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Diane L.

Sales and Marketing Leadership/Strategic Planning/Growth Strategies

Iam a creative, results-focused professional, I have built an extensive track re

cord of success in identifying, developing, and implementing innovative client/p
roduct solutions and image capitalization that enabled both mature and start-up
enterprises in diverse industries to outperform competitors and increase revenue
s. Confident in my ability to deliver similar results for your company, I am wr
iting to introduce my qualifications for serving as an executive in marketing/br
and management. Notably, I offer expertise in market analysis, brand equity ana
lysis, and corporate positioning, and am adept at facilitating cross-functional
collaboration, mediating respectful discussions of issues, and cultivating stron
g client relationships.
I am seeking a position with both challenge and room for the unique contribution
my background can bring. Iam willing to relocate for the right opportunity.
Currently, as Founder/Principal of Market Illumination Inc., a provider of brand
management and marketing tools/solutions to a global customer base, I manage al
l operations ensuring mid-sized and start-up companies receive blue chip level s
ervice and cutting-edge technological expertise at affordable rates. Highlights
from my tenure include having:
Developed and launched the consulting industryas first online aBranding Insigh
t Tool,a a solution that offered customized analysis, valuation, and recommendat
ions for improvement, enabling clients to maximize the benefits of brand audits
while minimizing outlays of time and money.
Established aUrgent Care Services,a a unique four-week program that guided cli
ents in revamping or instituting brand management practices by leveraging the co
mpanyas full range of products, services, and intellectual property to evaluate
client brands, provide education, and ensure alignment with objectives, mission,
vision, and values.
Entrepreneurial by nature Iave worked for B2B, B2BC and B2C companies, wearing
many hats as the founder while looking out for every penny with multi-product a
nd multi-market experience
Additionally, over the course of my career, I:
Drove the transformation of marketing department organizational structure for
Xcel Energy, repositioning it to be market-focused. Created nine new energy pro
duct concepts for evaluation and development.
Co-managed the deployment of a new Bell Atlantic/NYNEX brand image, an initiat
ive with a $59-million budget. Developed logo design strategy, product, and ent
ity naming criteria for the merger, which formed a new $24-billion company. Won
an Identity Design Award.
Instituted national retention program utilizing DM/DR generating a 36% respons
e rate.
Established Advisory Council with product recommendations generating $12.5 mil
lion in revenue,
Managed marketing, advertising, sales (inbound and outbound), events and resea
rch with a budget of up to $34 million, professional staff of 13, non profession
al staff of 26 and revenue responsibility of up to $657 million.
Founder/Principal of Market Illumination, 1999 a" 2010
Director of Mass Markets Xcel Energy, 2000-2001
Sr Manager Branding Strategies at Verizon/Bell Atlantic, 1993 a" 1998
Manager Switched Services at MCI Worldcom/LDDS
Advanced from Telemarketing Admin Manager to Product Development Analyst to Pr
oduct Marketing Manager to Market Manager over a six year span with Sprint Long
Distance Communications, Inc.
Graduated Cum Laude with my BS degree from the University of Denver
Currently working on Masters Project Managment and certification in e-commerce
from Keller Graduate School of Management
I welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific needs and my credentials in d
etail. In the interim, I thank you for your attention and look forward to our c
The Best Always,
Diane L Roggow