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Mike Serracino

15700 E. Jamison Dr Bld 6 #304

Englewood, CO 80112
Phone (970) 215-3584
Objective To obtain a management role in a company where I can use my leadership
, sales and communication skills to drive execution, increase profit and build m
orale in an organization.
Work History
1999- Present Coca-Cola Refreshments/ Coca-Cola Enterprises
Denver, CO
May 2009- Present
On Premise District Sales Manager
* Responsible for the performance, productivity, coaching and development of Acc
ount Managers and Business Development Managers regarding sales, gross profit, t
rade execution and customer service.
* Negotiated and implemented long term beverage agreements by creating Return on
Investment models in order to determine the profitability for Coca-Cola over th
e duration of the contract. Analyze how the incremental business gained, would u
ltimately help the company reach its sales objectives.
* Responsible for weekly forecasting and overall volume, gross profit and sales
trend results for the On Premise department in multiple sales centers.
* Identified large opportunities in the market, delegated those opportunities to
employees, lead and coached employee from the initial exploratory meeting with
the customer to the ultimate close of the agreement.
* Successfully lead the On Premise team while keeping morale high, through pilot
launches and organization changes such as Harmony, OSS and CE Refresh.
* Have the ability to create and maintain long lasting professional relationship
s with all levels of leadership in small businesses and large organizations.
* Responsible for assisting and creating new go to market strategies that drive
trade execution, sales and gross profit. Implementing those strategies in one ge
ographic area, and expand into other areas throughout the Market Unit.
April 2008- May 2009
Account Development Manager
* Maintained outstanding rapport with customers in order to increase company sal
es through the use of extensive communication skills, marketing strategies and t
* Identified sales opportunities, sold in correct brand portfolio's and packages
, decreased market share of competitive brands and reduced shrink in accounts.
* Managed a given sales territory of over 2,200 accounts.
* Assisted and took lead on the training and development of new employees.
* Organized sampling events at numerous locations which increased sales and gros
s profit.
2006-April 2008
Education/Youth Channel Manager
* Responsible for the management of the beverage agreement between Coca-Cola and
three of the largest school districts in the Denver Metro area. Management incl
uded: coordinating events, sales, implementation of ABA and AHG guidelines, as w
ell as making certain that all aspects of the given contract which included but
were not limited to exclusive sales and sponsorship rights were being met.
* Assessed commission reports on a monthly basis to determine profitability of a
ll vending equipment in schools and shopping malls in order to conclude if vendo
r should be in place.
* Was held accountable for the management of Six Flags Amusement Park (Elitch Ga
rdens), University of Colorado (Boulder), Dick's Sporting Goods Park, Coor's Fie
ld and several Shopping Malls located throughout the front range.
* Used marketing strategies to create multiple promotions on the University of C
olorado campus to increase sales and brand awareness for Coca-Cola, at the same
time creating excitement for students of the university, which in turn led to in
creased sales for the University of Colorado.
Cold Drink Account Manager
* Responsible for recognizing and addressing customer needs, concerns, opportuni
ties and ideas for four hundred to eight hundred accounts in a timely manner.
* Managed and overall responsible for some of CCE's most prestigious accounts.
* Organized, prepared and presented monthly, quarterly and yearly business revie
ws to customers.
* Consistently sold Coca-Cola's brand portfolios on a daily basis to all account
s in order to exceed sales goals and provide positive future growth opportunitie
s for the company.
On-Premise Account Manager
* Exceeded forecasted volume and gross profit sales goals in a given territory b
y 10,416 cases and over $64,200 in less then one year.
* Identified and acted on numerous opportunities through out the trade by closel
y monitoring actions taken in various accounts, which in turn led to substantial
benefits for the customer and the company.
* Used category management skills to create schematics for a given chain of acco
* Interacted consistently with over seventy accounts on a weekly basis.
Account Manager - Small Store
* Met and exceeded forecasted sales goals by creating, organizing and executing
promotions for various accounts.
* Created and maintained long lasting relationships with customers through excel
lent customer service.
* Supervised and motivated employees while reducing staffing hours in order to m
eet necessary payroll objectives.
* Responsible for filling shelves, rotating product and gaining incremental spac
e for Coca-Cola's products.
1996- 1999 King Soopers and Safeway Grocery Stores Aurora, CO
* Held numerous part time positions while attending school, ultimately leading t
o an All Purpose Clerk position.
Education 1998- 2002 University of Northern Colorado
Greeley, CO
B.S. Business Administration, Emphasis in Management
Minor, Speech Communications
Technical Experience Proficient in AS 400 software, Word, Excel, Power Point, Lo
tus Notes, Margin Minder, SAP, PAT