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Looking forward for a promising, challenging, hardworking &
: +91-8928330937 growth oriented position in the field of software development to
work in an organization, where I can use the best of my abilities,
logical and analytical idea on development of quality products.


 Having 2.2 years of experience in development using J2SE

&J2EE Technologies.
PRESENT ADDRESS:  Working as a Software Developer for Cinova Software
Solutions, from June 2006 to till date.
SUNDARAM APPTS. 249/2,  Versatile in J2EE Technologies like JSP, SERVLETS, JDBC,
AUNDH,PUNE-411045  Proficient in Core Java (specially in Multithreading, Oops,
Exceptions & Data Structure).
PERSONAL DETAILS:  Working knowledge of JavaScript, HTML and XML.
GENDER : MALE  Familiar with STRUTS application.
NATIONALTY : Indian  A sound knowledge in SQL.
DOB : 06.06.1983  Working knowledge of BEA Web logic 8.1,Tomcat 5.5.12
PASSPORT : AVAILABLE  Well acquainted with the complete Software Development Life
 Strong analytical skill, very good learner, can grasp new
technologies quickly.
 Ability to work independently taking initiatives also as a part of a
team having tight deadlines.

Technical Expertise
Key Skills : J2SE/J2EE

Operating System : Windows XP,2000

Various Technologies : JSP 2.0, SERVLETS 2.4, JDBC, STRUTS

Java IDE’s : Eclipse 3.2

Web Server : Apache TOMCAT5.5.12

Application Server : BEA Web logic 8.1

Client Technology : HTML, XML

Database : Oracle 9i, SQL Server

Work Experience

 Currently working as a Software Developer in Cinova Software Solutions from June 2006 to till



1. Working as a BSS project engineer in Retina Teliservices Pvt.

ltd for NOKIA BTS onbehalf of AIRTEL.


AUG 2006-DEC 2007

2. Worked as a Java Developer in 3 P L SOLUTIONS for the client of

Frisco Technologies, Bangalore

JUNE 2008-NOV 2009:

3. Worked as a BSS project engineer in i 9 INFOCOM PVT.LTD for



B.E.(Electronics & Telecommunication) from Konark Institute of Science &

Technology, Bhubaneswar under Utkal University approved by BPUT Orissa &
AICTE, New Delhi and Govt.of Orissa 2002-06 batch .

Projects Profile

Project # 1: Online Insurance System

Platform : WINDOWS 2000.

Environment : Core Java, Servlet, Jsp.
Web Server : Tomcat
Data Access gateway : Jdbc
Persistence (data store) : Oracle 9i
Duration : Dec 2007 – till date
Team Size : 14
Client : Life Insurance Association of Malaysia LIAM
Application Overview:

Online Insurance System tracks the details of preferred clients starting from
registration to termination of the Policy. It consists of five modules like client’s module, Policy
module, and updation of policy module, Account module, and change password. A client module
involves the details information about the preferred users and gives the authentication to new
user, which then becomes the preferred user. Policy module helps to select the required policy.
Updation of policy is the largest module in this project which is again consisting of three sub
modules like modification of policy where a client can modify a particular policy, in claim for
policy sub module a claim can be made by writing the reason for claim and policy tracking
describes the special features provided in different policies. Account module keeps the details
information about different accounts of different policies of a particular client. Generally the
company provides passwords to different clients. A password can be changed of If an interested
client by the help of change in password module.


 Involved in development of servlets.

 Creating user interface design using Jsp, Html.

Project # 2: Core Banking

Environment : Core Java, Struts, Servlet, Jsp

Web Server : Tomcat
Data Access gateway : Jdbc
Persistence (data store) : Oracle 9i
Duration : Feb 2007 – Nov 2007
Platform : WINDOWS 2000.
Team Size :9
Client : Columbus Bank and Trust (USA)

The Core Banking System is to provide the details information of the different
account of different customers starting from registration to termination of the account. This is a
completely internet based banking system where communication of information’s are transferred
electronically .The system is consisting of five modules namely registration, account, bill
payment, fund transfer and change password. Registration module allows an anonymous user to
become a preferred user. Account module allows the client to open one or more than one
accounts and this module also gives the information’s about the different accounts. Bill pay
module is to pay the different bills by providing account no. Fund transfer module helps to
transfer the fund to different parties (first, second or third). Generally the bank provides the
passwords to different clients. A password can be changed of an interested client by the help of
change in password module.


 Involved in development of jsp codes.

Involved in development of servlets.
 Involved in writing the codes for core java.

Project # 3: Money Management Fund (MMF-FC)

Domain : Finance (Mutual Funds)

Operating System : Windows 2000
Technology : MS CVS Server, Java/J2ee (JSP, SERVLETS)
Database : Oracle 9i
Duration : June 2006 –Feb 2007
Team Size : 11
Client : Nikko Cordial System, Japan

Application Overview:

MMF-FC is a Mutual fund product, to develop the process of MF sell and purchase
registration and their related process and maintains all transactions of GA-FC related to Japanese
Mutual Fund Sales Company (Nikko Cordial System). In these funds settlement is done on
daily bases. Distribution unit price is settled daily, but distribution is done monthly. This system
also deals with transaction that takes place between customer and the Sales Company and
currently deals with US, Euro, Aus., Nz, and Can. currency. There are three major entities in
mutual fund business

Perform restructure in order to migrate Foreign Currency MMF Funds (hereunder called
as FC-MMF) related processes from BPS (Mainframe-MF sales management system for
financial institution) to Application Server.

There are following major modules in MMF-FC.

Purchase, Sell, Switching, Cancellation, Bulk Agreement, Enquiry and Maintenance and divided
into two parts Online Process and Batch process. Customer, Sales Company and Mutual Fund

Online Process: This process deals with daytime transaction of Foreign Currency. Customer’s
orders are received and entered in the system that then allots the receipt number for rough
amount calculation.

Batch Process: This process deals with night batch transaction. Pick up the MF orders for
calculation on that day and calculate the contract amount and transaction charges based on actual
fiducially price.


 Customer interaction and reporting.

 Creating user interface design using Jsp, Html.
 Involved in development of jsp codes.
 Involved in writing the codes for core java.