Ancient Sumerian cylinder seal impression depicting the Annunaki The Anunnaki (also transcribed as: Anunnaku, Ananaki) are

a group of Sumerian and Akkadian deities related to, and in some cases overlapping with, the Annuna (the 'Fifty Great Gods') and the Igigi (minor gods). The name is variously written "da-nuna", "da-nuna-ke4ne", or "da-nun-na", meaning something to the effect of 'those of royal blood'[1] or 'princely offspring'[2] or "heaven and earth" (Anu-na-ki). According to later Babylonian myth, the Anunnaki were the children of Anu and Ki, brother and sister gods, themselves the children of Anshar and Kishar (Skypivot and Earthpivot, the Celestial poles). Anshar and Kishar were the children of Lahm and Lahmu ("the muddy ones"), names given to the gatekeepers of the Abzu temple at Eridu, the site at which the Creation was thought to have occurred. The head of the Anunnaki council was the Great Anu, (rather than being just a sky god, Anu in Sumerian actually means "sky"), of Uruk and the other members were his offspring. His place was taken by Enlil, (En=lord, lil=wind,air), who at some time was thought to have separated heaven and earth. This resulted in an ongoing dispute between Enlil of Nippur and his half brother Enki of Eridu regarding the legitimacy of Enlil's assumption of leadership. Enki, (En=lord, Ki=Earth), in addition to being the God of fresh water, was also God of wisdom and magic, regarded by some as an alchemist. When the Igigi went on strike and refused to continue to work maintaining the universe, on the Shappatu (Hebrew. shabbat, Eng. sabbath) Enki created humankind to assume responsibility for the tasks the Gods no longer performed. The Anunnaki were the High Council of the Gods, and Anu's companions. They were distributed through the Earth and the Underworld. The best known of them were Asaru, Asarualim, Asarualimnunna, Asaruludu, EnKi (Ea for the Akkadians), Namru, Namtillaku and Tutu.

Zecharia Sitchin (born 1922)[1] is a best-selling author of books promoting the ancient astronaut theory for human origins. He attributes the creation of the ancient Sumerian culture to the Annunaki (or Nephilim) from a hypothetical planet named Nibiru in the solar system. He asserts that Sumerian mythology reflects this view, though his speculations are largely ignored by some mainstream scientists and historians who see many problems with both his translations and understanding of physics.

[3] Sitchin claims that his research coincides with many biblical texts. Tiamat may have been what we now know as Earth.000 years ago. and that the biblical texts come originally from the Sumerian writings of their history. however.600 years. there is a hypothetical planet which follows a long. only specialists could read the Sumerian language. According to Sitchin. This scenario is scientifically disputed. However. reaching the inner solar system roughly every 3. He claims they first arrived on Earth probably 450. Sitchin claims ancient inscriptions report that human civilization in Sumer of Mesopotamia was set up under the guidance of these "gods". elliptical orbit.Ideas According to Sitchin's interpretation of Sumerian cosmology. On a second pass Nibiru itself struck the broken fragments and one half of Tiamat became the asteroid belt. Nibiru was the home of a technologically advanced human-like extraterrestrial race (called the Anunnaki in Sumerian myth) who were called the Nephilim in the Bible. The second half. which they found and mined in Africa. Sitchin believes that fallout from nuclear weapons used during a war between factions of the extraterrestrials is the "evil wind" that destroyed Ur around 2000 BC (Sitchin himself claims the exact year is 2024 BC[2]). When struck by one of planet Nibiru's moons. but now anyone can check his translations in the . especially gold. as outlined in the Enûma Elish. Tiamat split in two. looking for minerals. solid continents on one side and a giant ocean on the other—and would also explain why the Earth is layered in sediments. This planet is called Nibiru (the planet associated with Marduk in Babylonian cosmology). another hypothetical planet that was between Mars and Jupiter. as recorded in the Lament for Ur. The collision formed the planet Earth. was pushed into a new orbit and became today's planet Earth. is a goddess. and human kingship was inaugurated to serve as an intermediary between the Anunnaki and mankind. Nibiru collided catastrophically with Tiamat. Sitchin believes the Anunnaki genetically engineered Homo sapiens as slave creatures to work their gold mines by crossing extraterrestrial genes with those of the Homo erectus. Tiamat. Sitchin's supporters maintain it would explain Earth's peculiar early geography due to cleaving from the celestial collision—i. These "gods" of the Anunnaki were the rank and file workers of the colonial expedition to earth from planet Nibiru. and the comets.e. When Sitchin researched his books. the asteroid belt.[citation needed] According to Sitchin. struck again by one of Nibiru's moons.

and Laurence Gardner. "These 223 genes were horizontally inserted into the human genome by bacteria." according to the Public Consortium. . 2012: Appointment With Marduk. according to some mainstream scientists. 3. these interplanetary collisions were supposed to have taken place within the span of human existence.661 years for the planet Nibiru. including the Thera eruption. "The sequence tells us that we received 223 genes as gifts from ancient invading bacteria that somehow infected a distant ancestor of ours and horizontally transferred some DNA. As with Immanuel Velikovsky's earlier Worlds in Collision thesis. The last orbital passage of Marduk. In a recently published book.627. Turkish proponent Burak Eldem presented a new view suggesting an orbital period of 3. On February 15. without empirical evidence and thus not a valid scientific theory.frequently contested Sumerian Lexicon.5 billion years ago by a body impacting with the newly-formed Earth. According to Eldem's theory. which is the total time span of "Five World Ages" according to the Mayan Long Count Calendar. not alien visitors.661 is one-seventh of 25. but entered the mythological account passed down via the alien race which purportedly evolved on Nibiru after these encounters. However. which marks the end of the Maya calendar. 2001. Sitchin's 'planetary collision' view does superficially resemble a theory which is seriously entertained by modern astronomers —the giant impact theory of the Moon's formation about 4. Zecharia Sitchin's theory that these 223 genes were inserted by aliens is mere speculation. Erich von Däniken." according to Eric Lander of the International Human Genome Sequencing Consortium. Sitchin claims to find evidence of ancient human knowledge of rogue celestial motions in a variety of mythological accounts. Similar ideas have been advanced by authors such as Immanuel Velikovsky.[4] Sitchin's translations have been heavily challenged under linguistic scrutiny. whereas for Sitchin these occurred during the early stages of planetary formation. he adds. Sitchin has recently put forth his own date in the year 2085 for the next passage of Nibiru. Sitchin's proposed series of rogue planetary collisions differ in both details and timing. the National Human Genome Research Institute's International Human Genome Sequencing Consortium announced the discovery of an enigmatic 223 non-human genes found within the human genome. and positing a "return date" in the year AD 2012. but the date most talked about is 2012. was in 1649 BC and caused great catastrophes on earth. In Velikovsky's case.

the enigmatic 223 alien genes will remain as a corroboration by modern science of the Anunnaki and their genetic feats on Earth.. he recovered records place the location of the Anunnaki laboratory where the first humans were said to have been literally produced in central Africa. explained by the Sumerian texts millennia ago. conducted by the Public Consortium team and published in the journal Nature. according to Zecharia Sitchin. all the way back to a single “Eve. “Ancient history and legend around the world." The Public Consortium's idea that these 223 genes were inserted by bacteria is mere speculation.. that the only possible source of the extra genes are indeed bacteria. shows that they include proteins involved in important physiological and psychiatric functions. attest to the fact that there were once giants in the earth.Sitchin makes the converse claim. In a lecture at New York University in 1993. Unless further scientific research can establish. and unless it is then also determined that the Horizontal Gene Transfer went from bacteria to Man and not from Man to bacteria. bulk and height. and they took them wives of all which they chose. in east central Africa just above their gold mines. and are responsible for important neurological enzymes that stem only from the mitochondrial portion of the DNA – the so-called Mitochondrial Eve DNA that humankind inherited only through the mother-line. as well as the Bible. "These 223 genes were horizontally inserted into the human genome by alien visitors.” That finding alone raises doubt about the "bacterial insertion" explanation. men of awesome dimensions. according to Zecharia Sitchin. without empirical evidence and thus not a valid scientific theory. and daughters were born unto them. beyond any doubt. when men began to multiply on the face of the earth. There were giants in the earth in those days. In Genesis 6:1-4 we read. An analysis of the functions of these 223 genes through the proteins that they spell out. not bacteria. Mitochondria DNA places the first homo-sapiens sapiens in the same time frame and location. and . Indeed. Sitchin further outlined his theory about human origins and our link with the Anunnaki by saying. that the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair. "And it came to pass.

Having mapped the human . jewelry. Led by a high angel named Azazyel. The people also learned sorcery. the Bible is a historic and scientific document. these Sumerian tablets and cylinder seals have been available since the 1800's and are currently dispersed among many museums worldwide.600 years. During this strange occupation.. found etched on clay tablets. Exhausted and in need of help in mining the gold. In his Earth Chronicles series. Enoch writes that humans were taught to make swords. with which to protect their dwindling atmosphere." Inscribed in Cuneiform. shields. an ancient text discovered in Ethiopia in 1773 (and because of references to it in ancient Hebrew writings considered to be among the oldest manuscripts in existence) speaks about 200 angels who came down to earth to mate with the "daughters of man".000 years ago from the planet Nibiru.. paints and dyes. when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men. in which the role of the Elohim in Genesis is performed by the Anunnaki "Those Who From Heaven to Earth Came.. knives. the worlds first written language. and the importance of the motion of the celestial bodies. by adding some of the genes of the more advanced Anunnaki. an expert in ancient Semitic and Hebrew languages. astrology and other "signs". the angels produced giant men. the same became mighty men which were of old. their chief scientist Enki suggested that they use their genetic knowledge to create the needed Primitive Workers. and use valuable stones. men of renown".. astronomy. bridge the gap between creation myths and modern evolutionary theories. and ancient civilizations were the product of knowledge given to the people by the Anunnaki. breastplates. he Biblical verses dealing with the fashioning of The Adam are condensed renderings of much more detailed Sumerian and Akkadian texts.. In Sitchin's words. to upgrade genetically the existing hominids. who were already on Earth through Evolution. offers the premise that mythology is the repository of ancient memory. that they bare children to them. The Book of Enoch. Sitchin's interpretations do something that few religions are able to do." As outrageous as this sounds. They came here in need of gold. "The Anunnaki came to Earth some 450. make cosmetics. Zacharia Sitchin. use of roots and plants for medicine. mirrors. a member of our own solar system whose great orbit brings it to our part of the heavens once every 3.also after that.

Marduk. the Anunnaki have been reduced in power today. There are those who believe that the Anunnaki of Nibiru are coming back to Earth soon. Paradise. Although Nibiru has been called The Twelfth Planet. The rulers of the stronger nations are forcing their will upon the weaker nations and will become more demanding and unreasonable.genome and conducted genetic engineering ourselves. in various cultures. meteor fire storms. diseases. Nation states are using an enormously oppressive power much like that of masters over slaves. tidal waves. technically it is not a planet of our solar system. This race of beings thrives on conquest and enslavement of those who are under them.600 year orbit around our sun. such as: Planet X. on its 3. This is my account of the story of Nibiru and the Anunnaki: In recent years. but also solves the problem of the "missing link" which still plagues Darwinists to this day. A question arises: Is Nibiru real? The answer to that is a resounding "Yes". Such believers are terrified of the consequences that a close pass by Nibiru might bring. They are afraid that it will result in a great catastrophic infliction of loss of life on Earth. "Heaven" and the "Kingdom of the Heavens" and etc. Most of these writings are based somewhat on Zecharia Sitchin’s book.Bi. This interpretation not only clarifies the origin of creation stories in many subsequent religions.Ru) is known by many names. They fear this will cause earthquakes. s world events continue to unfold. Sitchin. severe flooding. In fact. which is also known as Planet Nibiru. The Twelfth Planet. there have been many speculative writings about Planet X. in May or June of 2003. more and more will witness the ugliness of the predominance of bullying behaviour. Planet Nibiru (Ne. For many reasons. There was once a super race of aliens known to the ancient people of the Earth as the Anunnaki. food shortages due to climatic conditions. History is repeating itself – again. it is now plausible to consider that another race had fashioned us in a similar manner. it is a planet from another solar system and the star that was the . like Velikovsky and Darwin. volcanic eruptions and the like. The Twelfth Planet. They believe that Planet X is going to pass by Earth. used his respective theories to support his claims.

incestuous. you have well concocted an impression of the Anunnaki. It has been said that the ancient Mesopotamians believed that Nibiru was the twelfth planet in our solar system and that it was "heaven" where their gods resided and came from. In fact. deceitful. The word "Anunnaki" literally means "those who came from heaven to earth". The Ducaz are used for conquering and controlling the Nibirian population and those of other conquered races. jealous and domineering. lu****l. The orbiting pattern of Nibiru gave the Anunnaki the advantage of having a mobile observatory from which they could observe and investigate many other planets near its orbit. and Marduk in Babylonian. They also demand human sacrifices of virgins from those they conquer and from their own kind whom they enslave. Nibiru was never visible from the Earth but the star which was the centre of Nibiru’s solar system was visible in the skies from Earth. evil. Thus. They are also carnivorous and are often cannibalistic. and Mardukians. They specialize in mind control. They have conducted extensive genetic engineering and have genetically engineered among other things. which means "they who have come down from the heavens to earth". If you imagine the worst characteristics you can conceive in Satan. The Anunnaki were one of the many technologically advanced alien races at the time. are often referred to as Anunnaki. The Anunnaki called their home star (sun) "ZAOS". The early people named Planet X as Nibiru in Sumerian. Nephilim. the Ducaz are . I shall refer to them as Anunnaki as this is what the general population was known as by the Sumerians and by those at the present time. a super reptilian race which the Anunnaki called the "Ducaz". bloodthirsty. In the Old Testament these "heavenly" visitors are called "Anakim". Nibirians. the people of Nibiru. They are fierce. Elohim (plural for god). They also nearly perfected economic control with the development of money and the usury system.sun of its solar system has been extinguished. The Anunnaki are a belligerent and conquering race. Nibiru was populated by a reptilian super race and governed by elite aristocracy known as the "Nefilim" in Hebrew. their civilization was advanced far beyond most others of their time.

arrogance. They are called Vulturites not because they look like vultures.Reptilians. The Anunnaki are flesh-and-blood. This warlike race has an insatiable thirst for control of other beings and dominion over other races. the Pers-sires are just a different faction of the Anunnaki race. Many of these are currently in political. oppressive cast and gender systems. vengeful and jealous qualities. medical (especially in blood banks). The Anunnaki developed and imposed complex. they don’t look like that at all! There are very apt reasons why I have called them Vulturites which I will not go into in this discussion. The Reptilians. Their masters. legal. They are misogynists. The descendents of these two groups are now on Earth vying for supremacy of the world. biological beings with abounding pride. However. bodyguards and police force. religious. There are different types of Reptilians amongst them. scientific. There was so much resistance to the elimination of the worship of the Divine Mother that the Anunnaki set up replacement "mothers" for various cultures such as the ‘earth mother’. the Earth and the planets and moons of our . Due to a great collision. the Anunnaki Elite. the Ducaz (Reptilians) and the Pers-sires (Vulturites) have always been bitter enemies even to this day. There are many factions amongst the Anunnaki. ‘mother nature’ and thereafter further corrupted the Divine Mother’s image by falsely attributing Her with lu****l. The interpretation of Kali is one of those false attributes. uncontrollable urges for adult and child sex partners (whether they be willing or forced participants). That was why they eliminated the worship of the Divine Mother of the early people on Earth whom they conquered when they arrived. financial. are not the Ducaz. One of the most bitter enemies of the Ducaz call themselves the "Pers-sires". a group of aliens for which I coined the word "Vulturites" many years ago. military. agrarian or commercial positions. and also in the sex industry. inequitable and regimented class structure amongst the Ducaz. entertainment. Ironically. Most of these aliens are not consciously aware of their alien origins. Like anything associated with the Anunnaki. and the less privileged classes of the Anunnaki. there is a rigid. or Ducaz were sent by their "masters". and they have a great appetite for conquest and control. as some have claimed. the Nephilim or Elohim to fight in wars with other alien races and to serve as their spies. In fact.

gold is not a native mineral to Earth. However. Nor did they come to Earth to mine for gold to make a shield to protect their ailing atmospheric conditions on Nibiru (If they did. By then. Nibiru too suffered great damage as a result of this celestial collision. They were also interspersed throughout the Orion and the Pleiades systems. full of vigour. Since their home. the Anunnaki Elite and their cadre of attendants were forced to become transient. Nibiru. was destroyed. The Anunnaki Elite have sometimes been referred to as the Nordics or Blondes. It is no wonder that the ancient people feared their gods who they claimed lived in the sky. and they used many of the Anunnaki lower classes to do the same. so the Anunnaki would not be expecting it on Earth. Oddly. they did not succeed in saving their planet. and the rest of our solar system. Inter-planetary slave trade was prevalent and lucrative. Thus it can be seen that the Anunnaki are extraordinarily powerful and they were feared by many. Their highly advanced technology and their overbearing size and strength made them nearly invincible in the eyes of the early people. They also sent freighter class crafts to Earth for commercial and military purposes. including Earth. the other Anunnaki races were already placed in different worlds that they had conquered. Mars. The Anunnaki Elite and those who were permitted to travel moved from the orbiting spacecraft in smaller shuttlecrafts to visit Earth below. robust. Their symbol of status and power is the winged disc that represents their . They also imported many slaves to mine the gold. the Anunnaki Elite were seen and worshiped as gods by them. They are tall. The majority of the earthlings now are genetically and symbolically part of the off-planet civilization of the Anunnaki. with the majority of them living in a huge spacecraft (like a city) that orbited the Earth. The Anunnaki Elite of Nibiru are genetic manipulators who know how to create artificial life forms. many light years away. This caused the Anunnaki to come to Earth in search of a permanent home. athletic and usually of fair complexion. Thus. In their arrogance they tried to play God. as Sitchin hypothesizes. They did not come to search for physical gold. because their planet was destroyed). You will see why I say that as the story unfolds. the Anunnaki were delighted to find gold on earth because they used it for ornamentation. What appears in space is really the shadow of system were severely affected.

Most of these abductions and assaults are carried out by Anunnaki Remnants (a term I use to indicate those Anunnaki who were stranded on Earth). In fact. The Anunnaki developed religions by corrupting any spirituality they observed in the indigenous people of the Earth. war and arrogance. which maliciously implies that He was an Anunnaki. confusion. the women of Earth at that time were purer than the males and they were revered by the males because earthlings’ spirituality still retained closeness to the Divine Mother. These evil Elohim must not be confused with the Divine Elohim of the True Creation. The Anunnaki Elite (the Nephilim) created many religions so they could be worshiped as gods.home star ZAOS. an Avatar of the Light who "incarnated" here to remind and to re-awaken the "sleeping" Divine beings of their true Divine origin. They forced the indigenous people out of their own establishments and forced them into total submission. These Anunnaki Elite were later known as Elohim and Nephilim. they began to spread themselves as far and as wide as they could and took control of sections of the planet by genetic engineering. They employed religions as a powerful means of controlling the indigenous people. Different religions were set up with doctrines in direct opposition to one another in order to breed disharmony. In developing this doctrine. Not long after their arrival. This is patently false. this gives them great satisfaction. As mentioned earlier the Anunnaki Elite conquered and enslaved the primitive people who were already residing on Earth. distrust. Jesus is in fact. there are aliens who abduct earthlings for cloning and they also mutilate animals. the Anunnaki were trying to show that the "sons of God" were lured to Earth and corrupted by the indigenous women of Earth. The "sons of God" abused and horribly mistreated the indigenous women of the Earth to set the example of a . They used the indigenous people for controlled experimentation of biological breeding. Some claim that Jesus was a hybrid from Nibiru. The Anunnaki had to twist this to make it appear that women were a gender that could not be trusted and that they must be oppressed by the males. Today. In Genesis 6:2-4 it is recorded by the Anunnaki (who wrote most of the Old Testament) that "the sons of God" (the Anunnaki males) "saw the daughters of men that they were fair". The Anunnaki planted hybrids from other worlds on Earth when they came.

because ye would not be obedient unto the voice of the Lord your God. the wives are the footstools and the husbands are the thrones. the Anunnaki purposely corrupted the sayings of Moses in Deuteronomy 8:20. For the husband is the head of the wife. where one is told that one must "be obedient" to God or: As the nations which the Lord destroyth before your face. Therefore. as onto the Lord. This is blasphemy! As evidence that the Anunnaki authored much of the Old Testament and also corrupted it. Yet again. even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body. and the earth is my footstool . These are the words of the Demiurge’s chief agents – the Anunnaki. These cannot be the words of the true God of Love. Jewish and Western societies. Paul. so shall ye perish. in Numbers 27:20. The true God does not . let us consider how they have manipulated the writings of Moses. .misogynistic model for the indigenous men of the Earth to follow. In Isaiah 66:1 is found the saying "Thus saith the Lord. who was an incarnated Anunnaki. The heaven is my throne. Moses was supposed to have said that the people must "be obedient" to Joshua. It was very critical to the plans of the Anunnaki to switch the gender of God from Mother to Father. In Exodus 24:7 is found a passage telling the people that they must "be obedient" to the blood sacrifice. . so let the wives be to their own husbands in every thing. who was one of the incarnated Attas of Light. Further. on behalf of the Anunnaki. Many churches equate the teaching of Paul to the teachings of Christ. wrote: Wives submit yourselves onto your husbands. Therefore according to the teaching of Paul. In Ephesians 5:22-24 Paul. Again in Deuteronomy 4:30 Moses supposedly commanded his people to "be obedient" to God’s voice in the tribulations and the latter days. Anunnaki chauvinism has caused women to be subjugated to men and treated as their "footstools" in many cultures including the Arab. as the church is subject onto Christ. Asian. In one usurping stroke.". subordinated all Christian women to an inferior status.

These patterns still exist today. these are the words of the slave masters. spiritually and economically – as slaves. Paul was a representative for a god of terror and a slave master’s henchman. Ephesians 6:5 reads: "Servants. and to please them well in all things…" Clearly. Clearly. The creation myths throughout the world are similar in their major thrusts. as unto Christ".punish people or nations or any thing. Wherever the Anunnaki went and conquered. In 2 Corinthians 2:9 Paul directs his (Paul’s NOT Jesus’) followers to be obedient in all things. returned the "god" of fear and terror to power. As can be seen by the examples of the quote "be obedient" it can be seen that Jesus tried to undo the teachings of the Anunnaki in the Old Testament but Paul corrupted Jesus’ teachings and in so doing. they are more subtle and often appear more . Why is this so? This is because the various creation myths were spread by the Anunnaki as they migrated around the world. mentally. They control by instilling fear and keeping the people ignorant. Is not this awful? The last time the words "be obedient" appear in the Christian Bible is in Titus 2:9 where Paul says. be obedient to them that are your masters according to the flesh. and all these are attributed to Paul. they consolidated the people into densely populated communities so they could better force the people to work for them and to control them – physically. they are based upon fear. These religions are not based upon love. The only other time that the words "be obedient" appear in the Old Testament is in 2 Samuel 22:25 where it is found that "Strangers shall submit themselves unto me: as soon as they hear. There are only three other occasions where the words "be obedient" appear in the Bible. "Exhort servants to be obedient unto their own masters. the Anunnaki. they shall be obedient unto me". The religions set up by the Anunnaki to control and manipulate the populations incorporated the various creation myths. the Anunnaki. However. emotionally. with fear and trembling and singleness of your heart.

After some trials. etc. Through genetic engineering. reptiles. some of which are legendary. women are greatly disadvantaged and obstructed from participating even up to this day. This shows the extent of the chauvinistic influence of the Anunnaki. there was also similar work carried out on various species including the birds. strength and speed. we in this technologically advanced age. some were half-animal. Such traits are noted in various cultures. politics. customs. economic systems. others were . They also kidnapped a special race called the Race of Women and brought them to Earth. They also kidnapped aliens from other worlds and brought them here as slaves. Thus in this sense. half-human. cultures. religions.000 years ago. some for sex. governments. incest and paedophilia. some for soldiering and etc.000 years ago. medicine. they had already conquered the Pleiades and Mars and many other worlds. blinded by its subtleties and falsehoods and its simulation of the Divine Realms. The Anunnaki introduced many alien races that they had conquered and implanted them on Earth. The Anunnaki also practise bestiality. They introduced polygamy. By then. and they remain so today. including the ancient Egyptian royalty and the patriarchs of the Old Testament who followed the precepts ordered by the Anunnaki. The Anunnaki first visited the Earth about 500. humans were slaves to the Anunnaki before. law. The Anunnaki introduced the adornment of the body with jewellery.attractive today than they did in the past. fish. the first wave of successful genetic engineering occurred on Earth about 300. In many senses. They also promoted very expensive tastes that would force people into economic slavery. Even in occupations where strength and speed are irrelevant. Some were sold for hard labour. science. commerce. which are hallmarks of the Anunnaki. Various alien races from other worlds were brought to Earth to be used as slaves by the Anunnaki Elite. Apart from genetic engineering on humans.. mores and etc. But most importantly we are slaves to this Virtual Reality. This race of women suffered greatly under the suppression and abuse of the Anunnaki. beasts and plants. They created monstrosities. women were made physically inferior to men in stature. such as in the clergy. are slaves to the modern commodities.

hoping to kill all of the remaining Anunnaki and the rest of the inhabitants. Upon fleeing the Earth. The Anunnaki Elite murdered the entire Neanderthal population after they had finished using the Neanderthals as specimens for genetic experiments. The advanced civilization of Sumeria did not evolve over many. Most of the Anunnaki were left behind. entertainment and etc. painting. art. religions. About 35. Teleportation was also common in those days for the privileged classes. there was space travel for the privileged classes. weights and measures. music. some of the Anunnaki slaves discovered the plans of the Anunnaki Elite to destroy Atlantis. taking with them some of the knowledge. Some of these slaves were able to escape before the destruction. astrology. However. The Genesis story was created and recorded by the civilization that was re-started by the Anunnaki. including – legal system. cosmology. the performing arts. the Anunnaki Elite blew up Atlantis and destroyed it. . Homo sapiens were the result of the second wave of genetic engineering. the Anunnaki Elite. social order. As time went by things got out of control. In the heyday of Atlantis. homeopathy. animal husbandry. The Sumerians were amongst the earliest ones to possess recordings on tablets describing the history of the Anunnaki on Earth which was in accordance to what the Anunnaki dictated. Sumeria became a civilization that other backward societies envied and feared.000 years ago. Some of the Anunnaki Elite and their chosen attendants fled the Earth in huge spacecrafts and went to other planets.half-bird or half-fish and half-human. Instead it was dressed up almost instantly by the introduction of many facets of civilization by the Anunnaki. Thus a decision was made by them to destroy Atlantis. with monstrosities abounding and many half-human half-beasts were running amok. literature. writing. domestication of plants. they began to disobey their "gods". As the Atlantean "slaves" became more and more advanced. This concerned their masters. many thousands of years. and even to other systems. astronomy. the Cro-Magnon man took over the Earth from the Neanderthal man. culinary skills. economic models. medicine. such as Mars. science. mathematics. This second wave allowed the Homo sapiens to procreate with the civilian Anunnaki. sculpture.

they saw Anunnaki Remnants’ cultures. This concerned them greatly as they thought they were losing control of the Earth to their former slaves. technology. The Anunnaki Remnants who escaped Atlantis began constructing cultures which we now know as Aztecan.000 years ago. writings. They did this by causing a deluge which catastrophically destroyed almost all evidence of the former cultures. the Anunnaki Elite set upon re-taking control of the Earth. Inca. One group of Anunnaki Remnants built the pyramids by employing massive amounts of forced human labour and advanced technology. These sites were used as launching pads for spacecrafts for the privileged classes of the Anunnaki Remnants. Egyptian and Western European followed the order of the divine right of kings. when the Anunnaki Elite returned to Earth planning to re-start their dominion on Earth. Thousands of years ago. When the Anunnaki Elite fled and the Anunnaki Remnants took over. There are many Anunnaki on planet Earth today. the third wave of genetic engineering performed by the higher classed Anunnaki Remnants took place about 20.artifacts. Another reason the Anunnaki Elite decided to blow up Atlantis was because they were under extreme pressure from the investigation of the Attas (the Amoebic Rescuers of the Light who are like space-patrol). Only the huge monuments . When they returned to Earth after destroying Atlantis. they were surprised to find the Anunnaki Remnant cultures blossoming. including the Chinese. This is why many cultures. In desperation. The rulers and kings of various cultures were usually appointed by the Anunnaki Elite. Mayan. After the destruction of Atlantis. and most importantly the ancient Egyptian. Some are the descendents of the survivors from Atlantis who escaped before it was blown up. the Remnants adopted this pattern of appointing kingships. weapons and culture of Atlantis to various parts of the Earth. Japanese. The early Egyptians who built the great pyramids and the Sphinx were also Anunnaki Remnants from Atlantis whom the Anunnaki Elite had intended to annihilate when they destroyed Atlantis.

This emergency plan was executed in Sumeria. the Ziggurats. Nearly all the huge monuments around the world were created at the behest of the Anunnaki Elite or later. Mayan and Inca cultures and could attain dominance if left to their own devices. Thus. etc survived the flood. so how can it be a creation story? There were already various groups of races of aliens and earthlings on Earth when the Anunnaki Elite first took control of a portion of the Earth. There were battles among the various groups for supremacy. Sumeria developed almost instantaneously because of an extremely urgent situation. The conquerors themselves wrote the tablets. The story of Genesis is not the story of the True Divine Creation. what was recorded on the tablets by the Sumerians dictated by their so-called gods. but the Anunnaki Elite were too powerful for them. These Anunnaki Remnants were developing the Egyptian. the Anunnaki Remnants. The Anunnaki Elite were losing influence over the Earth to the Anunnaki Remnants of Atlantis who had escaped. Many of the Anunnaki Elite fled the Earth yet again in their spacecrafts and returned to Orion and the Pleiades systems. The Genesis story was used to control the people and to force them to worship the Anunnaki Elite as gods from the sky. the Anunnaki Elite took the tremendous risk of selecting an area of the Earth onto which they could instantaneously deposit a culture that would be far superior to that of any tribe on Earth. the Anunnaki had seen how religions . very recent when compared to the scheme of things. the pyramids. especially in Egypt. These once proud and "mighty" Anunnaki Elite are now nothing but fugitives cowering in hiding. amongst other places. the most powerful of the Attas of the Light interceded and captured a great number of the Anunnaki Elite. At this point. The story of Genesis is in fact. The Sumerian tablets record events of so-called origins of man and creation that were really events of the beginning of the Anunnaki Elite’s latest colonization of the Earth. Therefore the Anunnaki Elite took the extreme risky decision to create a super culture complete with written language and records in Sumeria. was selfserving. Through past experience. Aztecan. to Egypt and to the Americas. Fearful that there would be Anunnaki Remnants left after the deluge who could rapidly re-construct the culture.such as the Sphinx.

they will use their own new breed of clones to populate the Earth. They plan to re-start the world again. This is an important tool that they use for control. The Genesis story is about the spread of humankind through generations following Adam and Eve and the story of the "divine’s" disenchantment with humankind that preceded the deluge. The Anunnaki Remnants think that they can select their own chosen ones (like their masters did) and take refuge with them in underground bunkers during the period of catastrophes. they will use them on the surface. Today the Anunnaki Remnants are planning to re-establish the "majesty" of bygone days when the Anunnaki Elite had a complete tyranny over the Earth. They cannot leave the planet in spacecrafts because they were left with limited resources after the Anunnaki Elite escaped with all of the technologically advanced spacecrafts. In the Sumerian texts there was mention of the people of the Shem (meaning spaceship). with the help of humans as well as the incarnated Anunnaki in human bodies. entertainers. scientists. The Earth population is being programmed to accept this underground scenario as can be seen in movies like Deep Impact. etc. These .could control the populations of various worlds. This is recorded in the Genesis story. The Anunnaki were the people of the Shem. fire fighters. beauticians. highly advanced culture in Babylon. It is very male orientated because the Anunnaki were extremely upset with Mother Goddess worship and wanted to eliminate any mention of Her. The Anunnaki Remnants. and they came down to Earth and copulated with primitive earthlings. they destroy cultures and murder the populations whenever they get out of hand. The Anunnaki Elite also started a new. cooks. The Old Testament acknowledges the presence of many Anunnaki "gods" on Earth in early times. have built massive underground bunkers and railway lines that are a part of their structure for allowing them and their cadre of attendants to survive the catastrophes that they believe the fugitive Anunnaki Elite are planning for the Earth. These will include soldiers. police. As always. Most importantly. The Old Testament is dedicated to Yahweh. then they re-start elsewhere. doctors. They plan to take a whole garrison of "slaves" underground. In the aftermath. as before.

Anunnaki think that their masters. At present. The ones chosen to continue in their new civilization are humans and clones who have specially chosen characteristics for blind obedience. should any Anunnaki Elite attempt to come to Earth. This diabolical scheme is not known to the general public and it will be vehemently denied by the world leaders and their minions. long time the Earth has been a planet run by slavers! The Anunnaki on Earth are awaiting reinforcements from their masters. However. They think their masters will once again be the literal gods of the world. they expect to find the Earth inhabited with only a relatively few survivors whom they would easily subdue with the weapons. The Anunnaki Remnants are now amongst us. the cloning of humans. fires. However. wars and etc. volcanoes. Their evil desire to destroy much of the life and the culture on the surface of the Earth will fail. But the Anunnaki Remnants’ plan has been thwarted. animals and plants are common activities with these aliens in our midst. The Sun Cruisers are on standby because the Light anticipates that the Anunnaki Elite will attempt to return to the Earth to cause all manner of catastrophes. and to re-supply the Anunnaki Remnants. for a long. The Sun Cruisers that have been detected recently are part of The Rescue Team from the Light. the Anunnaki Elite. the reinforcements will not be coming to Earth this time because the Attas have restricted their reinforcements. Thus. In the aftermath. technology and military forces that they secured underground during the catastrophes. the Anunnaki Elite who escaped temporarily to other solar systems when the Attas were after them. they will encounter invincible forces from the Light. so the existing Anunnaki on Earth are stuck. and they also think that they will have pleased them with the way that they have influenced the Earth. They . The Anunnaki Remnants are confused by the clearing of the planet by such means as global warming. will be returning as before. They hope their masters will restart all cultures with themselves deified and served by the people they plan to enslave. They are not of Eridanean origin as has been speculated by some. They are our current puppet masters who manipulate and control the world.

htm .thought that these are the signs of the return of the Anunnaki Elite to Earth. Many messages channelled today are deceitful messages from the THE PROCESS IS WELL UNDERWAY! Something will be coming our way very soon but it will not be Nibiru. Some are also in the astral. Already there are those who are so deluded by the programming of the Anunnaki Remnants that they are saying things like "this Earth is a prison but it can be turned into a paradise".illuminati-news. The Light has waited for this very time to perform Its Final Rescue of all the Viable beings of Light from all levels and from all types of consciousness who are trapped in this evil dimension. http://www. they are now beginning to suspect their masters cannot get through the Light’s security and so the Anunnaki Remnants are becoming terrified to the point that world leaders are now irrational. However. The Anunnaki have great influence over the astral world also. The Anunnaki have incarnated in human forms.

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