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113 Samantha Dr Garner, North Carolina 27529 919-917-6682
Payroll Outsourcing / Performance Management
Process Improvement / Client Relations Building / Compensation & Benefits Ad
Seasoned payroll professional offering comprehensive expertise in resource manag
ement, team leadership, process improvement and team utilization. Intuitive lead
er with expertise in HR / payroll process development; excel at aligning core bu
siness, revenue, and growth goals to enhance and streamline critical functions.
Leverage outstanding organizational and analytical skills to evaluate and revise
payroll / HRIS processes to improve accuracy and efficiency.
Payroll Management and HR Strengths:
Certified Payroll Professional
Optimization of resources & processes
Payroll Management/Administration
Team Environment Leadership Performance Evaluation/Management
Research and Issue Resolution
Knowledge of Multi State Payroll Processing
CERIDIAN Raleigh, North Carolina
Operations Manager, Shared Services (March 2009 - Present)
I currently manage a US based team of 10 Tax Specialist, 2 Wage Attachment Speci
alist, 2 Funding and Recon Specialist and the relationship with our offshore par
tners in India. My focus has been to meet my companys goals and expectations by
reducing manual effort within my teams functional processes by eliminating or c
ombining processes for greater utilization of resource effort, and by optimizing
and improving these processes to produce accurate, timely results. 16 process
improvements over a 1 year period has equated to a savings of $749,735.
I am responsible for:
Managing the performance and employee development for 7 teams with 16 total re
Managing the processes to produce accurate W2s for 26 clients
Interacting with internal teams to ensure accurate payrolls, tax deductions and
Managing, reviewing for optimization/standardization and documenting the produc
tion processes for wage attachments, wage verifications, payroll reconciliation,
client GGL setup and maintenance, payroll and on demand check funding, multi-st
ate and multi-local and section 125 taxation, compliance updates for US payroll
to include all states, research/analyze/resolve all payroll related tax issues
and all tax related filings. for 26 clients with a combined total of approximate
ly 500 payrolls per month
Leading the effort to produce and document accurate tax state/agency reporting
Multi state and local taxation,
SAS70 Compliance
Providing feedback to assist other support and payroll teams in training opport
unities to improve the quality of our serves through the verification, analysis
and trending of issues as discovered through my teams research and resolution ef
Manage the relationship of an offshore team
Develop and provide metrics on my teams performance
Many other payroll/tax related processes
Payroll Manager (November 2006 to March 2009)
Managed eight client teams comprised of 6 payroll specialist and 2 payroll leads
, supporting payroll for 17,000 employees in a multi state environment with mont
hly/weekly/biweekly frequency. President, of the CPP Club.
As a Payroll Manager, I was able to optimize the performance of resources and im
prove processes on my 8 teams, to gain utilization and efficiencies to grow from
11 Payroll Specialists and three Payroll Team Leads to 6 Payroll Specialist and
2 Team leads on the same 8 client teams. By improving resource performance, pay
roll processes, and team structure and organization, I was able to combine small
teams under one processor and cross train all team members to back each other u
p. I also contributed to the overall optimization of resources, systems & proces
ses by participating in center wide development and efficiency gaining opportuni
ties. I demonstrated excellent resolution skills; managed payroll preparations
and reports to devise numerous cost savings while improving the accuracy and ser
vice level agreements on these teams. I met and/or exceeded performance goals e
very year. This resulted in the overhead reduction of $119,000 annually in sala
ries, not including employee bonuses and benefits.
Payroll Team Lead/Supervisor (June 2005 to November 2006)
I successfully Lead 2 client teams in payroll processing and YE activities/close
out, provided supervision to 6 payroll specialists, and provided subject matter
expertise and consultation to other client teams.

Payroll Specialist II & III (December 2003 to June 2005)

I began my career with Ceridian in Dec 2003 as a Payroll Specialist II at the st
artup of this division. I was promoted to a Payroll Specialist III in May 2004.
This position was responsible for the end to end preparation and transmission
of client payrolls.
BARCALOUNGER Raleigh, North Carolina
Human Resources (1995-2003)
Maintained and managed OSHA records. Provided first aid support to the plant, as
safety administrator. Supported payroll and HRIS database records. Prepared con
fidential payroll for executives - President, VPs, and management. Delivered H&W
open enrollment events, and host 401K information groups to increase participat
ion in the plan. Administered company benefits; health and welfare, 401K, and wo
rkers compensation.
Certified Payroll Professional (CPP)
Coursework: Human Resources Management, Principles of Management, Principles of
Supervision, Accounting I, II, III, Business Finance, Business Law 1 & 2, Real E
state Law, Finance and Brokerage Operations, Certificate of Excellence in Human
Resources and the Law, Certificate of Excellence in OSHA Record Keeping, Certifi
ed in CPR and First Aid
Yellow Belt Certification Completed September 2006