Tutorial Group 3 Final Mark

. and 6
Deductions Essay Mark

Tutor: Katherine Xiong ( Consult for East Asia block 2 : Mon 9.00-11.00

Content Criticisms It appears that you do not fully understand the essay question You have written off the topic Irrelevant argument/information Insufficient analysis Lack of adequate research Key issues/central themes have not been defined/ addressed adequately Incoherent argument/ unclear what argument is being presented Lack of logical flow/ fluency in essay Poor integration of evidence in argument/s Convincing argument not presented Too many facts not enough argument/analysis Some of your statements are imprecise Poor arrangement of ideas in parts of your essay A very general argument Your analysis tends to be superficial/ inchoate You could have used more original examples Spent too much time on unimportant/tangential issues You could have developed your argument a bit more Vague argument/s in parts of your essay In parts of your essay your ideas are poorly expressed/poorly articulated Your argument/s lack supportive evidence/ not substantiated There is little evidence of original thought/ too heavy reliance on the views contained in your sources You have written a literature review of the reading material instead of an essay Insufficient balance between different sections of your essay You have failed to consider some many most of the important issues Structure and Presentation Badly structured essay Lack of detail in introduction (no roadmap) Lack of detail in conclusion (insufficient summary) The use of subject headings you have given better structure to your essay Did not use 1.5 spacing align both margins Source Material Source material inappropriate/ use of unreliable sources Relied too heavily on too few sources Source material somewhat outdated Too heavily reliance on internet sources

referencing different sources when content only comes from one source “Doctored” bibliography.Referencing and Bibliography Failed to consult the referencing/bibliography guide Bibliography incomplete/ wrongly set out Footnote format incorrect Bibliography format incorrect “Doctored” footnotes. listing sources which were not referenced in footnotes Websites incorrectly referenced Incorrect use of Op. Cit/Ibid Too few sources Too many quotations Quotes not properly acknowledged Poor paraphrasing/ directly regurgitating from source Grammar and Language Used unacademic/emotive/polemic language Poor spelling Grammar: Somewhat poor Sentence Structure: Somewhat poor Should have proof read/edited essay Compliments Displayed an impressive understanding of the topic Well argued A coherent analysis Own original analysis Good structure An in-depth well researched analysis Addressed all the relevant issues Comprehensive analysis/examination of the topic Good use of examples/ case studies You have made good use of relevant material Good writing style Good grammar A good attempt Your essay is well organized An effective/convincing argument A good attempt to be original Good Excellent referencing/bibliography Additional Comments: Poor Poor Very Poor Very Poor .

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