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Mary Jo Slingerland

Address: Cell: 586/764-8630

17771 Feather Lane Home: 734/282-2927
Brownstown, MI 48193-8460

OBJECTIVE Faculty Position - English/Communications/Composition/Literature/Resea

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
EDUCATION University of Michigan (Ph.D. English application in progress Fall 201
Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, M.A.T. (2005) Teaching major: English
Michigan State University, E. Lansing, MI, B.A. English Education (1983)
LICENSED State of Michigan, Certified, Licensed English Teacher 2005 #IF00000001
AWARDS Who's Who in American Educators, 2005-2010
Teacher Education Graduate Professional Scholarship, WSU, 2005
Who's Who In American Women 2004-2010
Teacher Education Wheaton Tudor Scholarship, MSU
TECHNOLOGY PowerPoint, Excel, TeacherWeb, FrontPage, Access, PageMaker, e-Learni
ng, e-Publish, Microsoft Graphics, Visio, Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Works
University of Phoenix, Detroit Campus - Adjunct Faculty - English/Comm. - 10/07
to pres.
(Composition, English, Literature, Communications, Research, edits standard cur
University of Phoenix, Detroit Campus - Care Coach - 9/08 to present
University of Phoenix, Detroit Campus - Faculty Writing Assessment Evaluator Tea
m - 2007-2009
DeVry University, Detroit Campus - Adjunct Faculty - Critical Thinking and Probl
em Solving
07-10 to present.
Wayne County Com. College, 2002 - 9/2009. - Adjunct Instructor & Senior Tutor.
(Creative Writing, Technical Writing, Literature, Editing and Proofreading)
Community Education Instructor - WCCCD, 2003 to present - Grades K-12
(Writes curriculum and tests; Teaches Writing, English, Editing and Literature)
Substitute Teacher in Lansing and Detroit public school districts: 1993 - 2006
Technical Writer, Ford Motor Company for CDI, Livonia, MI, 2000-2002 and 2007-20
IT Security and Controls infrastructure, CIRT Digital Forensic Support Services
Technical writer, editor and web page designer/coordinator.
Technical Writer, DaimlerChrysler Corp., Auburn Hills, MI 1997-2000
Wrote and edited technical articles and presentations; wrote new technical manus
cripts and edited manuscripts written for online such as "Introduction to the Au
tomotive Industry", "Overseas Travel", "Employee Career Development".
Michigan State University, E. Lansing, MI, 1979-1985
Margaret Z. Jones, M.D., - Admin/assisted with Grant Writing for Department of
Proposal Writer for $160 Million Dollar Capital Campaign
AFFILIATIONS CWIP (Chicago Women in Publishing)
MCTE/NCTE (Michigan and National Councils Teachers of English)
MRA/IRA (Michigan & International Reading Associations)
MACUL (Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning)
ITEA (International Technology Education Association)
COATT (Consortium for Outstanding Achievement in Teaching w/Technol.)
NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners
"Deckerville Public School's Data Driven Success" M.J. Slingerland
Oconco Marketing, New York, Series of financial investment articles by Mary Jo S
Curriculum Review, Chicago, IL, "Classroom Management: A Skill That Can Be Taugh
t". M.J. Slingerland
Arthroscopic Surgery: Principles and Practice, by Lanny L. Johnson, M.D., C. V.
Mosby, Publishers,
St. Louis, MO., primary editor (2-volume textbook)
Lansing Metropolitan Magazine, "Lanny L. Johnson: A Portrait of a Surgeon", by M
ary Jo Slingerland
Providence Hospital Magazine, "The Future of Cardiac Services: Mending the Broke
n Heart", Lansing, MI,
by Mary Jo Slingerland
Providence Hospital Magazine, "A New Concept in Emergency Care: The Chest Pain U
nit", Lansing, MI.,
by Mary Jo Slingerland
MediScene: Michigan State Medical Society's Magazine, "Gymnast or Athlete: Sport
s Medicine",
by Mary Jo Slingerland
Michigan Hospital Association, State of Michigan Department of Public Health, "V
ascular Surgery:
Principles and Techniques: Prosthetics for Lower Limb Amputees", primary editor
of 3rd edition,
Prentice-Hall Publishers.
Michigan State University, Office of Student Affairs, "Leadership, Student Commi
tment, Land Grant Values, and Career Placement", by Mary Jo Slingerland, Publica
tion Editor
Lansing Metropolitan Magazine, "Services Help Elderly Maintain Independence", b
y Mary Jo Slingerland.
"Meeting the Challenges of the Global Market: by Jurgen E. Schrempp, New Preside
nt of DaimlerChrysler Corporation, Automotive News Conference, January 1999, pri
mary editor.