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The employee lounge is ____ available for anyone wishing to relax in their free time
without permission from their supervisors.
(A) timely
(B) usually
(C) anxiously
(D) intently

102. Because we have to finalize everything before the end of this fiscal year, all invoices
and inquiries must be received by the beginning of next month at the ____.
(A) late
(B) later
(C) latest
(D) lateness

103. The newly hired employee was absent ____ the regular meeting without any notice
because she forgot to attend it.
(A) away
(B) to
(C) in
(D) from

104. Bryan has far‐reaching knowledge in this area and feels that he is eligible for the
senior consultant position _______.
(A) himself
(B) him
(C) his
(D) he

105. James Slenthy has resigned from her position _______ teaching professor in order to
concentrate more on researching the unknown area.
(A) in
(B) as
(C) on
(D) over
106. Some portion of money saved from profits ______ to a rehabilitation center and a
nearby university monthly.
(A) donates
(B) will be donated
(C) donating
(D) is donated

107. The name "mouse" is often ____ to any device which can be moved around on a flat
surface, causing a cursor to move around the computer screen in response.
(A) derived
(B) called
(C) applied
(D) named

108. Prices on all out‐of‐season items have been ____ up to 80 percent for the clearance
(A) reduced
(B) reducing
(C) reduce
(D) reduces

109. The annual shareholders’ meeting is ____ an important event that we must find a
more agreeable venue right away.
(A) so
(B) very
(C) too
(D) such

110. Due to the shortage of skilled workers, staffs in the human resources are ____ to
make an effort to find qualified job seekers.
(A) advised
(B) advising
(C) advisable
(D) advisory
111. What we are most grateful for is your confidence _____ our delivery service and
your eagerness to share this confidence with your colleagues.
(A) on
(B) by
(C) with
(D) in

112. Even in times of _______, when consumers are liable to pay more for costly cars,
we have to be more conscious of fuel efficiency.
(A) prosper
(B) prosperity
(C) prosperous
(D) prosperously

113. All employees are prohibited from using the main entrance throughout the day for
the maintenance crew____ perform regular checkups on the system.
(A) much as
(B) in spite of
(C) as if
(D) to

114. Champstudy is _______ an incentive program to its regular customers if they make
a quick comment on the lectures there.
(A) taking
(B) offering
(C) compensating
(D) applying

115. At least a day’s prior ____ must be given to their supervisors if they intend to take a
day off during this busy season.
(A) notice
(B) notices
(C) noticed
(D) noticeable

116. For the reason that local manufacturers have been unable to ____ the parts
necessary, the company head decided to buy their materials from other sources.
(A) expand
(B) consume
(C) supply
(D) accomplish

117. The analyzed facts of consumer behavior patterns collected through a couple of
surveys are more ____ than those publicized by the government.
(A) late
(B) recent
(C) new
(D) different

118. ______ staff must be present at this week's session on laboratory policies and the
use of protective equipment.
(A) Researching
(B) Researches
(C) Research
(D) Researched

119. Although our employment rate within one year of graduation is quite satisfactory,
the university is ____ trying to improve it.
(A) yet
(B) once
(C) already
(D) still

120. We are proud ________ the opening of our newly furbished employee lounge.
(A) to announce
(B) in announcing
(C) that announced
(D) of announcement
121. There are simply too _____ guidelines in this manual to present a wide range of
safety regulations.
(A) much
(B) well
(C) less
(D) few

122. Many of Opti's older glasses are now _________overseas than they are locally.
(A) popular
(B) popularly
(C) more popular
(D) popularize

123. The company picnic organizer was ____ that almost all the employees took part in it
(A) known
(B) noticed
(C) observed
(D) pleased

124. We place boxes outside for your convenience so that you can drop off your
conference ______ sheets as you leave.
(A) evaluation
(B) evaluate
(C) evaluations
(D) evaluating

125. The suggestions in the report on _______ traffic routes need to be considered
(A) outrageous
(B) lucrative
(C) alternative
(D) astounding

126. Actors and actresses have been ______ awaiting the announcement of the Grammy
Award winners ever since nominations were made public.
(A) respectively
(B) differently
(C) periodically
(D) eagerly

127. The firm is looking for a shift manager ____ has at least five years of experience.
(A) he
(B) and
(C) that
(D) it
128. Any graduate whose research paper ________ for publication in a journal will win a
scholarship in the following semester.
(A) selected
(B) is selected
(C) selects
(D) selecting

129. Put the corresponding money into the vending machine and ____ press the button
just below the item you want to eat.
(A) so
(B) yet
(C) then
(D) to

130. Many young college graduates say they would prefer more vacation time to a pay
(A) high
(B) growth
(C) increasing
(D) raise

131. By carefully tracking returned items, the analyst identified what caused so many
complaints and offered a solution so that their process could be ____.
(A) to streamline
(B) streamline
(C) streamlining
(D) streamlined

132. Thanks for advances in highly sensitive genetic engineering, it became possible to
produce identically reproduced human organs that researchers were ____ unable to grow.
(A) presently
(B) previously
(C) advertently
(D) collectively

133. Construction companies ____ to lose many of their contracts when the price of
construction materials skyrockets.
(A) expect
(B) anticipate
(C) agree
(D) depend
134. Passengers must be informed to board before 9:45 p.m. as the plane will leave ___ at
(A) prompt
(B) promptness
(C) promptly
(D) prompted

135. The CEO blamed severely his two employees for the obvious _______ of their
(A) inflexibility
(B) innocence
(C) inherence
(D) insincerity

136. ____ we are worried about most is that we have to face the difficulty we have to
overcome even in times we don’t want to.
(A) What
(B) That
(C) Though
(D) Unless

137. I deeply appreciate the ___ extended to me while I stayed in your house last month.
(A) fondness
(B) altruism
(C) cultivation
(D) hospitality

138. This particular applicant was chosen by the interviewer since his ideas were both
creative and ___.
(A) innovative
(B) inoperative
(C) innate
(D) inordinate

139. The major problem _____ us is the fact that we need to compete with this
competitive rivals for the years to come.
(A) face
(B) facing
(C) faced
(D) to be faced

140. At the awards ceremony last night, Ms. Shin was awarded a medal for her sincere
____ to the organization.
(A) aggressiveness
(B) motivation
(C) cultivation
(D) dedication
Questions 141‐143

I am writing to you on behalf of For Our World (FOW) to thank your TV station for its
____________ support for the “building a house for the homeless” event. Your staff did a
141. (A) generous
(B) assertive
(C) constructive
(D) patient
job to promote the event.
We were able to explain to hundreds of people ______ FOW does to help people without
142. (A) when
(B) that
(C) what
(D) whether
house. The response from the public was great! We had a steady stream of people asking
questions and ___________ 143. (A) learn
(B) learning
(C) to learn
(D) learned
how they could assist.
Once again, thanks for your sponsorship. Please feel free to call John Hales or me at 355‐
HELP for more information about FOW or to volunteer for this worthy cause.

Questions 144‐146

Dear sirs:

Will you please let me have a _________ password to access your website for a limited
144. (A) confirmed
(B) completed
(C) reminded
(D) tentative
so that I can experience the entertainment you __________ from the next month? I am
145. (A) providing
(B) are provided
(C) will provide
(D) provided
interested in having collaborative relationship with you by linking your site to mine.
We are the leading provider of educational contents and have made considerable progress
so far. I believe providing education service together with entertainments will benefit not
only young students _________ their parents.
146. (A) so
(B) despite
(C) with
(D) but
Will you please say whether, in these circumstances, you are able to have a meeting with
us to negotiate on this matter? This would enable us to find and maintain customer base
that is an important factor for the growth of our business. In short, both of us would be
beneficial to each other. I have many ideas to make this possible. Of course, mutual
agreement first must be made.
I will look forward to receiving your positive reply soon.

Questions 147‐149

Get ready for a New Career Opportunity

Are you looking for a new career? As you know, it’s not always easy to find the time to
get the adequate training you need. Yes, that’s true, at least until now. From now on,
147. (A) however
(B) furthermore
(C) since
(D) yet
The Avi Learning Center can help you _________ at home using your free time to get the
148. (A) studying
(B) study
(C) studied
(D) studies
you need to be successful!
Get your career diploma as a flight attendant in as little as six months! You could even
have your special reference letter prepared for your successful employment!
Join the thirty thousand men and women who enrolled with The Avi Learning Center to
change _____ lives for
149. (A) their
(B) they
(C) you
(D) your
the better. Call, write, or visit our website today for FREE information!
Questions 150‐152

According to our records, you have recently contacted our customer support service
department and ________ with our 150. (A) said
(B) talked
(C) mentioned
(D) told
representative, Samuel Lee. We hope your experience was satisfying and useful. We
would appreciate it if you give us feedback on your experience with our support service
by spending a few minutes to complete the enclosed survey form. By letting us know
about the quality of the support you received, you will ________ us ensure that we
151. (A) help
(B) allow
(C) assure
(D) remind
to provide you and all our customers ______ the excellent service that you deserve.
152. (A) for
(B) to
(C) with
(D) about
Please return the form in the pre‐addressed envelope, or you can complete it online by
going to our website. If you have any questions, please contact our service department at
800‐700‐4YOU. Thank you for being our customer.

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