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Intention to reinstate a Sjoerd

With enforcement conditions Feenstra

registration system
To pay minimal wage
Other hollistic plans in progess Given magnitude of rogue Speaker European Commission
Need: public cooperation agencies: are you in favour of Questions How to regulate and facilitate cross border
reinstating the liscence? activities for private employment agencies.
Want: regislation SNCU Topic
Not possible: missing basic legalities
Different systems per country Could this system be Annemarie
Possible: discuss general principles on EU levell applied on EU levell

Estimate 6.000 to 10.000 agencies Angelique Greiner

Don´t apply CLA Anyone can Masterclass Mindmapper World of Minds
Semi-legal or start a angency
No taxes totally illegal
Often from abroad Context NL Summary of the masterclass
Rogue agencies Mindmap contains
Questions asked by attendees

Force back fraud&undeclared work = important

Prevent unfair competition Questions
Fight exploitation&abuse Clockwise
Read mindmap
Legenda From top to bottom
Collective Labour Agreement (CLA) Provide information Targets
Promote and monitor correct
execution CLA
Best practice
Interesting model
Results showing
80% questions from Polish workers Concrete results
Scepticism & dissapointment
2 Polish employees
Context Protection Difficulties implementing
Polish End of year
Website in:
German Single Market Act Will allow more smooth discussion
Dutch Migrant
Full CLA applies Most work on Dutch contract 1. Principle equal treatment
Temporary Agency National 2. Review of restrictions or
Helpdesk Work Directive situation prohibitions
Classes Offers:
Cross border No fixed minimal wages in EU
2500 questions answered
280 reports under investigation Master class 1: How to
134 court cases regulate and facilitate cross Different situations different
border activities for private applicable regime
€5.000.000 paid back by agencies to workers Results
employment agencies Migrant Equal pay, equal work
€2.000.000 compensation
Different category of workers
Several rogue companies bankrupt Posted Nucleus of mandatory rules
Preliminary remarks
Growing recogniton SNCU Minimum wages Not regulated EU
Growing public/ private coorperation Side
Inportance transitional arrangements Free movement
Postive influence on sector effects
Freedom cross border service
Will have to happen locally Brussels: restrictions Posting of Garantuee protection of workers rights
Best way forward: social partners deal need to be lifted Workers Directive Between service providers
How to deal with Fair competition
with it at national levell
protectionsm Objective
Links to 2020 strategy Tool: nucleus of Terms and conditions of eployment
between borders? mandatory rules Art. 3(1) conditions hiring out workers
Most situations are covered 6 to 7 countries have Art.3 (9) Member States guarantee terms & conditions
When at same levell of the directive, pre-existing legislation
Provision of services
no need to change Can we implement
Intercorporate transfers
Some countries will never show what they impose directive across nation? Scope
Hiring out by temporary/placement agency
Will receive letter What will happen when
Not all member state use the same
When necessary, will be taken to court countries not notify
imposements? Germany doesn't have statuatory
Challenge minimal wagens
Interest: to which extend directions
are being used
No agenda Eager: to see results of review of prohibitions Whare are Brussels Enhance administrative cooperation
concerns? Implementation
Obliges: to notify results of review process Protection
workers Tackle outstanding issues Compliance
Imposess equal treatment Enforcement
Depends on
Joint analysis Social partners
Both directives could be the same instruments you use Clarify difference
Brussels doesn't impose on members 3.1 & 3.9 Launch studies on the application
who don´t have minimal wages Pathways for Call for proposals
Derrigations are very clear effectiveness Ex post evaluation
Future First results
Feasibility study for EU platform
Covers often regulations Example of non challenges
Does not lead to changes member states descriptive deligations Legal study
Effectiveness existing instruments
Falls under posting directive
2011 EU
Temporary directive: never
Cannot ignore what people Example: someone from Impact assessment Brussels
allow lower levell
have in home country Poland working in NL Sector
Hold favourable conditions
Important to: Lift restrictions
Countries to adopt the directive What do you want
Brussels to do? Lengthy Posting of workers helps
process Focus on the worst practices

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