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Secondary School Certificate(Standard X): Appeared in 1998 fromZ.http://twitter. S. Malegaon which is affiliated to Nasik Board. Mobile: +91. G. Malegaon. College Malegaon (camp). K. PursuingM. Higher Secondary Certificate(Standard XII): Appeared in 2000 fromZ. Study Of Brand consciousness of Jalgaon City. Industrial Visit Jain Irrigation. Jalgaon. G. Long-term objective is to manage branch or department of financial institution. TATA Consultancy Services. (B. Raisoni Global Business School.H. at Nashik Branch. Vidyalaya. Study in Progress PursuingMBA (Finance) from Jalgaon Kokta Dall Mill Parivar> <#> Add to Collections Download this Document for Free Auto-hide: on <#> CHETAN VIBHANDIK E-mail:vk_chetan@yahoo. which is affiliated to the Pune University. Computer Proficiency MS Office Photoshop MS-CIT SPSS Tally9. Ltd.><http://www. College Malegaon (camp). which is affiliated to the International University of Vienna. Hyderabad. (Group project) Potential study for one more management institute in Jalgaon. which is affiliated to the Pune University. (Group project).9226581440 Specialization: Major: Finance Minor: Marketing Objective Management trainee position in finance utilizing exceptional analytical and communication skills. mat%20for%20MBA%20Student%20By%20Chetan%20Vibhandik%22%20on%20Scribd%20http%3A%2 F%2Fwww. Austria. Hyderabad Key Skills Good Motivational and Communication skills. Vidyalaya. S.scribd. . Matrix Appeared in 2003-04 fromM. atNashik Branch. Educational Qualification Bachelor of Commerce.scribd. Com (Cost Accounting) fromM. which is affiliated to the Pune University.0 Summer Training and Projects Details Portfolio Management Services at Karvy Stock Broking Ltd. Sector Analysis at Unicon Investment Solution st?

Subhash Chowk. Vibhandik New Resume Format for MBA Student By Chetan Vibhandik Download this Document for FreePrintMobileCollectionsReport Document Report this document? Please tell us reason(s) for reporting this document Spam or junk Porn adult content Hateful or offensive If you are the copyright owner of this document and want to report it. Organized by Raisoni Group of Institution. Sangmeshwar.Maharashtra. Diploma in Personality Development and Soft Skill Management from Élan the Finishing> to submit a copyright infringement notice. Dist-Nasik. Contact Number: 9226581440/02554236805 Date: Participated in the Workshop on Research Methodology in Business Management using SPSS. Languages Known English (WRS) Hindi (WRS) Marathi (WRS) Hobbies Traveling. “Shree” Niwas. Enthusiastic. Permanent Address: 707. State. please follow these directions <http://support. Personal Information Name: Chetan Gajanan Vibhandik Date Of Birth: 23rdNov 1983 Malegaon. Place: Chetan G. Internet surfing. Creative and Dedicated to Work Leadership Qualities and Smart working nature. Interaction with people. Listening music. . Curriculum Activities Knowledge Series Event of understanding the “Supply Chain & Time Management” by 6sigma achievers of Nutan Mumbai Tiffin Box Suppliers Association.Ambitious.scribd.

Question_small </static/help?type=private> Info and Rating Reads: 26.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.scribd.605 Uploaded: 03/23/2009 Category: School Work <> (fewer <#>) Follow </login> <> Share & Embed <http://www.Report Cancel <javascript:void(0)> This is a private> p. <> Rated: 3 Ratings() Copyright: Attribution Non-commercial Attribution_noncommercial <> vk_chetan <> . st?><http://www. <> p.> <#> Related Documents PreviousNext 1. <http://www. <> Other <http://www. < mat%20for%20MBA%20Student%20By%20Chetan%20Vibhandik%22%20on%20Scribd%20http%3A%2 F%2Fwww. < 36%2FNew-Resume-Format-for-MBA-Student-By-Chetan-Vibhandik%23source%3Afacebook><>>> p.scribd.scribd.0/> Resume Format Other <http://www.

p.scribd.scribd. p.scribd. <http://www.scribd. <>> p.scribd. .com/doc/45154022/1>> p.scribd.scribd.scribd. p.>> 10.scribd.scribd. <http://www.>> 8.scribd.scribd. <> 7.scribd. p. p. <http://www. <http://www. <http://www. <http://www. <http://www. ry-with-Zen-Master-Bon-Yeon-Jane-Dobisz-WF> p. <>> 5. <> p. <http://www. <>>>>> p. <http://www. <> p. <>> p.scribd. <> 11.scribd. <http://www.scribd. <http://www.scribd.scribd.scribd. <http://www. <http://www. res-1894> 9. <http://www. <http://www. <> p.3.>> 3> p.scribd.scribd. <http://www. < es-Para-Alemao-Index-br>> p. <http://www.scribd.scribd. <> <> Shashi Singh <http://www. <http://www.scribd.scribd.>> .scribd. <> Gaurav Sharma <> p.scribd.scribd.scribd.<http://www. <> Subrato Chakravorty <http://www. <http://www. etan-Vibhandik> Recent Readcasters <> <http://www. <http://www. p.scribd. <> Manank Dave <> More from this user PreviousNext 1. <>>> 15.>> Atul Khanna <http://www.scribd. <> <http://www.scribd. <>> Anil Sharma <> Richa Sharma <http://www.scribd. <> 13. <http://www.scribd. 2> p.

com/ramp_40>left a comment niceeeeee 04 / 21 / 2011 <> <javascript:void(0)> Shweta Deshpande <http://www.scribd.scribd.<> <javascript:void(0)> Ram Prasad <> .com/deleted_fbuser_1291797640> <javascript:void(0)> deleted_fbuser_1291797640 <>left a comment I agree with kavita :-) 04 / 02 / 2011 <> Kush Deshmukh <> ReplySpinner_mac_white Report <javascript:void(0)> Monika Joshi < 40> ReplySpinner_mac_white Report <javascript:void(0)> Ritesh Kumar <> <>left a comment hey yaar its really cool 12 / 08 / 2010 <> 09 / 08 / 2010 <> <javascript:void(0)> Ritesh Kumar <> ReplySpinner_mac_white Report <javascript:void(0)> Shweta Deshpande <>left a comment <> ReplySpinner_mac_white Report <javascript:void(0)> <> Add a Comment Submit share: Characters: 400 Ram Prasad <> Gyanendra Chaudhary <http://www.scribd.scribd.

.com/events/28191066?user_id=27044926-monika-joshi> ReplySpinner_mac_white Report <javascript:void(0)> <> ReplySpinner_mac_white Report <javascript:void(0)> <> ReplySpinner_mac_white Report <javascript:void(0)> .. whats ur profession/> <javascript:void(0)> vk_chetan <> 01 / 26 / 2010 <>left a comment monikajoshi 05 / 06 / 2010 < <mailto:mpsahal@gmail.scribd.? 12 / 20 / 2009 <http://www. where u> replied: i m from>left a comment mpsahal@gmail.wht abt u ? 12 / 21 / 2009 <>left a comment i like ur resume 03 / 30 / 2009 <> <javascript:void(0)> vk_chetan <>left a comment i like ur resume 12 / 20 / 2009 <> ReplySpinner_mac_white Report <javascript:void(0)> <> replied: thanks> <javascript:void(0)> girikavita <http://www...<javascript:void(0)> Monika Joshi <> <javascript:void(0)> mpsahal <http://www..just completed my> <javascript:void(0)> girikavita <http://www.scribd.scribd..

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