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Abul kashem Khan Male entrepreneur: Introduction: Abul kashem khan who was popularly known as AK khan was a great industrialist from Chittagong. He was born in the 5th of April, 1905 in a village named mohara. Background factors: A) Family: his father was mr. Abdul latif khan who was a sub-register. It is said that forefather hamja khan came from gour. His father was stationed in fatehabud. But his mother used to stay most of the time in mohura. B) Education: kashem had his primary education in fatehabud. Afterwords, he passed the matriculation examination with distinction from the fatehabud high school. From Chittagong govt. college of commerce, he passed the intermediate examination. He went to Calcutta higher studies. He passed the B.A with distinction with honor in English language from Calcutta presidency college. From very boyhood Abul kasshem had an ambition to become a lawyer. That way why, he got himself admitted into a law college of the Calcutta university. And in 1933, he succeeded obtaining the LLB degree, he secured second position among the first divisions. C) Age: in 29 years age he started business. He got the established business as a gift from his father in laws, mr. bari chowdhury, a rich businessman from Chittagong, who then was residing in burma. D) Business experience: he had not previously any business experience. He got experiences from starting and managing his father-in-laws business. This is how AK khan came first in the field of business. AK khan s place in business would have been impossible without the help of his father in law, Mr. Abdul bari chowdhury. Summary: Abul kashem came from a middle class family but highly educated and with the help of his father in law he crowned with success in the field of business as an entrepreneur. Mr. jahurul Islam a) Birth order: he was born in Bhagalpur, a village in bajitpur thana under kishorgonj district. His father mr. Aftab uddin was a tiny contractor in mymensing district. b) Family: his father had small income with which he used to run his business staying in village. His mother mrs. Rahima Akter was a pious housewife. He lost his father in 1972. c) Age: at the age of 23, he started business as a third class ccontarctor with a very little amount of money that he could manage. By 1953, he gradually became second class and then first class contractor.

his family was not in favor of education. 3000. honored him by giving a job as a ticket collector of the Indian rail way. that was the reason. She did not had any comfortable stay in her two mother family. 77. Tangail. he passed matriculation from Ripon high school. Her father was sujayet Ali and mother was jamila khatun. In 1948. Education: in order to maintain ancestral heritage. she would increase her capital by tk. Birth order: his father was debendra Saha and mother was kumudini devi.5. she had to discontinue her study only after primary level. Jahurul Islam had a knack towards carrying on independent business.A but he failed to pass in the final examination. In 1956. In 1954-55. He conceived the idea from his faather s business. he left home in 1914 during the first world war. he started his business in small scale. e) Business experience: from the very boyhood. Ranada Prasad saha Introduction: in 1898. And he joined the Bengal ambulance corps as a male nurse and went to Messopotemia. Mr. Family: her father was a sub-inspector in the british police force who afterwards retired as an inspector. Later as a need to save the costs for repeatedly repairing the old launch. he left the job and started coal business in a small scale. . savar in Dhaka. Business experience: As a first war hero. Ranada Prasad Saha was born in his maternal uncle s house at kasur.d) Education level: 1945. she shifted her pharmacy to gulistan area and named the same as the karim Drug house. he joined to a job in the C&B department with a monthly salary income of tk. Summary: Jahurul islam came from a lower class family and had minimum level of education. he started a dockyard in Calcutta. Anwara begum Birth order: anwara begum was born in the thirties in the village ghorjan. Later he went tobardwan where he studied I. Mrs. chowhali thana of pabna district. british govt. In 1932. Education: she started her schooling in saleha Ishak girls high school at sirajgonj when she was seven. in spite of his effort. He became an entrepreneur by himself by starting his own business. Then he bought an old launch at a low price from one of his coal customers. After his mother s death. Business experience: she started her business with a shop. he could not complete evel lower primary level. His parental house is in mirzapur. But due to the conservative attitude of society. Age: at 34 years old age. though he was not adequately educated. Family: because of the absence of his mother he left his family. His faather Debendra had a brass business.

Anawara begum came from lower class family with low level of education. .Summary Mrs.She became an entrepreneur by her own effort and became successful as a female entrepreneur.

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