-X TU1101 QAU0322-001 R1132 27K R1133 GND 10K GND GND GND R1134 OPEN C1106 OPEN R1143 OPEN C1107 OPEN R1119 R1120 OPEN R1122 R1123 0 R1142 OPEN OPEN OPEN R1141 GND 47K C1117 OPEN GND L1101 OPEN L1102 0 C1162 C1161 R1154 R1153 0.1 PS /16 C1171 C1152 NCB11CK-225X 4.3 GND (SSB-0J086A) GND STB5V STB5V RECEIVER PWB(3/3) SHEET2 5V 5V No.7 /50 R1148 12K C1141 R1146 4.0027 1 /50 OPEN C1118 10/50 OPEN 10k 220p POWER PWB(1/2) CN00E1 SHEET6 QUB130-16EPFX C1119 C1102 QETN1HM-106Z 220p 470 /16 Q1101 C1153 GND QETN1CM-477Z 2SC3928A/QR/-X N 4.1 /16 0.7 /50 GR_RST AGC_MU1 GRON VDD F_MONO N CS2 CS1 CS0 GND C1149 4.1 4.7 /50 C1163 0.7 /50 IC1101 M62320FP-X C1167 R1151 0.7 /50 0.1 /25 4.3 /50 C1160 C1157 CH CH 0.8K R1112 100 R1111 100 GND 4.012 100K TV_R1 TV_R1 GND RECEIVER PWB(2/3) TV_L1 SHEET2 TV_L1 GRVOUT GRVOUT SCL0 SCL0 SDA0 RECEIVER PWB(3/3) SDA0 SHEET2 HP_VOL HP_VOL CN000K QGA1501C2-07V MI-COM & DIST MODULE GND RECEIVER PWB(3/3) 9V 9V SHEET2 L1591 CN000G QQL26AK-330Z QGA1501C2-10V C1591 470 /16 RECEIVER PWB ASS'Y (1/3) GND 32V POWER PWB(2/2) L1593 SHEET7 QQL26AK-220Z C1593 LCA90182-01B 1000/6.7 /50 GND C1170 NCB11CK-225X C1151 C1164 N 4.9K R1103 220 C1158 C1156 3.

2 /16 R1554 TV_L1 GND NCB11CK-225X OPEN GND TV_R1 L3 TV_R1 J2021 L Q1501 QNN0370-001 D2209 OPEN R2145 MA8100/M/-X R1555 RECEIVER PWB (1/3) 220k 0 SHEET1 SCL0 VY_SWMAIN INPUT-3 GND R1557 SCL0 C_SWMAIN C2146 2.8k TV OPEN OPEN RV3 GND R1502 GND 6.8K C3 LTV GND C1536 C1506 C1504 0.2 /16 GND R1525 1K C1524 QETN1HM-226Z GND NCB11CK-225X OPEN VY_SWMAIN L2 GND J2012 L ADR YIN1 V/YOUT2 DC_OUT QNN0370-001 GND INPUT-2 COUT3 ROUT3 ROUT2 COUT2 YOUT3 VOUT3 R2126 D2212 C_BSD LOUT3 LOUT2 TRAP2 AGND MUTE 220k MA8100/M/-X VCC SDA MI-COM & DIST SCL C2128 2.01 R2106 220k MA8100/M/-X R3 6.01 NCB31HK-103X GND C1 LCA90182-01B (SSB-0J086A) D2217 J2001 C210310/50 MA8100/M/-X QND0102-001 QETN1HM-106Z GND Y1 R2103 R2102 D2216 S.8k QNN0370-001 220 220 220 220 6.2 /16 0.2 /16 OPEN Q2255 NCB11CK-225X GND UN2226-X MUTE DRIVE MUTE GND GND No.2 /16 NCB11CK-225X J2002 L1 QNN0370-001 L IC1501 R2105 D2218 CXA2069Q 220k MA8100/M/-X VIDEO/AUDIO SELECT RV1 LV1 C2 C1 V3 Y2 V2 Y1 V1 RY2 S-1 LV3 LV2 S2-1 S-2 S2-2 GND C1535 CN00AU C21062.01 GND 0 VIDEO PWB (1/2) D2206 MA8100/M/-X C1539 LV4 COUT1 SHEET4 R2123 C212410 /50 J2011 75 QETN1HM-106Z GND Y_BSD R1577 OPEN 0.01 0 GND S2-4 ROUT1 R_SWMAIN J2011 J2011 GND QND0102-001 QND0102-001 RECEIVER PWB S-4 VOUT1 GND R1506 (3/3) SHEET3 0 C2125 10/50 TV_L1 QETN1HM-106Z LV5 LOUT1 L_SWMAIN V2 C1522 R1523 1K C1523 J2012 VIDEO QENC1HM-475Z OPEN N N QNN0370-001 GRVOUT CN000J D2204 V5 CIN1 C1510 R2125 MA8100/M/-X C1521 10 /16 QGA1501C2-11V 75 OPEN R1520 0 GND C_SWMAIN TV_R1 C1532 RV5 BIAS 22/50 C2127 2.RECEIVER PWB CIRCUIT DIAGRAM (2/3) SHEET 2 S1 J2001 QND0102-001 D2101 MA8100/M/-X RECEIRVER PWB ASS'Y (2/3) GND C2102 .8k 6.8k 6.01 C4 TRAP1 C1541 R1505 0.01 S-3 V6 CN000N R1575 OPEN C1508 QGA1501C2-04V C2123.01 QND0102-001 Y2 Y4 VGND C1538 R1504 D2205 R_BSD R1578 OPEN 0.2 /16 NCB11CK-225X GND J2032 MON_L QNN0370-001 L R2254 Q2256 UN2110-X R2277 22k D2254 1K RECEIVER PWB (3/3) OPEN Q2254 M_MU UN2226-X C2256 D6702 SHEET3 1 /16 R2278 R2265 NCB21CK-105X 39k MA111-X J2032 GND 390 R GND QNN0370-001 MUTE GND GND GND GND R2255 MON_R 22k R2270 C2257 D2255 470 2.2 /16 68 NCB11CK-225X NCB11CK-225X 47 NCB11CK-225X J2031 R2261 GND R2274 R2282 QND0102-001 C2251 150 47 GND 47 GND QETN1HM-105Z R2252 S-VIDEO 2.8k 6.2 /16 Y_BSD MODULE GND NCB11CK-225X GND J2012 QNN0370-001 R R2 R_BSD D2213 R2127 MA8100/M/-X C1519 R1530 OPEN 220k 1k L_BSD GND GND GND C2144 10/50 GND L_SWSUB J2021 QETN1HM-106Z V3 R1521 R1524 R_SWSUB L_SWSUB RECEIVER PWB (3/3) QNN0370-001 VIDEO 220 220 R_SWSUB SHEET3 R1552 R1553 R2144 D2201 R1551 MA8100/M/-X 0 0 75 C1551 0 OPEN GRVOUT GRVOUT GND TV_L1 C2145 2.01 0 S-VIDEO R2122 MA8100/M/-X C1540 RV4 YOUT1 75 GND GND C_BSD R1579 OPEN 0.8K QGA2001C2-03V R1 J2002 R Y3 RTV QNN0370-001 D2219 C1505 C1503 R1536 0.2k D2258 R2286 MA111-X 33k MONITOR OUT R2264 390 R2269 470 C2255 2.01 OPEN S2 S2-3 RV6 J2011 R1574 GND QND0102-001 D2121 100 C1507 GND MA8100/M/-X HP_DET 0.01 GND 0.8k R2104 220 220 220 D2215 1k 1k 75 MA8100/M/-X GND GND C21052.01 R1501 GND NCB11CK-225X 6.2k R2262 C2253 R2275 C2262 R2283 100 QETN1AM-108Z 47 1000/10 47 D2251 R2263 QETN1AM-108Z MA8100/M/-X 68 Q2251 R2268 KTA1267/YG/-T 68 R2276 D2252 100 R2284 J2031 J2031 C BUFFER MA8100/M/-X D2253 100 MON_V QND0102-001 QND0102-001 MA8100/M/-X R2285 C2263 D2259 OPEN 47/25 MA111-X Q2252 Q2253 QETN1EM-476Z R2288 KTA1267/YG/-T KTA1267/YG/-T 56k Y BUFFER VIDEO BUFFER GND GND J2032 GND Q2260 QNN0370-001 VIDEO 2SA1530A/QR/-X R2253 2.2 /16 R2281 2.01 GND 0.YA090 .VIDEO 75 75 MA8100/M/-X GND GND GND C2 R2 C1 R1 S2 Y2 V2 S1 Y1 V1 L2 L1 GND V3 INPUT-1 J2001 J2001 L3 QND0102-001 QND0102-001 GND C210410/50 QETN1HM-106Z J2002 V1 OPEN OPEN R1534 R1533 R1511 R1512 R1519 R1518 R1517 R1516 R1515 R1514 R1513 R1522 R1526 R1527 R1528 R1529 VIDEO 6.01 GND NCB31HK-103X V4 LV5 C2 C1537 R1503 L_BSD R1576 OPEN 0.2 /16 SDA0 R_SWSUB L_SWSUB GND NCB11CK-225X R1556 0 SDA0 R3 OPEN J2021 R HP_DET SDA0 QNN0370-001 SCL0 R2146 D2210 HP_DET 220k MA8100/M/-X GND MON_C MON_R MON_Y MON_V MON_L GND S1DC S-VIDEO GND S1DC MON_C J2031 QND0102-001 GND MON_Y OPEN R2258 GND 9V VIDEO PWB (2/2) R2259 R2273 C2261 C2252 SHEET5 R2251 150 C2254 47 2.YA090 2-7 2-8 No.

2K 2SC3928A/QR/-X 100K 0.7 /50 10/50 R6593 K6591 C6611 R_AHBAMP 1K NQR0413-002X NCB11EK-105X R6104 0 C6505 C6507 C6509 C6511 C6516 C6518 .1 /16 0.0033 .RECEIVER PWB CIRCUIT DIAGRAM (3/3) SHEET 3 IC6101 AN77L12-T RECEIVER PWB ASS'Y (3/3) D6101 OPEN LCA90182-01B K6103 C6103 OPEN 47/25 R6105 0 C6102 0.1 R6101 0 PS /16 1000p R6102 0 C6610 R_PREAHB PS 0.2K 0.033 .068 R6556 R6594 R6622 D1FS4-X C6506 C6508 C6510 C6512 C6520 C6521 C6523 /16 3.7 /50 100 100 L_SWMAIN R6509 Q6505 R6532 C6554 R6554 R6558 R6602 R6624 L6643 NCB21EK-224X NCB31HK-104X K6643 2.1 PS /16 AU_GND C6101 47/25 (SSB-0J086A) R6106 0 R6107 0 R6108 0 CN000F AU_VCC QGA2001C2-04V VREF IC6641 TA2024ASE-X AU_D_VCC K6101 POWER PWB(2/2) R6541 5.2K 4.1 /16 4.1 C6650 2SC3928A/QR/-X D1FS4-X R6641 /16 1000p R6597 C6613 L6642 C6642 K6642 10K PS 0.1 220 D1FS4-X 0.7 /50 R6535 C6551 R6555 C6612 D6641 R_VOLPRE C6533 15K C6557 0.3K 1K 18K CH .2 /50 4.2K 1 /50 10p R6552 Q6552 CH 100p C6643 C6646 C6651 CH 180K 2SC3928A/QR/-X 1000p R6514 R6515 4.7 /50 10/50 NQR0413-002X NCB11EK-105X 120p L_PREAHB C6614 AHB_R+ AHB_L+ AHB_R- 0.068 560 22K Q6592 OPEN 47K 10 NQR0413-002X /16 R6592 DTC323TK-X QQL28AM-100 R6536 R6534 C6552 56K D6643 L_VOLPRE 15K 10K 0.1 C6402 R6404 C6404 C6407 /16 R6707 OPEN TEMP 10 /50 8.1 /16 10 NQR0413-002X R6518 IC6501 10K IC6531 IC6551 QQL28AM-100 NCB21EK-224X QRK126J-100X SPEAKER RECEIVER PWB (2/3) NJW1137M-W RC4558D-X RC4558D-X R6623 K6644 GND C6526 47K QQL28AM-100 NCB21EK-224X QRK126J-100X NQR0413-002X SHEET2 OPEN C6593 C6527 10/50 R6605 OPEN OPEN R6621 L6644 C6644 18K CH 10 R6642 C6652 R6560 C6623 C6605 C6604 D6644 C6648 1000p 10K C6621 120p 0.0033 .2K Q6702 R6725 2SA1530A/QR/-X R6724 10K R6406 10K 1K C6410 Q6703 1 /50 2SC3928A/QR/-X R6727 R6409 IC6701 120K OVERLOAD R6407 C6409 15K M62320FP-X C6704 10K 1 /50 R6723 NCB11EK-105X 10K R6726 C6705 OPEN 10/50 Q6401 Q6402 UN2110-X UN2226-X Q6704 R6701 R6702 R6703 R6704 R6705 R6706 2SC3928A/QR/-X R6730 56K 4.2K R6589 OPEN R6583 C6582 R6585 R6606 PS /16 100K 47/25 56K 10K C6573 K6571 D6573 R6573 NCB11EK-105X D6581 AHB_LV OPEN MA111-X 18K MA111-X A_MU1 C6581 R6584 10/50 1K Q6582 C6577 R6577 2SA1530A/QR/-X D6583 0.6K C6606 K6102 SHEET7 D6541 C6541 NCB11EK-105X NQR0413-002X OPEN 47/25 MA8062/M/-X C6607 C6104 0.1 /16 D1FS4-X PS PS 47/25 47/25 /16 R6591 PS C6608 C6503 56K Q6591 0.068 3.1 /16 1 /50 0.2K R_SWMAIN C6515 2.3K 0.2K /16 R6604 D6574 R6574 C6574 D6585 10K MA111-X 18K NCB11EK-105X R6588 0 MA111-X R6579 C6578 R6578 0 0.1 R6513 NCB11EK-105X PS /16 /25 PS /16 33K R6511 C6532 C6535 C6592 C6504 2.1 8.1 /16 R6103 0 C6513 C6517 C6519 C6555 2.7 /50 R6508 Q6504 R6533 C6553 R6553 DTC323TK-X R6601 PS /16 QQL28AM-100 K6641 2SC3928A/QR/-X 10K 0.1 8.2K 1 /50 10p 10K 2SA1530A/QR/-X 100p 2SA1530A/QR/-X R6512 CH CH CN000S 33K C6603 C6602 0.01 GND (2/3)SHEET2 L_SWSUB C6405 220 /10 HP_VOL C6408 220 /10 RESET IC6401 M_MU TA8119P C6701 Q6705 NCB11CK-225X 2SA1530A/QR/-X HPSUBVCC STB5V R6733 560 D6701 MA111-X R6717 R6728 R6734 560 OPEN 10K R6732 R6735 560 10K PS C6702 Q6701 R6720 R6721 OPEN R6719 OPEN OPEN R6731 10K R6710 R6709 R6708 0.7 /50 PS C6514 PS C6522 C6556 L_AHBAMP K6592 C6622 C6624 AU_D_GND 2.1 /16 AHB_L- AHB_CTRL PS TH6601 D6562 D6561 OPEN MA111-X MA111-X D6571 R6571 C6571 MA111-X 18K NCB11EK-105X R6564 R6561 0 120K R6603 C6575 R6575 R6565 R6562 C6562 OPEN 0.YA090 .068 560 R6557 10 2.1 8.1 L6641 R6517 4.1 8.2 /50 1 /50 220K C6576 R6576 PS 0.7 /50 RECEIVER PWB R_SWSUB FRONT CONTROL PWB R6403 C6406 SHEET10 (1/3)SHEET1 8.033 .7 /50 4.2K AHB_SW 82K 0 OPEN PS /16 D6601 D6572 R6572 C6572 Q6601 OPEN MA111-X 18K NCB11EK-105X R6566 C6563 C6561 R6563 2SC3928A/QR/-X OPEN 2.YA090 2-9 2-10 No.2 /50 4.2K /16 22K NRSA63D-822X NCB21EK-224X NCB31HK-104X NQR0413-002X 47/25 R6531 R6551 C6641 C6645 C6649 R6510 C6531 C6534 100K 180K R6559 Q6593 C6591 1000p Q6506 2.0047 0.0047 0.2K MA111-X PS /16 R6586 D6582 R6582 15K MA111-X 56K Q6581 R6581 2SC3928A/QR/-X 56K C6583 R6587 D6584 1 /50 0 MA111-X HP_MU1 HP_DET D6401 1SR35-400A-T2 5V SDA0 R6405 HP_MU0 OPEN CN000U A_MU0 SCL0 C6401 QGA1501C2-04V 10 /50 R6401 C6403 10K 4.7K FAULT 10K 100 100 100 100 R6729 C6706 56K OPEN GND No.7 /50 220 /10 100 100 100 OPEN R6718 C6703 R6722 R6402 OPEN OPEN OPEN R6408 10K 8.1 /16 4.1 220 C6647 QGA2501C5-06Z Q6551 PS /16 /25 D6642 PS 0.

7 /50 YIN DUVO6 NC 100p 120p OPEN QENC1AM-336Z R3514 SHEET2 R3005 L3001 0 R3024 22k CLL DUVO5 NC CH CH R3509 R3510 OPEN 180 NQL092K-6R8X CH 2.01 VIN DVSS C3023 0.1 /16 C3062 0.01 47/16 GND 2DYCY SHPX SVPX 2DYCRY 2DYCBY CE NRSA02J-0R0X NQR0415-005X C3077 GND2DA R3049 C3088 10p C3089 10p C3090 10p L3004 0.1 /16 330 C3063 1 /50 C3061 1 /50 1 /50 C3056 4700p 4700p 4700p 330 220 NC C3057 10/50 R3053 PS R3051 PS PS PS GND2DA L3007 0 GND GND2DA GND GND2DA GND GND2DA GND2DD GND2DA C3065 C3059 R3052 R3048 R3047 C3055 R3046 R3045 C3054 L3006 12k 12k C3073 C3068 GND NCB10JK-106X 0.2k R3555 AVSS VREFTEST 22k AVSS CPTEST CK56MO CK56MI EXLCKI NLHDA CKSEL PTEST TEST0 TEST1 TEST2 TEST3 TEST4 DAT15 DAT14 DAT13 DAT12 DAT11 DAT10 IOSEP DVDD DVDD DVDD DVDD SCAN DVSS RSTN DVSS DVSS DVSS DVSS LCKS R3031 SLAS DAT9 DAT8 DAT7 DAT6 DAT5 DAT4 DAT3 DAT2 DAT1 DAT0 SDA SCL 0 NC SVPX SVP NC NC NC NC SHPX LC3004 R3060 R3059 NQR0450-004X 1.3 LC3008 NQR0450-002X SDA0_3.1 /16 33p CH 56p CH AVDD( DLL) ADS4 NC C3513 R3535 C3516 15p CH C3518 PS 0.1 /16 22k 33k 3.8K 4.01 0 NRSA02J-0R0X VCC2YCD NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC C3072 PS C3067 C3099 4700p 0.01 R3025 22k CREFH DUVO1 NC GND2DA Q3003 CIN DUVO0 NC R3517 2SA1530A/QR/-X R3026 22k C3052 4700p 0 CREFL DVDD C3021 C3022 0.8k 10k PS R3050 10/16 56k OPEN 100 QBTC1CK-106Z 10/50 C3064 0.7 /16 NCF11CZ-475X C3024 0.YA090 .5K Q3002 C3074 R3023 47k CLH DUVO7 NC R3502 0 N C3001 100 NRSA63J-152X 2SC3928A/QR/-X 68p 100 C3502 C3503 R3506 RECEIVER PWB (2/3) 33/10 R3008 C3017 4.3k 150p 120P 1k NRSA63D-102X 0.7 /16 0.3k 150p 120p 1k 1k 7p AVDD( DLL) DVSS CH CH NRSA63D-102X CH PS 0. & XO DVDD R3553 R3013 R3015 C3008 C3009 R3018 R3020 C3028 C3029 0.1 /16 PS YREFL DUVO4 NC R3550 22k C3505 R3002 R3009 AVSS DUVO3 NC OPEN 33k R3004 C3002 C3003 R3007 1k C3019 3.3V 9V GND GND2DA GND VIDEO PWB(2/2) C3078 0.1 /16 PS C3507 R3519 C3510 15p CH C3512 UIN LDQM NC 0.1 /16 PS C3053 4700p 10k OPEN C3005 0 AVDD( ADC) DVDD GND2DA GND2DA C3004 15P 4.1 C3071 R3501 OPEN /16 47/16 0 COMPU COMPV COMPY VREFU UOUT DVDD DVDD DVDD VREFV VREFY AVDD VOUT AVDD AVDD YOUT AVDD DVSS DVSS CLKO DVSS AVSS AVSS AVSS AVSS AVSS LHD NC NC NC COID LVD IREFU DYIO9 DYIO8 DYIO7 DYIO6 DYIO5 DYIO4 DYIO3 DYIO2 DYIO1 DYIO0 IREFV IREFY GND2DA C3100 4700p C3501 R3503 C3504 15p CH R3508 R3513 R3515 C3506 0.2k C3050 4700p 2D YC SEP.1 /16 0 0 0 0 CH CH CH LC3003 C3080 1k 6.1 /16 QENC1CM-336Z 33/16 L3503 R3539 AVDD( BURST) NC N 33p CH 56p CH ADS9 NQL092K-6R8X 100 LC3503 PS 2DYCRY NQR0450-004X NC TCPOUT2 ADS10 NC R3534 2DYC_RY C3039 0.1 /16 1.1 /16 C3051 4700p R3552 Q3506 12k AVSS DVDD 22k R3520 2SC3928A/QR/-X Q3004 CH PS 180 LC3001 2SC3928A/QR/-X AVSS IC3001 DVSS Q3505 NQR0450-002X GND2DA GND2DA L3005 0 MN82832 QENC1CM-336Z C3520 2SA1530A/QR/-X R3021 NRSA02J-0R0X NC TVROUT1 CS NC 33/16 L3502 R3523 LC3502 N R3017 1.7 /16 NC TCPOUT1 ADS5 NC PS NCF11CZ-475X C3036 0.01 AVSS DUVO2 NC CH CH 0.1 /16 AVDD( ADC) DVDD 22k R3504 2SC3928A/QR/-X R3551 CN100N 12k CH PS C3015 180 LC3501 Q3001 YREFH DVSS C3519 Q3501 R3512 0 NQR0450-004X QGA1501C2-04V LC3002 2SC3928A/QR/-X GND2DA GND2DA C3016 0.7 /16 C3006 C3014 100 /16 R3549 Q3502 R3001 0.1 /16 R3518 2DYC_BY VIDEO PWB (2/2) NCB31AK-334X R3019 7p AVDD( DLL) BA NC 100 C3508 C3509 R3522 R3532 0 CH PS 100p 120p OPEN 68 SHEET5 R3016 L3002 Q3006 XI CAS NC 180 NQL092K-6R8X 2SA1530A/QR/-X X3001 CH CH R3525 NAX0570-001X AVSS RAS NC 2.5k 2DYCBY NQL092K-6R8X 100 NQR0450-004X C3007 R3014 1.33 /10 100 2SC3928A/QR/-X C3027 C3026 0.5% C3020 0.8K 1K 4700p 4700p 4700p 4700p 100 100 100 C3098 GND 0 0 0 0 C3085 C3086 C3091 OPEN OPEN OPEN 1500p SHP Q3007 C3041 C3048 LC3005 10/50 4700p NQR0450-002X OPEN C3042 R3033 R3034 R3035 R3036 R3037 R3066 R3039 R3040 C3044 C3045 C3046 2SA1530A/QR/-X C3079 GND GND C3092 OPEN OPEN GND R3038 OPEN R3041 RA3001 RA3002 RA3003 RA3004 C3047 R3081 R3056 OPEN 10/50 0 R3061 0 0 NRSA02J-0R0X C3093 OPEN R3065 R3032 10K 10K 10K 10K 100 0 C3043 GND GND2DA OPEN NRZ0040-103X NRZ0040-103X NRZ0040-103X NRZ0040-103X GND2DA R3042 R3062 0 GND GND2DA 10k R3057 C3094 OPEN GND2DD C3081 GND GND2DD OPEN C3084 GND2DD R3082 0 NRSA02J-0R0X GND2DD OPEN 0 GND GND2DD GND R3063 0 C3095 OPEN GND K3001 GND2DD C3082 150p C3083 GND GND2DD 0 NRSA02J-0R0X CH OPEN R3064 0 C3096 OPEN GND2DA GND2DD GND GND GND2DA GND2DD LC3006 NQR0450-004X C3097 OPEN GND GND2DA GND GND LC3007 NQR0450-002X RST3 GND VIDEO PWB (2/2) SHEET5 SCL0_3.1 /16 PS PS NCF11CZ-475X AVDD( ADC) UDQM NC R3521 R3022 C3025 10/50 10k C3011 C3012 0 AVDD( ADC) CKE NC GND2DA GND2DA R3012 C3010 15p 4.5K Q3005 AVSS WE NC 0.1 /16 GND2DA GND2DA FSCI ADS6 NC R3554 Q3510 R3030 PS 22k R3536 2SC3928A/QR/-X 470 AVSS ADS7 NC 180 R3029 470 Q3509 FSCO ADS8 NC C3521 2SA1530A/QR/-X C3035 C3034 C3038 0.YA090 2-11 2-12 No.1 /16 PS FI NQL092K-6R8X 100 Q3504 R3516 R3006 1.3 GND No.7 /16 NCF11CZ-475X NCF11CZ-475X AVSS NC NC R3505 Q3503 R3011 C3013 0.5% NC TCLKO ADS0 NC C3030 0.1 /16 C3060 0.VIDEO PWB CIRCUIT DIAGRAM (1/2) SHEET 4 VIDEO PWB ASS'Y (1/2) LCA90152-03C (SSB-1086A) EC3001 EC3002 EC3003 EC3004 EC3005 EC3006 EC3007 EC3008 EC3009 EC3010 EC3011 OPEN OPEN OPEN OPEN OPEN OPEN OPEN OPEN OPEN OPEN OPEN 3.1 /16 1.1 /16 100 C3514 C3515 R3538 R3548 AVDD( BURST) TREFCLK R3044 0 100p 120p OPEN 68 C3040 PS OPEN HREFI TDCLK R3043 0 CH CH R3541 HREFO DVSS 2.1 /16 COLOR DEMOD.1 /16 PS QENC1CM-336Z 33/16 2SA1530A/QR/-X L3501 R3507 OPEN 2DYC_Y NQR0450-002X YREFM NC N R3010 0.5k 2DYCY R3511 OPEN 68 R3003 1.1 /16 SHEET5 PS L3003 NQR0413-003X R3071 R3072 R3073 R3074 R3075 VOUT VDD VCC9VA 0 0 0 0 0 GND2DA IC3002 C3070 C3069 R1170H331B-X 0.8K 0 OPEN OPEN 4. LCKI ADS1 NC R3028 PS R3533 470 AVSS ADS2 NC 0 R3027 470 LCKO ADS3 NC C3033 C3032 C3031 0.1 /16 PS 1.1 /16 PS C3049 4700p R3537 AVDD( BURST) DVDD 10k C3037 0.8K 4.2k OPEN C3018 0.1 /16 PS 0.33 /10 100k GND2DD GND GND2DD GND GND2DD GND2DA GND2DD GND2DA GND2DD GND NRSA63J-0R0X R3080 5V C3066 0 R3076 R3077 R3078 R3079 R3058 R3055 R3054 0.1 /16 C3058 0.

2 /50 C1353 OPEN DVI_PB QETN1HM-225Z 3.YA090 2-13 2-14 No.6k R1236 5.YA090 .6k GND OPEN 100 100 D2422 OPEN N SDA0 SCL0 D2423 D2453 OPEN OPEN VIDEO PWB ASS'Y (2/2) GND GND C1219 4.3K 2.01 LinS AGND6 Prout3 AGND9 C1305 0.1 /16 * D13 C1333 0.1 /16 PrinM BIAS VGND8 Q1303 R2306 OPEN C2303 2SC3837K/NP/-X * VGND5 Pbout2 R1392 R1396 R2307 OPEN GND C1342 0.01 0.01 CN100H VGND3 AGND3 VGND4 AGND4 QGF0508C1-30W PDD3 Rout3 APD3 PPD4 APD4 CN000H CN000X Pbin3 Pbin4 IGND Lout3 IVCC Prin3 Prin4 SDA Rin3 Rin4 Yin3 Yin4 SCL Lin3 Lin4 C1302 100 /16 D2453 * SCL0 LCD PANEL INPUT-3 SDA0 COMPONENT VIDEO 0.3 C1356 0.01 GND PbinS Yout3 SCL0_3.01 0.01 0.01 GND PrinS VGND9 R1397 R2309 OPEN Pbout3 GND 0 VGND6 RinS DCout OPEN R2453 GND C1332 0.01 0.1 /16 R2321 OPEN COMY3 Y 100p 100p 100p LC2321 R2322 C1303 NCB11CK-225X CH CH CH J2121 OPEN 75 D2405 GND MA8100/M/-X C1326 C1327 C1328 Pb MI-COM & R1301 R1302 100 100 R2323 OPEN DIST MODULE C2322 1 /16 GND J2121 R2324 OPEN NCB21CK-105X COMPB3 NCB21CK-105X NCB21CK-105X NCB21CK-105X 2DYC_Y C1311 2DYC_BY C1312 2DYC_RY C1313 1 /16 1 /16 1 /16 Pr COM_PR COMPRGND LC2322 R2325 OPEN 75 D2402 COM_PB MA8100/M/-X COMPBGND COM_Y SHP SVP SDA0 COMYGND SCL0 R2326 OPEN C2323 MAIN_H 1 /16 GND R2327 OPEN NCB21CK-105X COMPR3 MAIN_V LCA90152-03C LC2323 R2328 D2404 OPEN 75 MA8100/M/-X L1211 QQL25CK-100Z J1092 OPEN C1213 100 /16 QETN1CM-107Z GND J2131 OPEN R2329 OPEN CN10AQ QGA2001C1 GND R1217 GND -09V OPEN 100 QFLC1HJ-103Z LC2101 OPEN CN10AQ * C2341 * C1351 OPEN DVI_Y R1218 5V C1215 C1352 OPEN C1214 8.7 /16 NCF11CZ-475X GND R2453 OPEN LCA90152-03C R1231 R1230 220 100 MAIN_H R1232 MAIN_V (SSB-1086A) 5.01 J2121 C2321 C1306 C1361 C1362 C1363 C1364 C1365 QNN0584-001 1 /16 C1314 C1315 NCB21CK-105X 0.01 GND 0.01 C2342 * 2.2k C1218 OPEN OPEN D1201 D1202 R1234 R1235 R1220 R1221 1 /16 5.VIDEO PWB CIRCUIT DIAGRAM (2/2) SHEET 5 R2294 OPEN J1092 * R2292 R2297 * * LC2101 * R2293 COMPR3 COMPB3 * COMY3 D2260 D2261 * * R2295 OPEN GND GND GND Q1301 0.2k 0.01 * Q1302 R1382 2SC3837K/NP/-X 100 GND R1386 0 C1325 C1324 C1323 C1322 R2303 OPEN R1385 C2302 0 COM_PB * GND GND R2304 OPEN COMPB1 LC1302 0 C1383 R1384 OPEN COMPBGND OPEN 470 VVCC VGND2 AGND1 VGND1 VGND7 AGND7 PDD2 PDD1 APD2 APD1 C1307 Pbout1 Rin2 Rin1 Yin2 Yin1 Lin2 Lin1 Yout1 Prout1 LC2302 R2305 Pbin2 Pbin1 GND R1387 Lout1 Prin2 Prin1 OPEN * 10/50 0 DVI_Y R1351 * GND D2421 DVI_PB R1352 * * PbinM AGND2 Yout2 C1392 DVI_PR R1353 * YinM Rout1 0.01 0.6k C1233 18p Q1232 2SA1530A/QR/-X NDC31HJ-180X GND GND No.1 /16 2SC3837K/NP/-X C1372 R1372 R1376 COMY1 COMPR1 COMPB1 L1301 100 GND 0 D13 C1301 0 QRN143J-0R0X R1375 100 /16 0 COM_Y OPEN C2301 LC1301 R1323 150 R1322 150 R1321 150 * OPEN R1326 * R1325 * R1324 * R2301 OPEN COMY1 C1373 R1374 COMYGND C1304 OPEN 470 C1329 0.01 100 GND 0 * * * COMPR1 LinM Prout2 C1343 0.01 0.01 0.01 SDA0_3.01 IC1301 R1395 C1351 C1352 C1353 RinM AGND8 0 COM_PR AN15852A AGND5 Lout2 RST3 LC1303 GND LC2303 R2308 SLVADR Rout2 C1384 R1394 OPEN COMPRGND VIDEO PWB (1/2) OPEN * C1354 0.3V RECEIVER PWB(2/3) R1324 OPEN SHEET2 C2343 * C1216 9V R1202 R1203 R1325 OPEN DVI_PR 4.1 /16 GND R1377 C1382 0 L1302 QRN143J-0R0X LC2301 R2302 GND 0.7 /16 100 OPEN NCF11CZ-475X R1326 OPEN R1351 0 R1352 0 R1353 0 R1219 330 CSB503F30 D2260 OPEN SL1211 R1211 R1212 D2261 OPEN GND OPEN OPEN R2292 OPEN R2293 OPEN R2297 OPEN VCC H_VCO A_GND DAC2 2DYC_Y CPout HD3in HD1in HD2in VD3in VD1in VD2in C2301 OPEN 2DYC_Y AFC_Filter 2DYC_BY C2302 OPEN 2DYC_BY 2DYC_RY 2DYC_RY C2303 OPEN VIDEO PWB IC1211 (1/2)SHEET4 TA1318N C2341 NCB21CK SHP -105X SHP C2342 NCB21CK SVP ADDR_SW D_GND HD1out HD2out sync2in sync1in VD1out VD2out -105X SVP DAC1 DAC3 SDA SCL C2343 NCB21CK -105X R1226 10k R2302 OPEN IC1212 R2305 OPEN SN74AHC2G08T-X NCB21CK-105X R2308 OPEN R1228 R1229 D2421 OPEN 3.1 /16 OPEN * 0.01 D2423 0.3 J2131 D2422 * YinS AVCC OPEN 470 SHEET4 * C1355 0.

0022 .0022 D Q9211 SHEET1 GND2 UN2211-X QCZ9082-222Z K9211 2SK2196 OPEN G S R9223 R9226 R9211 Y9201 470k CBW 330k 330k AC 1/2W R9220 1/2W 1/2W QRM059J-R15 R9221 STB5V R9212 470k QRM059J-R27 1/2W Y9101 BW10 R9203 QRL01EJ-561X GND3 R9224 R9227 GND2 GND3 390k 390k 1/2W 1/2W C9199 ! C9198 OPEN 2200p QCZ9079-222 R9216 R9233 R9236 220k 470k 1/2W 470k 1/2W D9214 MA111-X R9213 ! R9217 330k IC9211 220k 1/2W MC33262D-X Q9213 IMD3A-W R9228 C9215 R9237 10k QEHR1VM-476Z 10K R9003 R9148 47K 4.47 QRN143J-0R0X MA111-X MPP400V C9216 ! C9205 QFZ0128-474 QEZ0650-227 MAIN_POW RECEIVER PWB(1/3) Q9021 .POWER PWB CIRCUIT DIAGRAM (1/2) SHEET 6 ! ! R9001 QRZ9046-105Z ! ! ! F9001 LF9001 C9002 1 QMF51D2-6R3-J1 LF9002 QQR1281-004 QQR1281-004 QFZ9075-105 CN00PW CN000D OPEN POWER CORD ! L9201 QQR1399-001 QGA7901C1-02 VA9001 ERZV10V621CS ! LF9003 H9211 QQR1376-001 LC32378-001A C9001 2.01 0.YA090 2-15 2-16 No.001 D9213 CH MA111-X C9218 MA3047/H/-X .7K QRE121J-473Y Q9215 R9214 R9218 R9229 2SD601A/QR/-X 15K 10k open NRSA63D-103X ! R9215 Q9212 C9214 330 2SD601A/QR/-X PC9001 PC123FY2 D9001 .YA090 .7 IC9141 BA05FP-X QRZ0216-4R7 GND2 R9004 47K C9212 C9213 GND3 QRE121J-473Y 0.68 NCB21CK-684X NCB31HJ-103X ! C9101 4700p QCZ9082-472Z GND2 ! ! T9121 C9102 4700p ! QCZ9082-472Z QAL0425-001 CP9121 L9141 QMFZ043-2R0Z-J1 NQL52EN-4R7X D9141 OPEN C9103 4700p C9143 QCZ9082-472Z 100 /16 D9111 ! GND2 QEHR1CM-107Z C9111 C9142 S1WB/A/60-4101 330 /16 22 /400 C9141 QEHQ2GM-226 470 /16 QEHR1AM-337Z QTMN1CM-477Z GND1 R9141 QRT01EJ-1R0X GND1 R9142 QRT01EJ-R82X ! R9199 QRZ0107-685Z POWER PWB ASS'Y (1/2) GND1 GND2 ! C9197 QCZ9079-102 LCA90149-07F (SSB-9091A) No.2 ! ! ! ! QFZ9075-225 R9201 20 7W C9201 C9204 CP9211 QRZ0121-200 .01 NCB31HJ-103X R9101 4.0022 QMFZ043-5R0Z-J1 QCZ9082-222Z QCZ9082-222Z R9202 375V OPEN D9211 D5L60 PON ! ! ! D9201 C9011 D25XB60 GND3 C9013 QCZ9079-102 QCZ9079-102 ! 18V R9002 Y9011 Y9012 R9219 BW10 BW10 RY9021 QSK0119-001 22k OPEN ! 1/2W R9222 R9225 RY9201 ! 330k 330k C9012 C9014 QSK0117-001 C9203 1/2W 1/2W .0022 POWER PWB(2/2) open open D9021 MA111-X SHEET7 D9202 QCZ9082-222Z CN00E1 K9001 C9211 .

POWER PWB CIRCUIT DIAGRAM (2/2) SHEET 7 LCD PANEL LCD PANEL (TOP INVERTER UNIT) (BOTTOM INVERTER UNIT) CN000P CN000Q GND2 POWER PWB ASS'Y (2/2) LCA90149-07F R9605 OPEN R9606 OPEN CN000Y (SSB-9091A) D9602 Y9547 OPEN FAN H9541 IC9601 OPEN OPEN LC32377-001A CN000Z C9603 OPEN OPEN Y9548 C9541 680p ! QCZ0354-681Z GND2 OPEN T9541 OPEN QQS0222-001 K9541 GND2 D9603 C9604 BW C9601 OPEN OPEN OPEN R9625 GND2 C9504 .5% OPEN 1.8k GND2 GND2 R9910 C9903 1/2W L9901 OPEN D9901 330 1200/10 QECR1AM-128Z C9901 RK44-LFT4 NBZ0017-106X GND2 Q9901 Q9902 R9903 R9905 R9907 2SD601A/QR/-X CN000G R9911 2SD601A/QR/-X 1k 1k 3.1 NCB31EK-104X QRL03EJ-333X QRL03EJ-220X QRL03EJ-220X D9542 GND2 GND2 GND2 Y9550 Y9546 C9506 Y9549 NRS12BJ-0R0W Y9542 R9541 NRS12BJ-0R0WOPEN D9502 K9542 EU2-T3 CP9541 OPEN QRL02EJ-152X 330p 2kV D9504 D9505 OPEN RD33E/B/-T5 QCZ0354-331Z SARS01-T2 SARS01-T2 BW C9545 D9545 STB5V ! R9507 QEHR2AM-106Z RD16E/B/-T5 K9501 BW .8K 18V R9510 C9508 R9516 R9617 OPEN R9615 OPEN R9616 OPEN D9544 GND2 OPEN C9510 D9510 D1FS4-X OPEN 470p 3.5K GND2 GND2 QRK126J-152X D9511 R9513 R9514 IC9541 SE015N-LF12 C9512 MA111-X 3.7 /50 NCB31HK-104X NRS12BJ-0R0W Y9544 NRS12BJ-0R0W CN000A QEHR1HM-475Z GND2 R9610 OPEN GND2 Y9545 OPEN R9621 OPEN R9611 OPEN GND2 R9622 OPEN GND2 R9623 OPEN R9624 OPEN R9546 R9517 220K 4.5% 12k NRSA63D-103X MA111-X C9911 C9912 GND2 GND2 QEZ0255-128 QEZ0256-128 QEHR1CM-477Z GND2 C9910 C9905 Q9904 QEHR1HM-476Z NBZ0017-106X Q9905 C9908 R9915 R9921 NCB31EK-104X R9917 2SD601A/QR/-X GND2 2SD601A/QR/-X 1K 0.0047 open C9554 IC9602 MI-COM & DIST MODULE NCB31HK-472X OPEN VOLTAGE .0033 220K 220K QECR1EM-687Z R9602 OPEN RD12E/B2/-T5 QRL03EJ-333X QFP32JK-332 1/2W 1/2W D9601 OPEN R9603 C9602 R9502 K9545 OPEN R9601 OPEN C9501 BW OPEN OPEN 33K R9505 22 R9506 22 GND2 .7K QGB2501J1-13 CN0001 IC9901 H9901 SI-8033S/F1 CM42862-A0A PC9542 PC123FY2 ! VOLTAGE Q9502 2SD601A/QR/-X R9908 Q9541 UN2213-X 4.1 Y9543 C9511 OPEN 4.2k NRSA63D-102X R9920 220k C9909 OPEN GND2 GND2 GND2 Q9906 UN2213-X GND2 No.8 C9553 RD5.YA090 2-17 2-18 No.7K REGULATOR PWB GND2 L9902 NQL63EM-470X K9901 SHEET8 NQR0413-003X R9909 C9902 1k D9906 OPEN OPEN D9902 R9902 C9904 R9904 R9906 MA111-X GND2 22 OPEN OPEN 6.3k GND2 PON 100 CH 1/2W FME-220A C9547 680p R9618 OPEN R9614 QEHR1HM-107Z QCZ0354-681Z R9612 OPEN IC9603 OPEN GND3 D9513 NRS12BJ-100W OPEN R9619 OPEN GND3 Q9501 C9607 MA111-X OPEN OPEN R9620 OPEN R9544 GND2 C9609 R9512 ! R9542 180 ! OPEN 1.0033 C9544 Y9541 C9605 QFP32JK-332 QECR1EM-687Z OPEN R9604 GND2 OPEN 375V D9541 OPEN OPEN R9501 C9503 R9503 R9504 FME-220A C9543 D9604 D9501 33K .5k R1/2 1.1E/B2/-T5 D9509 D9508 D9507 QRZ9009-1R5 D9543 R9626 D1FS4-X open AU01Z-T2 FME-220A QEHR1HM-107Z Q9601 C9606 6.8K CN000B C9509 K9544 R9545 OPEN C9608 GND3 QRL02EJ-331X OPEN 47 /50 R9511 D9506 BW GND2 OPEN QEHR1HM-476Z 0 R9519 R9518 OPEN D1FL20U-X C9549 C9551 R9613 GND2 R9923 QECQ1EM-188 QECQ1EM-188 1.1 C9505 K9504 C9552 AC POWER PWB (1/2) QRM059J-R15 330p 2KV QQR0621-002Z D9546 QEHR1HM-106Z SHEET6 IC9501 C9502 QCZ0354-331Z C9546 680p RD16E/B/-T5 MAIN_POW POWER PWB (1/2) STR-F6268S-F3 220p K9505 QQR0621-002Z K9543 QCZ0354-681Z K9502 BW BW C9548 C9550 L9541 GND2 SHEET6 R9508 NQL52EM-220X R9608 R9609 R9515 220 R1/2 QRT02EJ-1R5X K9503 C9507 OPEN ! QECQ1EM-188 QECQ1EM-188 OPEN OPEN BW R9509 QRK126J-221X D9503 1.3K 220k GND2 GND2 Q9903 GND2 UN2213-X GND2 H9902 IC9902 PQ1CG2032FZ CM42862-A0A RECEIVER PWB (3/3) SHEET3 R9912 R9918 CBW 4.YA090 .3k 150k PC9541 D9512 PC123FY2 R9543 .7K OMR L9903 L9904 D9905 R9919 L9905 OPEN NQL63EM-470X 1k NQL80CL-100X CN000F PTZ16B-X EC30HA03L-X GND2 R9913 D9904 D9903 330 R9914 C9907 R9916 R9922 C9906 OPEN OPEN 10K 0.

REGULATOR PWB CIRCUIT DIAGRAM SHEET 8 REGULATOR PWB ASS'Y LCA90150-07D (SSB-9191A) IC9801 SI-8090JD-W R9807 4.047 R9823 R9831 1K 1K R9827 NCB31HK-473X 1.2k C9801 NRSA63D-152X NRSA63D-152X GND2 GND2 GND2 NBZ0017-106X GND2 GND2 Q9801 2SD601A/QR/-X IC9802 SI-8050JD-W R9818 4.7K L9806 C9817 GND2 NEH90JM-107X L9805 K9803 GND2 NQL63EM-101X NEH90JM-107X R9829 1k OPEN NQR0413-003X D9808 C9810 D9806 C9811 R9822 C9812 R9824 D9807 MA111-X NBZ0017-106X EC30HA03L-X 22 OPEN OPEN R9826 PTZ6.YA090 2-19 2-20 No.8 OPEN OPEN 10K 1/2W MA111-X NBZ0010-396X R9801 D9801 D9809 CBW EC30HA03L-X PTZ11B-X K9801 R9803 R9804 R9806 R9810 NQR0413-003X 1.8B-X CBW D9804 MA111-X C9806 R9812 R9814 R9816 QGB2501K2-13 OPEN 22 OPEN 6.7K R9819 1k L9804 C9816 Q9802 GND2 NQL63EM-101X NEH90JM-107X 2SD601A/QR/-X D9810 R9811 100 /6.8B-X 6.8k GND2 220k Q9804 2SD601A/QR/-X GND2 GND2 GND2 Q9805 UN2213-X GND2 No.8k NBZ0010-396X 1/2W GND2 GND2 GND2 Q9803 R9830 C9813 R9825 2SD601A/QR/-X 330 0.3 PTZ6.5k 1.8k NBZ0017-106X R9813 R9815 K9802 NRSA02J-0R0X 1k 1k D9805 GND2 GND2 GND2 MA3030/H/-X GND2 GND2 C9809 1 /50 POWER PWB(2/2) NEH91HM-105X SHEET7 GND2 IC9803 SI-8050JD-W L9807 R9821 10 NQL80CL-100X C9814 R9828 CBW 100 /6.5k OPEN 1.YA090 .3 4.7K C9815 R9808 L9802 NEH91CM-476X GND2 NQL63EM-101X 47/16 1k L9801 OPEN C9802 D9802 OPEN R9802 C9804 R9805 R9809 GND2 C9803 6.8k CN1001 L9803 C9807 1/2W GND2 NBZ0010-396X C9808 OPEN OPEN R9817 R9820 D9803 22k C9805 EC30HA03L-X 1.

YA090 .FRONT SENSOR PWB CIRCUIT DIAGRAM SHEET 9 FRONT SENSOR PWB ASS'Y LCA90155-03B (SSB-0L286A) IC8751 X CN8003 QGB2542J1-08 5V GND FRONT CONTROL PWB GND R8751 SHEET10 X R8754 X R8752 X R8753 C8751 X X GND NOT USE R8759 1k IC8752 GP1UM281QK R8756 STB5V 0 R8755 C8753 OPEN OPEN C8752 47 /16 GND GND R8758 OPEN R8757 0 GND GND No.YA090 2-21 2-22 No.

6k 15k CN3003 QGB2542K1-08 S8706 S8705 S8704 QSW0797-001 QSW0797-001 QSW0797-001 FRONT SENSOR PWB SHEET9 R8703 R8704 5.2K R8714 22K 1K Q8703 2SC3928A/QR/-X Q8701 UN2212-X GND Q8702 UN2212-X GND GND R6414 J6401 39 QMS3004-C01 HEADPHONE CN300U D6412 C6412 QGA1501C2-04V MA8062/M/-X 220 /10 R6413 39 HP_ L HP_GND C6414 R6416 RECEIVER PWB (3/3) SHEET3 .001 10K D6413 C6411 R6411 MA8062/M/-X D6411 39 MA8062/M/-X 220 /10 HPGND HPGND R6412 39 No.FRONT CONTROL PWB CIRCUIT DIAGRAM SHEET 10 FRONT CONTROL PWB ASS'Y CN300T QGA1501C2-10V S8707 LCA90154-03D QSW0797-001 (SSB-0L386A) MI-COM & DIST MODULE S8703 S8702 S8701 QSW0797-001 QSW0797-001 QSW0797-001 GND GND R8701 R8702 5.YA090 2-23 2-24 No.001 10K HP_R HP_DET R6417 C6413 R6415 100 HPGND .6k 15k GND D8701 D8702 X LDBK22440-T16 POWER R8711 R8713 R8712 X 2.YA090 .

PATTERN DIAGRAMS RECEIVER PWB PATTERN [SOLDER SIDE] J2021 J2002 J2012 J2032 D2101 D2121 R2144 R2125 R2104 J2011 R2127 R2145 R2126 R2255 R2146 R2105 R2106 R2270 R1119 J2001 J2031 R2269 TU1101 R2264 R2265 D2251 R1110 D2201 R1109 C2145 R2258 D2254 R2263 R2254 C2146 C2251 R2251 R2285 R2253 R2123 R2103 D2205 C2105 C2106 C2127 C2128 R2122 C2124 C2125 C2104 C2263 R2102 D2204 C2144 R1116 R1115 R1114 R1113 R1112 R1111 C2253 D2255 C2103 C2262 R2274 R2275 D2212 R1120 D2213 Q2254 D2210 D2252 D2219 C1101 D2218 D2209 D2253 C1118 R2261 D2215 R2252 D2216 D2217 C2123 D2206 R2268 R2284 L1102 Q2255 C2102 Q2256 C2252 R1103 D2259 C2261 R2259 C6406 R1102 C2254 Q2252 R2273 Q2253 R2288 C1119 R2281 R2276 Q2251 R2283 IC1101 R2262 C6405 R2282 C6407 Q2260 R6409 R2278 C6410 R2286 R2277 D2258 C2256 Q6402 D6702 C1102 C1110 C6403 C6404 C6518 TOP IC6401 C6519 C6517 C6531 C6533 C6532 L6642 C6513 Q6401 R6401 C6402 C1109 R1108 L6641 R6402 R6725 C6401 C1103 R1107 R1106 R6404 R1117 R6407 Q6702 R6641 C6503 R6403 R6406 C1505 C1537 C6515 R6724 C1146 C1143 C6557 C1506 Q6703 R6723 C1507 R6408 C6556 C6408 L1101 C6602 C6555 C1508 C1538 C6409 R6727 E1 C1148 R1530 R6704 R6703 R6702 R6726 R6706 R6701 C1524 C1523 C1141 C6706 C6704 R6730 C6541 D6401 C6705 R1133 C6504 C1510 R6729 C1147 D6701 R1151 C1104 Q1103 C1522 C6604 R6642 R6405 Q6704 Q6705 R1150 R1131 R6705 C1521 C1166 C6593 R1148 R1149 C1117 R1154 R6732 R1141 C6522 C6520 C1591 C6523 C6514 R1122 R6728 L6644 R1153 R1132 C6103 C1532 C1150 C1155 R1152 R1134 L6643 C1593 Q1101 C1519 C6581 R6731 R6710 C1154 C1149 C6101 IC6101 Q1102 R6709 R6708 R1155 L1591 L1593 C6582 IC6701 C6583 R1126 R6717 C6703 R6722 R6719 R6720 R6721 R1142 R6735 R6707 C6701 C1158 C6702 C1156 R6734 C1153 C6563 C1151 S C6561 C1159 R6733 R1143 Q6701 C1157 C1152 C1107 R6718 C1106 R1123 RECEIVER PWB PATTERN [PARTS SIDE] TOP No.YA090 .YA090 2-25 2-26 No.

VIDEO PWB PATTERN [SOLDER SIDE] VIDEO PWB PATTERN [PARTS SIDE] TOP TOP Q3007 C3027 C3028 R3041 R3042 R3037 R3036 R3035 R3032 R3034 R3033 R3025 R3026 R1226 C1233 R1229 R3081 IC1212 RA3004 RA3003 LC3005 RA3002 R3059 R3031 C3040 X3001 R3029 C3015 C3016 R3043 C3019 R3023 R1235 C3026 C3024 R1228 R1236 R1230 D2261 R3044 Q1232 C1219 R1231 R2292 R3071 C3096 J1092 EC3011 L3007 LC3003 EC3010 R2294 C3094 R3076 C1218 EC3010 EC3011 C3092 C1215 R1203 SL1211 R2297 J1092 C3083 C3043 C1214 R1202 R3056 LC2101 C3043 C3048 LC3007 R3080 C3047 K3001 R3057 LC3004 R1234 C3041 R1232 R2293 C1215 C3084 C3041 LC2101 R1219 LC3008 C1213 IC1211 L1211 SL1211 C3047 R3038 C1216 R3060 R3065 C3079 R2295 D2260 R3072 J2131 R1218 C1213 R2301 C3081 C3046 C3098 LC2301 C2301 C3042 RA3001 C3044 LC2301 C3045 C3037 C3023 IC1211 C3032 R2302 EC3001 EC3001 R2303 C3039 C1214 IC3001 D2423 C3049 C3038 R2304 R3066 R3028 R3073 R1211 R3039 R1217 C3030 C3033 R3030 C3035 C3034 R3027 R2305 AQ EC3008 L1211 LC2302 C3022 EC3008 C3050 C2302 LC3006 R1301 C3036 R1212 C3051 R3040 L3005 C3031 C3082 D2421 R1302 C3029 C3052 R3082 J2131 C3021 L3006 C3078 C3099 C3073 C3025 R3024 C1343 C1342 R2308 C1355 C1354 D1201 D1202 H R2453 LC2303 R3063 C3067 C2303 C3025 C3086 C3085 C3053 R3074 C3100 D2453 C2343 C2342 C2341 C3064 C1352 IC3002 C3020 C3013 C3091 R1220 R1221 C3067 C1333 C3074 C3060 C1332 C3062 EC3002 C3080 R3046 D2422 C3018 C3097 R3045 C1356 C3068 R3055 C3054 R1353 C1353 R1352 R1351 C1351 C3072 C3056 C3017 EC3002 R1326 C3055 C3014 C3065 C3063 C1325 C3095 R1324 R1325 C3059 C3080 C3058 C3057 C3014 C3071 R3058 C1324 R3051 R2323 R3052 C3066 C3057 LC2321 R3078 C1329 R3075 C3093 C3088 C3077 R3064 C3063 C3017 C3090 R3050 R2322 C3065 R3053 R3054 C3089 C3520 C3501 R3501 C1361 C3059 L3004 R3049 C3061 C3506 R3048 R3549 C3061 C3521 C3520 C1306 C3071 R3047 EC3007 C3521 R3502 R3503 LC2321 C3002 R2321 C1303 C3519 C1323 C3005 C3006 C2321 Q3501 EC3007 R3504 R1323 Q3003 R3010 LC3002 C1322 J2121 R3001 R3077 R3505 Q3509 C3502 R3536 C3504 C3503 C3519 L3501 D2405 R3550 L3003 R3011 R3008 L3001 R3079 R3506 D2402 Q3002 R3006 Q3001 C3001 C1314 R1322 C3070 C1327 C1326 C1312 C1311 R2324 R3507 R1321 C3001 LC2302 R3509 C1304 C2322 R3510 R3511 R3512 R2306 C3505 R3002 R3520 Q3505 IC1301 R2325 C3069 R2307 LC2322 C1301 C1315 R3007 C3004 R3004 C3514 LC2303 R3005 R3009 N C1305 R3019 C3003 EC3003 C3069 LC2322 R2309 R3022 Q3005 R3012 C1302 LC3001 R2326 C1307 R3003 R3061 C1301 C1313 C1328 Q3502 C3011 C1307 C1302 C1384 EC3003