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402 Marble Arch Ave, Unit 2, San Jose, CA 95136 (408) 421-5309
Objective: Position of Technical Support where I can provide support for the dep
artment and managers by utilizing my executive experience in computer structured
hardware and challenging myself to perform tasks of increasing complexity.
San Jose State University - San Jose, CA 8/2001
Major: Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering
* Strong leadership and analytical skills.
* Interacts effectively in both technical and management levels.
* Experienced within applications supporting the PC industry in CPU's, chipset,
graphic IC and Processors.
* Ability to understand various technical aspects of system design such as hardw
are design, BIOS, CMOS, system compatibility and thermal issues.
* Capable of debugging hardware and software issues.
* Excellent knowledge and highly skilled in presentations and technical writing
* Proficiency in computer systems such as: ORCAD, View logic, C/C++, Microsoft V
isual Basic, HTML, Assembly Language, Windows 95/98/2000, Concept of Operating S
ystem, Embedded System Design in Assembly and Digital Design.
Ernie Liquor & Winery, Los Gatos, CA 03/04 - 06/10
Owner/ Manager
* Supervise incoming and outgoing products shipment, and placing orders with var
ious vendors.
* Exceptional knowledge of product lines and merchandise pricing techniques.
* Complete knowledge of applicable laws, rules, regulations and/or policies and
* Deep knowledge of payroll processes and procedures.
* Remarkable knowledge of principles, theories, and practices of purchasing good
s and services.
* Strong ability to use basic/business math to solve problems.
* Remarkable ability to supervise others by assigning/directing work; conducting
employee evaluations, staff training and development, taking appropriate discip
linary corrective actions, making hiring and recommendations.
* Profound ability to evaluate information against a set of standards.
Belkin Networking Escondido, San Jose, CA 07/03 - 02/04
Networking Specialist
* Provided customers with pre-sales supports applications, specifications, and i
nstallations for 11b and 54g.
* Provided customers with support and guidance on setting up wireless routers.
* Prepared and conducted presentations on the latest technologies and modificati
ons on all Belkin wireless products.
* Provided support and answered all questions pertaining to sale and technical s
upport to customer's branch associates.
JPA Electronics Supply, Inc. Santa Clara, CA 06/01 - 04/02 Field Applica
tion Engineer
* Experienced with customer technical support on pre-sales and post-sales relate
d to IMAGING chips included Image Scaling, Machine Vision, and Frame Memory Cont
* Provided a pre-sales support which includes designing and giving technical pre
sentations to customers and Field Applications Engineering.
* Performed and demonstrated training sessions and answered technical questions
through emails and phones conferences for FAE and customers.
* Performed post-sales activities which included debugging customers' technical
issues for applications lab and customers sites.
* Directed Factory Applications Engineers to performed and handled problems dire
ctly with customers advised other organizations to assists if necessaries.
* Developed programs to test products and assisted customers with Evaluation Boa
* Knowledgeable with promotions strategies and marketed surveys.
* Skillful in advertisings for new released products and marketed to customers.

MKNET Corp, Santa Clara, CA 7/00 - 6/01

Hardware Application Engineer
* Tested and debugged IrDA transceivers and developed tests circuits for Transce
* Developed and designed a technical document which includes user manuals and da
* Performed view logic to draw circuits schematics, created net lists, and runs
* Performed hardware tools such as Digital Analyzer and Oscilloscope to debugs t
est transceivers.
* Researched ways to integrated IrDA and Bluetooth in one system.
* Researched on LED, PD, and how it can best suites specifics transceivers.
NEC Electronics, Santa Clara, CA
Technical Application Engineer 11/99 - 7/00
* Provided support to customers with varieties of products such as Memory, Micro
processor, ASIC, and LCD.
* Supported NEC's Tools which includes C Compiler, Assembler, Integrated Debugge
r, and Hardware Tools.
* Designed and developed applications used at 8-bit Mirco for RoboRacer.
* Designed, tested, and supported hardware and software development environments
* Developed software packages for Roborace2000 used Visual Basic.