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7 Woodland Drive ~ Lemont, IL 60439
Phone: 630-774-5778

Dear Hiring Manager:

I am writing to express my interest in a position within your organization. Havi

ng been in the construction industry my entire life, I possess years of experien
ce leading and delivering commercial, industrial, retail, residential and mixed
use projects. I am a highly motivated and enthusiastic construction professional
with proven experience, and outstanding planning and coordination capabilities.
Building effective relationships with clients, instilling confidence, and deliv
ering projects on time, and on budget is what I do.
Throughout the years I have acquired extensive experience in running the daily o
perations of a successful construction office. This has enabled me to excel in a
ll forms of business dealings, organization procedures, and decision making. Fro
m pre-planning and prioritizing of the task at hand, to motivation of people, to
finalization of paperwork with cost control and post completion procedures, I u
nderstand the office. Not just how it runs, but why.
For the past several years I have concentrated my skills in project management
and on-site supervision of new tenant construction, both locally and in over 22
states. I have learned firsthand the skills necessary to lead profitable efforts
in regards to new construction, renovations, and property / tenant management.
I bring a strong background working with complex, multi-phase, and/or occupied s
paces. Not only involving special permitting & inspections in a wide variety of
jurisdictions and situations, but collaborating with many different types of arc
hitects, engineers, & sub-contractors. My knowledge of various environments, my
ability to communicate & adjust, my willingness to personally conduct field ins
pections, and my "hands on" approach to each project, makes me an ideal candidat
Realizing this summary and resume cannot fully explain the benefits I can offer
your company, I would be happy to speak with you regarding my qualifications. Pl
ease feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience.
I would like to thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to spe
aking with you soon.

Robert (Bob) Moncek

7 Woodland Drive ~ Lemont, IL 60439
Phone: 630-774-5778

Highly accomplished Construction Manager and Field Superintendent with years of
experience leading and overseeing commercial, residential, industrial, retail, a
nd mixed use projects. Exceptional leadership talent with a proven track record
in project management, onsite field administration, and technical support. Super
vises construction operations, including direct responsibility for project forem
en, tradesmen/subcontractors and all other personnel involved in the project. Ex
cellent communication and facilitation skills with expertise interfacing and neg
otiating with city and state inspectors, subcontractor representatives, office s
upport staff, and especially with clients. Willing to and enjoy traveling.
Project Management:
* Oversee multiple projects from pre-construction to close-out.
* Evaluate blueprints and documents for discrepancies and value engineering idea
* Prepare working drawings when needed
* Complete plan take-offs and develop estimated project budgets.
* Generate supplies/materials lists, obtain sub-contractor quotes, and prepare p
resentations for sales staff.
* Write proposals and contracts, oversee all budget line items, negotiate and
award contracts
* Obtain permits and regulatory approvals.
* Administer sub-contractors, prepare, monitor and coordinate project schedule.
* Prepare and submit invoicing, change order requests, AIA sworn statements, and
/or waivers.
* Perform scheduled and unscheduled site visits to monitor project control
* Maintain direct contact with field crews and customers.
* Final approval of punch lists, as built drawings and final close out paperwork
Field Management & Supervision:
* Manage all field aspects of the construction project from inception through co
* Define labor and material needs for each phase of the project. Establish a ti
meline and schedule
* Evaluate blueprints and documents. Identify necessary budget adjustments
* Direct all day-to-day on site activities, maintaining the project schedule
* Submit written reports and photo logs daily to the office staff and our client
* Liaise with customers and office staff on regular, formal basis
* Maintain a positive working relationship with all local inspectors, architects
, and engineers
* Enforce compliance with all building codes, safety issues, and OSHA regulation
* Assist in all post construction tasks, including punch lists, site clean-up, a
nd as-built drawings
* Obtain final Certificate of Occupancy
Office Management & Administration:
* Run the day to day operations of the office and supervise the office staff.
* Create, organize, and maintain overall cost control files on every project
* Direct responsibility and oversight for every project
* Process weekly payroll, maintain accounts payable/ accounts receivable, and ve
nder lists.
* Negotiate, purchase, and manage employee and company insurance policies, and c
orporate bonding.
* Administrate the company profit sharing and 401K plans
* Assist in preparation of monthly, quarterly, and yearly financial statements.



Client Satisfaction:
Acknowledged repeatedly by clients regarding outstanding service, quality of wor
kmanship, and excellent communication skills. In fact, many letters complimented
ability to communicate effectively with both senior management and office staff
Established an ongoing reputation as "top in the company" for having minimal pun
ch lists, and self satisfaction in knowing 100% of my projects opened on time.
Subcontractor Coordination:
Known for outstanding leadership in trade scheduling, with the ability to mix an
d match according to what is available. Recognized for maintaining low sub-cont
ractor come-backs due to other trades, and creating an environment of total proj
ect cooperation.

PINNACLE CONSTRUCTION, Inc. March, 2005 - September, 2009
Glenwood, Iowa.
Field Superintendent / Project Manager
M & M CONTRACTORS, Inc., June, 1971 - March, 2005
Chicago, Illinois
Part Owner -- (1987 to 2005)
(Secretary / Treasurer of Corporation
Project Manager -- (1983- 1987)
Supervisor: Maintenance Division -- (1981- 1983)
Field Laborer -- (1971 -1981)
Construction Management - Vocational
Architecture Prep Course Study
10-hour OSHA Industry Safety / 8 hour CPR/First Aid / 8 hour Basic Life Saving (
Lock Out / Tag Out / Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) / 8 hour Forklift Operat
Victoria's Secret- (6 locations) Applebee's Restaurant, Budgetel Hotel, Ex
press -(2 locations) Tanco, Inc., Solo Cup Corporation, Bath & Body Works-
(3 locations) Chem-Plate Industries-(3 locations) New York & Company-(3 loca
tions) Justice Store-(3 locations) Gymboree-(4 locations) JPM Industries,
Limited -(2 locations) Manor Healthcare- (16 locations) Retail Management, A
arons Rental-(6 locations) C.M. Lavoie & Associates, Ruggle Sign Company-(
37 locations) DSW Shoes, Jiffy Lube-(2 locations) Target Stores-(16 locati