If you hold limited. what is positive energy and how does it affect one’s life? Can you actually create positive energy in your life? A precious gift They say that positive energy is a precious gift. The many ways of meditation can also create positive energy in one’s life. your life experience is the printout.com/ You’ve always heard people talk about positive energy. removing all these distortions will have a positive effect on your life. Clearing is held by the traditions of enlightenment and great mystics that the essential nature of a person is eternal. and negative beliefs.How to Create Positive Energy in Your Life: Ways of Attracting Positive Energy http://wellness-for-my-boddy. But really. You’ve also seen people so positive it shows on their faces –a look that says they’ve won a million bucks. and at one with an “all-loving Creator”. whether subconsciously or consciously. judgmental.blogspot. It is . Sometimes the positiveness of one person can be very contagious it catches on at the blink of an eye. Getting rid of limiting and mental distortions is referred to as “Clearing”. One can build a deep headway on the pathway to personal transformation. The role of meditation in transforming negative energy into a state of divine joy and love is very helpful in generating positive energy. your life and body experience will reflect these distortions. perfect. Nevertheless. The subconscious and conscious are similar to mental software. and produce personal satisfaction and unrestrained shifts in consciousness. you should know that all energy is “neutral” until YOU personalize it. Therefore.

and understanding the nature of creation and one’s purpose in it. making the world a better place for living. Positive energy can be a concept that relates to people and personal situations. and the body has these spinning energy centers that appear like “spinning wheels”. The changing feelings of being energized and tired can be caused by an unbalanced energy centers. their relationships. and the people . Positive versus Negative The words “positive” and “energy” are associated to various subjects. color. It is said that it is important to find your “energy powerhouse” and how to tap into your greatest strengths. their conduct.helpful to remember that the self is a “spiritual being” even if one encounters physical. Positive energy can also be related to human products and natural powers that make modern life what it is today. It takes a person out of “harmony”. Every day one asks themselves what is good and what is right about their life. On the other hand. and sound. their recovery. and mental challenges. Chakras means “wheel” in Sanskrit. and has a prevailing life of its own. these wheels are linked to light. Negative thinking empowers negative energy and starts the problem. their work. It destroys and sabotages. As with everything in reality. so does positive energy. Understanding the body’s “Positive Energy Centers” Have you ever had the feeling of being energized on a particular day and feeling tired the next? Some say that the energy centers of the body or “chakras” affects one’s greatest strengths. emotional. To heal would mean bringing these chakras into balance and alignment.

around them. and spiritual practices. You can create positive energy. On the other hand. Judith Orloff’s Positive Energy A practicing psychiatrist. Dr. instead of always struggling to discover something in the future that would bring you happiness. Some people choose to enhance positive energy through much deeper ways like yoga meditation. Here are her ten prescriptions of creating positive energy: . you can create positive energy in your life. Positive energy conducts love. one can build their own foundation of positiveness. author. with commitment and self-discipline. you simply need to clear a way for it. Whether you want a profound source for discovering the positive energy in you. Recognizing your intention in this life is vital for making wise decisions and finding happiness in every moment. and transforms the body. Keep in mind that positive energy is not the privilege of the selected few. others simply choose the ways of positive thinking to create positive energy. From the food they eat to the friends they have to the current events. heals. How one responds to these vibrations can undermine or enliven one’s sense of vitality. and soul. Creating Positive Energy There are different ways of creating positive energy. Judith Orloff states that there is an energy vibe or field that emanates from everything that one encounters. Positive energy is the tool for discovering your purpose in this life and what you’re here to share. and empathy. mind. or just want to surround your life with positiveness. Dr. intuitive learning. lecturer. Positive Energy as a tool Discovering your soul’s purpose is the first step to a spiritual journey.

burn sage. incorporate silence. Find food that energize the body. and breathe. or take a shower. This is a direct connection to the “God force” and us. . A fundamental act of “self-love” is giving one’s self the “gift” of spirituality. and are more vulnerable to absorb the energetic residues of global and personal traumas. be it small or big. Prescription three: “Design an Energy-Aware Approach to Diet. even the littlest ones. and Health” Generally. The first step is determining your level of sensitivity –are you an “empath”? A person referred to as an “empath”. Fitness. Pinpoint the stressor. meditate. is one who process every stress in their body. let go. They’re prone to negativity. add physical exercise. and a lot of empaths have constantly low energy. and have enough sleep. to armor themselves. addictive behavior. specifically those who are highly sensitive. and depression. A countering technique to armoring is centering meditation. Breathe negative energies out of the system. They experience “intuitive overload” that causes psychosomatic symptoms. Prescription two: “Find a Nourishing Spiritual Path” Pray.Prescription one: “Be aware of energy” The “language of energy” is intuition. People. Pray to let go of the craving. Some empaths may have been practicing maladaptive patterns like overeating. The key to surviving globally and personally is awakening the heart. often eat to block out worrying energies. eating disorders are “energy-based”.

one feels more passion with the partner and individually. If a person is inwardly connected. Connect in a more profound way by releasing old wounds. Prescription six: “Open Yourself to the Flow of Inspiration and Creativity” Creativity and energy are “master motivators”. being inspired. Avoid the absorption of other people’s fears. Release anger. Expressing. and writing are natural antidotes for depression. and make a “gratitude list”. One’s longings are energies. pray. so look for energy work like acupuncture or healing massage. Prescription five: “Heart Centered Sexuality” Find the soul and the rest will follow.Prescription four: “Generate Positive Emotional Energy to Counter Negativity” List down all your fears. exploring greater self-expression. Visit a place that’s energetically uplifting. they must be “inwardly moved” before performing an action. Listen to deeper truths. There’s no need to surrender one’s sensuality if they’re not in a relationship. Heart-centered sexuality emerges from one’s connection with their true selves. creating. and strengthening one’s health. For one to be truly authentic. opening the heart. and the Replenishment of Retreat” . When in love. Find inspiration –it will catalyze one’s life in such a way that they become beacons of light. Forgiveness liberates one’s energy and enhances their life force. their outward expression simply flows without struggle. The energy fields lodge old traumas. negative states. Become aware of them and mindfully examine and experience instead of suppressing them. and self-loathing. Answer them. Pampering. Prescription seven: “Celebrate the Sacredness of Laughter.

or tired. the “fixer-upper”. Prescription ten: “Create abundance” Give generously. and unintentional sappers. Eight Prescription: “Attract Positive People and Situations” It is important to first “energetically embody” what you want to attract. drained. tithe money. regular massages. One needs to nurture their hearts and respect their subtle bodies. Extend “heart energy” outward. “the blamer”. During the time that one is in its midst. Recognize your strengths and start to focus on them. volunteer anytime. nice socializer. Fixer-upper is person always playing advisor or therapist. and let the love flow through you. Commit to “emotional housecleaning” by not letting negativity build-up. and appreciate what you have. good deeds. Energy vampires are those people that suffer the unquenchable need to be “fed” because of the energy leaks they have developed during a disrupted or neglected childhood. time with nature. Prescription nine: “Protect Yourself from Energy Vampires” Energy vampires will suck energy. constant talker or joke-teller. crowds that drain.Everybody needs a break. Laughter liberates the spirit and instills a person with positive energy. they have lots of potential yet no commitment to make it into reality. Understand that everything is bonded together energetically. Meditate on a regular basis to give rise to consciousness. “the drama queen”. and mood levels. so . and creating sacred space. “go-forthe-jugular friend”. overall quality. Regular schedules of pampering will allow the mind to relax –warm baths. they’ll feel compulsive. Some common “vampire” methods are the “sob sister”.

“The Power of Positive Thinking” When a person feels worried and down. To think positively means to admit into the mind only the words. Positive energy yields positive things You can create positive energy. Some simply don’t believe it to be effective or useful.com/ .that whatever is given out mirrors what will be given back. It’s the expectation of favorable and good results. happiness. It always takes practice to see what is right. and invest in raising your consciousness. images. You will find more information on http://wellness-for-my- boddy. and health as the outcome of all actions and situations. as they don’t understand what the power of positive thinking really is. When you have positive energy. and growth. Be realistic. Look around you. It is quite simple. Positive mind expects joy. “Whatever the mind expects. Release this formula and offer generosity from the heart. expansion. accept reality. success. Lots of people have lived in negativity all their life. it finds”. it’s similar to coming out of a cave’s shadowy landscape and into a brilliant and gentle light. Like a strong magnet. become aware of what’s wrong. positive energy attracts positive things.blogspot. and thoughts that are conductive of success. and nothing good has come out of it. you always hear somebody tell them to “think positive!” Lots of these people don’t actually take their words seriously.