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La gazette de 1ère année

École Captain Michael VandenBos

Mlle Goss, Mme Jacquie, Mme Jarvis et Mme Laszlo
June 2011
What’s New: Mathematics:
Over the next few weeks we will continue to
End-of-year Zoo Trip:
explore Data Management and Probability
In celebration of the end of Grade One,
skills through which students will predict,
students will visit the Metro Toronto Zoo
organize and interpret data using bar graphs,
on Friday June 17th. Please see the
pictographs, and other graphic organizers. We will also
enclosed permission form for more
review and expand on the addition/subtraction concepts
information concerning fees. Forms and money are due
introduced throughout the year as our term comes to an
back to school by Monday June 6th. Please be sure to
dress your child for the weather as we will attend the
Zoo rain or shine. Sunscreen, a hat, a water bottle, a Science:
packed lunch and a variety of snacks should be provided This month, students will continue studying the Earth
in a comfortable backpack. Comfortable walking shoes and Space Systems unit. Students will learn more about
are also a must. how the sun affects our planet and causes seasonal
changes, and how the weather affects the activities of
In Each Subject many living things. At the end of the month, we will
Language: synthesize our understanding of various science concepts
Throughout June, we will continue to focus on when we visit the Toronto Zoo and observe the animals
refining writing skills. Students are expected to use living in their zoo habitats.
their oral language knowledge, and diverse classroom
resources, to compose complete and grammatically Social Studies:
correct sentences. Students are encouraged to Students will continue to examine maps in June.
continue composing creative sentences at home as well.
Very shortly, “writing dice” will be sent home with the Summer Activities:
homework (which include subject, verb, and complement
What can you do to keep French active this summer?
ideas) and these can be used to help practise correct
Here are a few ideas:
verb conjugation and sentence structure. The following
1. Read in French – explore the resources at the local library
elements must be present in every sentence:
2. Tutoring – review concepts and skills with a qualified tutor
(capital letter) subject + verb + complement (punctuation) 3. DVDs – access the French language tracks on familiar DVDs
4. CDs and TV – watch or listen to French media (TVO has a
Subject = who? what? French channel with many popular programs in French)
Verb = did what? (action word) 5. French Camps – see camps recommended by Canadian
Complement = with whom? where? when? why? how?, Parents for French
etc… (the rest of the sentence and describing details)

Reminder: June 3rd is a P.A. Day.

Library Circulation & Home Reading Program: Students are not to come to school on this day.
The circulation of all library books will end June 10 th,
and the home reading program will conclude the week of
The last day of school is Wednesday, June 29th.
June 20th. Please be sure to return all outstanding
books to school by June 24th at the latest.
Have a Safe and Happy Summer!