Peace Corps Volunteers Housing

Housing procedures * * * * * * * * * The requesting school/organization is responsible for identifying housing as per below mentioned standards. The potential Owners should fill out the Application. The Application needs to be sent to Peace Corps (address: str. Oslo no.6, Skopje; fax 02/3090-012 ext. 31 or e-mail: A Peace Corps representative will come and check all the housing options as per the standards. Out of the checked options one will be approved. The Counterpart will be informed by Peace Corps representative which option has been approved. Peace Corps representative prepares the Agreement between the Owner and the Volunteer. Program Manager will inform the Counterpart of the Owner’s name and contact number. On move-in day, the Counterpart will take the Volunteer to his residence.

Housing options * * * * * * * * * Studio or one bedroom apartment with a living room, kitchen and bathroom as per average Macedonian standards OR Family who is willing to have a Volunteer live with them where the Volunteer must have a separate room. The kitchen needs to have all kitchen utensils, refrigerator, stove and a kitchen table with minimum 2 chairs. Living room/Bedroom needs to have a standard bed with mattress, book shelves, wardrobe. Bathroom needs to have a water heater. Volunteer’s housing must have a heating source. The housing needs to be within 30 min walk from Volunteer’s work site. The housing needs to be secure and in a safe area The rent can not be very high i.e. it needs to be according to the prevailing rent at the site.

Payment of Utilities and Rent by Volunteer * The Volunteer/Peace Corps is responsible for payment of all utilities and rent.

Maintenance: Responsibilities and Rights of the Lessee and Lessor * * The Volunteer is responsible for covering the repair costs for damages caused by the Volunteers negligence. The Landlord is responsible for regular maintenance in the apartment

Communication between the Landlord and the Volunteer * * We strongly encourage the Volunteer and the Landlord to have good communication so that all problems can be solved mutually. If that is not the case, a Peace Corps representative will help in solving the problems.

If you need additional info regarding Volunteer housing, you may contact the Peace Corps housing representative Manuela PejkovaJovcevska at 02/3090-012 ext. 37 or 070/385-632.

Housing Application 1. Counterpart Name: ______________________________________________________ 2. Owner’s Name: ______________________________________________________ 3. Address: ______________________________________________________ 4. Contact number: ______________________________________________________ 5. Short housing description: ______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________

Peace Corps Macedonia Str. Oslo no. 6, Skopje Fax. 02/3090-012 ext. 31

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