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109 North Oregon, Suite 1106C ( El Paso, Texas 79901
915-637-1794 (
Dear Sir or Madam:
An innovative business and sales strategist, I have cultivated top performing re
gional and corporate sales forces, successfully navigated the economic downturn,
and set new standards for service, sales, and success that both colleagues and
competitors strived to achieve. Rapidly adapting to and assessing new markets, I
am an expert at identifying latent opportunities, and determining the optimal a
pproach to maximize client acquisition, retention, and overall profitability. Bu
ilding robust relationships with cross-functional employees, executives, clients
and decision-makers on all levels, I quickly earn confidence and trust, and go
above and beyond the call of duty to ensure expectations are not only met, they
are surpassed.
A powerful negotiator, creative problem solver, and hands-on leader and trainer,
I am enthusiastic about creating ground-breaking solutions for complex technica
l needs and business demands. Thriving with a challenge, I always deliver outsta
nding results.
Some examples of highlights throughout my career are:
* Pioneering and growing a successful video production business from the ground
-up, ChromoGraphics Video Production; increased gross sales year-over-year, refi
ning the marketing approach, increasing offerings, and diversifying the customer
base and targets.
* Leading my region to produce the highest rate (sales dollars per man) in Free
mont Industries' Industrial Products Division.
* Increasing my region's sales by 8% overall, cultivating a high-performance te
am, and launching multimedia sales and product training for the salesmen and cus
* Turning a ~$175K area into a ~$800K territory for Freemont Industries; led to
my promotion to Regional Sales Manager for the Southwest US and Mexico.
* Being honored with every possible sales award offered by Freemont Industries
for an account manager; achieved President's club all 13 consecutive years of te
Confident in my ability to enhance your organization as well, I am enclosing my
resume, which contains more detailed information on my professional history. Ple
ase review it and contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your ti
me and I look forward to your reply.
Laurence B. Clark III
109 North Oregon, Suite 1106C * El Paso, Texas 79901
915-637-1794 *
Region, District, Territory, Key Accounts
Top performing sales professional with history transforming new, existing, and u
nderperforming territories into major revenue producers in highly competitive B2
B markets.
* Create sales powerhouses, recruiting, training, and developing world class te
* Rival top contenders, presenting superior value propositions to fit clients'
unique needs.
* Navigate fluctuating market conditions, expertly refocusing priorities and di
* Maximize bottom-line profits, identifying revenue-generating and cost-saving
* Tackle complex technical problems, creating innovative and alternative soluti
ons that unite parties on all levels on common mission and goals.
Strategic Analysis & Planning * Business & Sales Development * Startups * Turnar
ounds * P&L
Client Acquisition & Retention * Team Building * Training & Development * Talent
Forecasting * Cost Control * Bottom-Line Optimization * Negotiations * Formal Pr
Practical Engineering * Problem Solving * Technical Solution Development * Consu
CHROMOGRAPHICS VIDEO PRODUCTION, El Paso, Texas * 3/2002 - Present
Sole-proprietorship providing video filming, editing, and duplication services.
Manage all aspects of daily business operations including business development a
nd retention, marketing, sales, bookkeeping, collections, capital purchases, and
project execution and management. Perform multiple roles including videographer
, editor, and manager. Hire assistants and 3rd parties as needed.
* Pioneered and grew successful video production business from ground-up, lever
aging advanced sales acumen to cultivate loyal customer and referral bases.
* Increased gross sales year-over-year, refining marketing approach, increasing
product offerings, and diversifying customer base and target markets.
* Navigated economic downturn successfully, adding industrial training video of
fering, and strengthening focus on legal services such as interactive timelines
and deposition editing for courtroom presentations and litigation support.
FREMONT INDUSTRIES, INC., El Paso, Texas * 7/1988 - 3/2002
Manufacturer and distributor of industrial metal pretreatment chemicals.
Regional Sales Manager - Southwest US & Mexico * 1/1995 - 3/2002
Formulated and executed strategic plans to grow sales across Southwest US coast
through to Louisiana including all of Mexico. Coordinated, led, and planned dail
y, weekly, and monthly sales activities with 12 account managers. Provided annua
l sales forecasting. Prepared and managed salary and expense budgets. Reported d
irectly to company President, laboratory, and financial executives. Travelled we
ekly across region to aid account managers with securing prospects, and maintain
ing strong relationships with existing accounts.
(Regional Sales Manager - Southwest US & Mexico, FREMONT INDUSTRIES, INC., cont.
* Led region to produce highest rate (sales dollars per man) in Industrial Prod
ucts Division; added $1M to annual sales in 6 years.
* Increased sales by 8% overall, cultivating high-performance team, and launchi
ng multimedia sales and product training for salesmen and customers.
* Developed talents of entire corporate sales force, implementing Carew Interna
tional training program; served as Certified Trainer.
* Organized all facets of highly lauded training program for major sales conven
tion; leveraged unique multimedia tactics, and incorporated competitive "Jeopard
y" style learning process.
* Laid groundwork for future sustainable growth, coaching successor prior to de
Account Manager * 1988 - 1995
Planned and executed strategic sales activities to secure new business and maint
ain and grow business with existing accounts throughout El Paso.
* Turned ~$175K area into ~$800K territory.
* Honored with every possible sales award offered by company for account manage
* Recognized as 1st person in company history to receive both "Rookie of the Ye
ar" award and President's Club in same year.
Bachelor of Business Administration
Thornewood University, London, England
Certified Sales Trainer for Carew International
Certified Trainer in DPS - Carew International
Certified Forensic Videographer & Video Specialist - American Guild of Court Vid
Dynamics of Professional Sales - Carew International Sales Institute
Counselor Sales - Wilson Learning
Public Speaking & Sales Seminar - Dale Carnegie
German & Latin Language Studies
Better Business Bureau (BBB) of El Paso
National Board of Certified Court Videographers
Fremont Industries: President's Club (13 consecutive years starting in 1989 thru
Account Manager of the Year * Top Equipment Sales (x2) * $2M Sales Club
Salesman of the Year * Rookie of the Year
***Proficient in Functional Business Spanish***