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IRCTCs e-Ticketing Service

Electronic Reservation Slip


 This ticket will only be valid along with an ID proof in original. If found travelling without ID Proof,Passenger will be treated as
without ticket and charged as per extant Railway rules.c
Transaction ID:c c PNR No:c c Class:c

Train No. & Name:c  c

cccc Date of Journey:c  c Distance:ccc

Date of Booking:c c   ccc Date of Boarding:c  c Quota:c  !c

From:c" #"c$#%c To:c c$ %c Total Fare:c&'c ( ccc

Boarding:c" #"c$#%c Resv Upto:c c$ %c Adult:ccChild:c cc

Scheduled Departure:c )c Passenger Mobile Number:c

c c

c *c+& cc

* Departure time printed on the ERS is liable to change. New time table from 01-Jul-2010.

Concession Coach No/Seat
SNo.c Namec Agec Sexc Booking Status/Current Statusc
Codec No/Berthc
(c ,""*c"*c c ! c ccc -.&cc
 c  c/cc

(c *c
"#*c c ! c ccc -.&cc
 c  c/cc

(c *c&".
c c ! c ccc -.&cc
 c  c /cc

+0c- c &'(c ( c
102 c34 c &'(c ( c
+'2506c34 c &'(c ( c

102 c34 c &'(c ( c
+65!c"765c &'(c( c
Corporate Name:c&c+&"8
c Agent Name:c9770!c"37:c;3c Email ID:O  
 O c
Address:c&c+6'c<c+1 !'=c =>>c
!3::0c6!! 4 =00c:=c
Phone No:c  c
4=c/30?:0=*0'5(c+3 =3'35(c  c
Ëc New time table is effective from 01-07-2010. Departure time printed in ERS is liable to change. Customers are requested
to check with Railway
Ëc +0c7@ 'c c234 :c?( (Ac   cA67c c56cc:0405'(cc
Ëc  c6Ac53 c>'' 4 c@66; :c6cc502; 5c0'c B0 :c56c> ' 5cCc6Ac53 c0: 505Cc2:'c65 :c@ !6?c0c6040!c:04c53 c
50cD6 Cc:c'7 c?0!!c@ c22 >5 :c'cc>66Ac6Ac0: 505CcA0!04c?3023c!!c53 c>'' 4 'c?0!!c@ c5 5 :c'c51 !!04c?05365c
502; 5c:c'3!!c@ c: !5c'c> c E55c&0!?Cc&! '(c8!0:c.:'c865 c.: 505Cc:c c''>65c c"c:c c*0104c 02 ' c c
3656c.*c2:c0'' :c@Cc 5!c c
55 c615c
5: 5c.: 505Cc:c?053c>36564>3c0'' :c@Cc 26409 :c
2366!c6c6!! 4 cA6c
53 0c'5: 5'c 506!0' :c/;c''@66;c?053c>36564>3c  :05c:'c0'' :c@Cc/;'c?053c!705 :c>36564>3(cc
Ëc +3 c226776:506c@66; :c0'c65c5'A @! c:c0'c1!0:c6!Cc0Ac6 c6Ac53 c.*c2:c65 :c@61 c0'c> ' 5 :c:04c53 c
D6 C(c+3 c>'' 4 c'36!:c2Cc?053c307c53 c! 25602c& ' 1506c
!0>c>05c65(c.c2' c53 c>'' 4 c:6 'c65c2Cc53 c
! 25602c ' 1506c'!0>=cc234 c6Ac&'( c> c502; 5c'3!!c@ c 261  :c@Cc53 c502; 5c23 2;04c'5AAc:cc E2 ''cA c502; 5c
?0!!c@ c0'' :c0c!0 c6Ac535(cc
Ëc 502; 5c22 !!506'c c> 7055 c' (c.c2' c 502; 5c0'c@66; :c53643cc4 5=c>! ' c
26525c '> 2501 c4 5cA6c22 !!506'(cc
Ëc For Railway Enquiry Dial 139 or SMS 'RAIL' to
Ëc Jago Yatri Jago.c
-6c25 04c !5 :cB 0 'c:0!c56!!cA c6(c (cc
c c'567 c c  =c6cc
5c$ 7cc>7%c   c
3 0c'567 c c  0!c2 F0252(26(0cc
Thank you for using IRCTC's