Sweet lil' Book of Mormon Covers.Pattern


• • • • • • 1 - mini Book of Mormon 1 - fat quarter material Wonder Under ( one side has paper and the
other a glue that melts when ironed)

9. Place on inside where material folds over – on top of “H” and “J”, iron onto area over “B” area and remove paper 10. Fold “C” flap material over smoothly to meet spine then iron 11. Repeat with back cover using two 5” x 1” strips placed over “F” and “G” on the “D” half, o Iron those 2 pieces –remove paper o Fold Section “E” over to meet spine o Iron Section “E”

26” length of Ribbon, to tie around the book 9” length of Ribbon, for Bookmark 1 - mini-brad

Book Cover Instructions:
1. Trace pattern onto Wonder Under (paper side, use measurements to roughly outline) 2. Iron pattern onto wrong side of fabric and then cut out pattern 3. Cut on dotted lines “O”, cut out black triangles 4. Tear off backing—fold down tabs “0” onto “A” (should lightly stick) 5. Place spine of book over section “A”, make sure it barely fits inside of section “A” 6. While holding book in place, Iron “B” side of fabric to the front cover of book o Open Book up, Fold “H” and “J” over inside of Cover - then iron them both down (beware of the sticky part on “C”) 7. Now do the same with the back cover, Iron “D” fabric to the back cover o Open up, Fold “F” and G” over inside of back cover – then iron (beware of sticky “E” area) 8. Cut two pieces Wonder Under 2 ½ ”x 1”

Tie or Magnet Instructions: (2 options)
A. Magnet: Simply purchase 2 magnet strips 1”x 3” and glue to flap B. Tie: Using 26” length, place on flap and zig-zag stitch in place (see placing on pattern) about 91/2” from one end of ribbon

Book Mark Instructions:
• Hole punch a tiny hole through Cover about 1” down and ½” from edge (or as far as you can fit the hole puncher) then punch the ribbon Put mini-brad through the holes .
You can glue on jewels or any doodad for


extra cuteness


Draw out your Pattern:
18” X 7 5/8” A= 6/8” wide x 5 1/8” tall B= 3 3/8” wide x 5 1/8” tall C= 3 3/8” wide x 5 1/8” tall D= 5 ¼” wide x 5 1/8” tall E= 5 ¼” wide x 5 1/8” tall F= 10 ½” wide x 1 ¼” tall G= 10 ½” wide x 1 ¼” tall H= 6 6/8” wide x 1 ¼” tall J= 6 6/8” wide x 1 ¼” tall 0= 1 ¼” dotted line x 6/8” wide

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