Swim the Fly pp. 219-222 Coop moves to the closet and holds open the door.

“Gentleman, please.” He gestures inside. Sean hurries in. I go next and Coop follows, pulling the door shut behind him, leaving a one-inch slit for us to peer through. “Okay, we need to arrange ourselves for optimum viewage. Sean, you kneel on the floor. Matt, you stand behind Sean.” Sean and I get into position. “Good,” Coop says. “And I’ll just peek in from the side here. Like this.” Coop stands next to Sean and leans over, his head floating around my chest. We have a pretty good view of the bed. The light Coop turned on does make it easier to see. Now that we’re here, I feel myself getting fired up. “This is gonna be awesome,” Sean says. “We should’ve made some popcorn.” Coop laughs at his own joke. “We should be quiet now,” I say. “Just in case they’re early.” “Okay, Mom,” Coop says. “Hey, Coop, can we switch? My legs are cramping up.” “Suck it up, dude.” Coop swats the top of Sean’s head. “I’m serious,” Sean says. We hear voices down the hall. “Shut up,” Coop orders. “They’re coming.” I hear a guy’s voice getting closer. “Ronnie won’t care.” It sounds slightly familiar. “Are you sure?” A girl who I assume must be Mandy.

“Whatever. He’s passed out in the backyard.” Mandy enters first. She’s wearing a tight pink belly shirt and a short denim skirt. Oh, my God. This is going to be good. The guy enters. And he’s definitely not Ronald McDonald. Tony Grillo shuts the bedroom door and locks it. Mandy does a sexy twirl that brings her up close against Tony. She pulls a condom from the back pocket of her skirt and holds it up like she’s doing some kind of commercial. “Lexi loaned me one.” “Really?” Tony laughs. “Are you gonna have to give it back to her when we’re done?” Mandy laughs and smacks Tony’s chest. “Gross.” I am excited and terrified all at once. Sean emits a small soft groan. I don’t know if it’s pain from his leg cramp or if it’s an I-can’t-believe-what-I’m-about-tosee moan. Either way, he better shut up or I’m going to kill him. Tony pulls Mandy’s T-shirt up and over her head. She’s wearing a lacy pink push-up bra, and I think I might faint. It’s really going to happen. My first live naked girl. Mandy returns the favour and lifts Tony’s polo shirt over his head. His chest is carved from stone. His stomach is ripped. Mandy runs her hands down Tony’s body like she’s worshipping it. “Wow,” she says. Sean whimpers again. It’s definitely pain this time. Mandy unbuttons Tony’s pants and lets them drop to the floor. His legs are like tree trunks. Tony unzips Mandy’s jean skirt at the side. He squats down and tugs the skirt off her hips, pulling it to the floor. She helps him out by doing a little hip shimmy, which makes me have to shut my eyes before I totally lose control.

I hear the faint, electronic click of Coop’s mobile phone camera taking a picture. Mandy freezes. “Did you hear something?” “No,” Tony says, burying his face in her neck. Sean grunts loudly. I feel him shift on the floor. “There. What was that?” Mandy asks. Sean loses his balance and the back of his head smashes hard into my groin. “Ooof.” All my breath is forced from my lungs. I lean forward, cracking my head against the door – which flies open. “What the fuck?” Tony stares at us huddling in the closet. Mandy shrieks and clutches herself. “Here it is,” Coop says, picking a phantom something off the closet floor. “Found it, guys. Sorry to interrupt. You can go back to whatever it was you were doing.” Coop is the first to bolt. He runs to the bedroom door, unlocks it and flees before Tony can get his pants back on. Sean is right on Coop’s heels. I’m momentarily paralysed. Tony meets my eyes. “You!” He straightens and points. His pants fall back around his ankles. I don’t wait to confirm his accusation. My legs are still in horrible pain, but it’s amazing how a shot of pure fear can get you moving.

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