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107 Gallagher Ct.
Folsom; CA. 95630
Cell (916) 862-2972

OBJECTIVE : Chief Engineer; Plant Operations Director; Stationary Engineer

SUMMARY: Highly motivated, extremely experienced Facilities Engineer. 15 years

experience in various leadership positions. 5 years as a Stationary Engineer an
d Senior Mechanic. 10 years heating and air-conditioning exp.
Employee of the year, with a acan doa attitude.

Jeffas Home Repair and Maintenance, Folsom CA May 08- Present.

Sacramento Food Bank Volunteer.
Dir. of Plant Operations & Safety, Heritage Oaks Hospital, Sac. CA. Aug 04-May 0
Director of Housekeeping; Engineering and Safety;
(4 years)
a SMUD energy conservation award.
Chief Engineer, Capital Center, Rancho Cordova CA, Feb 97- Aug 2004. ( 7 years )
Employed by ABM (American Bld. Maint.). Property size 551,000 Sq. Ft. Oversee al
l Engineering Capital Budgets, handle repairs and Preventative Maint. on over 22
0 HVAC units. Work directly with Property Manager performing duel role as Chief
and HVAC Tech. Attended many Formal HVAC classes.
a 7 years without any major breakdowns; Developed Preventative Maint. program.
Promoted to Stationary Engineer from Operating Engineer, Glenbrook Hospital Glen
view IL, 1988-Nov 97. Size of Facility 260,000 Sq. Ft. ( 10 years )
Operate, and maintain state of the art plant with HP boilers, absorption units,
air handlers, electric boilers, sterilizers. Facilitated mechanical, electric
al and plumbing repairs to rooms, offices, and equipment.
a Through teamwork earned AMA aTop 10% of U.S. Hospitalsa Award.
a Received special Employee of the year award.
Facilities Maintenance, Swedish Covenant Health Complex, Chicago, IL. 1975-1988
. Size of facility 294,000 Sq. Ft. ( 14 years )
a Senior Mechanic (5 years) Set -up computerized Preventative Maintenance Sys.
a Promoted to Supervisor of Buildings & Grounds, Painting and Carpentry.
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U.S.A.F. and U.S.A.F.R. CHICAGO OaHARE. 1978-MARCH 1997 ( 20 yr. Vet.)
a Shop Sprv. Promoted to Trng. Mgr. Civil Engineering Squadron 1986-Mar 1997
Managed whole training program for a 200 person unit with 14 shops.
a Maint. Tech at a 70 and a 152 Bed Retirement Center in Chicago Ill.( PT 15 yea
a Jet Aircraft Crew Chief USAF 1978-1982
a Locks, reading blueprints
a Pool maintenance and water analysis
a Electrical troubleshooting and lighting
a Computerized interactive training, Word e-mail and Excel
a Plumbing and pipe fitting
a Painting
a Roofing, concrete, and tuck pointing repair
a Labor relations, performance appraisals, employment interviews and hiring
a Grounds equipment operation and repair
a Landscaping and underground lawn sprinklers
a Pneumatic and Direct Digital computerized H.V.A.C. control systems
a Budgets, Write Contracts, Capital Expenditures, Installation agreements
a Management degree, College of Lake County
a Heating and air-conditioning, C.L.C and Sacramento City College M.E.T. program
a C.F.C. Universal refrigerant card, E.P.A.
a Diplomas in building maintenance, Plant Operations Management, T.P.C. Training
a Certificate Plumbing Specialist, U.S.A.F.R.
a Stationary Engineers license, N.I.U.L.P.E.
a Sheet metal and welding technology, C.LC.
a Trainer and Instructor certified U.S.A.F.R.
a Participated in 10 management and supervisory seminars to date
a JCAH Workshops
a National Association of Power Engineers (N.A.P.E.)
a Refrigeration Service Engineers Society (R.S.E.S.)
a National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA)
Extensive professional References and documentation available upon request.
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