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Dear Prospective Employer:

Please accept this letter and attached resume as an expression of my sincere int
erest in becoming a part of your organization.
I have a total of 20 years of experience in healthcare administration. As my re
sume reflects, I have a practical background as an Administrator and Director in
charge of physician and dental practices. My strengths are in operations and i
nclude, but are not limited to: managing, marketing, human resources, implementa
tion of physician and dental contracts and delivering quality of medical service
s consistent with providing excellent customer service. I have excellent verbal
and written skills, as well as experience in implementing, planning, organizing
and delegation of workload. My experience provides me with the knowledge, skil
ls and ability necessary to produce effective, high quality results.
I obtained my Bachelor of Health Services Administration in December, 2005 and c
ompleted my Master of Health Law degree in July, 2009. I would like to present t
o you some information about my Master's because it is fairly new on the market.
A Master of Science in Health Law is a degree which focuses on the ongoing legal
aspects that affect the healthcare industry. It is a study which prepares the
individual to handle medical law suits regarding compliance and regulatory issue
s with Medicare and Medicaid, as well as fraud and abuse issues. It also entail
s Risk Management and understanding patient and employee safety and how to imple
ment programs and comply with the requirements of the law as well as, reporting
injuries. It deals with the ethical legal implications challenging our healthca
re policies and patient rights, as well as, handling controversial issues while
working cohesively between family members, physicians, and stepping in as a liai
son between the attorneys. It also prepares you for legal negotiations regardin
g tort and contract law as well as understanding the Administrative laws that go
vern our healthcare system. Additionally, it also prepares the individual to ha
ndle issues concerning employment law and how to safeguard the employer from com
mitting inadvertent breach of governmental protected rights given to employees b
y the Civil Rights Act of 1964. These rights protect employees against discrimi
nation against age, gender, religious affiliations, disabilities, etcetera.
I believe that the combination of my years of experience in management, my bache
lor's in healthcare management and now my education in the legal healthcare fiel
d, will be an asset to any organization.
I resigned my last position to spend more time with my family, but also took adv
antage of the opportunity to further my education.
I am eager to return to work full time and apply the knowledge that I have attai
ned. I am certain that I would make a valuable contribution to your organizati
on and would welcome the opportunity to meet and discuss this with you personall
y. Upon your request, I can provide you with both professional and personal ref
Please contact me at your convenience should you need additional information. T
hank you for your time and courtesy in reviewing this information and I look for
ward to your response.

Esther (Tely) Sapayo

Attached: Resume

Esther (Tely) Sapayo

8827 SW 123 Court #404 Mobile 786-271-8978

Miami, FL 33186 e-mail:
Career Summary: Physician and Dental practice Administrator with extensive exper
ience in the operations of multiple practices and specialties. Demonstrates expe
rience in:
* Business and practice operations
* Physician / Dentist contract negotiations
* Financial management and budget
* Business Development
* Recruitment of physician contract, dentist contract and staffing
* ICD-9 Diagnosis Coding
* CPT Procedure Coding
* Marketing and Advertising
Master of Science in Health Law (Cum Laude), Jul 2009, Nova Southeastern Uni.
Bachelor of Science in Health Services Administration (Cum Laude), Dec 2005, Flo
rida International University
Director of Patient Access, Aventura Hospital (HCA Corp.), Apr 2002- Jul 2002
Managed 52 employees for the hospital admission department, OP centers, and ED
Responsibilities: Overall fiscal management, co-pay collection, deductibles and
private pay patients, as well as verification of benefits before admission. W
orked cohesively with hospital billing department and handled patient complaints
Operations Manager, Gevity HR, May 2001 to March 2002
Managed the operations department for a Professional Employment Organization (PE
O), company in Miami-Dade and Monroe counties. Responsibilities: Oversee payrol
l, courier and customer service departments, developed new business and assisted
with human resources administration.
Consultant, Self Employed, Jul 2000 to Apr 2001
Work entailed providing independent consulting services to physicians.
Director of Operations, Professional Dental Associates, Apr 1999 to May 2000
Managed the operations of multiple dental practices. Responsibilities: overseei
ng administrative and clinical staff, budget, marketing and advertising, busines
s development, contract negotiations. Company closed on June 1, 2000.
Worked for Columbia Healthcare Corporation/HCA from Jan 1996 to Apr 1999
Area Practice Administrator and Director of Senior Health Centers, Columbia Phys
ician Services and Columbia Miami Heart Institute, Feb 1998 to Apr 1999
Responsibilities: managed multiple physician practices and Senior Health Centers
. Accountable for all aspects of operations, including but not limited to; budg
et, accounts receivable, accounts payable, developing new business, etc. Held tw
o positions simultaneously, reported to two divisions of Columbia HCA.
Physician's Area Practice Manager, Columbia Deering Hosp., Jan 1997 to Feb 1998.
Managed all aspects of operations for multiple physician practices, Responsibi
lities: also included the implementation of JCAHO policy and procedure manuals.
Business Office Manager, Columbia Deering Hospital - Comprehensive Immune Center
, Jan 1996 to Jan 1997. Managed multiple medical practices. Responsibilities:
billing, collections, payment posting, front desk and medical records department
Coordination of Benefits and Third Party Liability Analyst: Care Florida/Foundat
ion Health, Oct 1993 to Jul 1995
Investigated claims for other party payer health care benefits coverage and work
ed with attorneys for cost savings reimbursement on law suits. Goal was to maxi
mize cost savings for the insurance company.
Front Desk Manager, Stanley Cannon, MD, Jan 1993 to Sep 1993
Managed front desk, billing, collections, payment posting, scheduling and verifi
cation of benefits.
Collections Representative and Radiology Associate, KME / HCA Kendall Regional M
edical Center, Dec 1990 to Dec 1992
Responsibilities: Collections for OP radiology diagnostic services, simultaneous
ly, assisted in the implementation of the Mediteck software program and assisted
with policy and procedure manuals for radiology department.
Billing Clerk and Public Relations Representative, Health Management Services/Sh
ared Medical Systems, Jul 1984 to Dec 1990
Responsibilities: Handled billing, payment posting and collections. Handled pub
lic relations issues with Hospital based physicians of multiple specialties such
as radiology, cardiology, anesthesiology, etc.
* Consolidate, relocate, acquire, merge and divest practices
* Implement Policies and Procedures, including JCAHO and OSHA compliance
* Ethics and Compliance Officer
Activities: Shim Myung Do - Martial Arts
Organizations: Honor Society of PHI KAPPA PHI