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Isha Wurie

4913 Vera Cruz Avenue North * Crystal, MN 55429 * 763-228-2320 * i
A management position that will develop and implement strategies to benefit the
organization through strength in leadership, vision, fiscal management and commu
nity relations.
* Plan and coordinate client-centered programs
* Facilitate "train the trainer" seminars, development trainings, focus groups
* Budget development and monitoring to ensure effective program operations
* Develop and implement risk management plans
* Provide leadership direction, mentorship and role modeling for program
participants and staff
* Assess and implement diagnostic and progress assessment measures
* Establish and maintain cooperative relationships
* Monitor program outcomes and conduct follow-up evaluations
* Ensure regulatory compliance for government-funded programs
* Problem-solve and address the unique personal, logistical and financial
barriers to self-sufficiency
* Articulate communicator, focused on direct service teams, interdisciplinary
teams and auxiliary contacts
* Adept researcher and writer, including grant applications, renewals, and
annual progress reports for numerous state and federal funding streams
Key Strengths
* Highly motivated, creative and versatile nonprofit and community specialist
with significant experience in program development, implementation and
day-to-day program management
* Define program goals and objectives in line with annual program budgets
* Committed to excellence in negotiations and public relations
* Open and inclusive management leadership style that fosters teamwork and
* Well-versed in solving complex problems in a fast-paced environment
* A passion for community-oriented programs that build effective working
relationships with stakeholder groups
* Experience working with marginalized populations
* Adept public speaker, having promoted social and special needs causes to
community organizations and county providers
* Strong expository writing skills with a high-level of command of grammar
and spelling
* Broad-based, transferable skills, including staffing, training, program design
and development, marketing, licensing, program compliance and
community events coordination
St. Mary's University, Minneapolis, MN-December 2008
Masters of Health and Human Services Administration, GPA 3.56
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN-December 2005
Bachelors of Science in Sociology Law and Crime Deviance, Dean's List
Minor-Human Physiology
Minneapolis Public Schools, Minneapolis, MN-February- Present
Associate Educator-North Community High school
* Provide training support for families and organizations
participating in the CPEO
* program - Connecting Parents to Educational Opportunities programs
* Facilitate CPEO curriculum.
* Participate in CPEO staff meetings.
* Provide supports, advocacy and related services to families
* Recruit both in person and through phone calls families to
participate in the CPEO programs
* Assist in preparing and producing brochures, pamphlets, posters, flyers, lette
and other types of literature
* Implement and maintain school programs and student services in some or all of
the following areas: transportation, curriculum development and implementatio
computer learning, media/technology assistant to staff and students, extended
week or year activities, job training, mentoring colleagues, or other program
* Act as a liaison between the students, family, community, and the school
* Participate in, provide information to, and/or facilitate staff team meetings
to school programs and student services
* Act as a resource to provide knowledge of services and program objectives to
staffs departments, and the community
* Involved in planning, coordinating, and developing school programs and student
services services
* Conduct evaluations and provide information related to program assessment used
measure program effectiveness
* Use technology skills to organize and deliver school programs and student
* Meets District's standards for employee performance and attendance
* Participate in staff development/professional growth activities relevant to po
responsibilities and School Improvement Plan (SIP) and Professional
Development Plan (PDP).
* Perform related duties as assigned/requested
Substitute Teacher and Home Bound Instructor-2008-2009 academic year
* Plan for and guide the learning process to help students achieve program
* Maintain a classroom atmosphere conducive to learning
* Implement useful diagnostic and progress assessment measures
* Select and utilize effective instructional methods and age-appropriate
learning materials
* Establish a cooperative relationship with assigned students to foster
positive relationships and to minimize attendance and behavioral issues
* Engage in professional growth activities through an ongoing skills
development program related to job knowledge
* Work collaboratively to achieve the overall purposes of the school program
Fraser Zane House, Golden Valley, MN-February 2007- August 2008
Program Coordinator
* Day-to-day program management, budgeting, monitoring and reporting for
multiple group home sites
* Planning, direction and coordination of services for special needs clients
* Assure accurate implementation of risk management plans
* Facilitate and attend multidisciplinary team meetings
* Staff development and leadership direction for 24-hour on-site staff
* Conduct semi-annual and annual client meetings
* Coordinate communication between direct service teams, among shifts,
within interdisciplinary teams and with colleagues throughout the
* Present positive role modeling and communication to program assistants
Technology Skills
Microsoft Office Suite, web navigation and web design, program-specific software
Community Involvement
Numerous skills developed as a result of providing nearly 2,000 leadership and v
olunteer hours to public housing residents, local schools and student associatio
ns. Activities include utilizing guided reading, problem solving techniques, pr
ofessional job growth activities and more