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Sheila Decora, D.C.

6350 Willoughby Ave., #4

Los Angeles, CA 90038
Home: (323) 466-1871
Cell: (310) 926-9421

Position: Curriculum Training Developer

**Resume Summary:
Degrees: Doctor of Chiropractic, BS in Biology, BS in Education; more than ten y
ears teaching physical science and creating multi-media curriculums and learning
materials for major vocational schools. Past experience teaching in grades K-8
Ability to work with general style guides such as AMA,The Chicago Manual of Sty
le, or the Manual of Style for Technical Publications. Edited more than eight me
dical texts and appendixes for major textbook company. Skilled at interviewing c
lients, subject matter experts, and other personnel. Proficient in developing ou
tlines and multi-chapter books, while meeting deadlines. Experienced in working
as part of a team or alone on writing and editing projects. Member of Medical Wr
iters Association.
**Relevant Professional Qualifications and Experience:
- Technical Writing Certification-7/11/10 Southwest college.
- Editing Certification-9/16/10 Southwest college.
- Doctor of Chiropractic; BSEd.
- Contributing Editor/Reviewer 2005-present. More than eight major kinesiology,
massage therapy, and reflexology textbooks for Thomson-Delmar/Cengage Learning.
Recent responsibilities included editing Basic Pharmacology Appendix for Theory
& Practice of Therapeutic Massage, Fifth Edition, 2010.
- More than ten years experience as curriculum writer and instructor for 720-hou
r massage therapy program at major private post-secondary institutions. Other re
sponsibilities included creating marketing materials for recruiting staff and ma
terials for community outreach programs.
- More than seven years experience writing medical reports for personal injury a
nd workers compensation patients.
- Produced and supervised more than eleven three-day Transformational Seminars f
or up to 160 people.
- Proficient in Excel, PowerPoint and Word; Peachtree and Quick Books accounting
software programs.
- Able to work at an entry level in Adobe Photoshop
**Detailed Experience:
Thomson-Delmar/Cengage Learning 2005-2010
Typical responsibilities included: Independent editing, fact checking, and revie
wing of over eight major textbooks, supplementary materials, and one pharmacolog
ical appendix. Additionally gave input and feedback regarding style, chapter len
gth, and content.
Major private post-secondary organizations 1999-2010
Taught and created multi-media curriculums and learning materials for massage th
erapy including anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and medical terminology, job s
earch skills and applied techniques and therapies. Other responsibilities inclu
ded creating marketing materials for recruiting staff and materials for communit
y outreach programs

Project Management and Course Supervision (volunteer) 2006-2008

Landmark Education. Produced and supervised more than eleven three-day Transform
ational Seminars for up to 160 people. Typical responsibilities included recruit
ing volunteer teams, performing course statistics, coaching participants and vol
unteers, interviewing and qualifying participants for course eligibility, colla
borating with course leader, and making sure all deadlines and goals were met.
**Other Relevant Experience
More than seven years writing medical narratives for personal injury and wor
kers' compensation patients.
Pasadena College of Chiropractic.
Pico Rivera, CA
Doctor of Chiropractic, BS in Biology
Northern Arizona University
Flagstaff, AZ
Southwest College, Distance Learning
Technical Writing (Certificate granted)
Editing (Ongoing-certificate awarded upon completion)
Glendale Community College, Garfield Campus, Glendale, CA Accounting: manual and
computerized Office Suite: Excel, Access, and PowerPoint
Landmark Education, Los Angeles, CA
Team management and leadership Program ---2 years
Course Supervisor Program-2 years