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? 11806 Robertson Farm Circle ? Fairfax, VA 22030 ? (703) 803-0252
Capital Hill Lobbyist fusing legislative process and floor procedure expertise w
ith an extensive network of contacts to produce a proven record of favorable out
comes. Skilled presenter and published author.
OPEN-DOOR ACCESS ? Built a solid rapport with key Congressional members from bot
h parties, working closely with the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions, Agri
culture, Finance, and Appropriations committees in the Senate and the Energy and
Commerce, Ways and Means, and Appropriations committees in the House.
LEGISLATIVE AUTHORITY ? Secured language in health bills to expand dieticians' c
areer opportunities, gaining the profession recognition as Medicare providers, i
nclusion as a core medical service under the Ryan White Act, and listing as a pa
rticipatory professional under the current health care reform bills before the H
ouse and Senate.
PERSUASIVE ADVOCATE ? Defeated efforts in Congress to increase the tax levied o
n chemical manufacturers from $300M a year to $1.5B a year; convincing legislatu
res to broaden the tax base beyond major chemical producers who were not directl
y responsible for the abandoned sites the clean-up efforts addressed.
REGULATORY EXPERT ? Won a federal lawsuit against the Department of Education ov
er reimbursement regulations covering student drop-outs after Pell Grant or Staf
ford Loan disbursement occurred; secured greater protection for the institution
as a result of the lawsuit and subsequent changes in national policy.
GRASSROOTS SPECIALIST ? Led a successful $400K state advocacy campaign to expand
the drug formulary inclusion list; developed media and direct mail strategies,
sponsored rallies and letter writing initiatives, and presented physicians as su
bject-matter experts for editorial board meetings at newspapers statewide.
Master's in Public Administration ? American University
Bachelor's in Political Science ? Washington State University
Director of Government Affairs ? American Dietetic Association
* Championed the interests of 70,000 registered dietitians, overseeing a $25M b
udget and two junior lobbyists.
* Negotiated the terms in the current health care reform bills under which chai
n restaurants will provide menu items' caloric value.
* Spearheaded ADA's PAC's $600K annual budget, reducing administrative expenses
17% in 12 months.
* Saved $200K by transforming a 500-attendee workshop into a 5,000-participant
online virtual seminar.
Director ? United Seniors Association
* Spoke on behalf of a 50,000-membership, representing the organization's posit
ion on Medicare and Social Security issues before members of Congress and on sev
eral national radio talk shows.
President ? American Association of Cosmetology Schools 1990-1999
* Headed administration, government relations, finances, and a $900K annual ope
rating budget for a national trade association comprised of 400+ postsecondary p
roprietary institutions.
* Lobbied Congress on behalf of AACS membership, securing favorable legislation
and responded to applicable Department of Education regulations.
* Drove membership of eligible schools from 45% to 70% in 24 months.
Assistant Director of Association Relations ? Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Assoc
iation 1989-1990
* Represented the organization on both the federal and state level; built a coa
lition between business, labor, health, and senior citizen groups to ensure pass
age of industry-sponsored legislation.
Manager ? Chemical Manufacturers Association
* Petitioned members of Congress on behalf of CMA, representing their interest
in the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act and Superfund reauthorization legi
* Organized a national grassroots campaign in support of CMA's legislative prio
Previously: Legislative Director for Congressman Elwood H. Hillis ? Began post-c
ollegiate career in the Congressman's office, progressing in title and responsib
ility until his retirement; worked directly with the House Armed Services Commit
tee and held a top secret security clearance (now inactive).