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BSc Eng, Century University

M Eng M, University of Pretoria
MBA, International Management Centres
Member of International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE)
Member of Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS)

Curriculum Vitae
* 0027829240322(cell)
* 0027119273280(w)
* (email)
* (email)
I have 30 years of experience in Systems Engineering, RAMS, Safety, Program Mana
gement, Quality Management, Integrated Logistics Support, and Qualification / Ce
English, Portuguese, French.

Systems Engineering Manager
Denel Aviation
October 2007 until now.
Systems Engineering, Man Machine Interface, System Safety Analysis, Maintenance
Program Development, Project Management, Reliability and Qualification
Project Manager (RAMS)
October 2001 to October 2007
Systems Engineering, System Safety Analysis, Maintenance Program Development, Pr
oject Management, Reliability and Qualification
Project Manager - Assessor to the Board of Directors
OGMA, Alverca, Portugal
March 2001 to October 2001
Assessment of the organization, recommendations,
and progress reporting to the Board of Directors, regarding the reorganization,
training, and improved methods of work.
Manager: Quality Systems
August 1998 - February 2001
Quality Assurance, Configuration Management, Product Safety, Information Technol
ogy, Technical Documentation, Technical Libraries,
Technical Training, and Health and Safety.
Planning for all the support functions, long term strategy, and budgeting
Maintenance of the ISO 9001 certification
Maintenance of the 5 star NOSA certification (Health and Safety)
Implementation of a Continuous Improvement Process Programme
RAM Engineering Manager
August 1993 - August 1998
Established the Reliability, Availability and Maintainability Section.
Prepared the Reliability Plan and the Maintainability Plan.
Developed the specification for a RAMS database
Supervised other engineers populating the RAMS database
Developed a specification for a Failure Reporting, Analysis and Corrective Actio
n System(FRACAS)
Developed a methodology for the calculation of spares
Established the Work Groups, and Engineering Steering Committee for the approval
of the Maintenance Plan
Prepared the Logistic Sections of product Specification which was a publication
issued by the Program Office.

RAM Manager
September 1991 - July 1993
My main contributions were the risk analysis in terms of total project feasibili
ty, the logistic analysis proposal and the reliability and maintainability studi
Logistic and Quality Manager
April 1986 - August 1991
Integrated Logistic Support Plan (ILSP) for our main products; all the tradition
al ILS disciplines were addressed: Maintenance, Manpower, Computer Resources, Fa
cilities, Spares, Technical Documentation, Training, RAM, Transportation, and PH
S&T. I developed a manual reflecting all quality procedures and practices.
Activities such as Quality Planning, RAMS Planning, Contract Review, FMECAS, FTA
, Reliability Critical Items List, Sneak Circuit Analysis, Maintainability Analy
sis, were developed and implemented.
Quality Consultant
JCI, Kroonstad
January 1986 - April 1986
I was hired to help identify this fabrication company's manufacturing quality pr
oblems and to propose solutions to alleviate those problems. This entailed an ap
praisal of the company's management procedures as well as a thorough examination
of the shop floor fabrication techniques and standards (relating to measuring,
storing, cutting, bending, welding, shot blasting and painting, mostly). My find
ings and recommendations were presented to management at the end of my brief. Ma
ny of my recommendations were subsequently implemented.

Quality Manager
Circle Pumps
1981 - 1985
I was responsible for the implementation of a quality system modelled on SABS 01
57 (=ISO 9000 series), part 2. I developed a quality manual, and introduced a sy
stem of documented corrective action. The QA department that I headed performed
supplier quality assurance, receiving inspection, process quality control, pump
performance testing and final inspection. I was also responsible for the perform
ance evaluation of new pump models and for the solving of problems experienced b
y customers in their pumping systems. This was of great help in introducing impr
ovements in our products.

Head of Quality Assurance

Haggie Rand
1975 - 1980
I started in the laboratory, performing tests on the raw material used in the ma
nufacturing of sisal and steel rope. As I become more experienced, I was transfe
rred to the quality control department, which was involved in the quality contro
l of the wire manufacturing (drawing) process. Eventually I was promoted to head
of quality assurance, and I was responsible for the development and implementat
ion of procedures modelled on SABS 0157, part 1. At this stage, the department s
taff of quality technologists numbered a total of 11. An important part of our w
ork was the development of project quality plans and their auditing.

High School Education

I completed the Liceum in 1972 in Lourenco Marques, Mozambique (exempted from Un
iversity entrance examination). I passed the following subjects:
* Mathematics
* Physics
* Chemistry
* Technical drawing
* Philosophy
* Political Organisation
* Natural Sciences (Zoology, Mineralogy and Botany)
Tertiary Education
* Diploma in Datametrics through UNISA, 1982
* BSc Engineering through Century University (USA), 1985
* MBA through International Management Centres, 1987
* M Eng M through the University of Pretoria, 1992
Other tertiary education
* Production Management Institute of South Africa: Advanced Diploma in Productio
n Management
* Institution of Industrial Management (UK): Advanced Diploma in Industrial Mana
* American Society for Quality Control:
* Certificated Quality Engineer, 1980, certificate number 00294
* Certificated Reliability Engineer, 1987, certificate number 02854
* London Institute: City and Guilds Certificate in Quality Control
Technical and Industrial Training
* Reliability (Quality Training and Consulting)
* Leadership (in-house)
* Quality Management (in-house)
* Specification Practices (Sparrius)
* Logistics, (Sparrius)
* Reliability and Maintainability (Metron)
* Quality Management module of SAP R3
* Project Management
* Member of the Royal Aeronautical Society (number 1364256 )
* Member of the International Council on Systems Engineering (number 20642)

Professional Registration
* CEng with the Engineering Council of the UK (number 575099)