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William Bumgardner

1291 Worthington Creek Drive

Residence: 614-431-9670
Worthington, OH 43085
Professional Counselor
A Professional Counselor with 19 years of clinical experience in counseling from
working in a variety of Mental Health and Chemical Dependency settings. Client
populations included adolescents, adults, seniors, and families. My counseling
integrates quality clinical practice using a variety of treatment approaches.
Competence includes career, adolescent, marriage and family, men's issues, addic
tions, and mental and emotional disorders. My goal in counseling is to provide
comprehensive treatment of individuals and families: mind, body, and spirit.
Am skilled at paraphrasing, use of metaphor, and encouragement. Am dedicate
d to provide clear information, guidance and modeling for the client.
Professional experience
The Counseling Source, Cincinnati, OH. 2008-present This company prov
ides mental counseling services to adults and children in over 100 facilities in
My services to clients include assessment, treatment planning, and counseling in
a skilled nursing facility in Columbus, OH.
* Provided feedback for improvement of computerized charting program.
2005 - 2006 The company provides outpatient AOD treatment to adul
ts and adolescents.
Started as the adolescent program coordinator and case manager. (Left due to the
death of my father in Maryland and the need to care for my mother.)
* Duties expanded to include detox coordinator and assessment counselor.
1999 - 2003 A company providing comprehensive inpatient and outp
atient AOD treatment services.
Was rehired as lead counselor for two Detox programs were I provided assessment,
care planning, clinical supervision to clinical staff. Transferred to be an As
sessment counselor providing screening and biopsychosocial assessments on indivi
duals seeking AOD treatment.
* Fostered a team-oriented approach to treatment.
Eastern Oregon Adolescent Multi-Treatment Center, Pendleton, OR. M
ay- December 1998 Adolescent day treatment for mental health, AOD, with school.
Provided assessment, case management, and group counseling for adolescents with
co-occurring AOD and mental illness. Part of a multidisciplinary team.
* Able to develop and implement the new AOD treatment component of the mental he
alth program.
Crondelet / Lourdes AOD Services,Pendleton,OR
1997- 1998 An AOD outpatient treatment services provider.
Role there included assessment, treatment planning, client education, case manag
ement, individual and group counseling to adults in an outpatient AOD program.
* Assisted in obtaining State certification for Pendleton office.

Evergreen Rehabilitation , Walla Walla, WA

1996 - 1997 A skilled nursing facility.
Was hired to develop a new program providing individual and group counseling, cl
ient education, assessment, treatment planning, and case management.
* Developed from start-up through State program certification an AOD treatment p
rogram for senior adults. The first of it's kind in the state of Washington.
Walla Walla College and College Church, College Place, WA.
1994 -1996 A Christian College and associated church.
Held several positions. Pastoral care to an affiliated Christian church in Tou
chet, WA. Counseling in the Christian Counseling Center. Instructor for Co
unseling and Addictions treatment courses in the Counseling and Social Work depa
rtments of Walla Walla College.
* Expanded Counseling Center services to include professional AOD.
1990 -1994 A comprehensive AOD treatment service provider.
Adolescent unit family counselor providing direction for the family program on t
he inpatient AOD unit. This included program planning; family education; individ
ual and multiple family group counseling; family assessment; treatment planning;
case management; and supervision of a co-.facilitator.
* September 1993 was promoted to adolescent unit clinical supervisor with respon
sibilities for supervising and developing clinical staff; program development; u
nit budget; public relations; monitoring client care; unit policies and procedur
Bumgardner Music, Columbus, OH
1975 - Present Avocation and hobby.
Independent contractor for music shops. Providing repair of stringed musical ins
truments. Also classical guitar music for churches and groups.
* Completed two CD recordings of my music.
Education and Professional Development
Licensed Professional CounseIor 2007 in Ohio
Licensed Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor 1990 in Ohio
University of Maryland College Park, MD 1975
BA in communication.
Methodist Theological School in Ohio Delaware, OH 1990
MA in Addictions counseling
Methodist Theological School in Ohio Delaware, OH 2002
MA in Counseling Ministry
University of Dayton Dayton, OH 2002-2006
10 post-Masters classes for mental health counselor licensure.
* Proficient on MAC and PC computers.
* Programs Psych Serve , Documentation tracker , Microsoft Word, and Mariner.
* Many hours of continuing education training in all areas of AOD and Mental hea